Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Much Needed Peaceful and Productive Monday

Nice and peaceful day yesterday.  Was able to work on a long project without having to wait until 4 to get started.  Love a day with maximum concentration and minimal interruptions!  No squirrels, no lingering llamas, no squirreling dramas. Life was good.  I specifically prayed out loud to get it, rebuking the devil to stay away from me and mine. ;-)

The cleanse day went well.  For some reason I was hungrier than normal though.  But it's easily doable.  There is never a irrational hunger - and what hunger there is does not last long b/c you get something every hour on the hour.  I'm having that awesome shake right now, the morning after. 

Katy and George went to Koi for dinner.  They asked if I minded.  I think that is so sweet that they asked.  They didn't want to offend me on my cleanse day.  But that is their special place - it's not one of my favorites so they knew it was a good time to go.  Nice for me too b/c I don't smell food cooking on cleanse day.  I deal with it, but it is hard sometimes.  At dinner is when you are most likely to cave in.  But I had my Harvest Thins.  It was my dinner instead of my last "satisfy cravings" snack and instead of my last chocolate.  Yes, you get chocolate on cleanse days.  The cleanse days really work each week to boost your metabolism.  You get a low calorie, fat burning day, and you get a little something every hour.  The Cleanse for Life liquid is very filling and you get that 4 times per day - it's a berry flavored drink.  I've heard it's good to have days with varying amounts of calories - to keep your body in check.  I have been using the Ionix (b-vitamins, stress elixer) in powder form from a container and also the Cleanse for Life in powder.  This time I have on order the stress powder (that you put in water) in little "to go packets" for my daily Ionix.  It's already measured and will be the best solution.  I often drink half a bottle of water and then pour Ionix into the remaining half of water and get my highly needed b vitamin and stress reducer!  I also ordered the liquid tiny to go bottles of the Cleanse for Life drink for cleanse days- so no more measuring the powder and shaking it up - on that either.  My e-shots are working well on cleanse days - for a shot of energy - it's green tea infused with a raspberry flavor.  I need to order some more.  They are expensive - but no more than a Starbucks cup of coffee and these are infused with vitamins and adaptogens and green tea extracts (I think).  It gives you a lift - no more than a cup of coffee and there is no sugar and not a lot of caffeine.  It's not like other energy drinks.  It's just a shot of goodness and truly takes away the gnarlies in the late afternoon.

So I came home and with my newly unleashed shot of energy within me, was able to clean up the kitchen, do my Bible study, and make reservations for tonight at a really cool place to meet up with my Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken from Jacksonville.

So....Findlay would not let me concentrate on the Bible Study - for some reason she barked and barked and barked at me.  I tried barking back.  lol  I tried growling back.  I threatened to put her in her cage for a while and then she quit after I began counting to TEN.  After SIX, she decided not to try me anymore.  I even tried to make her quit by saying "in the name of Jesus, quit barking".  lol lol  No it didn't work.  I thought if it was the devil maybe she would quit.  I read a book one time that a dog would behave when you read it scripture- Jan Karon's books.  Not this doggie.

Somehow I managed to worm my way through 2 Timothy and Paul's coming to the end of his journey and calling for his friend Mark and his cloak and his manuscripts.  Somehow in our own individual ways - we (Paul and me) fought the good fight, we kept the faith - whether it be Paul in his ministry or me in TRYING to get Bible study with Findlay barking like a madman.  lol lol

My family came home, my chores were done - only ONE more day of Bible Study which I will do at lunch today.  So I folded towels (Ok so maybe one more chore) and watched a couple of Keep Your Daydream shows, including the one they posted Sunday.  They will be going to Alaska soon and I'm looking forward to that! 

Look them up - Keep Your Daydream on Youtube.  You will be entertained.  They are so interesting.  They do beautiful videos.  They should have their own TV show and I bet one day they will.  What is so need about YouTube is that technically it IS TV now.  I mean it's on our TV and that is how I watch them.  The scenery is beautiful and we get to experience a lot of what they are experiencing. 
I love seeing all the different towns and beaches and locations out west.  It's been very exciting. 

So you all take care and I'm off of here to get ready for work.  Can't wait to see Auntie M and Uncle K afterwards.   

Monday, May 21, 2018

Lettin' the Hippie come Out and Be Yourself!

Well, yesterday was quite wonderful.  My laundry was already done and only needed to iron a few things.  That was done quickly.  George laid out venison steaks for dinner.  And Katy asked how my nails were doing.  I needed the mani - could have waited a week or two on the pedi - but we decided to go for both since it would be our last one for a loooooooong time.  And we went to Subway for lunch.  I got a turkey on whole grain and wished I'd gotten the salad - it was so boring.  I'm used to the Italian sandwich meats.  Live and learn.  

Then we went to Walmart to get a few grocery items for the week.  

In honor of the Podcast "Eat this not That" I will say that I have converted the following: 

1.  Regular peanut butter to just natural peanut butter.  No random oils.  
2.  Totino's pizza to the Cauliflower crusted pizza which is all the rage and just as good and much better for you.  
3.  Instead of sugar, I cook with honey - as far as the sauces are concerned.  I know that may not work with baking but I don't bake much so....

Here's my toes.  I finally got the aqua color and it makes me smile.  Why not let the hippie within just come right on out?  

"Just be you"...what others think...well usually they are wrong anyway .....

I saw this on instagram and immediately loved it.  Of course I can't always agree to being messy, but I can most certainly have levels of complexity to my spirit.  I can't even figure myself out at times.  So I guess I can't expect others too.  Even when they try, they get it wrong.  But be brave, show up, face the bull, horns and all - grow a few of your own - be calm, be you, and explain away if you are lucky to have a bull (or bully for that matter) that listens.  

It is sad we have to explain ourselves to others so much, but sometimes it's necessary - since they DO get it wrong.  Sometimes it matters.  Sometimes it doesn't.  
But the "wheels on the bus go round and round don't they? All through the town."  That wasn't my phrase - I think that Purple Barney said it?  Or was it someone else?   Maybe Baby Bop? lol How quickly we forget.  But since the bus rolls us over often, we need to be brave and face it - b/c often we are not the one driving the bus - even though some think we are! 

So yeah, that saying made me think of the fact that we need to just show up as you are, be yourself, and be ready to stand up for yourself.  And don't be afraid to - otherwise the bus will run right over you - or maybe it already has.  People think you are driving but failed to understand you were run over and back there on the pavement trying to pick yourself up.  

Oh the misinformed!  What shall we do with them?  lol 

Anyway on to the future, the next crises.  What shall it be?  It never takes long! lol  The devil is ever present in his ability to screw everything up and try to mess with me.

Our air here in the SouthEast has gone soupy - we had storms nearby but only the rain and distant thunder made it over our way. 

I had a hard time concentrating on the Bible Study.  I only have one day out of 4 done, so I will need to try to get a couple of days done a lunch and finish the rest tonight.  I'm not sure I'll be able to do it tonight.  It's hard to concentrate on the evening of a cleanse, so we'll see.  

I have enjoyed our Bible Study but it has been hard on me to do one so intense (so many lessons required).  I am looking forward to a break.  It's also hard to worry about having the house clean.  Even though I do the preliminary stuff and George and Katy have brought the final day to a shine.  It's taken all three of us to make it decent.  I will be glad to host again but I need a break.  I would like to go back to church.  It's been hard to do both.  I've needed the time on Sunday to get this lesson, and we've been so busy on Saturday's usually that I have had to have one day to wash our clothes, get groceries or orders done, ironing, and try to do something in the the house to get it clean for the next go 'round.  So all was great.  The last one is this week.  I'll take a break and offer another in the fall!

George fixed us some Sangritas.  They were good.  

All the dogs love it when I do my Bible Study on the sofa.  I had a dog on each side and Tugie at my feet on the ottoman. 

While doing my study, I remembered that my Dad used these to personally study with people - one on one.  Ivan Stewart did this.  We got to meet Ivan Stewart.  It seems like he was from Oklahoma City.  Might have been Arkansas, I can't remember.  Oh yes - it was OKC b/c I see the address below.

My Dad taught a class on this....and taught others how to use the Bible Study.

He used this also.

We DID go house to house in Roxboro, North Carolina to build up a brand new church of Christ there called Roxboro Church of Christ.    I looked it up on google, pictured below.  I was a young teen when we went and we were in groups of 2 or 3 and went door to door and tried to get people to agree to an open bible study.  I don't think we would do that now.  It's too dangerous. 

Anyway, that provided some fun memories.  Those Bible Studies are still available.  They are good tools to use to study the Bible and bring out the gospel to another.  

Well, I need to go and get ready and get out the door.  It's cleanse day!  After the splurge bites this weekend,  I need it for sure.  

A lot of work to do today and I hope I'm left alone this week to be able to do it.  

Ya'll have a great day.  

One more week with Katy - she packed a lot of stuff up this weekend.  She is in her final days.  Cody arrives on Thursday.   Bye for now!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Shopping and a Fun Day Out

Well, having got a jump start on the house on Friday, I was ready to go out and do something.  George had gone yard sailing really early (before I was ready to go out.)  Katy was invited to go out with my SIL and niece, so I decided to go find my own adventures.  

I had a cauliflower pizza for breakfast which was heavenly - a gift from my friend Lisa J to try it.  Loved it.  So I set out shopping to a store I had seen on the way to work.  So I drove out to the "green bridge" close to Donelson.  And went to Burke's Outlet and then to Marshall's.  After that I figured I had done enough damage and I came home.  However, I was in the mood to "sale" shop - a little "sailing" of my own.  I was ready to shop my way home if I had to - to find some bargains.  But it only took two stores. 

I liked "Oh the places you will go" b/c it will go next to the photo print that I bought for $19.99 framed of a road going into a forest.  ;-)   When I need to I can look up and smile.  It will go up on the opposite wall at work where I had not found anything to go there.  It'll be perfect.  The "finds" that God leads you to!  He knows my heart.  

And I found clothes for both me and for George.  Cha- EEp!  (Southern way of saying "cheap" in a big way. lol

I found tops for $10 that had my blues/greens colors that I love.  I now have two pineapple shirts.  I guess they are in!  I love my white pants in the summer and dismayed my new ones I had bought early on are now way huge on me (dismayed but glad) and so I bought another pair a size smaller. 

And that linen striped "beachy" blouse~ I love that!  

I got George 2 shirts in safety colors b/c that is what they wear in the mine office (although he won't be going into the mine area unless he stays on full time) and he has some shorts.  He was thrilled.  They were 50 and 60 dollar shirts for like $12 bucks.

These stores I went to do not get the traffic that the stores closer to us do.  So I'm going to claim this as my prime shopping spot from now on.  I get more for my money b/c less people are there to get the deal before me.  George and I have had success here before when shopping at Christmas. 

I also bought a little table for the sun room for $19.99 to put my coffee/wine on in my favorite chair in the sunroom.  

Speaking of sun room I'm going to have to clean it again.  The pollen has come through the screens and you should see the glass top coffee table and end table.  

I'll do that after Katy leaves I guess.  I have a whole list of things to do after Katy leaves.  I don't know why I'm waiting but...I guess I'll just be getting the house put back together, and holding off big plans til then.  Mostly I think it will give me something to do once she is gone so I don't fret over missing her and knowing she is away.  She'll only be a skype away and 12 to 14 hours away.  

Let's just address that now: 

*I will be moving my dressing room back in that bedroom she is in and will be able to "play with my clothes" and get my summer clothes out. 

*I will do our summer bucket list.

*I will work on my 90 day plan with the new business and begin learning more on that.  I am such a believer in this system.  That I want to be prepared to help people when they ask.  

*Will probably switch from doing Bible Study to going back to church

*Will do some meal planning - since it'll be the two of us it'll be more predictable and I want to eat some veggies and learn to make really good healthy meals, proving that eating healthy can still taste good. 

* I want to visit some farmer's markets

*I want to schedule hikes with friends as a new hobby and get in some exercise and get to spend some quality time with friends as well.

*I really want to work on writing "the book" - I saw my layout and plans for it the other day and it made me itch again to get started on it. 

*Dang I want to read too.  I wish there was two of me to do all the things I want to do.  

(A lot of these things will be going on the summer bucket list).

Oh well, back to blogging about yesterday:

George surprised me and took a pic of himself with my phone too.  Does he have green hair here? 

So George took some pics so I could model my weight loss.  I'm getting a bit better about having my pic taken now that I'm losing.  That is awesome!!  Still a ways to go though.  

I also did not wear make-up.   I think having nutrition in your system, help with your skin too.  Although I still wear makeup to work - I'm starting to wear it less often.  I will always wear eye make up though.  I love natural looking eye shadow, eye liner and mascara - although the eye shadow rarely stays on.

Me and my Maisy girl

I really think my face glows more.  I feel so much better.  The inflammation is gone.  I feel 20 years younger.  No longer stiff.  

And the cleanse days, take the visceral fat right off of your body.  Folks, I have really not even been exercising.  I've really not even been using the shakes the recommended amount.   I only do one a day and sometimes zero, but I use the system to supplement.  When I'm hungry and have no time I eat the meal replacement bar for breakfast.  The shake only takes a couple of minutes to fix.  I can do that and drink it on the way to work.  And I keep their snacks with me all the time.  I look forward to cleanse days b/c it's a reset button.  Monday's are good b/c we always splurge a bit on the weekend.  I have worked to find alternative ways to eating the food we like in a more nutritious way.  If I want something I eat it - but only a bite - and most of the time after eating nutritious food - I don't want the food that is bad for you.  The cleanse days keep me from craving sugar.  I no longer crave anything sweet.  I no longer drink caloric drinks - except for a cocktail or wine - when I have them.  I have found that Michelob Ultra suits me fine for a low carb beer.  It doesn't make me feel all bloated.  
I accepted the challenge and I'm able to do it.  And it is working.  The system that I am doing has the vitamins and supplements and the shakes, snacks are also filled with nutrients. When I go back to the doctor, I am expecting that my numbers will be better.  I'm also not eating as much carbs, eating more protein, cutting out as much of the vegetable oils as I can and buying things with olive oil, coconut oil as I can.  Go ahead and cook with real butter.  Avoid margarine.  I've been avoiding white potatoes and white rice and sugar and corn syrup and artificial sugars, and I have avoided enriched flour as much as I can.  I have not cut out tortilla chips!  I limit the breads to whole grain and even limit that as much as I can.  I eat tuna plain now instead of crackers and bread - but I'm ok with that.  
 It doesn't mean if I go to party I may not reach for the cracker and dip though.  

When I am by myself I eat better and I save my splurge time for when I'm out with my family or friends.  I laugh with my friend Lisa J that "it has to be a lifestyle" - that is my excuse to eat something bad here and there, lol.  We laugh when we say we ate something bad b/c we add to the sentence - "has to be a lifestyle ya know".  But still the weight loss comes b/c we get better at eating better and the system helps boost the metabolism and get the nutrients in there so your body can work like it is supposed to.  I'm just so thrilled!  

Well so then we all got home within about the same hour and half.  Then we headed out again for our evening. 

Bar Louie, in Nashville, TN

We were so excited to go get a drink a Bar Louie - only to realize the service was VERY SLOW - annoyingly so.  Like they FINALLY brought my drink and George's and totally forgot to bring Katy's.  I had to ask the waitress who only came out into the area about every 15 minutes and no where seen any other time.  We ordered an appetizer.  We were finished with our drinks long before the appetizer came out.  The appetizer was great.  A shrimp tempura of sorts with 3 different sauces.  A few bites each.  And we had no plans for another round there.  We did not want to give them the business.  Too many other places around that give a better service.  The atmosphere was not engaging or special in any way.  It was kind of dark and - enhhhh.  No words - so off we went. 

We went ahead to "The Pub" across the street.  In light of the royal wedding and the fact that Katy and I both wanted to go there.  

I loved the Pub!  You know I found out from my ancestor check - that I am English/Scottish in my bloodline.  I was thrilled to know.  There was some German as well but a majority percent of English/Scottish.  I'll have to share my 123andMe chart with you.  If I have not already.  

I just REALLY loved the place.  

See, me telling you about eating healthy - but we do have a few splurges.  I had a bite or two of scotch eggs. 

Loved the "hat" in honor of the Royal wedding.

The Pub, in Nashville had a 5:00 a.m. brunch in honor of the Wedding

I saw this on Instagram yesterday and had to save it!  LOVED it.  Just threw that in for inspiration!  

George wanted a pic of this!

A bit of British Explanation of Verbiage.  I may start using some of these! 

The bar area and the restaurant as a whole was just beautiful.

While at the bar waiting for table, discovered the purse hangers.  These British (my people, lol) they are so smart!  ;-) 

Excited to discover that the Pub's "Best Effin Mule" - tastes exactly how George makes them.
 I told George we may have to have his Best Effin Mule at home sometime.  I plan to include Moscow Monday Best Effin Mule night on the summer bucket list. 

Naughty Chips, at The Pub
So I told 'em I'd eat whatever they wanted for an appetizer.  I wanted Katy to enjoy her last shindig with us - although we may find room for another Scoot Out or two.  She she and George picked the Naughty Chips.  And naughty sinful they were.  Some type of cheesy addicting gravy sauce with onions, chives, mushrooms.  I had a few - tried to stay away as much as I could - but they were insanely heavenly.  We only ordered two entrees.  We were going to order one.  But I didn't think that would be enough.  I wanted both fish and chips and also the lamb burger.  Katy didn't want lamb but it was good.  I ate some of it with the bread but a lot without.  And had a few bites of fish. Few bites of slaw.  And a few bites of their corn which was the vegetable of the day. 

Oh my!  Wonderful.  I'm so glad not to have devoured into the whole thing and not even all of my portion but it was good.  We then went for a good walk around the Gulch. 

I think I could live in the Gulch.  ;-)  There is a Starbucks, a Milk and Honey place, a little health nut grocery store called the Turnip truck.  A nice package store.  All kinds of restaurants, a brewery, and a few shops.  

And then we went to Frugal McDougle's - to get some wine at good prices.  I'm really not sure that they are so good these days at being frugal, but we went in while we were there.  It is a huge wine/liquor store.  

Then we headed home.   

I slept great last night.  Woke up once or twice at my normal wake up time.  Might have woken up when George got in bed.  Doggies slept good.  Maisy has begun to snuggle some with me.  I love that.  Roger snuggles too.  But Maisy has begun curling up next to my legs where as she used to sleep not touching anyone.  Roger is up by my head and often has been snuggling against my head or my arm or back - however I'm sleeping.  It's so awesome to wake up in the middle of the night and have doggies sleeping against you.  I love them so.  And as I type this.  I am in the sun room holding on to the last of the cool air as the sun slips higher into the sky - fans blowing to aid the coolness that is slipping away to heat.  I have Findlay on the left on the couch looking out into the trees.  I have Roger to the left of my feet.  I have Maisy on the love seat next to me.  And Tugie in a sun spot on the floor behind me getting some Vitamin D.  Findlay will soon be leaving us and I will miss her.  George has lovingly called her "Little Stink".  She is a Stinker.  lol  She is always getting in to something.  She loves to play and will definitely get your attention.  She is also known for jetting herself - yes jetting herself - into our Bible Study.  She is in your face, on your neck, have to be retrieved - it's not a slow thing either - it truly is "a jetting" - you are sitting there one minute and suddenly you have a black leech of a thing on you wanting to sniff, lick, play, and talk you into giving her attention.  It happens before we can stop it.  So George has had to try to keep her occupied during our Bible study.  

Only one more week of Bible study.  Speaking of - I need to get mine done!  I'm slacking this weekend so far and shocked b/c I thought I'd have done it by now but I think I needed to take a break from everything - from work, from the normal routines of life, from the business, even from Bible Study - but I still prayed and of course love my Walk with Him.  You know how in the Bible God was with someone as a breeze or a small wind blowing thru?  I've read that.  There have been times when I have been outside that a brief wind will come through - enough to get my attention in a otherwise STILL environment.  That happened yesterday.  I looked down the street - the trees were not moving.  Could this be?  Oh YES, it could be!  And immediately afterwards the red birds flew around me.  Yes, he absolutely literally walks with us.  Even when we take a break!  

And it's been an awesome break! 

So today is Bible study, focus on the house a bit so it'll be ready for Wed nite, go to the grocery b/c we are out of veggies, and bottled water! And my favorite tuna.  I want more cauliflower pizza - maybe a salad.  So ya'll have a good weekend. We are having deer steaks tonight and I hear margarita's.

And so folks....let's begin the LAST week of Katy being with us!  It's going so fast.  I love her.  I will miss her.  But she is so excited to go and be with her Cody and he is coming for her to collect her and take her home like a good Prince Charming would!  ;-)  Their castle on the ranch is almost ready!  We are supposed to set up our skypes today!  Maybe we'll do that during margarita time.  

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Good morning!  Just got up out of bed.  Took dogs out.  Dog's food was already made.  Coffee was already made.  Tugie and George had already been up for an hour.  It was weird b/c I thought I saw a hand petting Maisy in bed a few minutes earlier.  A hand that had pulled her away from me when she was pawing me and I said "no let me sleep".  :-O  But he tells me he has been up a half hour or so.
 :-O  Must have been my imagination. 

Anyway, I am glad it is Saturday.  Yesterday I attempted to do my normal Saturday routine since I was home on a Friday.  It was a little difficult.  I had so much on my mind literally weighing me down, even though I tried to hand it over to God.  Thank goodness I could at least do that.  Can you imagine the weight if not?  lol  Anyway, I DID NOT. WANT. TO. DO. ANYTHING.  I think I loss my drive, the wind out of my sails, and nothing mattered.  I suppose that must be what depression feels like.  So I think I was depressed for a day, just flattened by the week's shenanigans.  And to shroud it all on top of that - a former coworker murdered his wife, put his toddler out of the house so police would get him, and then shot himself.  It has haunted me all day.  He is not the type to do this. It is just horrifying.  That was hard to shake.  I won't be able to shake that off for a while. 

I did end up getting a lot of things done, about 3 loads of laundry, folded some of Kate's laundry, took some boxes downstairs, cleaned up the kitchen, thawed chicken out for dinner. Looked up and idea as to how to fix the chicken so it wouldn't be blahhhh.  We don't have a lot of ingredients in the house.  I wanted to fix chicken spaghetti.  But no mozzarella. In no way was I going to the store.  But I found a chicken recipe.  I didn't really follow the steps - I just wanted the ingredients for a marinade and to see how they cooked it - from there I did it own my own.  I marinated in soy, honey, and garlic.  I had filet-ed <-----how do you really spell that?  I had filet-ed the chicken lol.  And then cut them in half.  I pan cooked them in a bit of olive oil and they were really good.  I was honored that Katy asked me for the recipe.  I told her what I did.  I'm glad to know that too now b/c I imagine that I will do that again - may use the similar method with steak. 

I guess I spent most of the day with this feeling like - I didn't matter.  (I know, go ahead and get the violins, lol).  You know - it was just a sulky day.  Feeling bad, down, out.  A lot of things hitting me at once.  Things in life not really turning out exactly like you thought, people not exactly including you in things here, or there or leaving you out here or there, people always finding fault with you when you have done nothing wrong.  It doesn't help your already intensified feelings of wondering if you are plugged in at the right place and time?   All had been going so well I though.  And again it's just part of the devil's ploy, but I can't help from feeling bad, from analyzing everything, to see what went wrong, so I can keep it from going wrong again.  Life is a lot easier if you just didn't care.  Those that don't care seem to have much more fun in life and be much more accepted.  Boo.  That's not fair!  Those of us that care end up the ones being the most hurt.

So I watched a lot of Keep Your Daydream.  There is nothing that can lift my spirits like their family on a travel trip.  Of course it always makes me want my own RV and makes me want to just go stock it up and head out.  I'd love to do the west coast.  I love seeing new places and the adventure of it all.  Then coming back to the RV at night and fixing dinner and sitting outside.  I watched several episodes.  I might have fallen asleep once. 

I thought I'd have time to read a book, or do my Bible lesson.  But - I think b/w the dogs taking them out, a nasty explosive poo by one of them, my lack of desire to do anything b/c of my mood, and then cooking, coloring my hair, and doing the Target order, and doing the Isagenix order - I think all that just took up my time.  I played candy crush while waiting for the hair to color and the chicken to cook. I fixed quinoa and green beans.

Katy came home and is glad for the weekend to start.  Then George came home.  All were in a great mood and that lightened my spirits incredibly.  George stated that we should go out to eat tomorrow b/c we only had Katy there with us for another week or so.  So we planned that. 

Then Katy got a text and was invited to go to brunch with my SIL and my niece.  So they will do that this morning.   So I finished dinner and ate watching more of Keep Your Daydream.  It just reminds you of the possibilities and that I should do JUST THAT!

Eventually I got sleepy and just went to bed, knowing tomorrow had the opportunity to be better.   I slept great.  I don't think I woke up at all.   We slept to the "thunderstorm setting" with loons, frogs, and seagulls in the background.

When I woke up, the world seemed bright.  The sun came up, the temps are cool, and I'm in the sun room.  I have immediately family that loves me, friends that love me and get me and actually want to spend time with me, and I have 3 doggies that love me - even a 4th doggie right now.  And I have a nice house, surrounded by nice things that I enjoy - our wonderful nest, my goals have jumped back to ALIVE status, my dreams seem more REAL, and I think I'm on the way back to being me. 

I just needed some down time to rest I think.  I've been going full steam in all parts of my life and then some - for quite a while.  A few things happened this week that made me ask a few questions.  I know part of the answers, I don't know them all.  But one thing is for certain - through all of it - I know the one that holds my tomorrow.  I know the one that plants my feet.  And that is all I need to know for now. 

So today - I will actually PLACE the Target and Isagenix order.  (In my cart right now).  I will do more laundry, plan next week's wardrobe, do some ironing, clean the kitchen again, do my Bible study, and perhaps find time to read.  The sun room feels great.  A nice breeze, the sun coming up over my left shoulder, the trees filled in now with leaves and looks like a forest behind me, a fan going, birds chirping, and three dogs by my side. 

George has gone on his Saturday morning yard sail.  Katy's is still asleep.  And so is Findlay.

I'm about to get going on my day.  Thanks for reading.  I *think* today will be better. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

A Team of Three Behind Me

Well, enjoying a day off today.  It wasn't originally in the plans, but it just occurred to me suddenly on about Wednesday that it was necessary.  So no big plans, just taking a very much needed break and getting away. 

Isn't it funny how when you try to do the best you can, you do Bible study, you focus on doing everything well in every part of your life - at home, work, with friends, family - but the devil tries to inflict, inflame, and try every way to destroy any ounce of good, any morsel of happiness, and ensures that every good deed is punished, and every warm hearted good thought is distinguished.  He causes distortions, dissensions, and miscommunications, and misconceptions, hurt feelings - and if those things not in direct form then in the form of ostracism - or worse - both.  It breaks your heart when you try so hard and then the devil finds ways to plays havoc with your mindset, and find ways to see you are given a hard time as a person - in whatever role it is happening in. 

Without having God on a person's side, I don't see how people cope. I do cope.  Thank God for the Holy Spirit who tags along with us by our side, aiding us through the tapestries of our lives as we wind through the experiences of each day, with its injustices, and conflicts.

 I'm glad that God gave me the gift of insight but sometimes it is hurtful.  God tells us that fear and anxiety comes from the devil too - so to cast those things to God to handle for us like he tells us to do - is a major deal.  The burden removed and our God deals with it. 

Still every thing that happens to you in your life that is challenging - a "battle" takes place within your heart.  Your normal, sinful, nature wants to take control.  But the Spirit gently reminds you - "Let me handle this".  It nudges when it needs you to take action.  Those who are not Christians, will never understand this.  But they don't have to for me to come out on the other side of a situation unharmed, unscathed, and in a good place.  If one has made the choice to ignore instead of embrace Christianity - they have made their decision to embrace a life without it by default. And in doing so - they fight their own battles.  I'm so glad I don't have that problem.  Spiritual warfare is so very real.  You can't see it so much - but you can certainly feel it - and you know when it's going on.  The devil roams the earth seeking to whom he can devour and destroy.  But I'm armed with the Holy Spirit to battle for me and that means everything.

We are to be anxious for nothing, and we are to "consider it joy" when amidst a trial as you come back "refined as though silver". 

So today I'm hitting a reset button in several ways.  And I'm considering it joy to have this day off.  I consider today a spot on the top of the mountain where I can look behind and see the valley below and understand what is down there in that valley.  And I can be glad I'm up here - doing laundry, cleaning my home, recharging my batteries, petting doggies, reading books, and fixing dinner. 

How awesome to have a whole spiritual team of 3 to have your back! ;-)  And for that one can shout Hallelujah and hear the echos coming back. Sorry to write in code but unfortunately when writing the truth - it's necessary.  No one likes to see how their actions really were in black and white.  It's best to sweep it under the rug for them.  ;-)

Have a wonderful Friday!  I'm gonna dig mine!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Last Night's Bible Lesson in Timothy

Well, we had a great Bible study last night.  And these were some of the scriptures that we were studying in Timothy.  We are doing the "Entrusted" study.  

One thing I love about this study is that all three of us can study the same material and draw from it different things that God is teaching us.  I love the sharing of those points in the the group discussion.  It's very powerful.  I thought I'd share these verses that jumped out at me like a Jack in the Box on the pages, lol.  

Such powerful words and often at a time you need them the most.  

Keep fighting the good faith, because the God of peace will soon crush Satan at your feet!  I love that.  He's got our backs in the hopeless, helpless world of snares, dissension, chaos, and confusion.  Love it!  Say no more!  Gotta run.  Ya'll have a good day.  I'm taking a much needed vacation day tomorrow.  Gotta have some clarity on a few things and need to get away a bit and figure a few things out.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Traffic, Salad, Payroll Check Issues, and All the Rest

The above.....is what happens when you are proud of yourself and you get out of the house early, excited that you will get to your desk early, and get ahead of the game.  Your all happy and zipping along and then..........a wreck happens and no one goes anywhere.  

Oh well.  Everyone looked ok but there are so many idiots on the road that pull within a 1/2 inch or less of you so it's a wonder there aren't more.  People nearly wreck me every day.  I always have to slam on my brakes for idiots that can't drive, cut me off, and pull out in front of me.  

Anyway, once at work, and most idiots aside, the day could progress.  Instead of being congested with traffic, I'm congested with requests and to do's, but that is ok - everyone gets to practice some patience, including me.  I can't get it all done at once and with interruptions its even slower but life is good.  We all need a little patience right?  So practicing it should be no problem.  IF it is, I'll play the hand violin for entertainment.  ;-) 

So yesterday after the cleanse, my chocolate fudge shake with coffee ice cubes was good.  And for lunch I had a salad.  It took a few minutes to make and a few minutes to eat, but it was good!  

I had bought several things at the store and just threw it all in a bag and put the salad together there at lunch time.  "Ain't nobody got time for dat" - it ain't happening to make a salad in the mornings.  I'm rushing to get out the door.  It's fresher when made on the spot anyway.  Was very good and nutritious and lasted until late afternoon in which I had a few "naked" almonds.  

Then George fixed chicken marsala - Stauffer's - and green beans and it was really good!  I might've had 2nd's!  But I will argue the firsts wasn't a lot to begin with.  And the green beans wouldn't have added a lot of calories.  Yummmers! 

Anyway, well let's see.........

*George's job is going great.  They set him loose yesterday and he was able to get going on what they needed him to do - he had questions - but he's diving in. 

*The check deposit did not come from the old company and we are not sure if the "new regime" is not going to honor the severance package.  Technically he's still an employee until Sept 1, but bankruptcy could foil all that.  I called that one early on and was told to shush that I was being negative.  But see, one can be wise and look out for things w/o being negative.  Our world is the one that is negative - I just call it as I see it coming.  So all the the ones that lost jobs are in a uproar and waiting to see if it's just an error or if there will have to be claims filed or law suits filed.  Will be interesting to see what happens there.   We were hoping to reap from the two paychecks but it may not be.  

*Katy is in the midst of wrapping up visiting with friends and getting visits in and wrapping up in the final days at school.  We have the weekend with her to do stuff and that is our last hoorah.  They will be busy the following weekend and she is seeing friends off and on the next week or so.  Today will be the last Bible study she will do with our group.  

* I will not be diving into my nutrition and wellness program/business part until after Katy leaves.  I have booked my hotel room for our seminar in August.  My friend Lisa (the other Lisa friend - I have several Lisa friends) tells me how exciting and fun it is.  So we are booked and ready.  George says we'll figure out the tax deducts and count it off the taxes as a business expense.  I have a whole list of things to kick off in June to move forward into helping other people that are interesting in nutritious food, feeling better, and weight loss.  I'll be soon trained and able to help when they ask about it.  Right now I'm like "I don't know how to help you..hang on" - lol.  This thing is so motivating and intriguing to me.  I am getting into the science behind the nutrition.  But much of the things I will be working will start in June.  

Sybil, yes, it's in the UK!  If you are interested in seeing what it's about, I'll get you connected.  You know I'm not pushy - I'm just only there to connect folks up that want to check it out.  I just want to be able to give people a solution to feeling better like I do.  I am so happy I could turn cartwheels.  And I never want to be without this system.  I suppose when I'm old an in a nursing home, they'll take it away from me.  But til then it's mine. I can feel good and live my life, and share with those that want it to.  

Well, gotta get off, get the makeup DID, take dogs out and get on with this busy day.  I may take a book to read at lunch while I eat another salad.  I'm so behind and I miss my books/reading.  I truly believe that I need to live about 3 lives so I can get done and do the things I want to do.   My exploring, organizing, creative energies - are just never satisfied it seems.  I want more more more! Just need the time.  

Ya'll have a good "over the hump day" - we slide down into the weekend from here.