Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Katy on the Ranch, Wine, Pets, and Other Updates

Here's my Katebug and her Findlay on the ranch.  Look at those Texas earrings.  

Findlay got to go for a ride and see the cows.  Cody is driving of course.  I think it's funny how cows are so curious. 

Yesterday I realized just how many happy bottles of wine we shared in our house over the last few years, by the cork holder.  It made me smile.  

Wine is usually a souvenir from our travels, gifts at Christmas that were especially selected, and a labor of love from George's fermentation and bottling processes downstairs. 

Katy has given us most of the cork holders and she made us a "C" a while back for the dining room.  

We love to taste at wineries and pick a selection.  This week we opened a bottle that we bought from a tasting in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I savored every sip.  It tasted like Muscadine.  I love Muscadine.  I'm usually one for a dry white or dry red usually.  Crisp and oaky chardonnays are what I like in a white and I've settled on Pinot Noir as my favorite red as seems to be more smooth than the cabs and merlots that I had been so fond of.  However, sometimes - for sipping after dinner - there is nothing better to me than a deep dark cab. And cabs are good with spaghetti certainly. I prefer them not sour, lol - but I am ok with a little bite to it here and there if that makes sense.  I'm no wine snob!  

Mister Roger says hello.  He has come to me for petting a few times this week which warmed my heart.  He normally is strictly a Daddy's boy.  But he has come to find and seek me out a few times this week.  

Our dogs are precious.  But Tugie has been a challenge with all the diapering.  I keep remembering the lady that trims her saying "Ya'll need to think about just letting her go.  It's time."  It's close to time, but she is not suffering.  She is not hurting.  She had a hard bowel movement last week that hurt, but other than that and her occasional itching, she is not miserable.  She still wags her tail and still eats and likes to be with us and doing what the other dogs do.  She sleeps a lot.  So no it's not time just yet.  But it's not far off.  

It's Tuesday and Monday was.....definitely a Monday.  lol   

I don't even..........

So didn't get my power hour last night b/c I stayed at work til 6.  And then dinner was ready earlier and I only had a few minutes to see what was going on in my business world.  And then it was dinner time and we have started watching Nurse Jackie during/after dinner.  Nurse Jackie is very good.  We are loving it.  It's light for the most part, has some comedy in it, and very entertaining.  

I ordered some Heart Boost for Mom with the plant sterols in it that is supposed to lower cholesterol and has according to studies.  The FDA puts its stamp of approval on it and gives the recommended amount twice a day which is what our scoop for it contains.  So it's been ordered and on the way to her house.

We have a new shake coming out.  I just ordered it.  It's a higher protein shake - Caramel Latte.  

I just hopped off of here to see if it was up yet.  It was!  So I ordered it!  ;-)  
Going to go do a few things and head out.  We have a dinner tonight with a friend (former vendor) and so that means cleanse day is having to wait and I won't get to do our zoom call tonight, but I'll watch it tomorrow.  

Ya'll have a good Monday.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Training Time, Office Time, Planning Time....Just What I Needed

Well I had some luck on line yesterday buying 3 things.  First of all a planner for the wall.  And then the rug Hubby G promised since the flooring in our house will be a while.  (It's NEVER time to do flooring in our house, lol).  But I got a good deal on a 5 X 7 area rug to throw in the center of the room to give it some color.  

And I bought a combination bulletin board and white board.  I'll likely be getting another big bulletin board and then Mom has another white board for me. 

We went to church yesterday.  And then came home after - no lunch out or anything.  Just straight home.  I boiled two eggs and put it in tuna, along with some pickle relish and made a tuna salad.  I watched a couple of You Tube shows about 20 min each, while eating.  Then it was time to get to work in my office. 

I planned away the day.  I watched some role plays and enrollments.  And I am "remembering my why" - after a while you forget how bad you felt before you started the nutrition program.  So this week's focus training is going to be on enrollments, memorizing the various customer options (I need to memorize it but you don't have to - I just need to imprint it in my mind).  I also studied the various pack options and instead of trying to remember what is in each pack vs the other one, I'm remembering what is not included.  I found a website to get some images I need for posting online.  I worked on my Mission Statement, and my Vision Statement.  I listed 50 goals I wanted to accomplish in the next 5 years.  That was harder than I thought.  At 25 I really had to stretch a bit but once I got started into the next 25 it flowed. I then put a timeline on the ones for the next year and a half to two years.   I worked on some social media posts I'm going to do this week.  And I reviewed a video that I am going to be using.  And I did some prospecting.    So I got a stretch of several hours to do some much needed planning and training and it was nice b/c back here I can concentrate, spread out, find what I need and not have to dig around to find it.  So this office is really going to help me. I got out my "Social Media guide" as well and I have Snapseed, Pic Collage, and Canva to help me with my posts. 

So all that was good.  I'd been NOT doing those things b/c I've been diving in and having conversations but I need to focus on how to get from on line to a phone call.  First of all I am having to get used to phone calls. As an introvert, it's really not my thing.  There are some that do the whole thing from texting or IM but most take it off line to the phone call. So I'll follow their lead.  I have been very excited about the product and ramble on about it, but watching the role play - you give your quick why at some point, but first of all you mainly ask a lot of questions about their goals.  It's about them and not you.  lol   I have some scripts to follow.  So I'm going to be studying those more this week.  So I have just been failing forward the last few weeks, stumbling all over and usually getting to a point where most are ghosting me b/c they are not ready or they have not watched "the video".  And again it may not have been me.  I've picked pretty easy targets that I felt comfortable with as I do this thing.  I have a lot of folks on my chicken list.  I'm supposed to contact one chicken list person a day but I'm not there yet! lol

I'm also happy with the schedule changes.  I was up at 4 - well I always allow myself 1 snooze at least and 2 if it is just necessary but I understand that if I do that I'm giving up something or have to rush.  I was setting the alarm for 4:15 or 4:20 and getting up by 4:30 or later.  Then I'm rushing and all inconvenienced and angry or frustrated by the time I get to work.  Making Maisy get up with me is a little trouble waking her up and getting her off the bed, but she is happily complying if I give her a tummy rub.  Then I can take both dogs out at the same time and not have to go out twice.  So all that will work I think. 

So I did NOT get my power hour done yesterday (actually working with people on line or in a phone call) because I decided it would be worth the while to do the things I did yesterday.  I'm loving reading "The MLM Woman" as it lays out everything for you. 

Hubby G was telling me yesterday the IRS sees this as a "Hobby" and not a business until a certain amount of income is made 3 years in a row so he is afraid to get any tax breaks from the business yet.  So all the keeping of receipts was for naught.  He doesn't want to get audited and have to go through all that.  He does report the income of course, but just doesn't take the tax breaks.  Hmmm.  So whatever. 

So I'm going to be over here doing "my hobby" then.  lol I do enjoy it so call it what you need.  They call it hobby til you make the dough then they want a slice of it.  Til then they don't want want to fool with you.  Well that is ok I guess we don't want to fool with them either? 

So George then was very discouraging to me by reminding me that "most don't succeed in this".  It's true they don't.  It's hard and they give up.  He wanted me to go ask my uplines what they are making and see if they are making a profit vs what they spend.  I am NOT going to go ask my uplines what they are making. Several of them already posted their w-2's anyway, and many on our team are already at six figures.   But there is minimal investment in doing this.  The travel to events is optional but recommended.  You can view it online at home but what fun is that? lol That's where the hobby comes in.  So I hate we didn't get the tax break.  And I hate that George was discouraging me.  Like I said, people don't have faith in me.  Or they at least see the statistics and know the odds are against me.  People are leaving their businesses in droves as there are many earning the six figure incomes.  While there are only 280 millionaires with Isagenix, that is still pretty huge.  I'm not even shooting for that.  I just want an RV that I've paid for own my own.   And yeah after that it'd be nice to retire early to enjoy it.   So I'm going for the residual income instead of having to trade time for money.  Every time I go through a bad patch of "why am I doing this?" and come through determined, then I have surpassed many groups of others who didn't. 

I think my Phoenix trip sent him over the edge and I think he doesn't like that.  I also spent more on product than the average person would b/c I have wanted to try out everything.  That is leveling out some as I have everything and as I need it I just replace it.  I didn't have to order all the shake flavors, I just wanted to so I did over time.  Things like that.  But now I don't spend much at the grocery so it's pretty reasonable and affordable.

Anyway, got to get on with my morning!  Here's some more pics.

George fixed a pretty dinner last night.  It was duck. He made these little pancakes.  You put sauce on the cakes (either duck sauce or another sauce that I don't know how to spell) and then duck on that and it makes a "taco".  

He also had caramelized cabbage. Now that was wonderful!  May not look like much but akin to fried potatoes only it was cabbage.  

My plate

An excellent meal!  

Ya'll have a beautiful Monday.  I need more coffee!  Thanks for reading my rubbish!  

Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Trying Saturday and Business Reflections

Just had to share some photos from the last few days.  We had an AWESOME lunch Friday of chili and dogs.  

Speaking of dogs....

This one.  It's like having a baby in the house again.  She is in diapers for the most part.  Her skin has been having some issues for a while and we have had meds for that.  She will be 18 in April if she lasts that long.  At least that is what I have figured up.

 These dogs are lazy ones.  Just hanging out with their 'rents (parents)!

The MLM Woman is on the table.  And my inspiration to go ahead and set up the office.  It's making the world of difference what little time I've had.  

Found this little charm of a photo yesterday and I really like it - just a picture of time.  It's always a battle and that is what this week's crisis has been about really. 

I know that my family and probably some friends don't believe I can do the things I'm setting out to do.  In a way it kinda hurts my feelings.  I think they think if I was going to do it I'd have done it already.  When I got into HR, I didn't know what I was doing.  It took time, effort, learning, training, reading, practice.  However, with HR, there is a trade-off of time for money.  With Multi-Level Marketing (my side hustle) the income is residual.  Most importantly you continue to get paid after the work is done.  I really want enough for an RV- any thing over and above that - we'll see.  Maybe funds to support an earlier retirement - as my retirement age is 67.  I'd like to be able to do it earlier and be young enough/healthy enough to do some travel.  When you believe in the product you are working with to get that residual income and are going to be sharing it with others anyway - then it is a win-win for us all.  When I told George I had cycled again (residual pay) yesterday and that I just planned to keep going at each step, he replied "Good Luck".  It wasn't a smart tone but I knew what he meant (it's not easy).  I took it as he didn't have faith that I could do it.  And I feel those vibes and I see those snarky looks and I can even feel the comments made behind my back.

It's happened to every successful person out there so far.  They laugh at us going for our dreams.  And for me I guess that just makes me dig my heels in further.  And even more determined.  It's ok.  I get it.  I understand why they think I can't do it.  So I'll be forgiving.  In addition to success on the financial end, I'll also be achieving my other goals of more weight loss, dropping the blood pressure meds, and helping some others do the same. 

So they say that you meet the goals of the things you put in writing.  So I'm going to do that.  
The bulk of this afternoon will be spent in planning.  My most productive weeks have been when I did the planning for each day's activities.  I can see it paying off.  I'm making some headway. 
It is a slow process.  They say at each year's event you go up one level as long as you don't quit and you continue to "do the do".  lol  Last year I didn't even know what all the "do" was.  I started about March I think - whenever George lost his job.  I began to feel better, I got excited about it.  I lost weight.  I learned how to cleanse and was surprised I could do it.  Lost a lot of visceral fat and toxins around my organs and deep from within my cells.  Was able to come off the sugar meds.  Others were interested and so Lisa and Lou introduced me to the comp plan, saying if  others are interested you may as well get paid.  I also took the Mind and Body program b/c it was a course that helped your mindset as you learn to treat your body better and the mindset to have in order to do that.  
Then I went through and printed out all the materials I needed and set up my notebook of reference, ordered brochures, a white board, set up a couple of sip and samples.  I also sold some essential oils to supportive family members who wanted to support my efforts.  I sold to neighbors and friends and so I have a few customers who are ongoing.  I have gone to Global Celebration in Nashville and NYKO in Phoenix.  I've seen, I've learned, and watching and figuring some things out.  I took Oct thru Christmas off from the business - pretty much to focus on Christmas and our vacation and such.  so I have had about 7 months last year.  

And this year a rough January with the flu coming back from Phoenix, and getting behind at work and having to work more hours to catch up.  And then focusing on getting the office set up.  So it's been a minimal amount of time really to focus.  Life will always get in the way and I'm pretty methodical at how I approach anything.  So it's all good.  Things are on track.  And I'll continue to move forward.  There will be mountains and valleys.  And I will continue to struggle with TIME. 

Yesterday the frustrations had just led me to a breaking point though.  I got up and Tugie had pooped had an explosion all over my office floor.  So before coffee I was scrubbing carpets on hands and knees.  Taking them to get trimmed, and taking her diaper off in my lap before taking her in - she had pooped in her diaper.  I kept it from going everywhere, but it was a tense moment.  I had Maisy jumping all around me trying to get out the door and George throwing around directions and I could not move to tend to either b/c I was NOT letting poop go all over me and the car.  I had to laugh later at my heart rate record - at 9:00 a.m. it was high - the highest of the day and off the charts.  lol  Mostly my heart rate record is on the downtrend with my exercising but poopie diapers made it go up!  

Then we went to look for things for my office at Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, Good Will (I knew that wasn't going to have anything, but it was next door), and then Essex.  No rug, no file system, no bulletin boards, no white boards, no calendar systems.  Oh well.  Struck out.  We've truly come to an online world I think.  So I'll order these things one by one.  Except the rug I'm not sure about.  I may have to keep looking for that one.  The one I wanted at Walmart was $69.  I think I can find one cheaper.  Maybe.  But I was disappointed not to find some addition to the office. 

Then we went to the grocery store.  And then home.  George emptied the groceries out of the back and he told me to go ahead and try to fix the bluetooth in my car if I wanted and then pull in.  So I fixed the blue tooth that had gone out the day before.  I've spent about an hour an a half trying to make it work.  And then pulled into the garage and "bam".  I didn't know that George had not shut the back of the car - the hatch door was up and hit the garage.  I feared all this damage.  But somehow there was none!  I can't believe it.  But I believe this was my last straw and my breaking point.  I should have been happy at no damage, but I was mad.  I was mad that it seemed like life would just not give me a freaking break.  It was a poop filled, technically challenging, unsuccessful shopping, time wasting, door banging kind of day.  So I slammed the door the garage as hard as my body could muster it to let off the IRE that had built up.  And then the release of tears. 

I came upstairs and George saw the tears and I said "I just want something to go right today!"  It's literally been a _______ (insert favorite S word here) day.  I explained the door being left open and hitting it on the garage door but its ok.  He gave me a hug and then said I should be thankful for all the things that do go right.  I said "I know, I know...it's all my fault that I'm in a bad mood b/c I'm not looking at life like everyone wants me to but I'm tired of today and just want something to go right."

That translates to "I need some freaking time on my own - some quiet time to rejuvenate my soul". 

I got a little bit - I spent it working on the house and trying to iron out the sore spots that really bothered me.  Now as I go through I see clean lines, clean carpet, folded laundry, a clean kitchen, straightened up dog beds, a finished blog entry.  

I cooked us a casserole which was akin to swedish meatballs.  We loved it and we began watching Nurse Jackie.  Friday and Saturday nights are good for TV watching/moving watching.  So I may talk to him about focusing the week nights on my business.  

Anyway, it's time to focus on God and I need to get my shower and get ready. 

But that is where we are!  I'm better.  Less frustrated.  On the backend of it, I see that it is part of it.  Working through it, making tough choices on time, deciding what is important, and weeding out the rest.  To climb this little mountain and come out on the other side stronger, better schedule, stronger goals, more determination - is just one more step toward the goals.  Another step past those that decide to turn around.  It feels good.  I've gone through several valleys, I've always come out on the other side of it with more drive and determination and a clearer perspective.  

Oh yeah, time to go worship! ;-)  

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Drilling Down on Frustrations, Finding the Root Cause, Fixing it

Good morning!  I've taken some time this morning to put my head around how to ease the frustrations I'm experiencing on a daily basis the last few weeks.   The main frustrations being:

*Dealing with the dogs and their schedules and their issues
*Not being able to finish anything I start for having to move to the next thing
*Having to work on others agendas instead of getting to work on my own
*Time - not enough and really it all boils down to time doesn't it?
*Computer or electronic issues
*Ghosting - it happens everywhere
*Incorrect perspectives/perceptions
*Having to rush
*Not enough self time
*Things not having a place and not in its place

In order to fix why you feel frustrated, it's important to make a list and figure out why.  You can keep asking why at each one til you drill down to the root cause.

For example, why am I frustrated with the dogs and their issues?  I love them so why?  It takes time and it's keeping me from doing what I want to be doing in those precious few minutes. 

Why am I not able to finish anything I start?  Time.

Why am I frustrated about having to help others with their agendas?  It takes away time and leaves me not getting my to do list done and my goals unfinished leaving me to feel like I've failed somehow.

Why do I not have enough time?  I have too much planned - AHAAA!

Why do computer and electronic issues bother me?  I can't get done what I want.  And I often don't know how to fix it.  Which means research.  Why do not I not like to research?  It takes TIME!

Ghosting?  Why don't I like ghosting?  You need answers and you have to go find answers somewhere else. And that takes time.  Or it makes you feel like you are unimportant and belittled and betrayed. 

Why do I not like incorrect perspectives?  B/c it bothers me thinking that someone is thinking the wrong things about me.  Why?  Because you are fearful of the outcome?  Why are fearful of the outcome?  It might hurt me in some way.  How could it hurt you in some way?  I could be chastised erroneously, or not given an increase based on someone's wrong perception, or fired b/c they thought I knew expectations and I didn't, or a friend would be mad at me and I would never know it.  And if that happened what would you do?  I would explain the truth, if given the opportunity, if not I would go on. I would find other work or another friend.  And then what?  I would not be physically harmed and God is in control, so.....who gives a frequent flyer?

Why do I not like to rush?  I like to finish what I started? Why?  Because it makes me feel accomplished! Why?  Because a goal has been reached and that feels good.  Why do I want to reach a goal?  That depends on what the project is. I'd go in circles on this one but ultimately it will lead to what are your goals in life and what is really important to you.

And in true fashion, I cannot finish this blog entry b/c it's time to take the dogs for their trim soon which means I need to get a shower.

Be back later....

And it's 4:24 and I have exactly 36 minutes to finish this blog post before I go and start on dinner which I've promised I would do tonight. 

So here is how I will try to solve my obvious TIME problem.

1.  I'll get up at 4 instead of 4:30. 
2.  I'll not blog every day but perhaps every other day.  Or if I do blog it will need to just hit the high points and run.  Can I even do that? lol
3.  I'm going to make Maisy get up when I get up and take two dogs at once.  I'm done with having to go out 3 times in a morning.  Two will have to do.  They all go out again before we leave.
4.  I'll start putting the cat's food in a bowl at the end of the porch where Tugie won't be trying to eat her way to the yard and back.
5.  Some things I can't control - like computer issues and ghosting and other people's thoughts and incorrect perceptions.  So I just have to remember my training:  Let it go, let the thought pass, don't let it hold you captive, don't let the negative thoughts control you, don't let them control you, and most of all just bless, release, and move on. While it's not my style to ghost people - I may find that I myself may be at least MIA for a while on some level or many levels.  lol
6.  At age 56 I may just flat stop rushing.  I mean I'll make my time commitments to work and committed events, but I believe my days of rushing are about to come to an end. 
7.  I will try to be better organized in the house, with my schedule, with my plans.
8.  I will have to plan some free time in the schedule as I think that is adding to my frustration level in a big way. I need some additional quiet time and some God time.  The schedule is hard when I'm trying to do what I'm trying to do. 
9.  Keep downsizing and getting rid of things I no longer need or want or don't use.
10.  Take some extra Ionix in the afternoon if needed.
11.  More exercise time which helps with stress.
12.  Do my JOY and CONTENT lessons.
13.  Focus on others to get my mind off of my frustrations.
14.  Listen to good music.
15.  Have gratitude.
16.  Remembering it should be "JOY in the Journey" - a mindset thing.
17.  Remembering I "get" to do things instead of "have to".
18.  Use my essential oils more to get rid of stress.

So I'm ready to be done with this frustration business.  I quickly see that it's really all about time and not getting time to do what I want/need to do for my goals and my persona.  I will tweek and make it better.  Going through this blogging exercise has helped me to see what is truly going on with me though.  Now I just have to try to fix it.  This has always been a frustration for me b/c I always want to have it all, do it all, be it all and be good at it all. 

I will succeed.  And it's been a frustrating day also for a Saturday.  But I'll save that for tomorrow's blog. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Junk Food Researchers, Bag Lady, and Valentines Dinner

Saw this while scrolling in our group this week- totally cracked me up.  It is soooo true.  But you laugh internally, and just bless and release and go to the person who is SERIOUS about their health and wellness.  It IS their choice.  

 I don't know why I have become a bag lady.  I guess I have always been.  But you know what?  They are getting heavy.  I need a Sherpa to help me get in to work!

Ya'll like my diamond?  It's actually the end of an ink pen.  Just goofing off.  

We had a nice time at Calabria Pizza.  Wine was good, pizza was good.  I did not like the pepperoni as it had an odd taste.  I suppose it was just an original Italian type that didn't taste like what we have around here.  But I loved the Hawaiian pizza.  We got two and will have our leftovers tonight. 

We had to go to the grocery afterwards to get hot dogs and buns.  We ended up getting some other things on the list in my head.  And guess what?  Got home and I forgot to grab the buns.  ::sigh:: So off to Walmart this morning.  (Dammit).

I also have to go to the UPS store.  So I need to see when they are open.  May as well do that too.

Here are the babies in bed last night.  Bed felt so good.  I did not want to get up this morning.  Nor any morning this week.  I don't know why it's been so hard.  I suppose I'm not getting enough sleep.

It is Friday and I'm so glad.  It's just been kindof a hard week.  They all are these days.  I'm ready for my 2 day break and have been since Monday.  Monday was the roughest day.   I don't like Monday's anymore.  lol Everyone goes in with their Oh My Gosh agendas on Monday and I do as well and we just all combust each other with our to do lists.  It's nuts.  Then the fires are burning and none of us get to do much on our agendas anyway and the work sits in a pile undone, or on a list unseen.  lol  Oh well. 

The news gave me an alert of ice and freezing rain this evening.  Glad we are not going anywhere.  Might be good to get home early today.  

I decided not to address the issues from yesterday.  I only have 8 minutes.  Eight mere minutes is not going to solve my daily frustration list.  lol  Maybe another day.  Because there is never enough time.  I'm a robot just programmed to move on to the next thing at the appointed hour.  Since I have to go to Walmart and will already be late, I should go.   

I'm not able to go to the store and just get what I went for.  I wondered if I should be worried, but then people do that all the time.  We get side tracked, pulled aside, and then bam - it's all forgotten.  But we will not have bunless hot dogs so off to Walmart I go.  (Dammit!) Sorry. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day and Frustrations Listed

Hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's day!  We get to eat pizza tonight and I'm looking forward to that.

I am happy to say that the week has been a bit better and has gone by quickly.  I just get so many interruptions and fires that it is hard to get anything done until about 4 when most every one has gone for the day so I can have some peace and be able to work.  And then I usually stay until I get to a good stopping point.  Not sure I want to stay late every day b/c that has really infringed on my time this week at home. Wouldn't be so bad if the drive wasn't so far, but tacking that on both ends of the day it makes the day too long and life off balance. So probably making up my time there from the flu days anyway - probably have already.

I don't really have much to say.  But going for another cup of coffee here and maybe I will think of something.  I guess I'll talk about what has been on my mind some this week.  It's a bubbling bear at times so why not just open up and go there.

My frustration levels are coming up so I need to spend some time trying to bring that down.  So let's talk about that.  What frustrates me?  By doing so maybe if I fix it I'll be less frustrated.

1. I love my dogs but dealing with it all in the mornings is terribly frustrating in my already crunched up time.  Since George's job change I've had to add that to my mornings.  I am a morning person but I do NOT like to rush.  I really don't like rushing through anything.  In the afternoon I'm more patient though.  In the morning, I really don't have time for it.  And if I ever have to take Roger out - he won't come back in and he wants to go a different direction from the others. It's a process.  One I don't really have time for.

I get up and Tugie gets up with me.  I take her out.  The cat (outside) wants to love on the dog. The dog wants no part of it.  The dog wants to scrounge around for cat food on the porch and you have to coax her to go pee and coax her to come in.

I go make coffee, and as I'm in the middle of that, Maisy gets up.  I have to stop what I'm doing and take her out.  She is the smoothest one to get in and out at least. 

Then I go make their breakfast and feed them.  Then I can get the coffee made finally and get in the shower and get dressed.

Back to coffee, and then back to my blog.  I also do some residue business from the night before. 
Before  I know it, it is 6:15 and time to finish moving - sometimes past that time.  And then we have to finish getting ready, dogs out again, treats done, and lunch grabbed and out the door again.

2.  Having to start on something else before I can finish what I'm doing.  Having to stop the blog in the middle of writing - honestly I usually just keep writing.  I'm stubborn that way.  But it's frustrating none the less b/c then I feel like I have to hurry.

3.  Being so busy with others needs and agendas that I can't get my own work done.  Understanding that being information central is part of my job.  It's still frustrating if I'm trying to get a project done and plan to do it and can't get started until a week later b/c of everyone elses requests and needs which is also part of my job - but it is frustrating not to be able to work on the things in front of me that need processing.

4.  Not having enough time at night to do what I need/want to do.  Matter of fact just not enough time anywhere.

5.  I would say traffic, but I've been able to combat that with podcasts I love to listen to.  But since traffic takes up time to do other things, that is not good so I'll list it.

6.  Computer issues, defunct software, internet issues, electronic issues, streaming issues.  When I want to do something, I want to be able to do something.

7.  Ghosting.  People who don't return your emails, don't answer your questions, snub you, look down at you, belittle you, bully you, keep information from you.

8.  Incorrect perspectives.  When people assume the wrong things and make it hard on you b/c of their incorrect perceptions.

9.  Having to rush - I'll just let that be it's on entry.

10.  Not getting much free time anymore.

11.  Things not having a place.  And things being out of place or lost.

There are probably more but these were the ones rolling around in my mind.

So I've been able to resolve most of these, but a few linger and need to be worked out so the anger and the ire does not run all through me at various times of the day.

I'll ponder over these for ways to eliminate some of my frustrations.  I can say that the boundary thing and the Joy Junkie podcasts have helped and made a world of difference.  I keep mentioning it but wish I'd done it years ago.  I no longer care nor worry about #8.  And #7 for the most part I can get around it, but sometimes you do need answers and so that hurts all of us regardless of how I feel about it.  Maybe tomorrow I'll post how I've resolved or plan to resolve.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine Plans, Burn Outs, and Business Thoughts

Well, George and I finally discussed Valentine's Day.  I was the one that had to bring it up.  But he said to pick 14 places and he'd pick 14 places and we'd play our game and each take turns crossing it off.  So we did and we are going to go eat pizza.  We have pretty much removed pizza from our menu. So I think we both left it on the list b/c we miss it.  We used to eat it at least once a week.  And out to eat out at pizza places a lot too and also at work.  Even at work we seemed to have slowed down as many are watching their waistlines or health numbers truth be known. George and I will have one on occasion now and it seems like it's about once a quarter.  Often if I have it, it will be the Caulipower pizza, if I can find it.  But we will go eat pizza for Valentine's in the name of love on Thursday night.

 I crossed off the nicer places to eat for several reasons.  Mainly b/c I spent a chunk going to Phoenix and I know that he probably was not happy about that.  And at this late date, there are likely no reservations left at the dinner hour we'd want or the places will be so crowded and the wait so long it would not be enjoyable.  So pizza it is and it'll still be crowded.  George doesn't think so, but we'll see.  All the workers will call in sick anyway and the wait will be slow for food b/c that is how society seems to roll.  Sorry I am all a downer this morning, but I'm a bit experienced at life and I'm basing it on that.  Maybe they will show up for the tips though.

George had promised to take me to Hermitage Steak house for my birthday when I got back from Phoenix and no mention of it, I guess he thought I'd spent enough in Phoenix to account for it - so I had thought maybe there for Valentine's.  But too late I think for reservations.  Also I had a birthday dinner already with my sister and law and her husband took us out.  So it's ok.  Another is not necessary. So pizza it is.

So yesterday's entry I re-wrote 3 times.  The first time had a little anger tone to it, the 2nd time was just sarcastic and the third time was toned down and more loving.  But I'm better today.  I don't think I have ever been burned out on the week on a Monday before - sometimes it's never - often it's by Thursday - and Wednesday sometimes.  But Monday is bad to burn out already for the week. And by burn out I mean "tired of the scene and needing the weekend break already".  I did have a better day yesterday.  And that is probably a good thing.  Because Monday night after that day I was not in a good place and was not when I got up yesterday and left the house.   I had to have private therapy with myself (yes I coach myself, lol) before I could go on with the day and prayer made it much better.

Today the mood is 'ehhhh' but getting there and part of that really is just part of coming off of the cleanse day and not having much to eat in the last 33 hours.  I'm drinking coffee now to wake up but will have my shake soon.  Today I'm mixing my chocolate fudge shake and my salted caramel shake and making what they call a "Snicker" shake.  I saw one of my co-horts make that.

I didn't get a lot of planning time in on the weekend so I'm struggling with my business this week.  I have several things going.  What gets me is when people "ghost" you.  And don't respond.  We've been told to "bless and release" them and not let it get to you.  I've been doing a lot of blessing and releasing.  You have to get thru a lot of no's before you get to a yes.  So it's a process.  You mainly have to find the folks that are really serious about wanting to have a healthier lifestyle.  People don't know what we know yet about this nutrition system.  If they did - they would be knocking our doors down.  But you can't easily transfer your mind and how you feel to another person.  It's just like talking to someone about Jesus.  If they don't have fertile ground, they are not going to listen.  lol

But since we worked on the office I did not get a lot of planning time in.  Only about an hour and a half.  So I'm working on the fly this week.  I think I will specifically lay out some goals in writing also.  They say to "fail forward" and keep moving and the only way to lose is to quit.  So I guess I'll keep moving.  I'm determined.  But is is discouraging that you do have to go through mostly no's to find the yes.  And I will keep educating.  I will get better.  I will keep learning.

People think I cannot do this I know.  And no one but my friends really show faith in me.  But I have also risen about that.  I don't really care what people think any more - not here, not at work - I've grown so much through this and a few other programs, like "The Joy Junkie" and my boundry studies.  So life is good.  I don't really care what goes on in the minds of others.  I do have my goals and God is in it, and I might be slow at what I do, but it's slow, methodical and steady.  I have my progress at what very little efforts I've put in to the helping others part.  I've mostly just been learning and helping myself and sharing.  Now I'm getting in the position where I'm able to dive in more and that feels good.  The routine is starting to come together, the "how" is coming together, and the planner is opening up to get this all going.  Last year, I have to laugh as I was just so overwhelmed with all the newness of it and the excitement.  And that finally I have an answer to my health problems.  And how it helped me emotionally too.  I realize now just how lacking our society's food system is. And I just don't trust a lot of it anymore.  Even the fruits and vegetables don't have the minerals and vitamin levels they used to due to soil depletion.

So sometimes you go through these valleys doing this business b/c like anything it's not always easy.  But you work through it.  And just keep moving and keep failing forward.  So here we go.  I have to get better at the time management thing b/c I have so little of it to spare.  I'm getting it going in pockets of the day.  I listened to a lady talk on our call last night that started a little before me.  She is about to leave her day job at the end of the year.  She is working 7 to 9 every night.  And 3- 15 minute  segments.  Due to George, I will not be able to do that but almost.  My power hour is from 6 to 7 pm ish.  And I do about 15 in the mornings at home, 15 in the parking lot before work.  I do 15 to 30 - sometimes an hour - at lunch.  And power hour at home.  And then another 15 to 30 before bed.  So we'll see.  Then several on the weekend.  Anyway I need to get off of here and go finish getting ready.  I'm just mouthing off and blogging what's on my mind this morning.  Just diving forward.

Ya'll have a good day.