Friday, April 19, 2019

Forty-Six Things

Full Moon Day! Almost afraid to write this morning.  Afraid of what might come out.  lol

1.  I am tired - mentally, physically spent already.
2.  I am tired of it all right now. 
3.  I am sipping coffee and that is nice. 
4.  I want to go hide in a hole away for protection and peace
5.  I want to take my coffee with me

6.  I need a magic wand, a super woman cape, and a private genie 
7.  My left gland in my neck hurts
8.  Wondering why the heck we don't we get Good Friday off like everybody else when it's such an important holiday?  I have everywhere else I've worked.
9.  George is off
10.  Obviously I am not
11.  George is taking me to lunch though.  
12.  I'm behind at work
13.  There are more needs in life around me than I can handle 
14.  So there is a waiting period for things.

Like a really long waiting period now.  

                             15.  I could have taken a vacation day.  But I had a lot to do. 
16.  Why am I so responsible? 
17.  You know I'm either not happy, or not in a good mood when I write in bullet points. 
18.  If I write in bullet points - I won't expand my thoughts. 
19.  If I expanded my thoughts right now I'd get in trouble for having thoughts. 
20.  And people are looking for trouble these days. 
21.  Why is life like that? 
22.  Why can't people just be nice to each other?  
23.  Why can't people just realize that you don't have a magic wand, a special genie in a bottle and a superman cape?  Oh wait!  Here it is! Just let me put it on! Found it!  Sorry!  My bad!

24.  Why do people get put out when you don't have your super woman cape with you?
25.  Can we pass out some reality checks?  Where do you get those? lol 

26.  It's all good, in fun, and humor, and just letting off steam.  

27.  Sometimes we gotta do that.  

28.  I'll just remember Dana Carvey and put on my church lady face. 

29.  And try to make myself laugh and stay in good humor. 

30.  I'm only one person and can do only so much and solve so much and hear so much and honor so many requests. 

31. I really don't like full moons for what they do to others making folks react all over the universe. 

32.  Responsible people are sought out for the resolve of the earth's problems - ALL at ONCE. 

33.  Then someone gets disappointed including me b/c I can't fix it all for everybody at once.  

34.  But we can all....

35.  Because it is what it is.  

36.  So I will do this as best as I can

37.  old Maxine making me laugh

38.  And if all else fails there's this.  Because when I get to a certain point I shut down.  Almost there.

39.  This also made me laugh. Although it doesn't apply to anything here.  Hmmm.. Well might need to ponder that.  It might in certain instances.  lol PeKak!

40.  But Maxine DOES have one final point that we all need to consider.  Life is an Open road and we can choose to write our own story.  

41.  If we don't like the current state or situation we are in, we can always change!  At ANY SECOND!

42.    Sometimes you gotta know when to say when and when to back off.  


44.   God first.  He'll take it from there.  

45.  People have no choice but to adjust or be without me, lol. 

46.  Maybe....But if it were not Friday, I'd be making it Friday!  ;-)  

Ya'll have a great day!  I will try to do the same.  Trying to talk myself into being in a better mood.  Trying not to shut down completely as I'm overloaded in life right now.   Trying to blame it on the full moon.  Whatever works.  

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Easter's Past and Present

Easter is coming.  I remember having fun putting together Katy's Easter basket and shopping for an Easter outfit and shoes.  Then at some point when she was in school - spring break usually happened around Easter and we would be gone on vacation.  I remember putting beach towels and beach supplies in her Easter Basket.

As a child, Mom would hide eggs (real ones with food coloring I think) around the room and have me find them.  I think we did that for Katy a few times but once we did our vacations we kinda got out of that.  She usually had Easter egg hunts via school and church and sometimes even in George's family where all his cousins had so many kids that would do an Easter Egg hunt at his grandma's.

As I got older, I remember more of Easter Sunday being more of a family day and a religious thing of course and not just about the bunny, the eggs, and fun things in a basket.  We wore a new dress for spring, new shoes.  I was thinking the women wore corsages, but I think that might have been for Mother's day?  Perhaps both?  Not sure.

Nanny Voss always had the family over for Easter lunch - always a ham on Easter, as I remember it.  And a big lunch it always was.  Always a treat to eat at Nanny's with her big dining room table for the family, and big dishes, family style, and casseroles all passed around the table after prayer.  Her house was small but she had a huge dining table we all sat around.  And there was always dessert.  And pretty good conversation.  I was usually the only child for a while as my sister was not born til I was 10.  So I mainly was just quiet and in my own thoughts.  I guess that trait in me started early.

Easter also meant a change in weather.  Many times it would still be cold on Easter but Easter meant that warm weather on a consistent basis, was about there.  Sandals could be worn, and one of my favorite things is that white could be worn.  The white shoes came out of storage, the white pants, the summer clothes came out and the winter clothes went up.  I looked forward to that as a child and still do as an adult. I bring my sandals out in March though, lol.  But I still save my whites til after Easter.

Easter was also the time when Gizmo our new kitten was resurrected, much like Jesus, from her Coma like state after I sat on her the Friday before.  She was always the back ward cat after that, skinny, crazy and of course labeled as my cat.  We had a whole lot of kittens and we told her she could stay with us if she lived.  I didn't mean to sit on her.  I plopped down on the floor and she landed underneath me at the same time.  I cried and cried.  I called Mom and she thought someone had died in the family I was crying so hard.  I said "I sat on Gizmo....."  Gizmo - bless her - was having nerve spasms and walking backwards trying to get away from the pain.  George took her outside b/c I was just howling.  She didn't do well, wouldn't eat, her Momma Bob wouldn't have anything to do with her.  We fed her with a dropper and kept her in a basket.  We worried she would die.  But she Sprang to Life - much like Jesus did on Easter morning.  In church as we sang, "Jesus ----Jesus-----there's something about that name".....George was in my ear singing "Gizmo---- Gizmo----there's something about that name" making me almost laugh out loud in church.  To this day when we sing that song - we look at each other and laugh and whisper Gizmo Gizmo. 

But of course, now that I'm adulting, and kids are gone, and so are the cats, Easter means to me that Jesus arose from the dead.  That He conquered death and He is Life.  That He died for us and for our sins so we can have eternal life.  What He went through.  His Life.  It all means something very special.  I've never been to a sun rise service.  I'd like to sometime.  I mentioned it to George and He did not have any interest.  I don't really want to get up that early myself but would have if he'd had interest.  So I'd like to find one on line if I could.  At least to watch in my PJ's.

Easter is still special but sad to me that our family does not celebrate.  But after so many years of us being on vacations and all spread out - everyone got in that habit and routine.  And we live just far enough away that no one can or will travel here.  So I was beginning to wonder what we wanted to do on Easter this year.  I was ok with just being home.  I have a lot to do on the "to do list".  But there was a sad of ache of missing times gone by.  I miss Nanny and Granddaddy.  I miss being around her table.  I miss Nanny hollering for Grandaddy and calling him "Chet, will you go get some ice?"  "Chet, will you go get those extra chairs?"  Chet, Chet!  lol  His name was Chesley but she called him Chet.  Loved that.

But - Lisa my friend - who must have some spirit of my grandmother in her "Southern Classy Charm" has invited us to her house.  Don and Lisa ARE family.  Well not by blood but they are.  They are so good to us and we love being with them, traveling with them, meeting them places, chatting with them and hanging out with them at their house, or ours.

We chatted yesterday of our upcoming meal.  It sounds wonderful.  I'm bringing black eyed pea salad.  George is bringing two things - shrimp and tea eggs.

So I am about ready for more coffee!  The Isagenix order came in.  My back office said I cycled (got paid) but I don't hardly see how.  lol  I think several folks ordered things including me.

Anyway, I'm looking for my Sloth to arrive, but it was going to be about 4 days.  So it might be weekend.   I decided to name it "Sluggie".  It's a cross b/w Tugie and Sloth.  lol  I am going to hug it when it comes out of the box.  I'm so silly.  But it's totally cute and the little girl in me is coming out and my love of stuffed animals and my love of Tugie b/c it looks so much like her.  I was so astounded when I finally made the connection of why it was I was so attached to this little Sloth.  It is so funny.  I get it now.  (Picture on yesterday's blog).

Anyway, time to get a move on.  There are storms coming our way.  Not sure what time.  It said 7 p.m. on the storms but it looks like they are almost here on the radar.  So I need to go before we get all this rain.

Ya'll have a great day.  It's Thursday - Friday's sister.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Slower than a Snail on a Frozen Sidewalk

Ahhhhh, how good it feels to get up after a cleanse day - refreshed, skinnier (aka, less fat) and sip coffee awaiting the shake this morning.  I figured the cleanse day would be hard yesterday after eating like I have the last week or so.  Being completely off the system's shakes/snacks I figured I'd have gained a lot.  I only gained about 3 lbs eating three big meals a day and snacks too, all week long last week, including desserts daily.  (I never weigh until after the cleanse, lol).  So I do have to knock those 3 lbs out but it's not as bad as I thought.  I'll have to exercise more and be a little more strict this week to get down to my goal weight for the next weigh in.  I weigh in every two weeks.  I'll need to lose another lb in addition to the 3 lbs - in the next two weeks to be at my goal I put on the calendar.

 I knew this travel week would knock me backward.  I did choose a lot of things wisely but a few things were not.  But I'm happy with it and enjoyed the week and knew that going in.  I mean really - the company I was with was buying and/or my company so I wasn't going to have shakes when I could have a steak or Mexican or spaghetti, lol. And the free breakfasts at the hotel is usually good and I don't often get eggs and potatoes and bacon - so enjoy life.  And then get back on track.  It always happens on vacation too.  What is nice is having a plan that works to go back to.  Imagine if I exercised, how easy it would be.

  I hardly ever exercise.  I need to work it in the schedule as I can.  I should have walked yesterday for lunch but guess what I did?  I ordered the stuffed animal in yesterday's entry.  I looked for the shopping center I was in on google.  I saw the list of stores and guessed it was Anthropologie and I went to their website under baby and children's gifts and there sat "Sly the Sloth".  lol  It was not a hedgehog - it was a sloth.  No wonder I couldn't find it at first. 

So I ordered the thing and with tax and shipping it set me back $36!  But tears sprang my eyes because I realized all of a sudden what my attachment was. 

It looks like Tugie.  I didn't get it before.  But as I thought about why am I so sad about not having this - it's b/c it looks like my Tugie and it felt like I was leaving something I loved behind.  Once I realized this, it became OK that I wanted this stuffed animal.  And it became OK that it was my memorial piece for Tugie and a souvenir from Portland. 

It's so funny how our souls and spirits work - sometimes the mind is slower to connect but the soul and the spirit knows what you want and need.  So YES I did need it.  And it's on it's way to me! 

I am happy to see that George is enjoying his souvenir from Portland.  He's already 3/4 the way through the Instapot cookbook of easy meals - and he loves the recipes in there and has a list.  I missed one meal from it b/c I ate with a friend Monday night.  And leftovers would have been yesterday but it was cleanse day.

Work, busier than Monday, but still hanging in and trying to work my way through the stack of many.  I have so much to do but gradually it will get done.

We had our zoom call last night with a trainer that our up lines have hired to train our group.  He is good in his concepts.  He has trained 1/3 of the millionaires that have earned through multi level marketing in Isagenix.

It's all a learning game and a doing game.  I spend 90 percent of the time learning and 10 percent doing. lol But you know me.  I do what I want to do and since George is not interested in RV'ing and says I'd be leaving our marriage if I did it on my own for six months or so - then that took away my dream right there and I have no reason to try to do this now from a material standpoint.  We are already set for retirement.  So no need to work so hard unless I just want to retire early.  That IS appealing.  But I love my job so it's not like I have a rush on that either. But I will still want an RV for weekends and vacations.  So I won't quit just yet.  But I have not had the desire to come home and do power hours the last few weeks.  Even when I plan a power hour it'll be changed by something - someone will call or we'll have to go do this or that during that time.  So it's hard to have time to do it in our busy lives.  But I've been trying.  Not very successfully. We'll see if I'm inspired by the training.  I've just had other things I've wanted to do - like sleep and watch TV with George, be with my doggies, read, play games.  If I did that the rest of my life, I'd be fine with it.  So it's not like I have to do this.  So I have periods of time where I have to take a break.  And with all the travels and such - it's hard to work in and work on - for me - having had my dream with a hole in it now - removing some of the fuel in my fire and desire.

I do want to share it though.  Because I know it works.  But I'm not going to beat anyone's doors down.  I only want to spend time with those that are serious about their health and/or weight loss.  I am going through the training through on these zoom calls b/c I want to learn how to help people in an easier way - to break through to get to their why.  And to believe in them and to help them.  And to watch it change their life.  And to help them share with others and pass it on.  Seeing folks lose 100 lbs and no longer be on a death sentence and able to go and be with family and have hope of seeing grandchildren one day - that's life changing.  It's given me hope too.  I felt I was dying slowly.  Now I have hope.  I feel like living again.  It's changed me in 30 lbs.  So I will always share this.  And I understand that most are not ready yet.  I've managed to talk to those that are not ready.  It takes a long time for people to trust you and trust it.  Anywhere from 6 to 16 touches with folks.  So I've been working on my customer/prospect sheets and follow ups done for those I've talked with already.  I' about 1/3 of the way through creating sheets for all I've talked with.  And as I understand it - the only way to fail is to quit.  So I'll keep going, but I'm not as fast as others.  They say don't compare yourself to others.  So I'll try not to.  I'll keep going and moving forward hopefully.  Little by little.  I need to get my follow up sheets finished and try connecting with some more folks. 

I have to do this in my time.  I have to enjoy it and it can't seem like a chore or I won't come across in a good way.  So I'm doing this, but slowly and in my own time.  This has been like a cat wrestle for me in a way b/c I'm an introvert.  I know that other introverts have been successful, but in many ways I think it's harder for us.  I've had to train myself to be more outgoing.  I mean really!  I'm getting better at conversation and it's becoming easier.  I'm having to work on ME first.  And I'm having to be Spirit led through all this, b/c this cannot replace my time with God. 

I look up at my goals weekly:

Become an Expert Enroller
Help Change Lives
Lose weight
Be more outgoing
Be more content
Enjoy Photography (Take Pics)
Share God's Word
Help others grow spiritually
Grow my business
Increase my cycles
Help Seniors
Exercise Regularly
Lower cholesterol
lower blood sugar
Lower heart rate

I am making strides toward all.  I do have measurements for each of these goals, and some are harder to measure than others.  I'm learning to enroll, and I'm working on being more outgoing - have made strides there.  I did increase my cycles this month.  I have been more content and was able to work with myself during the times I was not.  I have not had much time or place for photography but did what I could.  I do share God's word and think I do help others spiritually.  I've not checked cholesterol and I know without checking I'm pretty good on my sugar levels.  I also have been able to lower my heart rate - even though I've not exercised I do walk a lot - just not cardio but I'm on my feet a lot during the day and do bed exercises (lol)  sit ups and leg lifts - if that counts.  I see how drinking a beer or wine and eating make the heart rate go up as does exercise.  I'm learning and seeing how exercise will help the heart rate.   So I'm learning a lot, making some slow strides toward my goals.  It's good to recheck the goals periodically to be reminded of them.

And I'm glad to sit here and type and spill my feelings out b/c I get frustrated easily when I don't have time to do everything I want.  So I have to be easy on myself at times and even though everyone says they use "every minute of their spare time" to do this business - I will not be successful if I do that.  I will have to have time to myself and family.  So I was pushing myself at first and I became unhappy with that.  So I'm doing what I want and when I want and I may be slow as a snail on a frozen sidewalk, but that is what I will do if that is what I want to do. 

Tribe has spoken.  ;-)

Ya'll have a good day.  I'm going to get more coffee! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Wish I'd Bought the Hedgehog!

I think this is how I feel when I travel.   These are things I saw in the gift shop in Portland that were cute.  I liked the saying on the towel.  I don't need any more coffee mugs so didn't buy this, but it warmed my heart because I was missing my dogs.

I also did NOT buy this book as I don't need any more books but LOVED the cover.

And my favorite things of all, that I would go order on a whim right now and wish I'd bought it.  Is it a Hedgehog?  I'm 56 and I still love a stuffed animal.  They have a heart.  I was missing my dogs and honestly, I COULD sleep with a stuffed animal in my alone travels.  How embarrassing is that thought.  I would LOVE a good hugger hedgehog.  lol  Most hedgehogs are fat and unhuggable, but these are skinny and cute and snuggable.

If I go back to Portland, I'm buying it.  He can go RVing with me some day.  But until then he can travel with me and be my snuggle buddy.  My pet on the road.  Oh I could kick myself for not getting him.  But I'm 56.  Why do I need a stuffed animal?  I don't want any hedgehog - I just like this one.  I tried to find him on the internet and I couldn't find him.  Now I want him more.  So cute! 

Well yesterday was not bad for a Monday.  It could have been worse.  That said I'm still slammed with requests and to do's.  Everyone will have to be patient these days.  No quick turn around and all has to be prioritized - and much of it being requests - is done first come first serve - considering of course the "impact damage" if not done until later.  Everything has to be assessed and then tucked into it's order of importance and impact.  It's a true "take a number and wait" kinda thing otherwise.  Gotta love it.  But we have grown and there is not enough of us to go around.

So that said, I need to take off.  It's "cleanse day" today and a much needed one. 

Take care!  

Now I'm on a mission to find that hedgehog darnit!  Window shopping can get you in trouble.  Most women find shoes or clothes.  I'm drooling over a hedgehog?  lol  Go figure!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Rested and Rejuvied! Monday, Here We Come!

Well, good morning!  Was happy to have the weekend to rest.  Didn't want to do much so I did not.  We did go to the store yesterday.  And I vacuumed and cleaned the tub/bathroom.  I also began pulling out some winter things for storage (mainly flannel PJ's) as I'll be doing that this weekend.  

I did not do any work for my side gig and did not do any planning at all either.  I just wanted to be and so therefore, I was just "being" and doing what I wanted.  

Ahhhh, was nice to do that have some down time this weekend.  So now that the travel week is over I can focus on things.  

We need to work outside some and also begin focusing on this yard sale in May. I need to swap the back porch furniture and put it up front. The front furniture is going into the yard sale.  And I need to do a bit of shopping for me and buy a few more tops and shoes.  Maybe a handbag.  
I need to get this time, including my business time - locked into the schedule.  I want to see if the "Home Store" is open here - they are building it, but I've not heard yet.  

We've been invited to go see Don and Lisa and eat with them for Easter.  It's so nice of them to invite us.  They are like family for sure.  I remember my Nanny inviting us all over for Easter lunch every year.  I think we had ham and all the fixin's.  She was something else with her cooking.  I loved holidays back then when she had us over.  

So I'm making black eyed pea salad and George is taking a couple of things he wants to bring.  
I've got to find my recipe.  It's in the Miss Daisy cookbook so at least I know where it is.  I have not made it in years. 

I bought George a cookbook from Whole Foods in Portland and some Portland Coffee Beans.  He was pretty happy with that. The cookbook is for the InstaPot and has some new and good and easy recipes.  So he is looking forward to that - and me too!  I get to eat it. 

He a stir fry last night (not insta pot) and we watched the first episode of Schitt's Creek.  I thought it might be something we would like.  It's a little over dramatic.  I'm not liking the characters so much.  But we have a whole disc so we'll see if it gets any better.  We are trying to find something to fit the bill for when Nurse Jackie ends.  We just started Season 7 and we'll be done with that soon.  Anyway, I need to get going.  

Today is predicted to be a bit wild coming back into the office - the paperwork will all be piled up.  I had oodles to do before I left that will be needing to be done.  And everyone that is waiting til I get back this week will attack me for their needs, lol.  And the full moon is building (insert your favorite psycho noise here).  

Oh and this morning I've been trying to find a "Cleaning and Makeup Remover Towelette" that I used in Portland (and loved).  They are pricey.  I found some on Amazon.  And in true fashion, I've spent about thirty minutes this morning comparing ingredients and trying to find something similar.  Sadly nothing is quite the same and I'm not sure what elements of this towelette that I liked the best.  So I bought a cheaper more affordable version with the least abrasive, most skin sensitive (no alcohol) and soothing thing I could find.  I'll try it and then move up to the others if this doesn't suit me.  I've never used these make up remover things before.  Just soap and water.  But, I loved how this one removed the make up and left my face moisturized even after I used soap and water on it.  I still cleaned it afterwards.  Darn that hotel for introducing me to this product, lol! Now I have to have it! 

Oh well.  I better get on the move.  And I am looking forward to seeing my coworkers and being at my desk and knocking some things out.  And also looking forward to my shakes and my food.  I was beginning to feel bad not getting my normal nutrition each day and eating foods that was high in fat content and not as much nutrient rich foods.  Luckily this system is forgiving and I'll bounce back and cleanse day is tomorrow and will detox me of a lot of my sinful eating this week.  I have goals and need to get back on track. 

That said, I'm meeting my neighbor Christie for drinks and an appetizer after work.  Then on home to eat with George.  I really enjoy chatting with Christie and we've not gotten together in a while. 
She is also a customer and loves the shakes too.  Well, I need to go!  Ya'll have a great day! 

I hear the birds singing this morning happily and it makes me smile!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Back Home, Happy, Organizing for the Week Ahead

Portland OR on the way to Lake Oswego, OR
Phoenix, AZ sunrise

Holiday Inn, Phoenix, AZ

Holiday Inn, Phoenix, AZ

Frequented Hotel Restaurant, Phoenix, AZ

Crispy bacon, potatoes, fruit, eggs - always a good send off breakfast in Phoenix. 

Airport salad, awaiting flight out of Phoenix to Oklahoma City

Downtown Oklahoma City at night

Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City

Moma Rojo, restaurant at Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City

My "Oh no, it has sour cream sauce on it" meal!  (Scraped off) 

Sunset at St Louis airport, waiting for flight to Nashville

Wow, what a whirlwind trip!  Friday around 2 in the morning I woke up sickly.  I honestly think it was from eating so much as we had appetizers, salad, steak, a huge number of sides, and dessert.  Oh my.  I actually sat up for two hours and drank decaf coffee as I could not sleep.  And then thank goodness we had a late meeting.  I was able to go back to sleep and George woke me up 5 minutes before my alarm was to go off with his text Good morning.   So I was able to finish out some sleep but was groggy.  And to make matters worse, the hotel had not put any coffee in there with caffeine.  Dang them!  

So no blog post occurred Friday morning - no time and not in the mood.  I was in survival mode at that point.  And beginning to get a bit tired from the schedule.  I was going to have one of my Isagenix shakes for breakfast but was just not wanting anything really.  And didn't want anything milk related.  I did go downstairs at the hotel and have a few bites of scrambled eggs and some potatoes and toast with peanut butter eventually to have some energy.   We had meetings - two meetings and a huge Mexican lunch in between.  I had no idea where lunch was, but we kept driving and driving following our host's suggestion and following him in on the way.  We arrived at Lake Hefner and I was thrilled!  I love being near the water there.  It thrills my soul to look out on the water.  (Pic above.)

Another huge meal.  What the heck?  Loved every bite.  Was thinking thoughts of "will never eat again", lol. 

Then back for another meeting and a few good byes and then on to the airport.  

On to the airport can be a simple thing or a little more complicated.  Gas has to be put in the rental car, turn in the rental car.  Often it is at another location instead of at the airport which means tour bus travel to the airport.  And then onto security and such.  

Then a flight to St. Louis and then a 2 hour layover and dinner spaghetti - which was quite good and a flight home.  

Ted Drewes Custard, St. Louis Airport (No I didn't get any)

So we got back to BNA (Nashville Airport) about 10 p.m.  And so did every other plane in the universe.  Our baggage was put out VERY LATE and behind many other planes.   We had to wait about 45 minutes for luggage.  I was beginning to wonder if they forgot it.  Maybe they did.  Maybe it flew in behind us.  Who knows.  We had to wait for it - that's for sure.  Finally luggage came and George picked me up.  He was in the furtherest lane over and I had to struggle with getting the suit case in while traffic waited.  Couldn't get the back open as it wouldn't open while the car was running.  Had to go to the side and try to throw my luggage in.  Maisy was trying to jump over the seat to get to me.  STRESS!  

So not the pleasant greeting I had hoped to come home to, with George getting my suitcase for me, and me getting to put my arms around Maisy, ha - but home regardless.  And I dang near just about left the damn suitcase on the side walk b/c it was so heavy and I had a time trying to lift it in the car.  Next time I am going to stay on the inside where he can pull in properly and pick me up in the right lane and he can just go around and around if he has to, to get there.  I will never do that again. 

So then immediately my arm began hurting from the lifting.  The bad arm that always hurts and gets inflammation when I eat bad things and when I lift heavy things.  It had been hurting the day before also and had to take Ibuprofen as the nerve or tendon or whatever was just aching and about a 4 or 5 on the pain chart.  Not able to concentrate without thinking of the pain - but since I don't take Ibuprofen often, it helped - both times.  Still hurt Saturday morning and took another Ibuprofen as well so I could get through the day.

I slept so good Friday night too - slept til about 7 and a much needed sleep but still tired.  I unpacked suitcase yesterday, began laundry, drank coffee with caffeine in it, fixed a shake (thank God for my Isagenix).  I watched a couple of shows on You Tube (We're the Russo's) and then later watched two shows of Sister Wives to catch up.  I think the season is about over. 

Last night we had dinner with friends at Sammy B's in Lebanon.  It was a really nice place.  And the food was great.  However, the service was very slow I guess b/c our server was not very attentive.  I held on to my menu (they were huge) for 45 minutes and finally put it on the floor b/c it was in the way.  Appetizers came, drinks sat empty for 20 to 30 minutes.  Order not taken for a long long time. Finally time to refill - drinks of the same came round again, but I had wanted to switch mine.  It appeared that she only talked to one or two people as to what to bring back to the table and did not ask each one of us what we wanted.  I wanted a different drink that I was excited to try- not the same. And would have told her had I been given the chance.  Someone in our group went to tell her to switch it but I ended up with another of the same drink and my new drink too. lol So we ended up paying for a drink we didn't order. But I made the best of it and tried to drink it anyway. :-P  It took a while for dinner to come,  plates to be cleared, checks to be brought.  And so forth.  I am normally pretty laid back when it comes to snafu's in restaurants.  However, when you are dropping 100 bucks for dinner - you expect better service.  This was pretty noticeably off.    Also some of the groups potatoes were not done.  So - a nice place - but it took 3 hours to eat there. They were not prepared.   I'd love to recommend it.  If you are in a patient mood and have 3 hours to kill and don't mind slow service - you should be fine.  Just make sure they understand what your order is before they leave the table as you might not see them for a while.  They were busy, but I've known other restaurants to be busy and the server not miss a beat.  So they obviously were not on with their game last night.  And perhaps a few people short.  I smiled and tried not to say anything about everything going wrong but I was really irritated that the service was so bad.  Even if someone else tells her to order us things - she should still check with the person to see. No one else knew what I wanted to drink so it would have made sense and have been nice for the waitress to have asked.   I also couldn't hear as it was loud.  So it was one of those nights where you wanted to enjoy it but nothing was going right.  And you knew it wasn't happening like it should.  I probably should have sent the wine back and said "I didn't order it", but other than telling our group, I just kept my mouth shut - so we paid extra for a drink we really didn't order.  The whole thing just rang my bell, but whatever.  We were just an "afterthought" to the waitress, I think.  So I was really disappointed over all at such a lovely place but a lousy experience. 

So if you read this blog at all, you know I give honest reviews of our places out.  And this is mine.  I wanted to love it and I loved the building, the ambiance, the location, the food, the menu, and even the waitress herself was nice.  But the service sucked - at least last night, for whatever reason.  Would I try again?  Probably.  Maybe they just had a bad night.  However, I did enjoy seeing our friends.  And always do.  And that was the special part of last night.  But it was loud in the restaurant and I sat among the men as it ended up that way and couldn't really converse well with the ladies.   But the main thing I guess was getting to see everyone.  So that was the blessing.  

And now here is my review of Portland: 

Portland, OR

I had a very limited experience of seeing Portland.  Only a pass thru really.  I'd have loved to have had time to explore.  Matter of fact, I'd have thought we would have.  We did have a few hours to kill.  I spent some of the time in the hotel working - after all it WAS a business trip.  Late afternoon headed for the shopping in Lake Oswego nearby at an upscale shopping center.  I did need a few things but couldn't touch the prices there with a 10 foot pole.  So disappointed at not being able to see more, explore more and make use of the time.  I was by myself for this excursion and so I felt uncomfortable venturing out further back into Portland by myself.  I missed George and Katy horribly at that moment b/c I knew the line up of things we'd have experienced had they been there.  I didn't have that much of a window of time anyway.  I would have loved to see Cannon Beach and or explore, hike or shop at lower priced stores.  But that is ok.  Like I said it WAS a business trip and no time.

So all that said, and no time to explore, my first impression was:

1.  It wasn't as pretty as I expected.
2.  The river was muddy.  Is it always like that?
3.  There were homeless tents all over the side of the banks by the interstates.  Was surprised this would be allowed. 
4.  I loved the trees
5.  I loved knowing that beauty lay just beyond the city.
6.  I loved the fact that wineries existed nearby
7.  I didn't see the pot stores everyone talked about - but then again I wasn't in too many areas either
8.  I loved our dinner that night.
9.  The Quilt wine my friend told me to get was too expensive and I was disappointed not to get to try it.
10.  I left sad, but resolved, that I was not able to make more of the time while there.  But I did get to go to their whole foods and buy Oregon roasted coffee.
11.  The pizza we had there was really good and the Kolsch I had to go with it.
12.  I wish I'd had more time.  Would have loved having a stay over the weekend to see more.  Tried working it out that way but fate would not allow it.  So I got over it.
13.  I could see Edward, Bella, and Jacob amidst the trees (Twilight movie)
14.  My room was in a weird place.

Let's talk about that - bottom floor, basement, last room on the end, next to the ice and vending and back door.  Geez.  lol  The hotel was nice though - I ignored the cigarette burn mark hole in my window curtain and tried to forget the horrid location for a woman traveler.  I guess I should make my requests known at the front desk but I'm shy about mentioning that kind of thing. I don't want to be seen as a picky person. I am in a way, but try to be reasonable and so often I just go for the fun of the surprise of life.  Sometimes it deals you better than expected and sometimes you don't even know what to ask for or what to expect.  I mainly just want a clean room, lol.  But then when you are making that walk down to your room you realize.....  I don't really like having to go down a lonely long basement hallway of rooms and be the last room on the end by the door in the back. Someone could grab you into their room - not that anyone would want me, lol.  Someone could rob you as it was desolate.  Maybe that was ideal for some.  But I'd rather be closer in and closer to others and not stuck off way in a corner by myself. So I rushed through the hallways when I went through.  lol

As I sit here and type today in this chair at my desk.  It feels like I'm in an airline chair.  And it feels like my body is swaying and we are in a descent about to land.  Much like being on the water all day and you feel like you are still floating - I feel like I'm still flying.  I guess we had 7 flights in 4 days.

So I'm glad to be home.  It was great trip.  Meetings were successful I think.  Got to meet some folks.

Yesterday I did my Isagenix order.  Was out of several things and lucky I had my $200 voucher to arrive for my challenge that I do every 16 weeks.   And I've ordered a couple of make up items from Amazon and also did the Target order.  I watched an episode on YouTube of a lady that gives good make up and hair tips.  I found it by mistake I think.  Her name is:  Dominique Sachse   

I have been thinking that I needed someone to give me some make up tips b/c I look like I don't have any about as soon as I arrive at work, lol.  So I've ordered some more things to try to see if I can up the look a bit.  I rarely spend much on cosmetics and it shows.  So have ordered some things and we'll see.  Mainly a different kind of concealer, a primer for eyes and for my face, and some new lipstick and we'll see how it goes. She listed some pretty pricey products but I looked up ingredients and found similar ones that were not pricey.  And also ordered an exfoliating mud mask.  She said you could get Retin A and some other things from your dermatologist but I think I'll skip that part, for now anyway, lol.

I need to iron today and also finish up some laundry, and vacuum and clean bathrooms.  Then if I have time I'll do some planning, working for the business for next week or so.

I am still working on my customer sheets.  But I need to plan my posts for the week.  And plan on who I'll be having conversations with.  What training I will do and so forth.  Time to hop back in on that bandwagon a bit.  I've kinda taken a break the last two weeks.

And I predict work this week will be a stinker.  I still have two more open enrollment meetings and will have bombardments of things thrown at me this week after being gone.  And it is a full moon at that.  So it is nice to be home.  It was nice to do something different.  See part of the country I've not seen before.  Thankful for that.  And also just thankful to be home and will do a bit of planning and cleaning this afternoon to prep for the week.

This is all I have to offer for now.  ;-)   But the wind is going to blow us away I think.

Off to fix a shake.  Yum!