Monday, October 22, 2018

Transformation, Coq a Vin, and Katy and Cody

Well, I'm putting this out there as RAW as it is just so you all can see what the system is doing for me.  Forgive the whiteness of my skin! And yes, I still cheat a lot when I eat.  The first one on the left was taken 14 weeks ago as I began this 2nd challenge.  I've lost 7 lbs since the start of the challenge 14 weeks ago.  I lost 8 lbs in the last challenge.  I had lost some already in the year before I started Isagenix.  So I hover b/w 23 and 27 total lost I think.  There seems to always be a 3 lb back and forth - for various reasons.  I've not calculated my inches yet but I need to do that.  That is key b/c you gain muscle.  As you can see my stance and posture is returning more to a normal posture and less tummy.  Still a ways to go, but I love how my body is reshaping.  You can't get mad at the girl on the left though b/c she made the decision to get better and help myself to be a healthier me.  I hate seeing my body though but it is a must to be able to see the transformation.   I like my hair too, it even looks healthier.  Maybe one day I'll be in a bikini.  I know it's a subtle change but it IS changing.  I will be entering my next challenge now.  And I get $200 off in product for just entering the challenge!  I've not received my first one yet b/c of the timing - you have to wait a while for the judging period.  I have to turn in maintenance photos.  So the 2nd one was done and completed before the first one.  Anyway, it's ok.  I'll have $400 coming to me in product.

So we got up and went to church yesterday.  And because of my tummy issues I asked George to stop as I wanted a chicken sandwich.  I got a chicken club.  It was breakfast/lunch.  Yes, I'm still having issues.  Today I will get yogurt at the store and perhaps something for lunch.  I have to stop and get a cake and ice cream and card anyway so I'll get something for me in the process.  I have no idea what is going on, but it is so odd.

So back home I was so happy to be here!  Got more laundry done, wrapped up the fall clothes thing, ironed, cleaned up the kitchen, started the dishwasher, ground the coffee.  Began cleaning up my desk area which doesn't take long to be covered up with notes, projects, receipts, magazines, planners, CDs, to do lists, and things to order and do.  I had to order a few things I needed from Amazon (colored note cards as the last ones I ordered were 3 x 5 instead 4 x 6 - ooops), large jumbo size paper clips 4 inches long ( I love these for holding various projects or notes in my planner).  They have all mysteriously disappeared so I've ordered more! I ordered a corkscrew b/c the ones George have bought have both broken.  Somehow our good one got away.  I don't remember how.  I think it was taken off to a friend's house and didn't come back. Everyone we have bought since has not been a good one.   I downloaded 2 albums to my laptop and onto my ipod, and I worked on my autoship some on Isagenix for the next order.  And got the next order of Target done. 

I vacuumed.  Fed the dogs.

George cooked a great dinner of Coq a Vin - it was on our Fall to Dec bucket list.

It is chicken cooked in wine.  He fixed us quite the spread.  And if you look at the centerpiece, you will see a pink unicorn.  lol lol lol  That may or may not be a Christmas gift.  One will have to wait and see who gets the pink unicorn.

Pasta salad with left over noodles.

Salad - which was a salad kit.

And whole grain bread dipped in olive oil and herbs.  I think this was my favorite part!

Ad here is Cody and Katy at a party at the Owner's lodge.  They had a party for the workers.  They are giving them a paid vacation as an appreciation.  So wonderful!

So I sat down after working hard and eating dinner, and began watching my YouTube shows.  I watched half a show and it began wigging out.  It wouldn't stream.  Sometimes the internet wigs out with the cable on the big screen TV and it makes me so mad.  We pay all this money through Comcast and for some reason our internet just sucks at times.  But it's really bad on the TV.  I worked with it and worked with it and finally gave up and went to read in bed.  Maisy wanted up and I put her up there and she went to Roger's spot and pee'd in the bed.  Are you freaking kidding me?  <---- Those might not have been my words exactly.

Anyway - so we had to change the sheets.  George helped.  Of course we are so uncoordinated when we try to put on sheets together.   lol  Anyway new sheets on the bed.  And I finally read some more.  I thought "the devil does not want me to have any down time" - everything I tried to do to relax was nearly fruitless.

I did get almost everything I wanted to do.  I didn't get to print receipts though and I didn't get to work the business any.  I already knew that.  I also already know that this quarter of the year is the busiest of all so it is unlikely I'll be able to have time to do much.  I didn't have much time to begin with.  I do have an appointment on Thursday and I'll try to do what I can during lunch and after work when we don't have things planned.  Crazy - but I do have to keep our household up.

We have company coming over tonight for drinks and then we go out to dinner with them.  Then Mom's test is tomorrow.  I'll have to get up early and head out for that.  I think the appointment is at 6:30 a.m.  Taking a vacay day tomorrow to cover the day.

So pray for Mom and her procedure.  Gotta go.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Voting, Walking, Playing, Shopping, and Event Attending

George and I had a wonderful walk in the park yesterday morning.  The temps were perfect - light jacket, damp, cool but no rain.  The rain had occurred overnight.  I saw the opportunity and I asked if we could take it.  We both need to walk.  So we walked around.  I guess it is about a mile.  I could have gone two more times around.  It felt good, but George had to go to a Memorial for someone he worked with at Gibson, so we had to leave.   But I'm sharing some of our walk.

Our walking path is around Charlie Daniels park.  So there are shelters and play grounds and such.

And this one big mud puddle that George teasingly tried to push me in.

The walk goes right by our Police Department.  

And right by the home where Granny stayed in her last days.  

There are creeks and benches along the way. 

And those with signs as you make your way in to vote. 

The Community Center at the park. 

And I got my voting sticker! 

English Em's had a post yesterday on Instagram I liked.   It let's me know that some of the things I'm doing are not easy but I'm willing to do them and not give up so therefore my chances of being successful are greater by far than the average person.  

In the meantime in case we are not successful, we did buy two tickets to the lottery yesterday - lol.  At a billion, why not.  Think of what we could do if we happened to be "the one".

Nature was abundant yesterday.  Deer, squirrel, birds, groundhogs.  Love it.

Around 1:30 we headed off on our shopping excursion at exit 6.  

Always one of our favorite stops.  

We also finished and had a bit of time so we went to Half Batch Brewing.  Always a good time to text Katy and also friends to catch up. Katy sent texts of videos of the wild pigs and cows in her front yard and the flooding.  So much rain there.   And my SIL and BIL were camping, and we checked in with them and enjoyed our drink.  And I had not had lunch so the chex mix was good.

Then we had a meal even to attend which was wonderful.  A band and great food.  We met new folks at the table. 

So, I did get the fall clothes up which was mainly my flannel PJ's and scarves and winter purses.  Still packing the summer things away but will send those back downstairs soon for storage. 

I didn't get this blog posted this morning as I ran out of time and didn't get to finish before leaving for chuch.

So We have been to church and back this morning.  I'm still having some "issues" tummy wise.  I have decided it's a virus.  I've been going back and forth on what is the cause - something I ate or a virus.  A coworker has had something similar so perhaps that is what it is.  So this week I'll be trying some yogurt.  Today after church I wanted something hearty and so I had George go through the drive thru and get me a chicken club sandwich.  It was so good.  I feel big as a barn now for eating it but that is the price I pay.  At least it made my tummy feel better.  I'm just not used to having fried food nor much bread. 

Much to do in the house this afternoon.

____Finish laundry (fall jammies that needed freshening up)
____Some ironing
____Kitchen clean
____Pack up Summer Items
____Print Receipts/Business
____Plan next week
____Work on the business some
____Orders from Target
____Amazon Orders
____Isagenix orders
____Index Card project
____Download Music from CD's and upload to ipod
____Work on Halloween Costume
____Watch Shows (Catch up)
____Christmas shop on line

But to me the rest of the day is fun just working on all of this stuff.  George is fixing Coq a Vin tonight as well.  Glad to be home for a while.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

It was a Good Friday!

I'm so happy it's the weekend I could get on my perch and crow on about it!  ;-) 

Yesterday went pretty fast.  However, after lunch I realized that my "situation" is not as good as I thought.  Tummy issues persist.  Was better Thursday and not so good yesterday.  So I am not sure what is going on.  At least I don't "feel" bad - not like I did on Wednesday.  I am remembering that earlier in the week or was it last week that I did have some pain in my neck/glands and then last night I had pain in my left gland that woke me up.  They do not appear to be swollen though.  So I think perhaps it is a virus of some sort.  And as long as I can function and no other symptoms I'll wait and let it take its course.  Hopefully it will get better soon.  It is annoying though because every few minutes I'm headed off to the ladies room! :-O  

Having watched Contagion the other night all sorts of things run through your mind.  lol  
And I am remembering that I got the flu shot long ago and wondering if there is some sort of reaction going on from that. And I am remembering that in times past the government had issued vaccines at one time that caused nerve damage.  Was it for polio or the plague?  I am not sure.  Anyway all kinds of things run through your mind but I'm ready for things to be normal.  

At lunch I had 10 minutes left and also had 10 min left on my audio book on my Libby app.  The story was intense and I was in to it and the feed just stopped.  ..........What??????  You have to be kidding me!!!!!  So I had to delete and redownload.  And then on the way home I was able to listen to it.  Something happened to the streaming at the very end the first time.  So aggravating.  It's like someone is playing a joke on you.  To cut off the end.  Anyway, downloaded again it worked.  So I really liked the Libby app and so glad Donna told me about it because it will work in my car via bluetooth just fine (well except for that one blip but I was able to fix it).

I had dinner with a friend from work yesterday and it fun to be able to talk and laugh without disturbing people in cubicles all around us.  I can't hardly be around this person without us both breaking out into laughter.  And at work, when it is like a library or a study hall, I feel like we are going to get in such trouble laughing.  lol  Very few people can make me laugh and I can make very few people laugh and so we always have the liveliest conversations and it is so much fun.  It's been hard to laugh at times as I get so serious about life.  So we went to Chuy's and had some "Margs" (margaritas) - don't worry they were mostly ice, hardly any alcohol.  I felt nothing.  But it was good what little there was.  

I rarely go out with friends without George but George was nice to let me go.  He will be on a business dinner for two nights next week.  I am hoping to work my Isagaenix business while he is gone.  I text him while I'm out and when I'm coming home and he hears all about it.  I texted Katy too while there and she was showing me pics of the flooded areas around them and they had a herd of wild pigs in their front yard.  Wow.  

Then that was when I got to finish the book - going home!  I am going to have to catch up on my Isagenix business podcasts though for a while.  Plus a few of The Boat Galley and then I'll probably alternate between "Believe" (the book study our church has been doing) and Candice Bure's new book.  

So it's Saturday and we have a lot going on today.  More on that tomorrow!  I gotta go get my shower.  The coffee was good this morning.  I slept 9 hours!  

Ya'll have a good day.  More tomorrow! 

Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday, Leading us to the Beloved Weekend

I would love to be here today.  A good book or to even sit in a corner desk and work my nutrition business, which is becoming somewhat of a hobby for me in whatever spare time I can muster.  But there is something just so warm and cozy about this room, aside from the fire place.  The furniture is snug.  The TV is missing.  It would be a reading nook for sure.  Would love a day to read.  

So today is Friday.  And a blessed thing it is.  My favorite statement about Friday is:  "If it wasn't Friday - I'd be making it Friday" - because I AM done for the week.  It's time to get things done that I've been wanting to do.  Of course our schedule is just crazy this weekend.  An already busy weekend and we just keep adding to it.  

Well let's see.  George hurt his back bending over to pick something up in the floor board of his car.  A hurt muscle.  I massaged it with the massager when we got home.  I ended up cooking turkey spaghetti instead of him fixing fish so he could rest.  Anxious to see how he is doing.  He is not up yet.  Awake but not on his feet so I'll wait to ask. 

Talked to Mom who has been sick with a cold and she is better so I'll turn in my vacation day for her heart test on Tuesday.  I'll meet her and my sister there.  

I am also better.  Felt better as the day went on yesterday.  I also ate some things I don't normally eat - like bread but that seemed to be what I needed to balance out my system and calm my stomach.  I'm not sure what caused it.  Perhaps it was a virus.  It's true that I was around a lot of folks at the Titans stadium and even though you wash hands and use sanitizer - it's still so easy to come in contact with something.  

I had a Cracker Barrel lunch of veggies - but I ate the biscuit with butter on it lol!  There were two.  The 2nd one was eaten around 3.  Then we had pasta for dinner.  I split the regular pasta we had with the corn/quinoa pasta.  So that was more white foods that I had been cutting out but added back in yesterday to help deal with the situation.  Now my stomach feels really full but at least it's "staying" lol.  And it will probably stay on my butt/thighs too.  lol 

I may have a drink with a friend after work today to catch up.  Depends on the timing of when we both get off.  

George and I are voting tomorrow, have a funeral visitation to go to, banking errands, will be doing some Christmas shopping and have a BBQ event to go to.  

I'm thinking that Sunday there are no plans.  I may have to keep it that way for sanity sake.  I have quite the list built up, including bringing up the fall clothes.  I have a few orders to do.  Want to work on my business some.  Need to print out some receipts for taxes for the business so it's not an impossible job next year.  Trying to keep up with it month to month.  

We have a friend/business associate that is taking George and I out to dinner on Monday night.  So I'll have to change cleanse day.  It won't be Tuesday either when Mom is having her test.  I think I'll do a Cleanse day Wednesday next week.  

The coffee sure is good this morning.  I'm drinking out of my Magnolia cup that Katy got me.  I almost wore my Magnolia tee shirt today to be all things Chip and Jo Jo but I decided on the Isagenix shirt today. 

I'm getting very close to finishing "Girl on the Train".  It's very good.  It is so hard to turn it off to go into work or to come in the house.  I will stop and listen to podcasts for a while after this has ended.  Then I will listen alternatively to Believe and also Candace Bure's book - both of these I own.  So there is no rush to finish. But the library Libby app I think will charge me if it is not renewed. I am afraid I'll forget.  Anyway I'm not sure about that but I figure they probably do like they do the library books.  And the "Girl on the Train" is a library book through the Libby app on my phone.

Tugie I'm sad to say is going downhill.  There is a marked difference since her trim day.  She shivers more, walked less certain, and appears to have lost more weight.  She still has appetite, still has spurts where she runs and takes off to treats or the door or following the other dogs.  But she is becoming more frail and tinier.  Bless her.  

Well, I'm going to wrap up here.  I want some more coffee.  I think this is about all I know to tell for today.  

Ya'll have a great day!

Oh, also I have changed the video on the "Transform Your Life" tab above.  Go check it out.  Let me know if you get to the video or not.  It shows for me.  But it might be because it's my sign on.  I want to make sure that people can get in and see the video.  So will someone let me know if the link works for you.  Thanks!  

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Not feeling Too Good

The sky caught my attention yesterday as I was leaving work. 

Work had it's catharsis yesterday.  Facts.  Not emotions. 

Went to grocery to get food for the doggies.  

Set an appointment for next Thursday nite to help someone with their health/wellness/nutrition goals.

Talked with Katy.  They have had a LOT of rain.  

We finished watching Contagion and George had fixed us a stir fry.  

Bed felt good.  

I'm not feeling well this morning.  Have had stomach issues a lot of the week - since the Titans game really.  Kept thinking I would get better but it's not. Didn't sleep well, feeling dehydrated.  Debating about work.  Checked my temp.  Instead of going up it's going down, lol.  I was a degree colder.  

Anyway, I'm going to try to go to work.

You all have a good day.  It's Friday's sister, Thursday!  ;-)

You can tell when I don't feel good - I write in bullets. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

First Man Movie and Making Faces at the Inefficiencies in the World

Absolutely love this.  It looks like it might be at the foothills of the Smokies or perhaps around Ellijay, GA. Just love it.  The artist is very talented. 

So not a lot to report on from yesterday.  Worked and then George and I went to the movies to see "First Man".  I love watching the space movies on the big screen.  I don't really care for Star Wars though.  But love the adventures into space kind of movies. 

My review of this's good.  It's good to know how it was in more detail.  It was dark, it was a bit slow moving, but it was real.  The effects were great.  They did a very good job of showing what it must have been like in space.  I enjoyed it.  And it did keep you on the edge of your seat.  And there were those moments that I believe the theater was the quietest I've ever heard a room of about 15 people.  No sound. Nothing at some of major scenes - "the Eagle has landed" and "small step for man and giant leap for mankind".  Ultimate reverence and awe in the theater.  That was very touching for me that there was NO sound from anyone in those moments. 

Well, gotta go.  Hope we all have a good day.  I just as soon stay home if it were up to me.   Just disappointed in a few things but not going to let it bother me personally.  I am flicking it off - as it's not worth it to let an inefficient world ruin my day.  Of course it does matter to me that my day has a purpose and is meaningful.  So that part really matters and is being considered in a big way right now.  But other than that...... phbbbbbttthhh "inefficient world" get on with your big bad self - I'm better than that. You don't get to rob me of my "happy" today, world!  Sorry, maybe another day.  ;-)   Besides, I am going to enjoy the commute b/c I get to listen to The Girl on the Train!  It's getting good. 

Isn't that the truth...

Ahhh now I feel better!  lol 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Meat Treat Time

The train of dogs made me laugh while going to bed last night.  

George is popular at this time of night.  They follow him everywhere so he does not forget!

They watch him brush his teeth, take his vitamins, and get ready for bed and they follow him down the hallway.  

There is no way he could read a book without first taking care of his babies, other wise they would just sit and stare and Maisy would start barking, so he goes ahead and gives them what they want. 

Their excitement builds as the fridge is open, tails wag, happy moaning noises arise! 

And finally the time has come for "Meat Treat"!  lol  (All so Tugie gets a pill wrapped in sandwich meat- but the others get their piece of meat too to be fair). 

Never mind George's glorious attire of polo shirt and gym shorts which is akin to wearing business socks and shoes on a beach, lol.  And never mind my blue linoleum (my ocean).  This man is lucky I've not yet demanded that change.  Soon though, very soon.  ;-)  If we continue to live here, the blue has to go. 

Anyway, not much time today as I overslept.  Busy day yesterday.  Odd times, but what can one say.  I have way too much going on to worry about things that I don't own.  Everyone else has to own their own inefficiencies.  lol 

Anyway, ordered my Christian Planner this morning and that took some time.  See what you think.  Link below.  If you sign up for their email and free PDF's you get a 10% off coupon code. 

And gotta go.  Plans tonight too and more on that tomorrow.  Looking forward to my shake though!  Cleanse day went well, but I'm looking forward to the shake!  

Much done last night at home too - as the list is done, more pours on.  Busy times.   Ya'll have a great day.  I'm about 15 minutes behind this morning. Yikes!  Catch up time.