Thursday, July 19, 2018

Reviewing the To Do List & Pondering Negativity

Well, the week has gone by fast but yet slow.  Hard to explain.  Most of my "to do list" for the nook and crannies of the week have once again fallen by the wayside.  Things I was going to at lunch and so forth.  But I did get a few things done this week.  Hold on:

ARGHHHHHHH!  My keyboard is driving me crazy.  I'll be typing and then it will start typing in one of the sentences above instead of where it needs to be.  I don't understand what is happening to it.

Ok back to my story.  I did get Mom another gift bought - but sadly not for the same investment amount.  :-(  I am going to just use the shake I bought her and decided to use the blender as well and that way I have one for work.  I need the extra glasses anyway b/c the shake glasses for the blender are used so frequently that I never have enough w/o having to rewash every morning.  Most of the time they are sitting in the dirty dishwasher, have to be retrieved and then washed by hand - so this gives me two more and now they can be run through the dishwasher.

I did get my flat iron ordered and it should arrive today.

I did get a Paparazzi jewelry person in the line up for my Sip and Shop in October.  I have Trades of Hope coming, a Lula Roe person coming and friend and partner Lisa and I will be doing our nutritional system.  So we are all booked for the vendor line up.  I'm looking so forward to doing this for my friends and neighbors.

I did pick up my Rx (BP meds) this week and ordered something for George's birthday.   I did read some in my Mississippi book and spent some time with George watching a movie he wanted to watch.  It took 3 nights though, lol.

I am behind on the Mind and Body thing.  I think I have 3 days to do.  There is only so much you can pack in a day with working all day, building a business on the side, and then still being married, lol.  Luckily I do enjoy most of it.  But the day runs out quickly.

I did listen to podcasts - some really good ones.

So we are here at Thursday already.  Friday's sister.  Tomorrow is Mom's birthday party.  Looking forward to our plans there.

I did get my hair colored last night.  It wasn't written on my list but it should have been.

Rogers Rabies shot is scheduled for Saturday.

We have also been working on our LCR Game night here at the house with friends on the 28th.  We normally go all out for food.  George says keep it simple.  So we are having pizza as the meal.  We are getting caulipower (the cauliflour pizza) for the ladies who are watching their wastelines.  ;-)   We are cooking the pizzas ourselves which will cut down on the cost.

Katy is in Waco with a friend that flew out to visit her.  I feel so bad.  Every time she calls I'm hugely busy at work - and yesterday I had lost something that I needed for a meeting.  I was looking for that while she talked about Waco.  I have had SO MANY projects/papers on my desk that things start to get lost in the shuffle and it gets frustrating.  I was in a panic looking for something.  So I was not at my best attention span.  So I need to get back with her when I'm not at work spinning my chair around like Sybil from the Exorcist.  No relation to our beloved Sybil that is my support unit- my angel that watches over the blog!  ;-)  I miss her of late this week.

It has truly been a frustrating couple of weeks - a downspout of a time for me.  I had been so delightfully happy since March, when I dove into my nutrition plan and began to feel so much better.  But then some unhappy spots of my life crept up from an external source.  What once was an enjoyment turned into a big question mark and a big ball of negativity.  Negativity is everywhere and it is hard to get away from it.  I feel threatened by the situation  - perhaps it is only me that is doing that to myself, but having been the butt of people's false perceptions before - feel like it's happening once more.  I have a very deep sense of perception and can feel it.  Sometimes one can sniff failure in the air.  One can only do so much to help a situation or to help it help itself.  And I don't even want to talk about it anymore.  lol  Life is too freaking short to be unhappy and dread things, you know?  It really makes one think.  I hate that I let things bother me.  I am human.  I like to see things work out.  I hate it when things just don't work out.

Well, that's all for today.  Always on the move, always the rush to the next thing.  Lucky me.  ;-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Frogs, and Clearing Up Misinformation about the Shakes!

I'm doing a frog entry since there are a lot of Frogs out back lately at night - croaking away.  Especially when it rains.  Also because there is a book called "Eat that Frog" about procrastination that sounds interesting that was brought up on our call last night.    I don't have a procrastination issue though so I won't read it.  I do have an overload issue so it means by default it takes more time to get around to doing something, which means that prioritization takes place.  I'm a foundation person.  A methodical approach to life.  The groundwork has to be laid.  I've been doing a lot of ground work.  Now the real tough parts for me begin.

Anyway, we'll frog it up today in theme at least.  So it is true that I have been in a bad mood.  I've struggled to pull out of it.  I am coming out of it.  It started about a week ago when I was faced with a impossible set up that I knew was going to set me up for failure.  The situation changed but I was still having residual traumatism (new word, I think) with it. Just afraid it will change back again I think. (Dramatic I know.  It was dramatic for me!)   Normally I am happy go lucky through tough spots, but this was just unacceptable to me and there is a LOT surrounding all of that that just adds up exponentially and brings back a lot of negative vibe.  Then other negative things started happening on top of that.  A person can only take so much negativity in one week before your negative (devil) self starts to say bad things about yourself.  (I am no good, I can't do anything right, blah blah...wah wah...violin comes out and all. )
All I can say is:

My Gosh!

 Even God is having a tough time breaking through all this negativity, lol.  Apparently! No disrespect to God, I'm mainly joking here.  But the negativity is really thick so...I'm sure he's having to put some power to it.  Thank goodness HE has been there for me.  God gets the glory for answering my prayer.  George has been making some suggestions to me that "It's time to do something different".  I just don't think so yet.  But he is the one that has to "deal with" me! lol

I did have a conference call with our team last night and it is so refreshing to be a part of group.  I can't tell you how good it feels to be around positive people who help one another in this dog eat dog world of people that work against one another it seems.  Just so refreshing to have an hour with these folks. Videos on and microphones on. Face to face. It was interactive.  What a blessing.  Usually we have been at the movies on Tuesday night so I was glad to participate this week instead of having to listen afterward.  George is a willing partner and very supportive.  I appreciate that. What I'm doing takes time and effort and is not easy.  To talk with those who did the same and are successful b/c of it and are showing you that, is just priceless.  The only way to lose is to quit.

So someone posted a comment about the shakes that I do and the sweetener that is in them.  So I wanted to set the record straight.  I did not approve the comment to post b/c it was not accurate.  But I did want to let you know that the shakes are natural.  Copied this down below from the website b/c it says it better than I can.  There are no artificial sweeteners in the shake.  There are scientists that work on these along with the nutritionists.  And they also inspect a sample from each and every shipment of their raw goods before putting it into manufacture, so that they can make sure what they bought is exactly what is going in.  I've been impressed with this Q C process.  But if someone has their mind made up that something doesn't work for them.  There is no changing it.  If someone doesn't like something it is their prerogative.  I can only share what is working for me and so many others.  We put much WORSE things in our bodies when we eat burgers, fried foods, and even the oils in the salad dressings.  If only we scrutinized that as good as we do the healthy things! Those types of fats is what causes all the heart problems.  But we all love the taste of all these things. Including myself.   I love our shakes.  I cannot do without them. But shakes and nutrition is not something that everyone seeks out.  And not everyone understands what a person does after they have been on them for a few days. So I get that and I won't force it on anyone, which is why I'm not giving the shake gift anymore now that I realize it.  All I know is that I notice the 21.5 inches of fat which is equivalent to a tire tube being dropped off my body with our system.  And I do not miss that fat!  All that said, I would never force anyone NOR expect anyone to use something or eat something just because I wanted them to.  I am disappointed because I really wanted Mom and other family members to feel as good as I do.  But I will defend the shakes and false info.  And don't want misinformation floating around family and friends that might have otherwise been helped but wasn't because of the misinformation. So here it is:

IsaLean Shake is a nutritious, balanced meal replacement clinically tested to promote effective, healthy weight loss and lean muscle building. It’s a low-glycemic shake with energy-fueling carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins and minerals, and 24 grams of high-quality protein.
  • Superior branched-chain amino acid profile
  • Active enzymes to help ease digestion
  • Essential trace minerals
  • Natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  • No trans fat
And I only want to share with those that are seriously interested in feeling better, losing pain and inflammation, losing weight, tired of reading labels, and interested in bringing in some income as well.  I'm so glad that it has helped me.  I would pay double to feel this good.  I was needing help and struggling.  You all have read it here all these years how my body was being attacked - the lethargy, strange fevers, pain, and it was mainly from not getting proper nutrition.   And I just kept getting bigger, couldn't lose weight, addicted to carbs.  This has made it so easy.  I won't have time to keep defending the negativity as there are so many interested others who want to be helped.  So I am happy that it is working for me.  And I'm willing to help anyone that is seriously wanting to help themselves.  But when sharing with others - please don't tell others it has artificial sweeteners - as it is false.  It does not. 

That said, I need to get to work.  Running behind.  Always too much going on.  lol

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Throwing Hands Up in the Air Day

This one looks nice doesn't it?  I think I'd pull that chair down by the ocean side.  This patio and sidewalk must connect to a bigger house and that is the guest cottage we see.  I will take the guest cottage any day!  ;-) 

I'm pretty sure that is Maine right there with the Portland Headlight lighthouse off in the distance.   Beautiful area.  I would love to go back.

I hate to say it but I am still having some residue of "unhappy" right now.  And I really don't have time time to diagnose it.  But I think it is contributing to two things.  Maybe three.  I think when things just stack up against you enough that goes against your grain - you just say "enough".  I can only have so many things going wrong in a time frame and then I shut down.

I know I like to be positive.  I really do.  But it seems like everything I try to do I get slapped in the face, shut down, or or something is wrong with it.  Things I get so excited about either don't happen, don't come to fruition, or someone is negative about it in some fashion.  At least some things are solved, but others are not.

So I'm having an "I'm throwing my hands up in the air day".  One can't help but the way they feel.  Some things I am grateful for, but today I just want to go back to bed and put my head under the covers.  I don't want to face the day.  I don't want to do what is on my schedule.  I am behind already.  I just want to catch up at work, catch up at home, sleep, drink coffee, read, forget life, and be done.

So cleanse day is done.  I've had minimal amounts to eat and drink and did not sleep as well as planned last night.  It was like I had caffeine but I had not. My brain didn't want to quit.  I read several chapters in the Mississippi book which was relaxing.  I needed some down time.  Down from work, down from the business, down from family, down from friends.  Even Maisy the dog, who won't leave my side, preferred to be with George instead of me.  Go figure.  At least when I did sleep I rested in God's arms and gave him the burdens of the day.

 The cleanse day is easy.  I'm not even hungry right now.  But I am sleepy.  And I'm not ready for the day.  And then I saw my schedule today and I do not have time to do what is on it.  But I guess I'm off to do it. It's on the schedule.   In my head I had other plans for today's outlook but the outlook has it's own.

So in light of that, I go to get another cup of coffee and throw my hands up in the air.  I'll robot through the day while things just keep stacking up. 

Sorry for Debbie Downer today.  I'm just being honest here.  I did get some things ordered from Amazon last night.  The website kept crashing.  But I got my order in.  I had to quit shopping though. 

Also I am so bummed. I told Mom what her birthday gift was b/c she had tried the sample shake and didn't like that it had Stevia in it, a natural sweetener.  I said it was unfortunate that she didn't like it -being that I had just bought her the shake blender set ($45) with two glasses and tops and the shake canister $40) all wrapped up for her birthday.  Might as well tell her since I can't give it to her now.   So now I will just keep it and get something else or just give her money.  I had bought the several boxes of snacks as well and I don't know what's in it and don't want to have to look it up, but I'll just keep those too, and give her money and she can get what she wants I guess.  Yet another bad decision on my part, another strike out of my excitement. I just wanted her to feel as good as I do healthwise.  I don't feel too good moodwise right now.  Can you tell?  Not really like I can afford two gifts right now for Mom so I am bummed.  So I won't be able to match the value of the first gift, but oh well.  I think it was over $140 worth all together.  Oh well, life's a ditch sometimes. 

This is me.  Life goes on.  I just want something to freaking go right.  It will.  I just want to go get under the covers right now though.  I'm just tired.  And it's only Tuesday.  I'm struggling here.  I think I'm just around so much negativity in places that it is really impacting me.  Dear Lord let the positive sink in please!  I need good things to happen.  I need to know that I matter.  Can I do anything right and see results?  Please? I need to know it, Lord.  Or am I just hitting my dang head against a wall for no reason?  Can I not accomplish anything and it be worthwhile?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Adjusting the Sails, Weekly To Do List, and Instagram

Sometimes we like to have a little wind in our sails. As we can get where we are going.  But then sometimes it is  nice to just have peace and calm.  And in my case - catch up!

So, also sometimes we are on a journey to some place special and changes come on around us - like the weather, wind and waves.  We may have to adjust our sails a bit.  We may have to tighten everything down and move things around.  We may even have to fight with all we have to keep afloat - but unless we let it take us down - then we are still on our journey to where we want to go.

So while we may be fearful of the storm, the Maker is really at the helm.  He keeps us afloat with our faith. And He calms the seas.

So it was good that I had the three days off.  I have been pretty busy doing a lot of things around here that were important to me.

Yesterday we went to church and then came home.  I wanted a salad out at Ruby's but did not ask for it.  George fixed a Chinese dish for dinner - chicken over red rice with a bean sauce.  It was good.  My only problem with it was it was too salty.  That was probably in the bean sauce in combination with any other sauces added.

I did the ironing and finished most of the laundry.  I don't think we ever really finish with the laundry.

I read a bit and made my weekly focus worksheet.  I had to laugh at last week's.  I made the worksheet but not even half of what was on it was checked off.  There is not enough time and nook and crannies to get it done.  Even with an extra off day.  So "Focus" is definitely a key word here.
Of course last week we were gone the first two nights of the week.  This week no plans which makes things much easier.

Yesterday I cleaned my desk area and did my Mind and Body program.  And also checked on my Global Celebration Tickets and downloaded the event app on my phone.

I listened to a podcast about Instagram while ironing and set my Instagram account up as a business account. An entrepreneur.  I've always had an entrepreneur spirit!  An unpaid Instagram account though at this point.  It tried to create a facebook page for me.  I didn't allow it to finish.  Looks like it's an extra fee and that is where the paid part comes in.  I'm not ready to commit to that yet.  Close but not yet.   It is set up though for what I need for now.  I'm just a very methodical person and I'm setting up base camp and have been for a while.  But things are at least starting to come together.

I'm going to start working on some very specific campaigns - planned out by month.  I have no idea what I'm doing yet, but very excited about it.

Got Mom's birthday gifts wrapped.

Part of what I'll be doing this week:

____Following some of the successfuls on social media and do what they do.

____Check on the reservations for Friday and remind everyone

____Check on Mom

____Check on Katy from their trip

____Order George's birthday gifts

____Plan George's birthday outing

____Wrap up scheduling details for Celebration coming up in August

____Get Roger's Rabies Shot (Weekend)

____Work on the Sip and Shop set up for October (More Vendors)

____Mind and Body Program (Daily 10 minute program)

____Follow ups as scheduled

____Conference call Tuesday night with my team

____Proverbs - continue daily Bible Reading

____Vimeos and Podcasts on the commutes


____Watch Below Deck and favorite videos

____Give Tugie some more ear meds

____Order Flat Iron (I hate to spend the money)

____Extra household:  Mop kitchen floor and clean a window :-(

____Shop for more tops

I think that is enough to keep me busy.  My housework is suffering a bit due to my being on the computer all the time - learning, setting things up, following up.  It takes a lot of time and while I love it, I feel a little guilty but I'm trying to spend time with George.  We spent a lot of time together the first part of the week, so I kinda needed most of the rest of the week to do things on my list and have some downtime. He spends a lot of time in the yard and in cooking.  I spend a lot of time in the laundry room, getting ready for the work week, and in changing sheets, vacuuming, restocking and ordering things.  And keeping up with the calendar and the business.

Busy but happy.  I love most all the things of my life except for a couple of things that *seemed* out of my control but I realize it actually is not.  God and I have a plan.  

What I love is that we are our own Brand in life as people.  You are YOUR own Brand.  Your skill set is YOURS.  Never forget that.

Anyway, have a great Monday.  It's cleanse day for me!  I'm looking forward to it.  I love the way it makes me feel. And I don't get hungry or miss food b/c I get something every hour on the hour just as I'm ready for it.  It's so perfectly set up by the Scientists.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Jambalaya, Chrome Casting, and Lazy Dogs and People

George fixed a jambalaya this weekend.  It had shrimp and sausage.  It was over white rice Friday night.  I had to give him that one.  But, last night was over yellow grits.  We liked that the best.  It was really good.  

Last night I learned how to Chrome Cast.  I even got my blog up there at one point.  But it was fun putting the web cams up there.  This is the Destin Harbor - I watched the sun go down, dolphin tour boats come in, yachts, and sail boats of all kind.  Then I switched the New York skyline and watched the sun shine against the sky scrapers and settle and the lights of the city came on.  It was beautiful.  Go check out these links of webcams in my side bar.  

I love the Chrome Casting ability.  

I had to post this.  It's just an old log cabin camp site.  Sometimes this has appeal.  All in all I think it's just the escape that has the appeal but I do love nature as long as I'm not next to a spider or snake or in the raw elements for an extended period.  I'll take a lush luxurious cabin any day, turn on the fire place, read, peek out at nature, sit on the porch swing, shoot the b b gun at tin cans, fix dinner over a fire or in a cast iron skillet.  mmmm

Ok back to the real world. 

First of all my laptop is about to drive me crazy. The touch pad is starting to go out.  Grr.  At that point I will be having to get another one.  And I have already informed George that I want a Mac.  This having to get one every 3 years is for the birds.  I'll be typing along and then realize it has started typing in other places on the page.  So I really have to watch it.  It's weird.

Last night Roger was sleeping good.  Love the boy.  His tongue (missing teeth). 

So it is thundering and raining this morning.  I had hoped for a storm last night to cool us down.  Maisy is scared and is under my feet under the desk.  My goodness.  I hadn't realized she was so afraid of storms but I think she was caught out in it - I know our neighbor rescued her from the intense rain from a storm about a year ago.  I'm so glad she is ours. 

Anyway, a good night's sleep.  Changed the sheets and read from the Mississippi Solo book.  That is just relaxing to me to read about adventures.  The love stories and romance books that I once enjoyed and got into just seem to fall by the wayside.  Phbbbttt on romance.  lol 

I rarely get to read but about 2 to 3 chapters a week.  So it is always a slow go.  We pack too much in our lives.  But I love our life.  

Anyway, I am going to have to stop here and get ready for church.  I guess we get to ride in the rain and storms.  Lucky us.  

We will go by and see Granny today and I will come home and do some orders.  I need to iron up a few things, clean up my desk area, do some more laundry, work on the kitchen some, mop the kitchen floor, and make my plan for next week. 

I am still raw about a few things I'm dealing with.  All I can say is that I do have some abilities within me that works in my favor any time something like this happens. And as previously said "God has control, therefore do I".  

I struggle with my ability to be stubborn versus my ability to utilize my servant heart.  I suppose both work in my favor.  We always take steps toward our ultimate goals and that is what really matters in the end.  

Bless their hearts.  ;-) 

Have a good Sunday!  

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Yesterday's Head Banging Hair Cut and Today's Geeky Blog Overhaul

Well hello all.  It's been a busy little day here...doing what I wanted to do - and that was forgetting all about life and working on the blog.  I did the blog topper and also worked on the side bar quite a bit.  I'm shocked at how much time I have been on line.  Almost all day but it was a good thing for me to do.  It's what I wanted to do most.    I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do today.  I didn't really get to shop as long as I'd wanted yesterday. So I thought I might go back out.  I ended up wanting more home time instead.

 I did not go out until after 12 yesterday.  Then I had to get gas.  And while I was there the hair cut place called and asked if I wanted to come in earlier.  I said no that I would keep it at 3 if that was ok because I was trying to shop.  I called back b/c I felt bad.  I said if the stylist needed to leave early I'd try to be flexible.  That I understood.  But they said - it was ok to just keep the 3 appointment.  So I made a mental note to try to wrap up whatever I was doing to try to be there around 2:45 at least and compromise.

So I went to Belk and spent a long time in there.  I mainly looked for birthday gifts for George.  And I was able to find a couple of things.  Then I looked at shoes and jewelry and handbags and summer scarfs and tops for me.  I honestly did not like anything for me.  Isn't that weird?  I'm disappointed, but maybe I can look on line.  I just need a few tops to add to the mix.

So I went to the salon about 2:45 and let them know I was there.  This is a new place for me.  My current stylist is out on maternity and I'd been wanting to try this one out anyway.   It's called Capella's.  So I called and made an appointment - I didn't know which one to get.  I didn't know any of them there so it was a shot in the dark.   So I was excited to try someone knew and see what difference it would make.  Did I dare try to see if this one could make me look like Lisa Rinna?

Well, she did a pretty good job, but she had a flat iron.  I don't have a flat iron.  So guess who wants a flat iron.  And guess how much they are.  The good ones are over a $100.  :-(

Anyway, I guess I'll get one.

So, back to the haircut.  This girl was not very friendly.  It was task only - and I felt like I was just part of the cattle herd. Give her a chance I heard my backoffice spirit say - I'm sure it was the holy spirit talking.  So I obeyed and gave her a chance.

She was moving so fast.  It's like she wanted to show me that she really was in a hurry to get out of there and she wished I'd come in at 2:30.  Mind you, I had my appointment set for over a week but on a whim two hours early it was just convenient for me to move my day around for her.  Although I said no in the beginning, I did come around and offer.  And for this?  Ummm well, I decided I would be nice and try to talk to her.  She wasn't going to talk to me.  So she warmed up some.  But she was cutting so fast.  And hardly cut anything.  I told myself "well you did tell her you were trying to let it grow out".  Giving her lots of benefits of the doubt here.  Oh let's go back --- the shampoo was NO experience at all - like how the others always do their massaging and cool mint shampoo and then good smelling coconut conditioner.  Unh uh.  Nada.  Nope.  Short quick shampoo.  I doubt all the cootie bugs even washed out - if there were any.  So let's skip to the blow drying.  Well, she waved that thing back and forth and then was going so fast.  I was really through this whole thing trying to NOT be angry - but my goodness - she looked like one of those people running around on a old time movie.  And she moved that dryer around so fast that she banged it hard against my head.  You think I am exaggerating?  She then slowed down and apologized.  I kept my Christianity.  She then began explaining what happened.  She needed to adjust it and kinda threw it up in the air a bit and didn't catch it in time.  Whatttt?  lol  Ouch..  Well anyway, after her third apology, I knew she was just in a hurry and had a sweet heart, so I said "it's ok, I have a hard head".  Oh my gosh if only she knew.   

Anyway she styled it pretty much like Lisa Rinna and I was proud!  ;-)  So proud I went to Dollar General and shopped.  I did buy a few things.  Believe it or not - they had a top I really liked that was stylish.  It was made in Vietnam.  My concern here was did cheap abusive labor create it?  Was I supporting that?  I didn't know but I bought it.  No way to know.  I almost bought George this shirt.

He later told me he would have loved it.  lol  Good thing I didn't get it.

Maisy was sweet last night.  She loves her Momma.  She was really looking at me eat.

I had a Isagenix shake this morning - Pina Colada with pineapple and ice - mmmm good!  

It packs a powerful start to the day.

So Katy and Cody are in San Antonio with the group.  They dropped Findlay off to be boarded.  I would show you a video but the file is too big and blogger won't allow it.  Oh well.

Well, dinner is ready.  I don't have much more to say anyway.  Other than check out the new side bar items.  I did add a bunch of websites that I like for Web cams.  Even the one Findlay is at.  More tomorrow.

Friday, July 13, 2018

In Control and Channeling Your Vision

Good morning!  I removed the last two posts (set it to draft only).  I want to be positive and not negative about a very needy desperate situation that is impacting me.  Sometimes I have to have that 24-48 hours to figure out something in my own mind, to either reject or grasp, have a change of plan or direction, or adjust and recoup.  Sometimes I'm in a state of fight or flight - for a while - til I wrestle with the facts, the fear, the anxiety, and how it impacts my vision, until I decide if something is acceptable or not when I examine my feelings on it.  We can choose how we react to something, but often there is fine line between allowing your feelings to occur and then being able to respond appropriately when they do, especially if you wear your feelings on your forehead, like I do.

Those in your inner circles see it first of course.  And thank goodness for understanding family and friends.  In the past at times, I've not been so lucky to have family and friends that were patient, kind, understanding, and not judgmental, or gossipy. Most everyone realizes that with every challenge in life you have to go through a process:  grief, anxiety, fear, anger, mistrust, and trying to gather facts, not having facts and guessing, and so forth.

So I've had to do a reset, and quite frankly went from over analyzing to rejecting and just not being able to process it and to just having to give it to God and tell Him to own it b/c I couldn't even think about it anymore.  Somehow he magically just made me move toward what I needed to do.  He literally placed my steps as I was too numbfounded <--- like that one lol!  I was too numbfounded to do anything myself.

But I am better now.  Amazed that God worked through me so beautifully at the asking.
I still don't know how it will turn out but I know that I own me, I own my brand (who I am and what I am talent-wise), and ultimately it really IS my choice as to how I decide it will go.  Your mind sees a vision and it will make strides toward it.

Your mind also carries with it learned notions from the past - what worked and what didn't - we can't help but have fear and anxiety and reflective moments when life begins to repeat itself. Our programmed minds pulls the cards from the memory channels as it processes what it knows already about similar situations when the current but new situation presents itself.  That kicked in for me in the recent days and made me have a fight or flight reaction that shook my world.  Sorry I'm a writer - so my words area always dramatic. :-O

So that is a lot of psycho babble, but basically I am ok mainly because I KNOW I WILL be ok because I am in ultimate control of what happens to me, as is God.  I realize now I don't have to be a victim of circumstance if I do not wish to be.  This thing is steerable in more ways than one.

So yeah.  Life is good.

I am also off today.  I have the opportunity to be able to actually have a thought to myself.  lol
I'm going to do some retail therapy, clean up on the house, do some business - some of which I have already done. I would like to do a blog redesign if not today then sometime this weekend.

Due to this week's stresses, I took a wrong turn and ate things that were bad for me. Food has often been a comfort or reward to me when I did not like a situation. While everyone cheats at some point - I ended up cheating too many times in a row and felt horrible.  Not only did it add to my already negative situation but it impacted my mood as well.  Not having the right nutrition really sets you up in a bad way all the way around.  That said, I had a TWO shake day yesterday - I think that was my first ever.  And it helped me to get through and actually enjoy the day.   At 10:30 last night I was still an energized bunny.  So I have decided that TWO shake days are not bad.

This morning I had a meal replacement bar so I could help some folks who were interested in our system and to be able to blog without having to go fix a shake.  Lazy a bit but - when you are writing or have a flow going, sometimes you don't want to break the cycle.  Momentum and streamlining your life is key - lol.  While on the laptop I just wanted to get all the computer things done and then be able to compartmentalize my day accordingly.

I have a lot of boxes to open today - about 8 of them - lots of smaller boxes coming from Target, Four Sigmatic, and Isagenix.  Often I wait til the weekend to open them all.  I look like a business.  Well actually I guess I do have a business.  That is exciting to be able to say you have a business.  I am actually shocked that I do.

Look my business cards came in yesterday.  I was so excited.

I am loving being able to share this with others.  And just the positive experience and the learning that goes along with it - is amazing. I want others to feel how good I feel!  This makes me excited about life and it helps me deal with everything else in life in a much better way.  And it's coming at a good time in our lives.  And I'm so glad George is supporting it.  It takes some time away from him a bit if I have a conference call through dinner, or a 3 way call on a whim, or getting info people need and hooking them up to information, and following up.  It takes some time and luckily it is enjoyable because I know what it did for me.  And as I was about to say it comes at a good time because with George having lost his FT job and only in a temp purchasing position - who knows what will happen.  I'm just so proud of this system and how it can help.  Being around such positive influence has also come at a good time when I need it.  It's helped me to be able to be a better me all the way around  - in my day job, as a person, and my relationships, and it's pulling me out of my shell and into a wonderful world where you can realize that dreams don't have to be dead.  That visions can and do come true.

The above is through my Mind and Body Program.  It also helped me through the recent challenge - which is still not over - but realizing that you are in control of the decisions you make in your life is key.  You don't have to settle.  You get to choose directions, set visions, and go for it.  Your brain knows nothing different but to work toward the vision you set. It's that simple.  So if you don't have a vision - go get one so you can get where you are going!

Last night George and I sat down to watch a movie.  We had talked with Katy through the cooking of dinner, through dinner, and then was about to watch a movie but we kept talking about things and laughing.  It was fun time and a much needed time for us all.  So when we got off it was late.  I was off today but George was not.  So he kept moving down in the sofa as the previews began for our movie.  And ultimately he finally said "I gotta go to bed".  As you can see the dogs had their own visions of going to sleep as well.  I tried to stay up and do a few things (remember it was a two shake day and my energy was amazing) and Maisy kept barking and putting her paws on me to hurry and come to bed, so I did.

This morning she is in her hidey hole - which is where she likes to sleep behind the sofa.  lol 

Well, I need to get on with my day.  But all going well.  Retail therapy today and a haircut.  Need some self time.  The world has to wait!