Saturday, December 16, 2017

Blog Entry - Catching Up!

Good morning!  I've tried to do a blog entry on this blog like 3 times in the last couple of days but get side tracked or interrupted.  Even doing this blog at 4:30 in the morning, I've had to stop twice to take dogs out as their getting up times are staggered this morning, lol.  It has been busy and a bit of a whirlwind.  I won't even be able to capture it all b/c when one day happens it erases the day before.  Too much going on.

I think it was Wednesday night as George was coming home that he got the call that Granny needed to be taken to the hospital and after tests discovered another UTI.  She had become extremely irritable and difficult.  And I think in my opinion, at this point, is unable to tell anyone when she hurts or is having an issue.  So she was taken over by ambulance due to her frailty and I'm guessing her resistance at being looked at b/c she hates doctors and hospitals.  George came home the first night but stayed with her the 2nd night as she was a bit disoriented being in a different place.  He did not get but an hour or so sleep and then went to work from there.  Bless him.

The 2nd night she was in the hospital before he went over to stay overnight with her - he and I went to the store to get some gift cards and a few other things.  I had already been the night before and got a few quick things to eat b/c I could see the schedule was getting crazy and everything we had took time to fix.  So I had obtained sandwiches and salad kits and eggs - eggs are quick.  Discovered George had bought a dozen on a recent trip as well.  So we have lots of eggs!

So - while George was at the hospital - I tried to sleep just me and the doggies.  Lots of room in the bed.  But it's like my cold had started all over again.  It has come and gone over the last week.  I was all stopped up and couldn't breathe.  I had to try to sleep sitting up. My nose began pouring like a faucet but yet was still stuffy.  I went through 2 Kleenex boxes in about 12 hours.  It was hard to sleep with George being gone and being stopped up too.  I ended up playing candy crush until after midnight.  Then I got sick to my stomach.  So now when I look at candy crush it gives me a sick feeling remembering looking at all those bright pastel colors while feeling green. lol  I finally went to sleep about 3 in the morning and the dogs woke me up at 5 wanting to get up and go out.  So up and out we went. No sleeping in for me. I sat b/w 6 and 7 with coffee trying to wake up.  I fixed a whole pot hoping George would come home at least for a shower and change of clothes before work. He did have another shirt with him in case. I was going to fix him eggs and bacon, knowing he would be exhausted and need some energy. But he did not call, nor come home so at 8:15 I had to text and ask what was going on.  He had just gone in to work from the hospital. And had emailed me from there but I didn't know it b/c when I'm off, I don't usually do emails - we do texts, lol.

So, I went on about my morning.  And knew that since the furniture was being delivered at 3:30 I needed to go on and get my stuff done out in the retail world and get back.  So I showered.  As I was getting ready to leave I got a call from work.  And that call was interrupted by another call from work.  So I spent about an hour or longer on the phone with work and then I took care of the doggies and doggie proofed the house and then off I went to go finish up George's and a few others Christmas.  Needed a few things for people to unwrap - beside gift cards.  And needed George's stocking stuffers and such.  So I went to Walmart, (insert Taco Bell here, lol) Bath and Body Works, Publix, and the beer/wine store.

Then back home and I think it was about 1:30 or 2.  Had loads of stuff to bring upstairs.  And tack a do not enter sign on the back bedroom door til I could deal with it all.

George had texted around Noon Granny was being dismissed from hospital and would go back to assisted living.  So he left work to deal with that.

So I began trying to clean up around the house a bit.  Laundry is getting caught up, ironed a pair of pants, rebooted dishwasher, and then picked out what to have for dinner.  There was no way I'd let George cook.  I knew he'd be exhausted.  I also knew that we had no idea whether the furniture would be here at 3:30 or 6:30.  So I decided on Lasagna (Stauffer's Family size) and a salad kit so I didn't have a lot of prep or fixing time. 

I got up on the stool and cleaned the fan fixture and blades in the kitchen.  It gets so dusty, greasy, nasty - with the cooking and all.  So that looks better.  And the big thing that really helps me is that I sat down and cleaned up and found the bottom of my desk.  The last two weeks I've had things piling up.  I feel good when that is all clean.  I really feel organized when my desk (at home) is clean.  I've not had much desk time.  I was nervous that perhaps my confirmation had not taken for the furniture delivery (via text) so I called to make sure we were on the delivery route.  We were.  But me the worrier had to make sure to ease my mind.  I knew I'd be in fits if this furniture did not arrive today.

I'm not sure how I was able to do what I needed to do yesterday on a couple of hours sleep.  Around 3 I had to have coffee for sure.   We did not get a call from Ashley Furniture until about 5:10 that they would be on their way.  I figured they'd make me wait, lol.  So they got here about 5:45 and quickly set up the furniture.  George got home before they did and took the dogs to the back bedroom and laid down for a few minutes.

The furniture - oh my heart - is wonderful!  So I noticed something.  George and I sat back in our new furniture all relaxed, and the conversation is better on new furniture.  It's just more comfortable and more conducive to having a chat. Weird and hard to explain.  But there is something about the new furniture that makes one want to stay put and have a conversation.   lol  I love it and that was unexpected.  George seemed to wake up and come alive after his little 30 minute excursion to the bedroom to lay down.  He took a shower while I made the salad and got the lasagna out of the oven and fixed our plates.

Then I went to bed.  He stayed up and wrapped some and I went to bed and so did Maisy.  I slept good all night - might have turned over around 1 but woke up at 4 and was ready to get up by 4:30 or so.  No dogs came with me and slept until I started this blog entry, of course.  And I'm sitting all reclined and doing this blog by laptop in my new sofa with Tugie by my side.  And Maisy on the other side of Tugie  - at least a foot between them.

So this morning I will make sausage balls and we'll take that to the ornament swap (dirty santa game with the ornament swap) party this afternoon.

And I need to finish wrapping from my excursion yesterday.   Despite my rest last night, I still feel groggy and sleepy.  So I'm going for another cup of joe and then on the Tropical paradise before starting my day.

Ya'll have a good weekend. Sorry I got behind posting.  Life got in the way!  lol

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hanging in There!

One of my earlier creations above while playing with graphics.  Yesterday I was struggling.  I did not feel well, mainly due to lack of sleep and the fact that my sinuses decided all at once to let loose.  After I ate lunch it seemed I was finally able to breathe a bit and it perked me up.  The days are going fast.  Just very busy.  I came home and did laundry and had no other agenda but to eat and go to bed.  However, the Below Deck Reunion Show was last night.  So we watched it and ate Swedish Meatballs, rice, and butter beans.  The meatballs was a Stauffer thing and pretty good.  I loved the butter beans!  Tasted like ours from the garden and that had come from the freezer section - most likely from Kroger.  I'll be looking for them again.

I kept falling asleep waiting for the reunion show and fell asleep during the reunion show.  lol  Then collapsed in bed after taking the doggies out.  Sleep was good til about the middle of the night (don't know the time).  I began coughing.  I was so tired that I woke George up long before I woke myself up, lol.  He said "you need some cough medicine?".    I got up and got a cough drop and sat up in bed til it dissolved and then was able to sleep.  Luckily my nose remained relatively clear last night and is pretty clear this morning - enough that I can breathe.  I had some kind of 12 hour set back yesterday - most likely fueled by the dusty musty old van with particles irritating my already inflamed sinuses.  I'm dragging this morning, but yesterday morning, not only was dragging but couldn't breathe.  If I can breathe - I'll drag myself in to work.

Only two more work days til vacation day and furniture delivery day.  I'm trying not to get excited about he furniture delivery.  You know how things go.  Will I have to wait til the end of the day?  Will something be wrong with it?  lol  Will they have ordered the wrong color?  (The guy that waited on us seemed like he was really confused and had to have help).  I'm afraid to get excited.  I will not believe that we will have furniture by Friday that is correct - until I see it in my living room all working properly.   I know I know - I'm not an optimist.  I'm not a pessimist either.  I'm a realist.  I've been heavily trained by reality and I know it's not a perfect work, but an aggravating world, b/c the world has shown me that.  I have to protect myself from disappointment.  ;-)  Yet saying that - I'm excited for Friday to see what happens.  If nothing else - I'll get housework done, Christmasing done, and so forth.   This is the final few days to finish her all up.

I checked yesterday on the new lady for the grooming.  She is booked for Saturday's all the way thru June so that is not going to work.  I've texted our old groomer then to see if she can do the first Saturday in January or Saturday Dec 30.  So far no response.  If they look like they did last time, I'll be forced to find someone else.  They were only partially done, matter of fact I couldn't tell they had been groomed.  Not even sure they were bathed.  A bit of trimming was barely visible and what was done was uneven.  So we'll give her another go.  But she is becoming a bit undependable.  I think part of it is her health.  (She says).  So we will have to figure something out.  I could get into the new groomer if I could get them done on the weekdays.  But when you work - that doesn't work.

I told George we are in the wrong business.  There is definitely a market for groomers for those that work.  How cool would it be to have a dual shop?  One end would be a separate room - a coffee shop cafe waiting area with TV's for the owners and the other end be the dog grooming spa. lol  The things I dream up.  There is probably some code that the two would have to be separate businesses with very separate walls.  Who wants doggie hair in their coffee?  lol  But there is definitely a need to serve the working pet owners in our area.

Well, I'm off of here to go get ready and head in to work.   Ya'll have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Monday's Mania!

G'Morning!  Old stuffy nose here.  Very busy yesterday and looked to see what day my hair appointment was this week so I could change the appointment to a January appointment.  I found that it was last Thursday.  I feel so bad.  They did not call me.  They don't do reminders like most places.  I usually don't need a reminder.  I usually have it plugged in on the calendar but we've been so busy and I've not had my desk time and planning time (which includes putting things in on the calendar).  So I missed the appointment.  I feel bad - for them.  I called to apologize to Brittany, my stylist.  But their offices were closed so I left a message.  I had it in my head that it was the 14th.  Oops!  So I will call back again to day and reschedule. 

Never did have time to call and get the dogs scheduled for trims in January with the new groomer closer to us.  I'll try to squeeze that in today.  Should be interesting to see if we can get them all in at once.  This one works a bit different I think. 

I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch yesterday.  I have discovered that they have a $5.99 lunch or it may be $6.99 - still - I got the salad and baked potato and it was just right.  I figured on a Monday at 11 they wouldn't be too crowded.  I was right.  Although they had a crowd starting to line up.  They had just opened.  Turns out they had been closed b/c they had a small electrical fire in the womens bathroom.  Something about the lighting.  The fire department had been there.  So that was interesting.  It's really hard to get into Cracker Barrel there at Opryland b/c sooo many tourists are there this time of year - either for Ice, the Opryland Hotel, or the mall.  After the first of the year, I'll go to the mall for lunch one day.  I've been meaning to go to the food court as it's so close, but not this time of year.

After work, I had my doc appointment.  I left at 4:30 even though my appointment was at 6:10.  But I knew if I got there early they would take me early.  So that worked.  It took about 45 minutes.  So after that I went home and was excited to find that Maisy was back to herself at about 95% anyway.  Yay, praise the Lord, the prayers worked.  We headed over in the van to get the freezer we bought for Katy and Cody.  George had an email that it was ready to pick up.  However, it wasn't - it was on back order.  It will be another week or two before it will come in.  George told the guy - "this is a Christmas present".  However, Katy and Cody know about it so even if it is late, it'll all be ok.  I told George to call again in a week and see.  Matter of fact, I had asked George if he had called to make sure the freezer was there before we drove over to Hermitage (15 min away) not far but still.  He hadn't called. I would have called b/c he said he was unsure if it was really in or not.  He is a man - what is that old truth - that men don't stop and ask directions?  They don't call to "make sure" either.  lol  But what can I say?  I missed my hair appointment so I won't rib him to hard. lol

Anyway after that we went to Fazoli's - a fast food pasta place.  We had a gift card for two combo meals that we bid on at Katy's silent auction at her school.  It was pretty good.  I had wanted the sample platter but they were out of alfredo.  So I just got the spaghetti sauce.  I noticed in the van coming back that I was just really stuffy nosed.

Then we came home and I played Tropical Farmville and went to bed.  At 2 in the morning I woke up with my right nostril completely blocked and of course I cannot sleep like that. So I got up for an hour and played Tropical Farmville for a while.  Maisy joined me.  I celebrated with her in the fact that she is all better.  Hugged her and hugged her.  We went to bed. 

At 4 I didn't really want to get up.  But did.  I could soooooooooooo go to bed now.  I suppose I need to step up the game in attempting to get well.  I was getting better - I thought.  I hope I didn't catch something else at the doctor.  But the musty and dusty old van didn't help either - especially when turning on the heat.  It probably blew all of last season's pollen right into my already inflamed nostrils.  lol  Oh well.  I have not had much juice so I will get OJ for breakfast.  I have been sneezing and sneezing since being in the van.  I don't know how many Kleenexes I've been through. 

Well, off to work.  It's Tuesday!  Much going on and much to do and only two more days after today since I'm off Friday and the den furniture is being delivered. 

And the coughing has started!

Well, ya'll have a good day. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Productive Weekend but a Sick Maisy

Despite our colds or flu or whatever this is, we've managed to get a lot done in the house and get ready for Christmas and get some rest for the most part.  George's cold seems to be better.  He has not been coughing as much.  And seems to not have quite as much sinusy stuff going on.   I have had sinus stuff going on - either stuffy or running away from me.  The last couple of nights, the dogs slept and we've slept.  And I had a two hour nap yesterday as well when I just couldn't go any longer.  Felt better when I got up.  I usually try to avoid naps for two reasons.  1) It takes time away from getting weekend stuff done 2) I usually feel groggy and bad afterward.  But when I am sick is usually when it happens.  

So aside from all that -  we've (for the most part) stayed in the house all weekend.  George DID go to the Christmas parade with Katy and he went to see his Mom and went to the store for a bit to get some stuff for chicken soup.  And I hear him in the back coughing now, so I guess I spoke too soon.  

So, I would have had a more productive weekend if I'd not been sick for sure - but b/w George and I we knocked out the wrapping for the birthdays and the Christmas gifts.  My guest bedroom bed looks a lot better.  

So now we focus on: 

  • The last final push of gifts which is mainly gift cards and easy stuff
  • Stocking Stuffers for George
  • Beer/Wine/Liquor gifts
  • CoWorker gifts - which I think for the most part is done for me since that was the purpose of Secret Santa.  But I'll give at least one person a gift on the sly.  
  • Focus on the food, the grocery list, crossing off time to cook on the calendar
  • Figuring out when the family in Columbia is doing Christmas, already parts of our family is having to go ahead and make their plans with other parts of the family so we are looking at probably not having everyone there.  I've kept two days open, but don't know for sure what day it is. I need to find out so I can plan the week, the cooking schedule, grocery schedule and so forth.
  • Plan Christmas Day meal and how that will work.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and so forth.  Will need to talk to Katy.  If they are here around brunch - perhaps we do that.  Or...if noonish we may do more of a Christmas lunch - snacks and fingerfoods.  It depends on what Cody's family is doing that day.  If there is not a big dinner that day we'll go more out to feed them well.  
  • Figure out when the heck we will have time to clean.  Actually the house not too bad - but I will need to make sure I can get some vacuum and scrubbing time in here and there.  
  • Pick up the freezer for the kids and deliver that in the van - that is their "big" gift.  
  • Get our sofa and chair on Friday and move the current one to the basement or the sun room.  We will look at getting it recovered and put the sun room furniture downstairs.  Or something like that.  Regardless there will be some type of furniture shuffle come Friday. Unless the devil thinks up some other reason to postpone it. 
  • Get the pet trims scheduled for January.  I've decided not to get them done before Christmas b/c we really don't have a good day to do it.  We have plans.  So they will be done either on the 30th or after the first of the year.  That means I'll need to schedule in some bath time for all of them that I'll do myself.  Ughhhh!  Wish someone would do a night time grooming business for our area for all the working folks.  Or at least do a drop off before work and pick up after.  
I think that is about enough to concentrate on.  

Here are a few pics from the weekend.  

Maisy has decided that she likes to pose for me.  She makes the natural photo.  This was not planned.  

Oh yeah, Here was the secret Santa reveal party at work with cookies and milk.  It was a fun week. 

Our neighbors brought over cookies.  

Maisy followed me around everywhere.  Bless her.  

You can see that Santa's Workshop is in full swing.  Notice dog on the right on the sofa - keeping a good view of what I am doing while wrapping.  

The far...

Gifts are wrapped and ready to mail!

A pic of the doggy treat center / welcome center for humans, lol.

George fixed us a brunch yesterday. It was like an egg souffle of sorts.  His had mushrooms.  Mine didn't.

Well, I'm pleased with our progress.  I even did some reading and got on Tropical Farmville and started that up and bought the "sky cliffs" finally.   lol  It was 240,000 (Farmville money).  
It helped me in my down time and helps me relax.  I find it's almost necessary to play some kind of game during the holidays, to wax off some stress.  

Well, my throat is sore again this morning.  Coffee helping.  At least this is not the worst cold I've had. 

My Maisy is under the weather and that is really bothering me.  I noticed yesterday that she was not as peppy as she normally is.  I just thought she was tired out b/c we have been home more and thought she just wasn't getting her sleep in.  But it became clear it was more than that after our nap.  Her tail hung low, her steps slow, no pep at all, sometimes not even following me at all, hardly any movement.  She was still eating and drinking water, but last night didn't want her vitamin treat which she loves. I was really worried.  Is something going to go wrong with this new dog that I love so much.  She slept peacefully last night and I woke up a few times and petted her.  For once, she snuggled with me.  

She did not get up with me when I got up this morning at 4.  Neither did Tugie.  So I sadly showered and then went to check.  Maisy was sitting up on the edge of the bed, wanting to jump but not feeling like it.  So I put her down.  Tugie wanted to sleep.  Maisy's tail went up and she had a little more pep.

Maisy went out and then I fed the cat and then we came in and I put fresh water in the bowl and she ate her breakfast, although reluctantly.   Whatever is wrong, she is not out of the woods yet.  She seems better this morning after a long rest.  So we'll hold out before going to the vet.  We'll see what tonight after work brings.  It's almost like she has our cold.  Although supposedly pets don't get humans colds but there is some recent studies that show they can get the flu virus.  Well, I'm wondering if they CAN get our colds and people have just been wrong.  Her eyes are running a bit.  But she has not been coughing or sneezing.  

Tonight I go to the doc for a follow up on my arm.  Have a 6:00 appointment.  And then we pick up the freezer and deliver to the kids -if the freezer is in.  

My stomach has been weird.  I have no idea what to have for breakfast and lunch today.  I think yogurt or smoothie for breakfast.  May get a salad out for lunch.  Or maybe go over to get something at Bob Evans.  Something hot - like veggies.  Or Cracker Barrel.  If it's Monday I may be able to get in.  

So I best be off and get ready and take my congested self and go in.  Busy week this week but at least all the wrapping done so far. 

The only thing that I wanted to get done that I didn't get done was: 
1.  Vacuum
2.  Scrub the tub/clorox the bathrooms
3.  Clean off my desk (which has a lot of stuff to DO on it - before it can be dealt with). 

But one by one - will get it all done. 

Pray for my Maisy.  We don't have time for ANY of us to be sick.  And when it's a beloved doggy that can't talk - you don't know what is going on.  I just hope she will be ok.  She is not throwing up (yet) or no diarreah.  In a way that is good but in a way not - b/c then it could be something more serious.  Makes me sick to think about it.  

There is always something.

Anyway, ya'll have a good day!   More tomorrow, Lord Willing.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday Morning Update amongst Sniffles

Well, I went to work yesterday.  I felt pretty good most of the day - just sinusy - had a slump or two but for the most part made it fine.  Drank caffeine to keep going.  

We had our santa swap at work.  It was really a fun week doing that.  Very nice.  I might have had a snicker doodle cookie and a small brownie bite.  However, for the most part I didn't really want anything sweet - which is odd for me. 

I was bad and went to McDonald's and got their chicken sandwich, fries, and unsweet ice tea.  I was hungry but didn't need that.  I didn't want to go in and sit anywhere and eat and I hadn't brought anything b/c I wasn't sure what all we were doing at work yesterday.  McDonald's food to me just isn't even good anymore.  It has no taste.  Breakfast food is good there, but I wanted lunch.  Fast food salads don't get it for me with their old lettuce on the bottom and fresh cut on the top to fool you past the drive thru.  It was suggested for me to call in an order somewhere and pick it up - but I wanted to do cheap and I didn't have much cash in my pocket.  For the first time ever I was accosted there at that McDonald's by someone wanting money and knocked on my car window scaring the bejeebies out of me.  I didn't have any to give her after I spent my cash on lunch.  It has occurred to me that perhaps we did not get blow money for December?  I have to ask George.  I don't remember getting any.  I figured George was trying to absorb it to try not to get into savings after all the Christmas shopping we've done.  It's fine but my cash reserves are running out.  lol  That is what I do my nails and eating out with.  Any who, it's not a normal thing for people to roam around that area.  This was an African American couple that was asking around and then got in their car and left to probably scout out other places.  I'm thinking - this woman could walk, talk, use her hands, get around just fine, and had transportation.  Is it not easier to just work?  I mean really?  The very McDonald's that she was bugging people for money at, had job openings. 

Anyway, we also have a plant full of openings for moving mattresses - work is plentiful but no one wants to work.  Everyone wants to sit on their butts and have it handed to them from this source or that.  Ok I'll get off the box!

So, we were excited to have our Katebug join us for dinner last night as Cody was working looking for the night poachers or whatever they call it.   And so she ate diiner with us and kept us company for a while.  George fixed Omaha steaks and rice.  We've eaten our Omaha dinners this week that arrived from Uncle Ken and Aunt Martha. 

So I did some chores (laundry and kitchen work) and finished up the Christmas cards with those that I had to get addresses for.  Everyone answered from Messenger on FB and I've captured all those in my handy dandy address book (which is quite my style) rather than pulling up and finding them on the PC.  I think if I had a bigger desk/situation it would be easier to use laptop but if I'm addressing cards by hand, I want my address book to flip through. 

So I guess I told you that our new furniture can't arrive today as scheduled b/c the Christmas parade was going on from 11 to 1 and they have the road blocked off from 10:45 to whenever.  So I've rescheduled for next Friday when I was going to go do the rest of the shopping for George.  
I can still go work around what I was going to do.  But disappointed at the coincidence that these two events were just spot on at the same time today.  It's like the devil just roams around looking for ways to screw my plans up!  I honestly think that he LIVES for it.  

I was able to talk to a dear friend of my last night.  Barbara!  Some of you may remember "Bee" that I used to go to LongHorn with on Wed and Friday's when we worked at the envelope plant. We ate out twice a week (at least).  She called yesterday and we chatted a while and caught up.  Since I've moved this blog she has had a hard time getting the blog.  I'm going to try to set up up with a subscription to the blog so she doesn't have to.  I told her she would need to confirm it when the email came through to her though.  I miss her.  God has always surrounded me with good friends and a wonderful support network.  

So last night until midnight was some pretty good sleep.  Then George came to bed and it woke me up.  It usually doesn't.  Then all throughout the night, and I can't remember the times for sure or what happened first or second, but around 1:30 George was coughing and couldn't stop and he got up and down 2 or 3 times in the next couple of hours.  I think he finally took a shot of whisky to stop the coughing.  Then Tugie began barking.  I think she went back to sleep.  Then Maisy wanted up at 3:30 and started licking me.  I got her to lay down and go back to sleep.  Then Tugie started barking and George got up to check on her and put her in bed with us but then wanted down so he put her down.  Then at 5 she started barking again as I was sleeping so good.  At 5 something I finally just got up. 

It was the most unrestful night. 

Also, my nose began really stuffing up last night before dinner and continued on in the night so when dogs, or coughing didn't wake me, my nose did.  I can't sleep when my nose is stopped up.  So I slept sitting up with the bed pillow against the headboard.  

George and I are both pretty groggy this morning and unrested.  Coffee tasted good.  And I'm making some hot tea now.  It's 10:10 and I've been very slow to get anything done this morning.   I have taken the flannel sheets off the bed and have them in the washer and once dry will just go put them back on.  It's very cold out, chances of flurries, and so we'll want the flannel tonight.  Also have planned our Christmas Eve dinner with friends.  I had wanted to have friends over.  But the only time we really have available is Christmas Eve.  So we are having friends over that are from the north and they don't have family here and they are not going anywhere for Christmas.   There are another couple coming as well that doesn't have family here and nothing going on.  So we think we have started a new tradition. lol For now anyway.  I have this for the menu. 

Prime Rib Sliders 
(on Ms. Schubert's Yeast Rolls and horseradish).  

Garlic Rosemary Mashed Potatoes 

Christmas Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes

Italian Cream Cake (w/Pecan Star decor atop)

We'll be asking others to bring a side dish, salad, appetizer, or another dessert.  If we have any of those things it will be great.  If we don't have any of those things we still have plenty of food to fill our tummies.  George said he would probably set out an olive/cheese/cracker tray or something.  So for sure we'll have something while we get dinner out.  We plan to do a buffet style and then we'll sit around the decorated table.   This makes me happy!  

We have not really discussed a lot about Christmas Day itself.  Typically in recent years it's been more casual and more hor'deaurve like than a big meal so that we have time to do everything. I guess we'll work on that next!  Will have less time to pull that together and it will need to be quick things but good things.  Smoked salmon is on the list for sure.  

Well, need to get a bucket load of things accomplished - like wrapping!  

George has decided that given our current seasonal colds - that we need chicken soup for dinner so he has that in the makin's sounds good to me.  

You should check out my instagram story before it expires around lunch time.  lol

Well ya'll take care!  Santa's work shop is in full swing!  I think we are about tired of Christmas music though through Alexa.  Gonna have to find another station!  ha.

Friday, December 8, 2017

A Bit Better

Quick update.  Well - still have a sore throat.  Didn't take my temp - but I need to push through and go in.  I feel better overall - not as washed out feeling, having stayed in and rested and in PJ's.  Had a lot of hot liquids yesterday and hot foods.

Still have sore throat and stuffiness, sneezing, and runny nose like a faucet at times.  Hurts a bit to swallow and the coffee was good.

But I'm off of here to go to work.  Soon the weekend will be here.  Ya'll have a good Friday.  Hopefully a better post tomorrow!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sick Day ~ Jammie Day

Sittin' here sippin' coffee, after sleeping sitting up.  My throat was so sore it was hard to go to sleep.  My nose is a faucet.  Low temp, and just washed out - so I'm staying home, in jammies, and no threat to anyone else unless they caught it yesterday from me.  I felt bad, was shivering cold, drank hot liquids and managed to make it through the day.  Started to come home.  But today I'm giving myself a break and allowing myself to just be sick instead of forging forward like I usually do.  I do not want bronchitis for Christmas!

I don't really feel like sitting here typing so this will be pretty quick. 

We had errands to run.  I just wanted to be home, but I needed to go get my Secret Santa stuff - who I guess my person will figure out who it is since they won't get a gift today and I'm out!  Had Rx to pick up and also went to get Tugie's Rx and then to see Granny.  I didn't get close to anyone thinking that I was probably coming down with something.  But as the night wore on it was clear - as scratchy throat gave way to severe sore throat. 

We watched Below Deck and ate pizza.  I sucked on cough drops much of the night. 

Tugie started out in her little bed on the floor, then wanted in our bed as she began "umphing" and so I told her she is ALWAYS welcome in our bed.  But as soon as she got settled, she began wanting down again.  So she slept in the little bed on the floor again all night.  She wants to be with us but yet is realizing she really wants her own bed.  I hugged her and told her I just want her comfy and happy and she could be where she needed to be. 

Good grief I'm glad I have umpteen boxes of kleenex.  I'll put one in each room! 

Well, off of here to go try to get z's that were missed in the overnight.  Let's see if we can knock this out.  Ya'll have a good one!