Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Afternoon at Calfkiller Brewery

Getting to share pics from Saturday in Sparta, TN.  Loved it here.  Your true hippie comes out.  I love the story that you can find here on this fun website of the two brothers.  "Calfkiller" is the name of a river near by.  And is the name of a Cherokee chief that lived in the valley long ago.  Beautiful area!

George, Sonya, Don, and Lisa

Tomorrow I'll share the goat farm and creamery!  ;-) 

Well, yesterday was good for a Monday.  I was well rested.  It was cleanse day.  I relished it.  It was needed as it's been two weeks.  Last week I was at Global Celebration and it was not a good cleanse time.  Sleep was excellent last night.  It always is on a cleanse night and on this system I usually do sleep well anyway.  It was hard to get up though this morning.  

Plans for tonight.  I think something always going on this week.  All fun, but I'm living for Saturday where zero is planned.  I told George to keep it that way. 

He was sending me emails about going to Murfreesboro for some Comedy guy.  I told him that did not appeal to me at all really and that we needed to be selective about what we said yes to.  I mean I like to laugh but stand up comedy is just not something that appeals to me.  I usually say yes to whatever he wants to go to but honestly I don't want to go to that.  I'd rather stay home.  There is so much that I want to do and I cannot ever find the time to do it.  And it seems like fate or life is just trying to fill up any time as it becomes vacant just to keep me occupied so I can't do what I want to do.  Then I scramble to try to get it done.  Or usually what happens is that it just doesn't get done!

Anyway, I'll stop moaning.  I'm trying not to do that.  But it is a little frustrating.  I've had only about 6 hours of self time in the past two weeks on the evenings and weekends to get anything done and that has mostly been laundry.  But I do know these have been unusual times lately. 

I was hoping we'd get rest this week but we have filled it up with something every night.  Fun but I'm ready for some "me" time.  

Monday, August 13, 2018

Cellar 53 Winery in Brush Creek TN

This sounds good to me.  Guess what!  I'm going to look at RV's this week.  There is an open house near my work and I want to go peek. This sign was at the Cellar 53 Winery in Brush Creek TN.  We love going out there.  

I think I shared a couple of these yesterday but wanted to include them again in case anyone sees on the blog so it'll all be in one entry. 

We had a beautiful day for our excursion.  

 We paid for a wine tasting but it was waived when we bought wine. 

Then I discovered this:  

It's totally JUST parmesan cheese.  We all munched on these in the car. 

Well, I have done the Target Order this morning and the Mind and Body Program for today but I have numerous days to go back and catch up on.  

Our schedule has suddenly popped this week when we thought that we would get a little break.  It's all fun stuff though.  We are actually laughing.  We have also planned Mom's birthday outing and our Anniversary.  We are doing a walk for a charity in Sept.  We have another birthday dinner this week and a Jeff Beck concert we had forgotten about.  We have shower coming up for a cousin next weekend.  We are trying to hold on and keep this Saturday open for being home and doing nothing.  And Lisa J and I have booked up our Sunday's doing the Sip and Savor's so we can share and bless others with nutrition! 

George and I had a great time out yesterday celebration his birthday - the actual day.  We went to McKay's bookstore.  And also went to PF Chang's after.  

I'll be sharing pics as the week progresses.  Back to work and have an 8 a.m. meeting with the bosses on the plans for recruiting from another county.  

Better go get ready.  More later.  Sorry I've been so spread out.  At least I've been able to focus somewhat to be prepped for all we are trying and needing to do.  

I should do a private blog entry soon and will try to carve out the time.  But not right now.  Running 15 min behind and need to catch up. 

Have a good day!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Been a Crazy Week, but I'm Baaaack!


Twice this week I've done an entry and have been so busy and distracted, that I discovered I had not hit the send button at all to Pubish it.  How sad is that.  It's been busy with very little time at home. 
And as of right now on Sunday night, I've been home since Tuesday night and I've still yet to unpack from last weekend.  

We have buried Granny.  We have celebrated George's birthday.  And now I'm ready to concentrate on a list of things I desire to get done.  

I don't even have time to do a proper entry right now.  But I will do my best over the next few days to catch up. 

We spent yesterday with Don and Lisa.  And enjoyed our day so much!  We toured 4 counties going to wineries and breweries and distilleries and a goat creamery.  All things George loves to do.  We had a lot of fun and got lost in a "hollar" on Pea Ridge Road.  It seemed to curve around a mountain for 6 miles. 

I have pics to share from this week, but if you are itching to see what we were up to - go click above on "You Tube"  in the menu bar and go to my page and you can watch what all we did.  

We are about to watch a movie now and eat dinner - so I need to go.  I'm so sorry for not posting the missing blog entries.  I may go back and post at some point, but for now I'll just start from here.  I'm behind on everything in life, but very excited at all we have planned and very excited about everything that is happening around me.  

Truly been a crazy week.  But I'm baaack!  ;-) 

Friday, August 10, 2018

A Lot to Do but...Everything is Possible with God

Good morning!  I sit here sortof empty minded. Coffee has not kicked in and it is Friday and honestly, I have had enough of thinking about anything for the week.  The week has slammed us.  I am ready for rest.  Yet I head back to work to try to catch up on paperwork - insurance invoices, FMLA's to process, benefit questions to answer and complete, and who knows what else. 

The interview day was part successful and part a bust.  I had three that showed and 5 that did not.  It was a pretty long drive.  Over an hour and an hour an a half or longer coming home in traffic.   It  made for a very long day.  Not a drive I'd prefer.  I fully intend to turn in gas mileage (wear and tear) for any of these business trips out of the ordinary - especially as gas prices rise and my mileage on my car goes up.

Last night I was so glad to be back home.  As was George.  People continue to be so nice.  A plant arrived, and a basket of goodies and lots of cards.  George was taken to lunch.  We sat and began to talk about the week - and then was interrupted with a long phone call and then we watched Below Deck.  I fell asleep during it.  That is why when the next week comes and I go to watch it George says "we've seen this one" and I say "no we haven't".  lol

I'm looking forward to finishing the unpack, finishing up some laundry, and getting the house in order.  I did a bit of it last night.  I need to write Thank You notes from this week.  I have a lot to put on the calendar.  I have about a week's worth of "Mind and Body" daily sessions to catch up on. 

Lisa and I are going to be scheduling some sessions and my business is about to take off and soon will be turning Associate Status to Consultant.  Also will be planning some exercise as well.  George and I will be doing a walk for the Crises Pregnancy Center in Sept.  All of these dates for things are floating around in various places and need to be in my calendar.  We also have to reschedule Mom's birthday.  And George's birthday is coming up as well. Also need to get my nephew's birthday card in the mail. Head spinning round and round as the coffee comes in waking me up and I realize what all I need and want to do.

Much to plan, much to do. But everything is possible with God. We'll let that be the theme of the day - not that it shouldn't be the theme for all days!  Tomorrow we will be hanging with friends going on an excursion we've planned from a couple of months ago. 

So, I need to go and finish getting ready and get all I need for the day.  Hope everyone has a fab day. 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Turning Bitterness into Sweetness....Somehow!!!

No rest for the weary here and you know what?  I'm pretty sure no one cares but me. lol

So up at 3:30 before the rest of the household to get my shower, and get it out of the way.  I ended up having a bit of blog time.  I will need to be on the road by 6.  If two hours and 15 minutes (double time) doesn't get me to Dickson, TN by 8 then I will be late.  I don't want to be late, but if it takes over 2 hours to get there from here, then I just will be.  I'm giving myself twice the time. 

I am not happy about working today.  George wanted me to take my 2nd day of bereavement like everyone else on the earth does.  I probably should have listened but don't want to have to deal with what I would have to deal with to be able to do that so I'm giving in and going in and interviewing in Dickson.  I don't have the interview list nor the resumes, but hoping I have them before I get there.  I absolutely REFUSED to work on funeral day.  I drew the line there. All I did was send one text to my asst to please send the schedule and the resumes so I'd know what I was doing.  And I looked on line to see where I was going.  

I really if anything need to be back at the office as I have a lot of stuff going on there.  But I'm just a robot taking one day at a time.  I was looking forward to the weekend where I could get some time off to at least do laundry and unpack and get some rest.  However, we have plans through like Tuesday I think.  It's ok.  I am thankful that rest and sleep have been good so that I could meet everyone's obligations - and my time is coming later.  And OH is it. I'm trying not to be bitter about working today - but today had to happen today - heaven forbid - it can't be next week  - it had to be today.  So I'm doing a devo for God to take my bitterness and turn it in to something sweet.  I realize I'm tired.  We have had a stressful week but yet in some ways a fun week.  At some point whenever that is we'll get to decompress and take it all in.  

And yes. The coffee is good. And flowing nicely.

So yesterday we got ready - and in my effort to try to be the Proverbs woman, I made boiled eggs for everyone - but Katy and I had shakes (lol).  So not all the boiled eggs were eaten. I put them in a lunch snack pack with an ice block and then we started out with a beautiful sunny day and a drive over.  We could see the storm clouds coming waaaaay off.  We enjoyed seeing everyone at the visitation and then it became time for the funeral.  As we went to view the body, before the funeral, I told George if he felt like he needed to cry just remember I had boiled eggs in my purse.  He laughed out loud.  lol.  

It was a wonderful funeral and a wonderful tribute to who she was.  It was not your ordinary funeral.  It was with a lot of laughs.  Just like Granda's was.  

I am so pleased that it went well.  Afterwards we had a nice brunch at the Gallatin Church of Christ where we used to go to church a long time ago.  

And we came home and had 3 hours in the afternoon to be home.  George and Katy and Cody went to get ice cream - I did laundry while I could, and took one of the larger arrangements and made them into individual arrangements so we could place them about the house.  I made one vase of flowers for the next place we went - to Cody's grandmother's.  They invited us over for dinner.  How I loved that.  It was like Nanny's.  Fried chicken, squash casserole, apple dumplings (OMGoshGood), lima beans, potatoes, slaw, tomatoes, pork chops, corn and cherry cheesecake and sweet tea.  Wow! 

Then home again and off to bed.  George and the rest stayed up to learn how to play LCR game.  I could not!  I'll have to be forgiven later.  I was tired. 

So gotta go and get ready to leave.   I'm going to try to enjoy this day.  It is another day the Lord made and there is no reason to be bitter.  It's my choice.  I've chosen to please another instead of myself for not taking the day.  It was truly my call.  I chose not to cancel the plans.  I knew when making the plans that it was not going to be good timing for me - but I would be the one inconvenienced.  I knew it going in.  And I think that is why I was so upset going in b/c I knew I didn't have the backbone to stand up and say no.  I usually do.  But I was trying to please everyone.  So I know I am easily manipulated sometimes into doing others "things".  I can manipulate too so I get that. 

Anyway, I'm going to go do this day b/c I chose to do it.  I will honor my commitment and then come home and crash - unpack, and do laundry and try to catch up on life tonight.  

Hope you have a wonderful day!  I'm gone for more coffee!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Transition From Celebration to Bereavement

Started out the day yesterday with a devotion from James and a k-cup coffee in the hotel room.  
Had to be at Lisa and Lou's room at 6:30.  I have had early mornings and late nights.  But the sleep has been awesome, what little there was. 

On the way out yesterday, I enjoyed the architecture on the walk to the Bridgestone Arena for our last session of the day. 

The session was really great.  A lot of good material, good speakers and excitement at Global Celebration.    

The event was over at 12:40 ish and we headed back to hotel.  I had put my bags in Lisa and Lou's room since I had to check out.  So we went back to the hotel and then I called an Uber to take me home to Mount Juliet.  About thirty something dollars but my family did not have to come get me.  

So I showered (it was sticky walking around downtown) and got ready for visitation.  We left around 3:30 to get to funeral home to set up pics for the visitation.

Here's a few pics of George's Mom (far right) and her three sisters.

I love this little nook in the funeral home.  I wish I had that in my house.  ;-) 

George's Mom.

The "sisters" went and got their glamour shots...

                                                          Loving the pointed toes.

More recently - perhaps about 4 years ago?  

Katy and her Sister in Law, Brianna who we all call "Breezy"

Cody (far right) and his two brothers.  I love this picture.  

The funeral home has such a nice facility.  Here is the family area. 

Whoever brought the chick filet nuggets needs a big thank you.  And someone brought basil chicken salad.  Those nuggets - I'll have to remember that.  It's perfect to nibble with those here and there at a funeral home.  Once I popped down there for a quick nibble and back up the stairs again.  lol

And there is a big beautiful magnolia out front.  I took a pic of a bloom as we were leaving and this is now on my lock screen on my phone!

Afterwards we went to my SIL Susan's (and Kevin's) for a lasagna dinner and salad.  Someone had brought it to her house.  So we had a nice time with family together.  Another late night but we came home and went to bed.  Again sleep was good.  

Pretty flowers in my SIL's kitchen.

So we are going to head out around 8:30 or 9 I think.  Visitation and funeral is today.

It was good to see so many last night from our old church.

Back to work tomorrow even though George wanted me to take off.  But I'm not comfortable being able to use my normal allotment of bereavement of two days.  I am fighting with myself trying
 to let go over a few things and how I felt when trying to take off for just two days of vacation and possible family time knowing this funeral was coming soon.  A lesson on priorities was immediately given when vacation and bereavement time mentioned, and of course I felt like I was supposed to feel guilty for taking off. I couldn't help but feel manipulated whether intentional or not. So I have been afraid to take my allotment of time due out of fear things would be harder if I did.

 We were a bit floored and overwhelmed by the pressures this past week.   And yes, I sat in the arena yesterday working - going through resumes of my flippin' vacation day when I was supposed to have been enjoying my day b/c I have to be interviewing out of town tomorrow and the only way I could do that was if my assistant set interviews and the only way she could that was if I went through emails and sent them to her.  I'm about as put out as an old wet hen on a hot summer day at this point.

My family, however, has been wonderful. They were insistent on my continuing with Global Celebration.  They knew how important this was to me. And George wanted his day by himself.  I also knew that people would be judging me for not being home with George the early part of the week during this seminar but we spent the evenings together and I was still with family at times during it.  But this was a decision that we made together.  So it's really no one's business if they did judge.  But  you know they do judge.  So let them waste brain cells on doing so.

I will say that I am about over the stresses of this week that have unnecessarily been put upon us during a week in which we needed less stress.  And THAT will take some time to get over and quite frankly I'm not sure I ever will.

And I will leave on that note.  In the mean time.  My house is a wreck.  But my family stands firm and we will ROCK whatever we decide to do from here.  But I do not take this week lightly - NOT AT ALL.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Global Celebration

Here we are...Bridgestone arena on Sunday....I’m at the beginning of the line up there. Waited in the heat for an hour. 

Finally in and it was so exciting....

Our crew...just part of us.

Absolutely love this company. So much more than products!

What it’s all about is being the best YOU that you can be....

It’s a way of life! 

Taking over the town....banners every where!

Sunset Sunday night from the Nashville city center.


Just Wow! People getting their lives back.

New products released this week....essential oils!

My t shirt...

My team!

This was cute....

Another product was announced. 


Got food truck tacos yesterday. 

Bridgestone Arena....

Our team...All started with one person who shared with two people who shared with two.......lives were changed and so it continues. 

My view from hotel. 

Got to have dinner with George and these two! Yesss! Hattie B’s HOT Chicken!

From the hotel at night.

Wonderful day yesterday and the big Surprise was Vanilla Ice! 

Slept good last night! Absolutely loved this!

Up today and have half session today then off to home for Granny’s visitation and funeral tomorrow.