Sunday, February 18, 2018

Installations, Security Systems, and Early Morning Housework

Well, this is not a very good picture.  I need to take a pic with the whole room in it so  you get the vision of the size.  Geek Squad came about 11.  And they were here until about 2:45 or 3:00.  They first had to assemble the stand.  We had asked if we needed to have the stand shipped to our house or get it in advance to assemble and they said no that it would be easy to assemble and not to worry about it.  So the Geek Squad guys was nice to assemble it after a "that figures" comment.  I guess you can't blame them.  lol  So they did that first and had a little trouble with it but figured it out.  

Katy watched Roku on our bedroom TV in the back and kept all 4 dogs back there in the bedroom while Geek Squad was here.  That was a long time.  

They got the TV set up and had to download some updates.  They told us that we'd have to upgrade to the HD (Hi Def) cable box.  So I called Comcast while they were here.  George and I had no clue but we knew we'd have to call Comcast and update something.  So we found out that if we get our security system set up through them instead of the one we have now, we can actually pay $10 less than we are now.  So we'll be looking into that.  

Speaking of security...That reminds me of something that happened this past week that I forgot to mention.  It's nice to know that our neighbors are also added layers of security.  On all sides of us.  We also have people that are at home all day and in and out all around us so that is a good thing.  Some retired and some just home b/c they don't work.   Just last week a neighbor called us alerting us of suspicious activity beside us.  A neighbor actually went through the woods beside us to spy on the suspicious activity and called to let George know for me not to be worried about it if I saw him (our neighbor) sneaking around our house.  I peeked out and became nervous as Katy and George were away at the time.  I could see the car he was talking about.  Turns out it was a friend of the neighbors but was weird that the car turned it's lights off when coming in and going out of the driveway.  Never did hear all the rest of that story.  But it DID scare me when the neighbor came out from the trees after they left.  So eerie - especially since he was coming from the graveyard area of the back yard.  lol 

So, yeah, a revised security system sounds good to me.  The one we have has worked well but if we can save money - why not. 

So they set up the sound bar and xbox and it also had some downloads.  So by the time they were through with all that, hours had flown by. 

Then we headed to Comcast to pick up our new box and cord and remote. 

WE got home and George followed the directions but the comcast remote would not connect.  We called Comcast and some foreigner who barely spoke English tried to help us with no success.  We could barley communicate.  He could not help us and finally told us he'd be right back and then put us on hold and it never came back.  It kept ringing back on his phone from being on hold and so I decided I would just let it ring until he picked up again.  He picked up and hung up so it would disconnect us.  lol  So I called Comcast again and got someone that could at least speak English and be able to communicate.  She reported that happened when we told her.  Someone called us later and George talked with them. 

The new person was unable to get us connected either but told us we could go to the iphone and be able to connect and told us we had a bad remote. 

So George hit a button on the remote and suddenly the TV came up which is what we were trying to do.  lol   So I'm not sure what the deal is.  It worked but in a different way than the remote and the software was trying to get us to.  

So then George cooked pineapple chicken kebobs and we ate dinner.  Katy and George played games and I watched TV until I got sleepy.  The TV is beautiful and we got a little humorous naming the thing.  The first thing that came to mind I said allowed and it made George laugh and so we name it that.  See below.  I'm not retying that.  

Anyway, we are thrilled with it and George downloaded a game on xbox that took 2.5 hours to download and he came to bed late.  So he wanted to play it a bit this morning. 

I got up at 4:30 and did a couple of loads of laundry, did the wee bit of ironing for the week, cleaned the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher and reloaded and washed the extra dishes, made some homemade lemonade.  All the laundry is folded.  

All I need to do is vacuum again and change our sheets.  So I've done several hours worth already. 
It's been tough getting this blog entry done since I did the housework before the blog entry - too much going on distracting me.  

Well George has just now figured out the blueray disc part of the xbox.  He's playing a Beetles disc and it sounds really good with the sound bar.   I knew he'd be so happy with a new updated TV.  As long as we are both patient with ourselves as we get around the learning  I can't wait to sit around and watch funny You Tube videos!  And I look forward to watching all my subscriptions on the big TV.

And I am going to finish up b/c I can't concentrate!  lol 

Sybil asked me if we'd had an earthquake here.  They had one where she is.  We have been known to have itty bitty ones in certain places but nothing big since the real big one back in 1811 and 1812 time period.  The New Madrid fault.  It impacted NW Tennessee area.  

Ya'll have a beautiful Sunday.  

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Geek Squad...On the Way!

Yay, once again...Saturday morning here.  We are all awaiting the Geek Squad to arrive with our TV and treasures.  It is 9:29 as I type.  They are to arrive b/w 8 and 12.  We are rarely on the top end of things here when we have something delivered.  I suppose they go the farthest out and work their way back to our town and then they are at least home when they finish up.  Makes sense.  So we'll probably be more b/w 10 and 12.  

Surprisingly I slept til 6 this morning after going to bed around 9:30.  I felt much better yesterday.  I had a little left over tiredness but as the day wore on I felt better.  And then last night's sleep helped tremendously.  

Katy fixed Tacos last night.  They were really good.  She fixed an extra "lot" of them, lol.  So guess what I had for breakfast.  I think I'm set or the day now.  Although I hear George is fixing pineapple chicken kabobs for dinner.  Everything is marinating now.  

So a neighbor came over and helped George move the TV downstairs.  They really just had to put it on a dolly and move it down.  We are so appreciative of our neighbor Jason.  George gave him a bottle of wine and some money for helping.  And he and George were able to visit for a while.  

Geek Squad just called and they will be here b/w 11 and 12.  So that thrilled George so he could go out to a nearby yard sale that starts at 10.  What yard sale starts at 10? lol  Anyway the timing worked for him.  So he is headed out for that.  

In the mean time it is raining cats and dogs and hippos.  I really wish he would just stay home today but he loves his yard sale finds. He turns them in for credit at McKay's Book Store and then turns around and buy more of what he wants to read, or music he wants to listen to and put on his ipod.   So it makes him happy.  He has yard sale in his blood.  His Dad loved to yard sale every Saturday morning.  He would find these awesome finds and sell them on ebay - and made tons of money doing so.  George did that for a while and we had a nice little business going too.  That was years ago though. 

I have been doing a lot of laundry today.  I think I counted the need for 9 loads if you include towels, dog blankets, and a gentle cycle for sweaters.  

We've cleaned the kitchen and the house was already pretty much clean and most of clothes for next week do not have to be ironed.  I will have to do one shirt and a couple of pants but that is it.  So we are in good shape.

I think I may read some and play some while I have a chance.  I guess this afternoon and tonight we'll be playing with the new TV, assuming we get up and running.  I have no idea if we'll be good to go or if we will need Comcast for something.  I think we will be all set up already since we have internet.  But have no idea as I'm not Smart like the TV is.  Glad Geek Squad is coming.  Worth the $100 to hire them just to have someone fill us in on half a century - buahahahaha!  

More tomorrow and will let you know how it went. 

So what all are you up to today?  

Friday, February 16, 2018

A Clean House and Needing Some Rest

Good morning!  I thought we all could use a dose of early spring - although some of these above really look like late summer flowers - but we'll take it right? 

Neither Kate nor I got flowers for Valentine's but I had bought us ALL some roses a couple of weeks before.  And the Geek Squad brings the TV and such tomorrow.  So that is MY Valentine gift and his too.  And for now Katy's.  WE all got a really nice night out as you saw in last entry.  I do love flowers this time of year and might buy some el cheapo's before long to hold us til spring.  I enjoy arranging them.  We still have the baby's breath in various spots across the house.  That stuff lasts a long time. 

So yesterday I did not feel well.  Not sure how to describe it.  Tired is not even a good word to explain it - but it was more like - it was an effort to move my muscles, my insides were in a battle like my body was trying to attack itself - muscles, bone, blood - you name it.  I struggled but I really wanted to just lay down all day and sleep and rest.  When I got home I vacuumed and then went to bed.  Company is coming to help move the old TV downstairs. George was fixing breakfast for dinner.  They came and got me when it was ready.  I ate and then went back to bed.  My arm hurt all day yesterday as well.  And I kept a patch of icy hot on it all day which helped. The 9 hours or whatever it was - of rest helped tremendously.  I'm still on the edge of exhaustion - mainly b/c muscles are stiff and don't want to move but my brain is a little more active this morning.  I would love to stay home today and take a vacation day and sleep and rest, but I hate to do unplanned vacation days.  I will push through this.

Maisy wanted out this morning at 3 but George realized it - even before I did - and got up and took her out.  Bless him.  

I think I'm going to have to invest in a new pillow before long b/c the one I have is petering out on me. I refuse to spend a lot on a pillow.  But perhaps I can find an el cheapo of that too.  lol It's the height that matters really. And then it has to be kinda soft like a memory foam.  That is where it starts to get pricey.  I'd pay up to $19.99 for one.  Maybe $25 if I was in a good mood.  lol

I came home to a clean house last night - Katy had cleaned EVERYTHING.  What she did would have taken me a day to do.  The kitchen was clean, the living room was plumped up and picked up, dogs beds were straightened, blankets and throws folded, drink glasses put up, dog toys put up, dog dishes put up, books straightened on the coffee tables.  Shoes put up, and everything sitting out was put in it's place.  She also went to the grocery and bought tacos for the weekend.  No argument there.  We are looking forward to it.  

This week has truly gone by fast.  Lightening fast.  I am ecstatic that it is Friday.  Looking forward to some rest tomorrow, the TV coming, and then Sunday we have some plans. 

Well, not a lot to say.  Just needing rest I think.  

Praying for Sybil, who has not felt well.  I hope you get rest too and feel much better!  

Everyone have a beautiful Friday.  

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Wonderful Valentine's Day and an Irish Valentine's Evening

Well yesterday was a fun day.   A couple of us (unknowing that each other was doing it) brought food for the break room.  So we had a nice spread.  Since a lot of us are trying to eat better - we had some fruit and veggies as well.  It all made for a nice little Valentine goody day.  Love to see smiling faces!  Might have brought a little to my own! 

A sweet person at work brought a Valentine for everyone.  She is so kind and has love and kindness in her heart for her coworkers.  Such a blessing to have friends/coworkers that have a big heart to do things like that. An example to us all.

But I could hardly wait to have our evening out with George and these two, Katy and Sarah (my niece)!

And Cody was there in Spirit - with Mardi Gras beads!  

We played a very crude, but very funny card game at Home Grown Tap Room nearby while waiting for our reservation.  The "wait" was planned of course.  ;-)  The card game was hilarious.  But a bit distasteful so shhhh - don't tell anyone we played it.  

Then we went to McNamara's Irish Pub and Restaurant.  A band was going to be playing while we were there.  And they were!

 The appetizers there are AMAZING! 

Onion Rings.  When 4 of you are splitting - it all goes really fast.  Especially if you are hungry!

Potato cakes below dipped in spinach dip.  

Here was the band that played.  The fiddle player was one of the Willis Family girls.  Katy watched their show on TV and knew instantly who it was and most of the family sat at the table beside us.  Katy looked up on the phone to show me.  One of the girls at their table caught on that we had caught on and were googling them, and began giggling and talking about it to her two sisters.  I know b/c they all looked over at us after the whispers.  lol

I was in the bathroom while several of them were in there and casually talked to the Mom.  I wasn't sure at the time who it was though.  We got in a minor discussion about baseball and I said we think we are going to go see the Cubs this year and she said they were from Chicago and had been many times.  I said it was bitter sweet b/c when we get back our daughter will be moving to Texas.  But that she was staying home to keep the 4 dogs.  I added I was embarrassed to have said that we have 4! lol

Later Katy said hello to the Mom and that she watched their show.  And she said "Are you the daughter that will be keeping the dogs so your parents can go see the Cubs in Chicago?"  Katy said "yes that's me!".  It thrilled her to get to meet them.  All of the family seemed so nice.  It was a pleasure to get to see them (and meet them) in person.  I think I only saw one show.  This family has been through so much.  It was good to see happy smiles around! They are beautiful, kind, and very talented.

And as you see I got the blog topper changed.  At least for now.  I might work on a new one at some point but this one works for now.  

So...George has neighbors coming tomorrow tonight to help move the TV.  So tonight we'll be cleaning up the house a bit.  After a few days of working - the place starts to look bad as we are here long enough to mess up and not clean up. 

My arm giving me trouble today.  I have carried and lifted a lot of stuff in the last couple of days - even my purse feels too heavy now.  I think I'll wear an icy hot badge today. 

Well - going for more coffee.  I don't think I want to eat much today after last night.  We had a great time and had fish and chips after those appetizers we split.  It was all soooo good.  I had been wanting fish and got it!  

Ya'll have a good day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day, Morning Traffic, and Saving Up for a Isagenix Splurge

Went in to fix coffee and there was a monkey on the kitchen counter.  lol  

And one of the sweetest cards!  

That included an iTunes card!  ;-)

And Look!  It's got a T.V. inside the heart!  ;-)   And look there is an xbox in with the xxx's and oooo's!

I was Smart to pick him.  And the "Smart" is over the TV!  How clever!  ha.

So sweet.

Well, here's a pic of the traffic mess I go through every day.  You can see the red tail lights up in the distance.  Everyone that lives in Hermitage trying to work their way into the already cramped interstate.  Eventually I get over one more lane to the left so I can squeak by a little faster.  The fartherest lane over to the left quickly turns into an HOV lane, which is not enforced so everyone uses it (but me).  The day I'd try to use it would be the day they would start enforcing it.  I have thought about tying a scarf around the head rest of my car just in case - but neh - I try to follow the rules.

I'm just thankful that we are in a new location b/c as traffic snarls worsen with growth in our area - the commute gets longer.  My commute is about 45 min if I leave around 7.  That is usually late for me to leave - however with Katy home and things going on - it's taking me a bit longer to get ready in the morning b/c I am doing a bit of cleaning and picking up and doing laundry and talking more and just more going on in our household so it's harder to get out the door.  Still if I left at 7 and went to work at the other place I used to work - we are talking over an hour - about an hour and 5 minutes - so it's good we moved to the new location b/c I am not sure how long I was going to be willing to drive in that traffic for that location.  I hated the location too with the druggies and there are gang and drug related shootings going on almost daily in that area and within a 5-10 mile radius.   Still things can happen anywhere but that is a sin infested nasty God forsaken area.  Trash everywhere too and I thank the Lord daily for the change to a new location.  A change was coming somehow b/c I was not happy.  Happy now!  Even though traffic is 45 minutes - it at least moves eventually and although it's a false sense of security - you don't feel like bullets will be flying over in your direction any time soon.  45 minutes is about my limit for sitting in traffic.  Anything over that I get antsy.  But 45 gives you time to transition b/w work and home zones, listen to a pod cast, think, plan, etc.  It's not bad.  Once I'm past that clump of red tail lights - it sails on from there.  

So not a lot to say really except that the week is moving on pretty fast.  

I can't get it out of my head that I am ready to dive into getting the Isagenix.  Here's the one I'm supposed to start with.  It's 83 meals.  I won't be doing it exactly as they say.  For example - I'll probably just be doing one shake a day instead of two.  I will be eating a low cal lunch with a little protein and veggies.  So I predict it will last a while.  The tough part is saving up to buy it.  I do intend on taking the vitamin supplements.  I look forward to having the AMP drink to sip on about once a week.  I just want to feel good.  The shakes and the energy bars - really make me feel better since they are packed with nutrients. 

The initial purchase is huge (where it says "1" above it is a box of it) - but like I said after that you can order ala carte as to what you need.  So it'll take me a while but I'll eventually have a chunk of it.  I wanted to go to the Nashville (show) concert at the Grand Ole Opry in March, but decided not to b/c of this.  lol  And b/c we have bought so much lately - with furniture and TV.  But soon I can purchase the above and hopefully will feel better soon and I bet some lbs come off too.  

I have been listening to Nutrition Diva podcasts and also Eat This Not That Podcast.  The Nutrition Diva was talking about black rice being so good for you b/c of the pigmentation (color) of it - it's really good for you - like dark berries etc.  So I told George that it was suggested to fix it as a cold dish with vinegar and oil along with veggies and so he fixed that for us last night.  

He asked if I would stop at Aldi's and so I did.  He wanted chives and tomatoes for it.  Of course it's been a while since I went to Aldi's.  But I spent about $50 buying mostly healthy things.  I did splurge on some Mexican Lasagna and a bottle of Chardonnay wine that I like from there. 

So today is Valentine's Day.  I'm going to stop at Walmart and get some "goodies" for work.  I meant to suggest that we have "goodie day" and we all bring something but I totally forgot until yesterday.  That is a little late to expect people to go to the store at the last minute.  So I think I'll stop and pick up something for the break room.  None of us need sweets so I'm thinkin a little healthier - fruit, cheese and whole grain crackers?  I have no idea but I'll see when I get there what the options are.  I did think of bagels and cream cheese.  I'm not sure that is healthy.  Depends on the bread type and of course the cream cheese - well, one needs to get a dairy intake, ha? 

I'm going to go for more coffee here!  Ready for another cup although it's not very good this morning.  I think the coffee can has a blend of coffees that are both good and bad and sometimes you end up with a not so good batch if the not so good coffee ends up being the majority of the scoops you scooped out of the can!  lol  Sometimes I will take a "ennnhhh" brand of coffee and mix it with a good one so we don't throw the "ennnhh" away.  But there was one coffee recently that ughhhh - there was no way I'd blend that to anything.  lol  

So what are ya'll doing for Valentine's?  We have some fun things planned.  Will tell you about it tomorrow.  Going for more of a cup of coffee!  And then get ready and get on the road.  

I am not prepared for tomorrow having a new blog topper.   I know I'm ready for a new one but haven't had time to make a springy one.  Might have one from last year.  Well - better go!

Take care and Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Quest to Figure Out Forgiveness.....

Here is a peek into my world.  A little disheveled but 4 cute faces looking at you wherever you go.  A few things out of place, constant cleaning, critter caretaking - but we are having fun.  For example the dogs water bowl is usually NOT kept there, but it seems the best place for it for now as we separate and keep Findlay in the kitchen.  I think she would do ok with the others and with Maisy but she likes to chew still.  So it's best not to tempt fate when we are not there with them.  But they are cuties and this was my scene as I left for work yesterday.  As I leave I say "Bye babies!"  

Also please forgive my out of place white trash can.  The stainless steel one broke and so I bought a cheap one instead.  One day we'll replace with a nicer one.  It helps hold up the gate that goes b/w Findlay and the other dogs so it stays "out of place" there.  lol  The tubs are to pack Katy's food in it for freshness - for Texas.  Right now there are two containers of food (boxed and canned items and spices mainly) on the dining room table that needs to be packed away in air tight containers unless she wants to use them up here.  It's her choice, but I do want it off the dining room table.  She doesn't know so I'm going to do it myself and put it in containers and move it off the table in containers so dogs can't get in it but we can get to the table. 

At lunch yesterday I worked on the Forgiveness module - a study I'm doing on Forgiveness.  I thought I was doing good in my forgiveness sector of my life, lol.  But someone suggested or hinted otherwise.  It confused me.  I thought I was doing what the Bible said.  

After all I have made sure in situations where I've been wronged or sinned against that I: 

  • Turn the Other Cheek 
  • Take the higher road so to speak
  • Don't take revenge
  • Keep silent (even to point of not defending myself)
  • Pray for all involved
  • Ask others to Pray for all involved
  • Seek God's Word in the Situation
  • Asked for others opinion of the Situation
  • Try to understand the motive in the situation 
  • Have maintained love in my heart although hated the actions/words
  • Have maintained that I treat them like I wanted to be treated

I have often gone over and above to: 

  • The selfless act of putting myself in vulnerable, uncomfortable, and unhappy situations to make others happy around me
  • Try to reconnect and repair 
  • Conducted research/reading to try and make sure I am doing my part 
  • Conducted research/reading to try and understand relationships 
  • Give up having to understand why
  • Accept the situation as what it is and go on

And so I read the You Version study yesterday and feel confirmed that I have done everything I could possibly do and more.  And if others don't feel that I have done a good job with my forgiveness then all I can say is Thank Goodness God is our Judge!  

JUST as he has forgiven me....

So what I am not willing to do in a forgiveness situation is: 

  • Continue being there just to be abused and have to take on same behavior
  • Sit back anymore and not say how I feel and hold it in.  A person needs to be heard. That is my right as a person. Communication is the key to repair. 
  • Not be present if it brings peace to all around.  
  • Change my personality to suit another
  • Change my location to suit another - although if asked might be considered
  • Quit my job to suit another - unless it's my spouse that has issues with it
  • Have others make decisions for me b/c they want to manipulate me to do what they want selfishly.  
  • Wipe the past under a rug as if it never happened.  We were made with memories. It's best to work through it to get past it, not ignore it so it happens again. 
  • Ignore the problem.  I'm not stupid.  I shouldn't have to act as if a problem does not exist. 
  • Be in a place with someone when the person doesn't want me there and has told me so. I'm not going to force myself on them.  

I grew up in the Church of Christ.  I remember when people sinned and didn't repent, they would cut them off from the church and be shunned so to speak.  It didn't happen often, but the concept is there.  I truly believe having read the passage, is that action of cutting them off... 1)  Is a final act that aids the sinner to think about the impact of their actions and sinful behavior in hopes of a turn around. 2)  It protects those that are in the body of Christ from having to be around such behavior (removes the bad apple from spreading).  I think even God rejects those that refuse to do right by Him. He forgives and hates the sin and loves the sinner.  He says that one day he will reject those that did not love Him and do His will and will spew them out saying "I never knew  you" but He gives us many chances.  

There have been times in my life in which I too, have been "cut off" or given adverse action by my own sin and behavior.  There are times when it is necessary to cut someone off from having access to you.  My point is that:  God does it, the Church does it, Parents do it.  

Why would I be any different?

While I am certainly NO God, I have only rejected people in my life that have done wrong by me when they showed no sign of wanting to repair the relationship, or if they have harassed me to the point of it being unhealthy and I simply do not subject myself to it any longer b/c it is the healthiest thing to do. 

You can't force yourself on another person.  You can't make them like you if you don't.  I can't claim to be a perfect person, but I have tried hard in my life to make sure my forgiveness department works. To try to Love the person and hate the sin/behavior.  It seems important to God, and I am struggling daily with the thought of forgiveness and what that means, especially if others feel I'm not being forgiving.  Yet they have also not been able to explain why I have failed.   It used to seem so easy to just forgive someone.  But what it doesn't mean is what I most struggle with.  I do know that forgiveness is what God thinks it is and NOT what someone else thinks it is unless they are on His wavelength.  

So after doing my study and thinking through some things.  I think I'm on the right path.  I'm doing what God wants me to and I've gone over and above to try to make sure what I do is correct.  I can't just be a doormat to people and say "here I am -mistreat me some more, please"!  And if others don't think I'm doing right on my forgiveness path,  then I'd like to hear what more you could possibly expect?  I'd say anything left to say or do is in another's court.   I can't be the only person in a relationship to carry the torch of love for both parties.  I can only control my own actions.  I have no more magic wands.  They were are all out at Walmart.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Well Did We Get the TV or Not? Read and See...

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to some spring.  I think we will really appreciate it this year.  It's been a colder than normal winter for us here in TN.  Normally we get a lot of 50 degree days and can wear light jackets with periodic dips in which we can throw an extra layer on and get through.  I've not looked at the forecast yet but Friday when I saw it, it looked like we would have some 50 degree days this week.  Of course with the spring, comes the tornadic storms and I do not like that.

Well, yesterday we ended up not going to church.  George got up right at the last minute and we could have rushed.  But with church being several miles away, flood warnings still out and rain still continuing and us being in our continued winter hibernation period - we chose to stay home.  Katy was sick but seems to be holding her own and not getting worse, thank the Lord.  With a middle schooler having died with the flu here in our hometown, it gets very real and scary.  I am thinking that metro schools will be out due to the flu but they have not done it yet.  They have used up all of their snow days that would be used for this.

Around noon the rain stopped and so we got ready and about 1 went to Best Buy to look at TV's.  It's on the main road and it's not flooded so I was good to go there.  George said as we were backing out "I don't know if we'll be getting a TV today or not, just so you know."  I said "I know, I figure we won't be so don't worry I'm not getting all excited yet." lol  He said it would happen and we want it to be right.  I agreed.

So I go with little expectation.  I still had hope but knew that he may want to wait.  I figured it wouldn't happen.  I figured the Lord would be mad at us for not going to church and for going to buy a TV instead so I figured we'd be punished instead.  George gets mad at me when I think that like but I guess I was raised to believe that God punishes you when He is not pleased much like a parent or person would do if you did not please them.  lol  I vowed to do a lot of study this week on forgiveness.  Apparently I still have some issue with that.  Or at least others think I do, so I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong in my forgiveness arena and what God says about it.  So more on that later.  Right now we are going to buy a TV, lol.  Maybe.

So we park.  And George takes FOR EEEEEEEVER to gather his things and get out of the car.  The cold front air was coming through and the wind just enough to be uncomfortable.  So I wait and wait and finally start walking toward the door.  I'm making you all wait just like I had to wait.  lol

So we go in and immediately TV's are to the right - he noticed his 2nd choice of a brand and said "that is a doable option and we could do that one today if we wanted".  But then he saw it.....

He saw the one he picked out and it was on sale but it had been opened and then sealed shut.  He said he didn't want the floor model.  But this one was one that Geek squad had taken to a customer and it was too big for the space and they had to go down a size and they said the customer never touched the product. And they would give us a discount on it.  George asked if I was ok with that. I said "yes, b/c you have a return policy that will allow us to return it if anything is wrong with it at delivery".  The sales person said "absolutely".  George also bought a two year warranty.

So the one we got was:

Sony - 65" Class (64.5" Diag.) - LED - 2160p - Smart - 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range

We got the sound bar, the stand, an xbox with blue ray player.  

Microsoft - Xbox One S 500GB Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Console Bundle with 4K Ultra Blu-ray - White

And we have scheduled delivery and set up by Geek Squad for an extra $99.  And they are coming Saturday to set it up.  Holy Halelujah!  

And it was all 24 months same as cash, no interest.

So how exciting is that?  

I don't know what to expect - like will we need to upgrade or rearrange our cable?  Heck we may be able to reduce it.  That would be awesome.  George says we may need to go back and get a universal remote program thingie.  Or who knows it may be just an app.  We have no idea.   lol  When you emerge into this century - it is strange.  lol 

So this is all a big deal for us as you know.  I've been wanting a new den experience for a while with the updated sofa and TV.  And it's all coming together.   I'm sacrificing an upgrade to the kitchen for this b/c I was getting to the point I really didn't want to sit in our den any longer on "Itchy and Scratchy".  

So this is all very exciting.  George said the TV was Alexa ready.  Looks like it's Google or Alexa either one.  I don't really know what that means though - maybe we can get information about programming via Alexa?  I guess we'll be finding out.  Woah!  

Well, I need to get make up on, and get packed for the day.  

Oh but I meant to say - we went to the store and then came home and George fixed a roast in the Instapot.  I cleaned the kitchen yesterday and did not get my ironing done.  I was ready to sit and got all involved with the Sister Wives binge watching that Katy was doing.  And then this week's episode came on.  So we missed the ice skating on the Olympics for Sister Wives.  lol  Then we all went to bed at 9.  

George now has to find someone to help move the old TV down stairs.  

I've been looking at the Isagenix stuff this morning.  Trying to figure out what all is in the pack and what I want to order.  Very excited about that.  But have to save up for it.  I expect my side of the grocery bill to go down each week in a big way but I do not want George to have to put up with the expense of me spending that much on the front end.  I have quite a bit saved up with Christmas money and blow money and we get more blow money at the end of this month. I think I have some more money coming to me in March and then perhaps I can do it.  I've been saving blow money by not eating out fast food.  

Anyway, at least I have some shakes to get by with til then.  I'm looking forward to the Amp drink.  I have to try the energy shot this week and the greens in a bottle this week.  

I need to shut up and quit typing and get ready for work - geez - where does the time go?  Tonight will be ironing since I didn't do that yesterday, some chopping for this week, and working some in the kitchen. And I need to continue my forgiveness study and some plans on YouTube to make up for not going to church.

Ya'll have a great day.