Sunday, May 19, 2019

Organizing my World and Resting in Him

I had to laugh turning the page.   For ONCE - NOTHING!  lol  It was a little disturbing actually.  But it was refreshing.  So I've spent the day trying to organize my life again.  Everything has been so disheveled lately.  I think that it has been so busy and stressful that I have basically just shut down.  It's been ok though, as that is exactly what I needed to do.  

What does it mean to shut down?  You ignore the to do list and do whatever the heck you want and hope that you don't forget anything important.  I did forget a few things, but I guess it was all ok.  I usually don't do well when I don't have lists.  I had a few lists floating around - in my calendar and phone but I ignored them until I had time to deal with it all.  

The first focus was just relaxing and trying to get the BP down so that meant reading and just going with the flow.  I've even chosen not to stress with that the last two days by not even taking the BP reading.  I will mainly just be doing that M-F around 6 p.m.

It has been lovely just taking deep breaths at night, watching my shows, and not giving a flying fruitcake about anything. 

I did that until Friday night....not care....that is.  Friday night I began to emerge, do a chunk of laundry, and a lot of my Saturday chores such as ironing, packing my Isagenix packs for the 5 work days coming up, and packing for my next cleanse day - whenever that is.  I think it will be Tuesday a week from now to let the antibiotics work.  (It's not really working though. Whatever made my finger blister up - it's still holding strong.  The only think that helps is antibiotic ointment.  Weird.)

Saturday we didn't have a whole lot of time at home as we went to a Grad party and then went to a friend's house where we had a splendid time - all of us unloading from our stress induced weeks.  It's not just me. 

Here we are with Luc, our next door neighbor at his grad party.  

But TODAY.   Oh gosh, TODAY.  Even though I was up at 5 a.m. it was grand and glorious.  I've finished more laundry, ironed (I was behind in that too), swept and mopped the kitchen, vacuumed (and swore I was done with the carpets until George allows us to get the much needed flooring - after all the other 12 month same as cash things are paid off).   I scrubbed the tub, toilet, and redid my bathroom sink and cosmetic area to look more feminine and pretty and switched out a few things.   I went through old emails and printed out receipts for my business I'd forgotten about - those Ubers I took in January (should have rented a car, lol).   I've gone through all my OLD to do's and did a bunch of them, looked up things on the internet I'd been wanting to check out.  I ordered my Isagenix, ordered some things from Blair I'd seen in a magazine (ok they are what I call weekend bras, lol - did you need to know that?).  

I ordered a devotional/journal called "100 Days of Less Hustle More Jesus" from DaySpring.  I mean can you get more specific Lord when you send these e-mails?  lol lol lol 

Yes, the ad for this was in my email!  It's perfect for me and I'll share my journey with you as I cruise through it daily.

I've gone through all the things laying on my desk at home for me to look at, deal with, check out and so forth.  All this feels so good.  I've been so far behind.  

So this has been good.  Today has.  And yesterday.  Yesterday I even found a way to exercise at home.  To music on Spotify on the Big TV.  Just exercising to the music, dancing, stretching, moving - whatever works - working up a sweat, feeling good, getting it done.  Getting rid of stress there too. The weekend has been so freeeeeee -ing and I thank the Lord for it.   So I can ge "me" back and also get on track. 

George has been adding "rubber" mulch to everything outside.  It is looking good.  Should help more with the weeds. 

And you can see my Asian lilies and also the mulch here.  Looks very good.

And at our friend's house - enjoying time with them and their pool, good food, and the kitties. 

Meet Waffles.

We played some kind of Splashball game here.  Had fun and enjoyed it.

I loved our friend's screened in porch. 

Then the FULL MOON showed up over the neighboring houses.  And as the skies darkened, I saw a shooting star.
And as the night dipped into the 9:00 p.m. hour I became really sleepy.  The yawns coming every few minutes.

I miss my shakes, but decided to do eggs this weekend.  I did eggs and beans today.  I never get eggs.  So this was nice. 

Roger has decided to join me for my afternoon of catch up in the office.  

I have had a good weekend.  I've even read some and played Candy Crush.  So things are looking up.

I think I just need to keep my focus.  On being me, and letting God set my paths, and letting Him determine what is next.  Til then, my life is a little more organized, and my to do list is back in order.

I'm still a little "lost" as far as a few things go, but as always, I just trot back into God's shelter and say "what now, Lord, b/c I sure don't know".   For now He's just saying "Rest in Me".   He's not asking for a lot - just taking care of me, of us, our house and our doggies and as He lays the assignments.  I don't have to prove anything to anyone, I don't have to be owned by anyone, I don't have to be pressured by anyone.  I just have the task of being me.  That takes a lot of energy right there. I guess God wired me different than the rest.  It takes a lot of energy to get through the day sometimes. I'm not sure what His big goals are for me.  I'm anxious to find out.  Because right now I feel like I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be reaching for?  I'm just grateful He is saying "Just REST in Me Child!" 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Adjusting the Sails, In Pursuit of Zen just flat beautiful!  

And today is just flat wonderful.  Why?  Because....

Thank the LORD in heaven above. 

I have been very non-productive after work - in an effort to just CHILL OUT like my doc said. 

Yesterday I did another meditation thing for 5 minutes on a You Tube app I subscribed to.   That was nice.  It wasn't a thankful body part podcast this time.  Just a freeing of the mind and relaxing of the body kind of thing and focusing on breathing. 

My walking continued.  I'm 3 days in, but it was pretty hot out there at almost 80 by the time my walk ended.  Today it's going up to 88, so I'm afraid my outside walking is over.  And I'll have to either join a gym again or just walk in place on the Wii or something but that is not the same.  It will not happen in the morning I don't think.  Unless I don't blog, get to work early and walk there before it gets hot.  I wish there was an indoor track nearby.  I'd like that better than a treadmill. 

The good news is that the BP is coming down.  I was in the 130's yesterday so the new meds are starting to kick in I think.  I'm taking my BP as soon as I get home and change clothes.  I give myself a few minutes from climbing stairs and hauling all my day supplies up to get back to a normal pace.

I have to work with my mind though to figure out how not to be stressed during the work day.  It's very hard not to keyed up.  But I'm trying to learn to focus on one thing and forget everything else.  Sadly though - it means I do forget some important things waiting in the wings.  I get home and remember - oh crap - oh well!  But like I had said, someone has to wait so I guess it was those two people I didn't get back to yesterday.  Sadly that will likely keep happening as there's only one of me trying to fix so many things and answer so many questions.  I've tried "teach people to fish" instead of me Lording over everything.  lol  My Mother is wanting me to find something else that is over one plant instead of 4, a transport company, and sales and corporate.  Of course I love my job and my coworkers.   I'll likely just keep doing what I'm doing, and if things don't get done they just don't.  I just have to figure out how to eliminate the stress and anxiety and adjust to the madness and not let it stress me to see things back up. 

Then my email crashed and there are a couple of bad issues with my computer.  The scan was running when I left yesterday and it already had 2 critical issues, so things are likely to get even more behind.  I'm just shaking my head.  It is what it is.  I'm not turning Buddhist or anything but there is something to their attitudes of just accepting things.  lol

I remember through the years the common phrase is:  It is what it is.  lol  We got so tired of hearing it and saying it, but I guess it's true.  I try to be positive and it seems the more positive I become the more the evil spirits just follow me around and try to mess with me.  Yes our world is full of the "pricipalities" of this world.  So many things we can't see - many we can and can feel it. 

If I start wearing garlic around my neck and laying onions about and burning sage - you will know I'm in full combat mode.  And you might be seeing me in this position.  I wish I could do this in my office.  Two many windows, lol.  Hard to do in the car, but I could do this w/o crossing my legs, lol.  So I'll probably be meditating in my car. 

I could also add rows of bamboo to my office. 

Or a zen garden. 

And since everyone else is stressed too, b/c it's not just me squawking, we could have a zenparty in the hallway, or even better, outside near the tree clusters - and amidst the tulips. lol.

Today I am planning to listen to waterfalls and smell peppermint or spearmint.  Drops on cottonballs placed strategically through my office. lol

Because when I have a goal, I will meet it.  My goal is to not be stressed and get the BP down - whatever that takes.  And Sonya reaches her goals.  ;-)   My health comes first.  And then I begin focusing on some other goals as well. 

Talked with my friend Lisa and we are wanting to rent an RV next year for the four of us and go on a vacay somewhere.  We have to get the date and plans set though soon b/c once the time comes around the vacay days get planned somewhere else.  Guess what?  George says he's in with that!  ;-)

Anyway I am off to finish getting ready and then heading in for this fine Friday.  I think I'll go grab something out today - for lunch.  Something healthy.  Kinda craving my Cracker Barrel salad a bit. 
I may go there and sit and enjoy it instead of bringing it back to the office.  ;-)

Ya'll have a good Friday.  Looking forward to the weekend. 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Speaking to Body Parts, Stress, and Walking

Well, the above was the worst it's been after a full day of work, going to the doc, getting charged full price on the insurance $300 for the meds (they didn't have my new info yet), and going to the store, figuring out what was for dinner, and then trying to program this damn darn BP machine to work.  Had I waited a half hour it'd have been in the 140's over 80 something.  And not sure I was even taking it right.  But it's been 140's most all week.  The new BP meds started on Tuesday and is only slightly more stronger than the other.  I probably need to take a day off but think most of my vacay days are spoken for and planned out already.  (I think).   I'm just holding out for Memorial Day.  But of course I really just need a day at home by myself to read and be quiet - no running around.  

I have been true to the walking 30 minutes a day in a committed effort toward the health focus/health goals, instead of working at my desk through lunch.  I know now I need to get away from the desk for a few minutes.  It seems like all my life I'm having to try to find ways to deal with stress.  I think God just made me to be a calm persona.  And I'm really surprised that stress can do this as I thought my food system would protect me.  But the doc said even if you eat perfectly, (I don't always, but much better) if you don't exercise and deal with the stress, you will still have the potential for BP issues.  So I'll exercise and start focusing on bringing this down.   I have to go back for a physical in July so I really need to make sure we aren't haven't a lot of wine and desserts b/w now and then.  Sugar can make your BP go up.  If I stick to my plan and protein, I will be ok I think.  I always seem to go to the doc right after I've been really bad.  lol   

Walking in our complex has just been beautiful the last few days.  I always listen to some kind of podcast.  Tuesday I listened to a meditation program.  Even though I was walking instead of laying down.  It was having me go through and talk to parts of my body thanking it for it's service (in my head of course, otherwise one would find themselves committed).  The program started at your feet and worked it's way up.  It did the lower leg and the knees and the thighs and I was in great expectation over how he would handle the genital sections.  lol lol  He said "and thank your sexual organs for their service over the years".  I think I laughed out loud at that point at the absurdity of this exercise. I mean here I am walking in an office park and mentally thanking my sexual organs for their service over the years.  Only me.  I mean of all the podcasts, I get this one?  I get it though what they are trying to do.  And truly I am grateful for what each part of my body does in its function. And I did make it up to my eyes, my brain, and so forth.  So while it was sortof relaxing it did reach great humorous proportions.  

Here are pics from the last two days. 

And yesterday, even though I was truly grateful for all my body parts, I decided to go with something a little more traditional - a good ole Southern Beth Moore Bible study - Amen? 

A walk with the Lord on a fine day - there is nothing in this world like it!

I've had salads for lunch the last two days and had shakes for breakfast. 

Someone has either parked or abandoned an old truck in the field here.

And sometimes you find sunshine in odd places?

And I'm drinking more water since Katy gave me this ultra cool Swig cup.  I love the extra monitor at my desk - it's great for a back drop.  

You know what?  I looked forward to cooking and being in the kitchen yesterday.  I was fixing spaghetti (not the enriched pasta kind but a mixture of the spinach and some kind of wheat from Jerusalem lol and lentels.)  It was really good.  I thought we had some ground turkey but I guess we used it, so it'll have to go on the grocery list.  I used grass fed beef. We had that.

Looking out the window, I spotted a deer. 

Here is the book I started this week.  I can already tell in the first chapter it's going to be good.

One thing is for sure, I love a good book and my sleep spray.  Nothing puts you to sleep quicker, except for maybe candy crush and sleep spray.  lol  The sleep support has a variety of things in it, but it does have melatonin.

It is Thursday and Friday's Sister as I call it.  That is a good thing.  It has been a stressful week with too many meetings, too many questions, too many needs, and not enough desk time.  But it is what it is.  Things sit and rot til you get to it I guess.  I already leave the house by 7 and getting home now about 6 or after.  I'm not willing to be gone any more than that.  I have other hats being a wife and I'm still a Mom that wants to talk to her daughter and my Mom too and have doggies and a household and a life.  And one part of my life is not going to take over all my life and that simply is just definably THAT!  So many are feeling like this.  And I think it's all over the US and not just in one place.  But most places I think just have spurts - this workload is continual and never stops.  There's just not enough of me to go around and so I just don't get around.  It's taking longer to get everyone's needs taking care of.  And I'm having to try to work differently - like shutting down email or phones until I get certain things done on my desk.  Or they will never be done.  I may have to start working from home one day a week or something to focus.  I'm not sure.  Kinda strange times.

One thing I do know is I will do what it takes to get the BP down.  

I was telling George yesterday afternoon (sounding board) about a few things just trying to figure a few things out.  I'm not sure what/how things will change, but I'm certain that something will need to change, but for right now people will have no choice but to wait and be patient.  Because wonder woman I am not, nor a deity.  lol  However, I do speak to body parts and tell them how wonderful they are! ;-)

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Words on a Wednesday Morn w/ Coffee

Felt better yesterday - perhaps it was just knowing that I had a new med to save the day.  I was disappointed to get home and realize the BP was still high.  ::sigh:: But I guess it takes time to work.  I was a bit more relaxed yesterday.  I even put lemongrass and lavender in coconut oil and slathered it on my arms.  lol  I smelled it for 1/3 of the day at least.  But considering taking my diffuser in to my office and keeping my door shut.  I may also do what some others do and begin working with the lights off.  And have to continue to find ways to deflect the stress.

In the mean while I stayed late to finish something I've been trying to get to for two weeks.  Then I had to get gas.  I was on E.  Past E actually.  And by the time I got home it was almost time for my zoom call at 7:00.  So I just skipped it after taking the BP on my machine and it was still high -  so I just sipped water and watched my YouTube shows.  I didn't want to think about anything, not even Isagenix, not even listening to this speaker that is supposed to be like a genius or something.  I just sat there watching RV'ers and enjoying the fact that I wasn't having to concentrate, try to please anyone, answer questions, or watch the clock for the next "thing".

At bedtime I listened to some meditation music on YouTube and I guess that messed with my alarm clock.  George turned it off and my alarm didn't go off or if it did I hit it off.  I don't know what happened.  But I let George take his shower first this morning and I went for mine.

I woke up with a headache.  But after the shower it was better.  At least it is Wednesday.  Over the hump day.

I'll try to get my umph back but right now the doc says to just chill out as much as possible.  So the "to do list" is going out the window on the home front for a couple of days.

I did get my 30 minutes of walking in at lunch time yesterday.  It was wonderful and a beautiful day.  I'm so glad I decided to get out and take advantage of it.  I'll share the pics I took tomorrow if I remember.  I put them on Facebook.

The doc said caffeine can make the BP go up.  But I'm drinking my coffee - at least two cups of it.  I noticed a drop in alertness about 1 yesterday and wanted my coffee then and at 3 my e shot but I let them be and did without to try to let the BP meds do their thing.

But I probably will have an afternoon cup of coffee.  I really don't think that will be too much caffeine. I really don't want to do w/o my e-shot either.  So I will probably work those back in.  e-shot is like having one cup of coffee.  If I do one at 1 pm and the other at 3 p.m. maybe that will work.  It gets me through the evening.

I didn't have any wine yesterday although I started to open a bottle of red.  But I was enjoying my cold water in my new cup that Katy gave me.

I need to hop off of here and get ready for work.  I really just want to stay home and do laundry, clean, and be domestic until I feel like coming alive again.

Anyway I'm ok.  Just want to be with my doggies today.  They are so sweet.  I woke up with both Roger and Maisy cuddling against me.  Maisy got mad when I started talking and petting Roger.  She started barking and crawling all over Roger to get up closer to me.  She was at my feet/legs but wanted attention.  Roger was nice and didn't fuss.  But didn't like it too much.  I had to get up at that point and take Maisy out. Roger waits til George is out of the shower and likes for George to take him out.  lol

Oh I did read the first chapter in "My Life in Maine" book last night.  I first saw the book in a brewery in Maine.  I took a pic and then saved in on my wish list on Amazon.  And then asked for it for Christmas.  Since I've cleaned out my books - I also realigned the reading and decided at this point in my life to just begin reading only the ones I'm wanting to read the most, first.  Instead of playing this disciplined game of reading different genres - fiction, biography, travel adventure, fiction, biography, travel adventure.  It had to be in order.  lol  Now I am pulling the one I really want.  Must be in the last 1/3 of my life now huh?  Priorities change.

So I need to get on with it.  More coffee, sorry doc.  But what good is lower blood pressure if you can't even think.  So I need to wake up some more.  Perhaps my spirit, my will, and my desires, and my inspiration, and my willing heart and servant heart will kick in about the 2nd cup?  If not, oh well.  lol

I promised to cook spaghetti tonight.  Looking forward to it.  And I missed cleanse day yesterday but with new meds and antibiotics - was afraid to do it.  Anyway, I better get on with it.  Time is ticking.  And I think the rain is coming today.  Better get the move on it for real this time.  Have a lovely Wednesday.  No one comments much anymore but when I look - it seems people are still reading.  So I'll keep writing.  I do it mainly for me anyway.  But it does help me to be here daily if I think someone (anyone) cares.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Bit of Disappointment, Refocusing, Re-shifting, and Pressing On

Well, everything had been going so well until about six weeks ago.  Going through open enrollment on top of the already stressed out days, plus everything else in life I'm trying to do and keep up with and coordinate and accomplish. 

My blood pressure was way high at the doc.  I had been going in all the right directions. I began thinking that my program was no longer working for me and then I contemplated on what all the last six weeks have been like.  So when the stress started to go up and I began spinning my wheels trying to accomplish what I normally would accomplish but with a heavier work load, I began taking on some bad habits. 

1.  I have been splurging more often instead of less often
2.  I've backed off of trying to exercise using that time for the "to do list" or working through lunches to gain an inch more into getting something/anything done.
3.  It doesn't matter if everything is done right on my program - if there is stress, it will restrict your blood flow/blood vessels. I should have recognized that I needed my stress formula twice a day instead of once.
4.  I've had a lot of salt lately - and way too much popcorn in one sitting.
5.  I often go back for seconds at night hampering further weight loss
6.  Sleep has not been as good.
7.  I've opted for another glass of wine, trying to make myself relax.
8.  Not enough greens and not enough veggies

I probably could go on and on and on.  I knew I didn't feel good the last few weeks.  I knew that over the last few days I've started to have even more problems brewing. 

So it was either fortunate or unfortunate, that I had to go to the doc yesterday for a refill on my BP meds.  My BP had been doing so good.  But it was high - way too high and so he had to put me on different meds and I'll start those today.  It's in the same family but he said it was better and just a little stronger.  Both he and the pharmacy lady said I'd probably not notice anything different, but maybe just a little dizziness at first. 

I left the doc office feeling even more depressed.  Feeling like my system was letting me down, work was letting me down, and life was letting me down. 

Then I remembered the doc saying that it wouldn't have mattered if I'd eaten perfectly, if the stress was high, you'd have the high blood pressure.  So I quit being disappointed in my system immediately.  I realize I let the stress impact me by either doing/not doing those things above. 

So I will work harder at:

1.  Not splurging as often
2.  Taking my lunch breaks and trying to walk
3.  Not eating the popcorn - and if I do not with so much salt. 
4.  Take an extra Ionix if needed (Stress formula).
5.  Cut back on the 2nds
6.  Sleep is what it's going to be I can't perfect it anymore than I already do.
7.  Switching to bubble water and can have a glass of red here and there
8.  Eating more veggies and greens

I have to go back for a physical in July. 

And he gave me an antibiotic for my finger which he said looked like an infection of some sort.   So I've decided with new blood pressure meds and an antibiotic - it's not a good time to do a cleanse today.  I started to wait until Wed to start everything but I knew I needed to get the new BP meds in so they can do their thing. 

So I guess God's giving me a new focus this morning - focusing on me.  Not really what I was intending but it is the way it is. 

I do not feel very good this morning having taken the antibiotic on an empty stomach as it requested to be taken an hour before I eat.  Fifty minutes in I ate a banana b/c of the nausea - it was the type that you need to eat or you'll be sick, shaky and so forth.  Still nauseated and not really wanting coffee now.

So, I'm disappointed that I have to go up in blood pressure meds when I was trying to get off the meds completely.  This is a huge disappointment and a dip for me. 

I guess I'm disappointed in a lot of things really which I won't go into here. 

But, you know me.  I'll just follow God's lead and we'll figure it out together.  We'll figure out what the next step is.  So I'm on my journey yet again to find:

Health, happiness, peace, contentment, joy, love, and whatever journey He sends me on. 

I've tried to find ways to knock out or knock off the stress and in stressful times when you need a break is when usually everything and everyone is coming at you the hardest it seems.   But God only allows coming at me what he will allow. 

That said, I need to wrap this up.  I'm ok.  I'll keep pressing on, but perhaps with a different outlook and probably a bit less zest b/c I'm going to be focusing on me for a while.  Everything else will just have to wait it's turn.  ;-)

And that is all she wrote today!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Mother's Day Lunch and a Day of Relaxation

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mom's day.  We took Mom to eat at Del Frisco's Grill in Brentwood, TN.  We shared an appetizer that was out of this world.  And one I'd never had.  Artichoke Beignets.  The cream sauce it came in was heaven. 

Afterwards we went to Jeni's and I had wildberry lavendar ice cream.  Just a kiddie cone.   

Mom had brown butter almond brittle.   

And I gave Mom 6 pints of Jeni's for mother's day!  It was delivered on Friday!.  

She said it was packed very well on dry ice and was solid still.   I was hoping.  Katy gets it in TX!  ;-)  It was a Christmas gift.  The flavors are enticing.  And there is one on there that is dairy free.  The Texas Sheet Cake is dairy free. 

Well, Katy and I talked several times by phone Saturday and we texted yesterday and we have our excursion booked for June in San Antonio that we are looking forward to. 

After we took Mom back we came home and I did want I wanted for Mother's day.  I fixed a big bowl of homemade pop corn (coconut oil) and watched all my YouTubers shows - sailing, RVing - and was happy to be sitting in my recliner. 

I had planned on doing some planning yesterday to plan my week.  However I did get some things done in my office and quite honestly I decided that my plan for yesterday was not to plan.  I'm pretty regrouped and organized right now and know what I need to do.  My list is getting shorter.  Which is good b/c I've had little time to do things in. 

I've enjoyed my sleeping in some and just being at home more lights my fire!  I love being here.  I worked on the sun room a lot on Saturday.  And had fun making the graphic for this blog and working on it.  So I finally had some creative time.  I still didn't do much cleaning other than the kitchen, working on the sun room and dusting some - just did two rooms.  I need to change the sheets. 

I've not worked any power hours lately at my choice.  The to do's and appointments after work have taken up a lot of time.  However, I'm probably set to begin doing those power hours soon so I don't lose traction and can dive in a bit further in anticipation of meeting some goals. 

It's the week of the full moon.  Ye ha.  So this week will be filled with interruption, hooplah, unrest, accidents, and looney tunes.   However, I'll try to conquer the week.  They are all impossible now to conquer and feel good if I can touch the first 30 % of it.   But that's another monster entirely and one I'm not going into talking about.

So I have a doc appointment today at 6:00 - mainly to renew the BP meds.   

And I'll be back to shaking it today.   After the weekend we had.  Lots of splurges lately.  I'm looking forward to my shake this morning!  I've missed it.  I think I'll go for pina colada.  I'm almost out of that one. 

Ya'll have a grand and glorious Monday.  I'll try to do the same.  It IS very difficult to get up and get in the groove after the wonderful weekend away.  And to go back to a full moon week on top of how it's already been - just feels insurmountable.  It's like trying to mount a moving horse with several people holding you back while you try.  lol

Me and my visuals.  Anyway, I'm unhooking before I get all hooked in! 

See ya on the flipside.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Domestic Bliss, Bye Bye Books, and Mother's Day Surprises

Last night we went out to eat at Mo'Cara's in Lebanon.  Always a fantastic meal.  I had the Shephard's Pie Potato, with brisket.  I couldn't eat it all but it was fantastic!  We enjoyed our time with our neighbors.  And vowed to do something again with them soon.  

Once home, I crashed.  Bed felt good and then being able to sleep in was very nice.  I live for this every Saturday morning.  However, if George gets up then Maisy begins licking me and waking me up.  This morning she did that and she began barking.  I barked back and I began howling and she began howling and then we were howling together.  I'm sure George was in the kitchen going "what the heck?"  I ended up in such laughter before every setting foot out of bed.  That is the way life should be.  

And to have coffee made for me once, was nice.  We love the Oregon coffee.  I must obtain more.   It's been perfect.

I began laundry this morning and packed my Isagenix products for next week and also my cleanse kit.  Anything I'm beginning to run out of goes to my office so I can order more.  And I have spent a lot of time in the sun room cleaning out some books and boxes and baskets in the corner.  And going through drawers that I've not been through since we've been here.  Just getting rid of a lot.  I have filled up TWO trashbags of things to throw away.  Old magazines, old instruction manuals to appliances and electronics we don't own anymore.  And going through a lot of books.

I made George and I a "egg in the hole" breakfast this morning with goat cheese and hot sauce.  It was really good.  Then I went ahead and made garlic beer bread with rosemary.    Lisa gave me this and I've waited to fix it but it's been calling my name.  Turned out pretty good.  She gave me the glass dish to bake it in as well.  Loved it and was so easy.  

So through the years I've collected books from favorite authors.  I've savored them and sprinkled them in with other books.  And over time my tastes have changed.  I've become a person that really likes to read more adventurous types of travel books.  And less likely to want to read fiction.  I think in a way I read fiction when younger, while I was trying to find myself.  I think I was searching for some role model to follow of sorts, and to see how the characters acted and responded to life's events.  I didn't know I was doing it at the time, but looking back I think I was.  Of course I also liked being entertained by them but now my reading has much more purpose.  When I'm reading a book I want to read adventure.  Usually travel adventures.  Biographies are ok.  And lately I've been listening to audio and a lot of motivational material and podcasts and learning lots of things.  I've almost become addicted to the learning.  And so trying to go back into reading fiction is just horrifying!  At at this point in my life, just not want I want to do.  I have so many books that I don't have time left in my life to read them all.  And while it is sad - I realize it's no longer practical to hold on to these books I so carefully sought out so many years ago.  They have been waiting in line to be read and now sadly, I just don't have the desire to read them.  Before it was just that I didn't have the time.  Now it's the desire.  

Belva Plain, Barbary Taylor Bradford, Maeve Benchy, Debbie MaComber - You have all done so well.  But I'm moving on.  I had also saved some books from Granny Jan's house as secondary books I might read, such as Nora Roberts and a few others.  Sadly, I'm just not interested in them anymore.  

What I did keep are all of my travel adventure books, biography, and a few fictional beach fiction writers like Mary Kay Andrews for example and Ann River Siddons.  I am always up for a fictional tale on a boat or on the beach! lol  I even kept John Grisham, but honestly I've lost my interest in law/legal writing.  Scott Torow, you did great and John Grisham's The Firm will forever be etched into my mind, but just not feeling it now.  I kept the Grisham books b/c I may read them at some point when retired, lol.  Or maybe on a vacation - and we paid full price for every Grisham book that came out.  

It just felt right today to thin out my collection.  I've not read the next book up b/c it was fiction.  I've tried to make myself read a "line up" in a disciplined manner for the last twenty years or so - spreading the varieties out in b/w but when it comes time for fiction - I won't read.  So why "make myself" read it just b/c I bought it.  

I was so proud of my collection of finds at yard sales, McKay's, and so forth and some were from book clubs long ago back in the day.  So I let them go.  I don't even want them as audio books.  I've gone to doing audios that help me be a better person and help me in my nutrition business and religious ones to focus and worship.  So the Fiction at this point in my life, seems a waste.  

It kinda felt weird, but it felt right. 

And it felt so good to be home today and hibernating from the world, with rain showers here and there.  

Some of Granny's books I think that I'd held onto in the sun room.  I've just been out of bookshelf space and these might have been good.  But honestly - I don't like reading these little bitty books anymore. 

And found some pics and Nanny's purple cow that broke so I'm keeping it in with the photos.  I'm holding Ella (Sweet E).  And look how young Katy is.  And there is Colby Cat.  And Mom is holding Tugie.  And there our good friends Don and Lisa and Juliana and Dillon.

And a package arrived today from the Post man (who is a woman)! lol

I will love drinking out of this!  Katy says it will keep things cold and hot for a long time.  

A beautiful bracelet.

A wine "stopper" or "topper" - Texas Style. 

And the most beautiful top!  So pretty. 

George is fixing us a seafood feast tonight.  We've had some appetizers of smoked salmon and sushi.  

I have updated my Google Domain account on my to do list.  And have downloaded some music from Bonnie Raitt, KC and the Sunshine Band, and a song from Chet Atkins "Read my Licks".  I just didn't like the album much on that one but I love his guitar playing.   I kinda have to like the songs though and this album was not the one for me.

It's just been so nice to be here all day with no plans.  

Tomorrow we are meeting Mom at Spring Hill and taking her to a restaurant in Brentwood.  
And then back home for a lazy afternoon and evening before starting up the week again. 
It's a pre-full moon week so Lord knows what ships will sink but whatever.  I've got my Lord leading me through the stink up. 

So you all have a lovely evening.  I hear we will be watching a Mr. Bean movie while eating dinner.  Cool that! 

Nite ya'll!