Wednesday, October 17, 2018

First Man Movie and Making Faces at the Inefficiencies in the World

Absolutely love this.  It looks like it might be at the foothills of the Smokies or perhaps around Ellijay, GA. Just love it.  The artist is very talented. 

So not a lot to report on from yesterday.  Worked and then George and I went to the movies to see "First Man".  I love watching the space movies on the big screen.  I don't really care for Star Wars though.  But love the adventures into space kind of movies. 

My review of this's good.  It's good to know how it was in more detail.  It was dark, it was a bit slow moving, but it was real.  The effects were great.  They did a very good job of showing what it must have been like in space.  I enjoyed it.  And it did keep you on the edge of your seat.  And there were those moments that I believe the theater was the quietest I've ever heard a room of about 15 people.  No sound. Nothing at some of major scenes - "the Eagle has landed" and "small step for man and giant leap for mankind".  Ultimate reverence and awe in the theater.  That was very touching for me that there was NO sound from anyone in those moments. 

Well, gotta go.  Hope we all have a good day.  I just as soon stay home if it were up to me.   Just disappointed in a few things but not going to let it bother me personally.  I am flicking it off - as it's not worth it to let an inefficient world ruin my day.  Of course it does matter to me that my day has a purpose and is meaningful.  So that part really matters and is being considered in a big way right now.  But other than that...... phbbbbbttthhh "inefficient world" get on with your big bad self - I'm better than that. You don't get to rob me of my "happy" today, world!  Sorry, maybe another day.  ;-)   Besides, I am going to enjoy the commute b/c I get to listen to The Girl on the Train!  It's getting good. 

Isn't that the truth...

Ahhh now I feel better!  lol 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Meat Treat Time

The train of dogs made me laugh while going to bed last night.  

George is popular at this time of night.  They follow him everywhere so he does not forget!

They watch him brush his teeth, take his vitamins, and get ready for bed and they follow him down the hallway.  

There is no way he could read a book without first taking care of his babies, other wise they would just sit and stare and Maisy would start barking, so he goes ahead and gives them what they want. 

Their excitement builds as the fridge is open, tails wag, happy moaning noises arise! 

And finally the time has come for "Meat Treat"!  lol  (All so Tugie gets a pill wrapped in sandwich meat- but the others get their piece of meat too to be fair). 

Never mind George's glorious attire of polo shirt and gym shorts which is akin to wearing business socks and shoes on a beach, lol.  And never mind my blue linoleum (my ocean).  This man is lucky I've not yet demanded that change.  Soon though, very soon.  ;-)  If we continue to live here, the blue has to go. 

Anyway, not much time today as I overslept.  Busy day yesterday.  Odd times, but what can one say.  I have way too much going on to worry about things that I don't own.  Everyone else has to own their own inefficiencies.  lol 

Anyway, ordered my Christian Planner this morning and that took some time.  See what you think.  Link below.  If you sign up for their email and free PDF's you get a 10% off coupon code. 

And gotta go.  Plans tonight too and more on that tomorrow.  Looking forward to my shake though!  Cleanse day went well, but I'm looking forward to the shake!  

Much done last night at home too - as the list is done, more pours on.  Busy times.   Ya'll have a great day.  I'm about 15 minutes behind this morning. Yikes!  Catch up time.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Rainy Day with Good Friends at the Titans Game

We went to the Titan's game with our friends.  Was so grateful to be invited and hang out with them.  Was sad to see their business that had burned - I think back in August or September.  Just very sad.  One side of the business remained.  We met on the property since it is close to downtown and rode their Titan van to the stadium.  

They had tents so we partially remained dry except for cracks in between.  I was actually thankful for the plastic storage bag to put my phone in (due to security).   George and Jack - oh my gosh.  They love spoofing on my pics, acting all "merry and gay".  lol  So back at ya dudes - you made the blog all merry and gay.  lol  It needed some cheer, eh?

The helmut came by and gave us some gifts and took some pics. 

Across the way we could see Jesus.  Was disappointed to find he was a Ravens fan.  lol

He may have been talking to the devil there, not sure.  I hope God has a sense of humor as I'm not trying to make fun of the spirit or the gospel or anything.  But it did look like Jesus! 

As the tents came down toward game time, so did the water it accumulated.  One had to laugh.  I wasn't sure how these tents worked so I stuck with folding up chairs. 

Here is Jack and Kim and George and me.  We should have posed in front of the stadium.  lol  We were about to head into the stadium. 

George only packed me one of my light beers (so glad he thought of me)  - he did pack some wine, but I didn't really want wine.  I did get a pineapple vodka drink b/c I was curious.  It was very sweet and I had to let the ice melt.  I don't drink sweet drinks.  It was good after the ice melted some.  

Always showing out for t he cam.  Pretty sure any make up I had on and any hair product was gone at that point.  I'd been soaked from head to toe.

These folks got engaged on the field and well, we realized "hey that is the couple that was seated in front of us".  lol

Our seats were under the overhang at the stadium so we were dryer in the stadium than at the tail party.  After the game instead of hanging out for a while, we just hopped on in and came back.   I took a pic of Nashville, looking out the back.  

And in the car on our way to Mount Juliet, the rain began again.  I snapped a pic of Nashville as we were leaving.

Nice night.  Just kinda wanted to be quiet when we got home.  I watched Keep Your Daydream and Traveling Robert.  And then finally went to bed.  

It was raining very heavy this morning.  But the dogs went out fine.  Tugie didn't want to but if I go out with them, they will go (darn it).  I will have to take them again here soon. 

So my foot is fine now.  No problems really.  I little funny walk at times when shoes are off on bare floor but felt great in my tennis shoes yesterday.  I think we'll be good on that issue.  However, I have a muscle or gland or something in my neck that is really sore.  I have concluded it is most likely a muscle.  But it is right where my gland is and is sore.  Gland is not swollen but I believe I've pulled a muscle and the nerves are just showing up in that area hurting.  When I move my neck and shoulders around it hurts so I think when trying to get a jar open Friday night and moving stuff around and lifting stuff on Saturday may have done something.  It has been slightly sore all weekend but still sore this morning so a little concerning.  I got better during the day yesterday.  I'll keep watch on it and pray over it.  So hopefully no issues.  It could also be something sinus related in b/w my throat and ear.  I just don't know but want it to go away.

I've not had time to make any lists for this week.  But they keep rolling around in my head.  I didn't want to think about lists yesterday but I will be making them today as I think of them as I'll already have pen and paper nearby.  I don't like making lists on my phone b/c there are too many other apps that call my attention and I never make it over to the to do app, lol.  But there is plenty to do and try and work out.  

Also was quite surprised that while I slept last night, I cycled again.  I love this getting paid while I sleep and getting paid on Monday's.  I realize that if I do what I have done 30 or 40 more times - I will be able to retire early and a few more times beyond that can buy the RV.  Which will come first the chicken or the egg?  Well really it's having people under you too, building your team and duplicating your efforts.  I love MLM.  It's amazing.  When you have a consumable product that is helping people solve first their health and wellness issues by putting natural and nutritious food in the bodies and clearing out the toxins, and then helping them to be financial free thus helping yourself too?  How sweet is that. 

Well, a lot of work on the front end though but really not that bad.  I mean we talk about movies we want to see, restaurants to go to - we market that all the time and don't get paid for it.  I market this and do!  That is it.  I'm excited for my goals to be met, but it is touching when you watch other people on the system and it changes their lives in so many ways - not just weight loss, but how they view themselves and others, and a positive spirit and lots of energy and they learn to value themselves. 

And I am going to get off so I can finish getting ready for work.  Going to listen to the Girl on the Train.  I had to renew it.  I have spent a lot of my road time on the phone and haven't been able to listen.  Anyway, off of here.  It's cleanse day today.  I've indulged a bit due to two parties this weekend.  I could have been worse but wasn't perfect by any means.  

Gotta go!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Recovering from Two Days on my Feet!

Tugie and me relaxing after two days of being on my feet!

Well, sadly, I did a live Facebook feed and was thinking I didn't need pics, as I had captured the scene yesterday but I totally forgot to take regular photos for the blog.  Everything happened so fast and then it was over.   

I'm so excited there was a lot of interest in our booth.  No sales yesterday but at least we are educating people so they know they have an option.  I've heard sometimes it takes people a year or so of watching and waiting before they finally commit.  It is a big step to take to change your life.  For me it was the doctor's news on my health numbers for the lab reports.  That made the decision for me.  

I bought some LulaRoe again, because my shirts are all too big now.  She was running a sale and so it was great!  I bought several things.   And also bought some jewelry and a scarf from Trades of Hope and Paparazzi jewelry.  We had a great time.  

After the party I crashed in a big way. Having been on feet for two days and then also helping carry supplies in and out, I was hurting literally from head to toe.  Where I dropped the laptop on my foot was hurting.  My back was hurting.  And for some reason my shoulders, neck, and on up into my cranium - hurt.  This morning even when I bend my neck - some muscle hurts all the way up into my temple.  I felt just sick last night too.  I'm sure that is from partaking in some of the rich foods with mayo.  I stayed away from the sugar, as I just don't crave it anymore - but I ate some chicken salad, pimiento and cheese, kettle chips dipped into the dill dip.  It's fun to splurge sometimes.  But I was so exhausted from the whole two days of trying to pull this off.  It was a lot of work and much harder doing one with several vendors.  I had to work on the sun room and get that space cleared out all in one day and that nearly killed me!  lol  I was still working on that most of the morning yesterday.  So by days end I was done.  

George and Dillon and Don hung out for several hours - a long time after the party was over.  They were just getting started with a party of their own.  lol He got home about 8.  

My lower back is still very sore this morning and my muscles are so sore.  It actually feels like a skeletal thing like my actual skeletal frame is just hurting and out of kilter. 

It'll take me several days to recover.  

And then I am thinking about going back to work tomorrow and then I remembered how hard I worked to get ads running, interviews set, drive 1.5 hours to do them, and leaving my desk behind and people waiting on things from me, finally get someone to hire, only for them to be turned down as we "didn't need them", and the 1.5 hour drive back, and the ire and the ice just kinda ran through my veins from the wasted day.  But it's ok. I know what to do now.  And I also know what I am NOT going to do.  ;-) 

On a different note, or is it, lol....if the shoe fits...

Have you ever been part of a $hit$torm, lol? You know when you are in one.  I mean really.  And I don't even curse. 

But today we are going to have some more fun.  I'm not sure my body can endure any more fun we are going to try.  

More on that tomorrow!  

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Vacation Day and Getting Ready for Sip and Shop!

Well, our shopping event is today.  I spent all of yesterday prepping.  I also had a lot of laundry to do as Saturday and Sunday are very busy days and there will be no time. The cleanse pack is ready to go for Monday and snack packs for the week.  I did not do any ironing other than a pillow cover which was cotton and very wrinkly and I could not have that.  More ironing will have to be done maybe in the morning if I have time.

I did mop the floor, do a lot of vacuuming, wash dishes, reboot the dishwasher too, fold and put up clothes, clean my desk area, set up the Isagenix table and white board and essential oils.  I figured out the Chrome Casting of the video screen so I can show the videos.  Took care of the dogs,and cat, changed the sheets, scrubbed the tub, swished the toilets, restocked toilet paper.

Made chicken salad, pimiento salad, did my Target order, and my Isagenix order.  Ordered my free vitamins that I won (using my coupon code).  While in there, was viewing my "tree".  It's so exciting b/c the team is building.  I'm not too far away from cycling again.  And I'm not very far into this.  As one of our uplines said "if you get the comp plan, you won't be able to sleep at night'.  I did stop and watch a video on the comp plan.  There are 20 different ways you get paid.  So no wonder I was confused.  I will watch again when I can take notes.  I was really playing around with Chrome casting as it caught my attention.  I am so ready to build my team up more.  I want this to take off soon.  I'm almost there to the point where I'm more autonomous.  Have already had success the past week talking with the "cold" market, and how that works.  Coming out of my shell and it's getting exciting.

My Business Tree, Now to focus on the right leg!  lol

Chrome Casting - Our TV has built in Chrome Casting capabilities.

So things are progressing.  And I'm all set up.  Still have to vacuum the rest of the house and the sun room, get my shower and get the food laid out around event time and it's going to be a fun day. 

On some bad news though, I have to say that Mom's doctor says her "valve replacement" is not working properly.  She is having to go for an Echo (the kind you get put to sleep for) and they put a scope down the throat and go in and look.  She may have to have surgery again and she is not happy being only 2 years out from the last heart surgery.  She is pretty upset so keep her in your prayers.  She is really not wanting to go through all of it again.  Her echo is Tuesday the 23rd, a week from Tuesday.  I will be taking off that day to be with her.  My sister is bringing her in, last we talked. 

Anyway, I forgot to mention while experimenting with the Chrome Casting - I got up to reach for the remote and lost hold of the laptop and it fell on my foot.  Sent me into orbit.  I'm hobbling this morning.  It's a little swollen.  I don't know if I cracked anything or not but at least I can walk.  Hopefully can wear shoes! 

I'm thinking about ordering a Christian planning Calendar for 2019.  It seems perfect for what I need.  I did not see where Isagenix had their planning calendar posted for 2019.  I was going to get that one but, I believe the other one is the way to go.  It has a place for sermon notes and every thing.  Love it.  And it lays flat but is hard back.  I'm going to let my $ from the business buy it b/c much of the planning will be for Isagenix.  I have one already for my day job at work.  So this one will be personal and Isagenix.

Well, better go and get ready for this event.  It's spa day for the doggies.  And George comes and goes all day.

Ya'll take care!  How's everyone enjoying the fall?  I take it you are all enjoying yourselves b/c the blog readers have been down.  I have even wondered if I wanted to keep doing it, but typically as the seasons change, people are busy doing so many other things.  I'm honored that anyone reads at all.  I'd hate to JUST be writing for the trolls.  lol lol lol  Yell if you are reading so I will know to keep writing!  Have just been thinking maybe I should blog less.

Have a good one!

Friday, October 12, 2018

A Great Day Despite the Ghosting!

Pretty drive to Ashland City yesterday - a lot of bluffs and hills and the Cumberland River.  I think it's the Cumberland anyway.  I had about 8 interviews set up.  And had only 2 to show up.  And I did have one walk in that the center gave to me.  

Here was my view out the window.  I could see the Walgreens across the street.  And there was a funeral home next door.  How convenient, I was thinking because the activity in my room was dead. 

Trying to be positive by putting on a smile - even though I had a world of other things that I could have been doing back at the office that would have been more productive. 

Quickly gave way to this.  I mean I got up early drove a long way to get there just to be ghosted: 

 And people wonder why I have trust issues? lol This is why.  You see the side of humans that is so unpleasant.  Giving word to meet someone for interview that is trying to help the both of you and just no one showing, no nothing.  That is why I didn't want to do this yesterday.  I knew it would be this way - it has every time so far.  Not just me but for others too.  Just crazy.  And the one I did want to hire the plant said they were full and wouldn't take him -so why am I bothering?  lol.  Normally would have been mad for giving up my day and mad the plant wouldn't take my one offering and a really good candidate too, but that is not me anymore.  I let it go.  Came home.  Did my thing on my agenda.  Life's too short to worry about the inefficiencies of life.  But I know how to handle it from here, that is for sure. ;-) And I'll keep that to myself.

Despite the downfall of mankind on this trip - I did manage to reward myself with lunch being that I could not bring my lunch and no way to heat it up.  I don't do fast food anymore.  And they did not have olive oil and vinegar for their salad - so I just bit the bullet and ordered a burger.  Most everything was fried fish or fried chicken.  I did a burger and baked potato.  It was really good.  But I felt mad at myself for eating the white bread.  I just didn't see any good choices on the menu at all for me really.  So I went with that.  The view was nice. 

It's the Riverview restaurant in Ashland City.

My view from the window.

The agency closed down for lunch and would not open til 1:10 so I had to wait - and I got coffee at the restaurant and waited "riverside" and drank it.

There was an RV park on the property.  How cool is that?  

This was the only activity that I saw on the water.  The current was pretty strong yesterday and white caps with the front pushing through bringing our chillier air.  You can tell by the trees that we've still been in an extended summer.  But they will begin to turn now as it's 50's this morning as I type. 

So back to the agency to wait for another interview, who, you guessed it did not show.  I was able to get a few things done on my laptop. 

The drive home took 1.5 hours as I hit Nashville traffic coming through.  And then I went to get toes and nails done and then on to Walmart to buy all the goodies for my party tomorrow.  

Then finally home and much of the night gone.  George had fixed dinner.  I had munched on peanut butter pretzels and couldn't eat all of dinner.  

I enjoyed the day regardless of the ridiculous situation but all is definitely well today as I'm on vacation and getting ready for tomorrow's Sip and Shop event. 

And I'm off to get going.  I will say first that I'm getting used to the "cold market" in the business - for some reason I picked doctors to practice on which made it pretty easy to talk to normal people - not that doctor's aren't normal people but you know - they are the medical and nutritional experts supposedly - and it has peaked their interest.  So yesterday while out and about was able to go through the whole cold market experience and actually be able to get them on Amplified Health, our team page.  It was easy actually.  My plan is working.  For the longest, I've just needed to get comfortable having conversations again with people.  And just practice coming out of my shell.  And I got that far.  Then I was able to tell them what the system has done for me.  It's all about the other person really and letting them talk and offering a solution to their goals.  I get it.  It doesn't really matter to me if they are not interested - there is always the one who is.  I get it.  So this week I've crossed some more milestones.  It's a very freeing feeling to have done so because I'm one more step closer to helping others and a step closer to doing what I want to do in reaching some goals of my own.  

I just need to get good at the comp plan.  And that will be my next urgent goal.  The white board is in and I'm going to start practicing b/c soon I'll be doing my avatar, building my little platform character and then marketing to build my team.  And when I do - we are going places - literally!  

At least it is good to know that some things in life still work! And that some people really do show up in life!

Y'all have a good day. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Wishing Things Were Different................

Well, fall is coming I think.  Perhaps our leaves will start to turn now.  The cooler air is starting to arrive.  Yesterday was rainy in parts.  Just a couple of lines of quick showers that came through - nothing stormy or bad here.  I think the hurricane stole all the atmospheric energy around.  It's waaaaaay to our east with this front scooting the remaining moisture away from us.  

I don't have much time this morning.  I have to go interview out of town.  It is not the best use of my time but one of our plants has become less efficient at doing their own direct hiring and it has befallen on us me somehow.  When I do this it ends up taking a huge chunk of my week.  You have to run the ads, go through the ads, call the center, set up the room, rearrange your own schedule, call and screen the applicants and set the interviews, drive all the way out there which will likely take me an hour and a half to get there or longer, and then only a few will show up, and then you lose them for whatever reason - drugs, b/g check, don't want to work, etc.  They'd rather remain on unemployment or drive for Uber/Lyft on their own hours.  So I have lost- I don't know how many hours- to get ready for this one day.  And my desk is suffering.  And people are going to have to wait now til Monday for anything from me b/c I'm on vacation tomorrow to get ready for Saturday's with people coming over to my house.  So it is what it is.  But it's not the best use of my time.  I'm not sure how long this will go on but it makes me sad to know that this is not the best use of my time and talents right now.  Which presents yet another thing to ponder and figure out.  Anyway it is what it is.  And like I've been saying - it's not really me that has to be so patient - it's everyone else waiting on things from me that they want.  That is who it's hurting.  Anyway, I have to go b/c this is going to take me a living forever to get across traffic to get there on time.  Geez!

Might as well be doing this instead.  lol

Ya'll have a good day and I will try to do the same.  There is a reward at the end.  

Oh I didn't get to go to the Salt Cave last night b/c they are closed on Wednesday's.  I think we have tried for a month to go now.  We are going to try again next week, maybe.  I have to look at the schedule.  Mani/Pedi tonight.  Then grocery.  Then home tomorrow to get the food and house ready.