Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Office, Eclipse, and Home Today!

I love me some Saturday Morning!  Maybe not quite waking up at 3:00 a.m. with just 5 hours sleep, but perhaps there will be a nap in my future.  

Right now though there is nothing wrong with getting to enjoy the quietness of the morning.  

It wasn't Tugie that woke me up this morning but I just woke up and couldn't go back to sleep.  I think I might could go back to sleep right now - even after having a coffee.  And I might just do it. 

We have very minimal plans today.  I am wanting to get some things done and hopefully projects, some reading time, catch up on laundry, and do all the things I feel behind on.  

Need to do a little bit of planning, book our carriage ride.  Need to make sure we get stuff marked for the yard sale and such.  Like - planning on when to mark the stuff.  I guess I will wait and do it the night before as we get it out to set it up.  We have a whole wall of boxes of yard sale stuff downstairs.  I hope we get some $$ from that stuff, but typically yard sales here have not done well at our house. 

So in another six weeks or so Katy and I will be going to Charleston.  I'm a bit nervous about hurricanes.  But we decided to risk it.  We are staying right on the harbor so Lord help us!  And no rent a car.  So I'm worried that things will go South and we'll be right in the middle of a mess.  I know I worry too much.  Which is why I normally would never book anything in hurricane season.  But we wanted to go and summer is too hot and spring is usually too cold and Christmas time is not feasible. 
So hopefully all will work out.  I told Katy that if it looks like there are some systems out there brewing, I might decide to rent a car just so we have an escape plan/means.  I guess the other alternative would be just to Uber our way inland somewhere to a shelter if rentals and hotels become scarce.  But I've read and seen horror stories about the shelters.  I worry about not being prepared.  I'm sitting here thinking...and we need to get lots of water and granola bars and keep them in the room in case we have to do this.  

I think I am ALWAYS in SURVIVAL mode!  It never stops.  lol

So the movers came yesterday to get the boxes with "red tape" to take to the new offices for my office and my assistant.  The movers got there just before 9 I think.  And they were in and out and had the boxes picked up and the truck loaded quickly.  After our HR office was loaded, I went back to the new office.  

I gave my old office key to our executive assistant as Monday she'll be letting the archive people in to get my HR boxes.  I'm worried about her having to be on the road the day all the eclipse stuff is going on.  I wondered if it needed to be moved to a Tuesday pick up.

The eclipse stuff has me mildly nervous.  So I will probably get up early Monday and get to work as early as I can.  So I'm hopefully out before the eclipse people get on the road.  That will be for those that are in hotels - can't avoid those traveling on the "day of" though.  At least I won't have as far to go.  

So yesterday went by fast.  We unpacked all the boxes and put them in the big lateral filing cabinets outside my office and it's in between my office and my assistant's.  We were able to find room for everything we brought.  And need 2 more laterals for the stuff that is coming in round 2 once more filing cabinets are ordered.  

I was able to get through most of my mail yesterday and work on a report for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and solve a few issues.  The company had pizza for us mid day - which was very good! And very nice. 

I love the office and the new locale.  It's so nice, so pretty and something we can be proud of.  I really like the fact that we can all find each other relatively easy there.  We have such a good staff - really wonderful people.  We seem more united now and as it should be.  Everyone has been so helpful in helping each other get set up.  And the management team that was already there - very helpful in welcoming us and helping us with whatever we need.  

I left a little after 5 and went to lock up and realized that the keys to my filing cabinet in my office that were in the drawer, were NOT the keys that fit.  Oh no!  But...I didn't have anywhere else to move the files to, lock them up.  And we don't have locks to our office doors.  Even payroll doesn't have a lock.  So we were trying to submerge everything under desk locks and filing cabinets.  I have to put my in box and out box in my desk every night and lock it up.  Just something to get used to, but we will have to find the keys to this cabinet, or maybe I can swap with someone that has keys that don't have confidential data.  We'll figure it out.  Maybe someone else has my keys. Or maybe keys can be ordered.  Anyway I worried about those files in my sleep last night.  I thought about putting them back in a box and keeping in my car but that didn't seem too healthy of an idea either..  Only the cleaning crew would have access, as I really trust our own crew - which is respectful of others space.  
We will figure it out. 

Anyway at some point I'll quit blogging about this but just excited about the move.  I usually don't talk about work on this blog as it brings in people reading for different reasons than what I'm about.  And can create havoc and other issues if people don't understand where you are coming from or become judgmental or damaging to one's career or psyche.  But I 'm just so gosh darn excited.  

Anyway it's Saturday and time to focus on things other than work.  We get such little time away from work, so I need to take advantage of it. 

Oh we went out with Friends last night to a burger place in Brentwood called Stout.  It was really good! Their burgers were very different.  I had an arugula salad with mine and it was good. I gave our friends their eclipse glasses.  

George said he saw our glasses on ebay for $300 as there is a shortage of official eclipse glasses.  You have got to be kidding me!  OMGosh Monday is going to be wild but exciting.  I hope the gas and food doesn't run out as the media has been hyping this up so bad that it's like the worst hurricane blizzard/ice storm event we have ever had all in one.  I guess I'll take my lunch Monday so I'm not out on the road when the animals start going crazy and snakes are crawling everywhere.  lol We'll be out in the parking lot taking it all in! I guess if it's cloudy, it'll still get dark, but then we won't get to see the "snakes"  lol  I figure if it is cloudy, that it is God's way of protecting several people's eyes.  So I'm NOT going to complain.  He knows what he is doing.  

My goal today is to get caught up on the laundry. work in the kitchen some, clean out the fridge, perhaps mop the kitchen floor, and I'll be making spaghetti for dinner.  I'll need to vacuum and see if I can get that carriage ride booked, and get some projects done, and read, and play. 

I'll not get half of that done, but I'll have fun trying.  Might even sleep some more!  lol 

Ya'll take care!  

Friday, August 18, 2017

Moving Day

Well, the day yesterday mostly was spent packing up and wrapping up things on the PC in case there were connectivity issues.  We packed up cars with our computers and printers and desk items and hanging file folders (in advance of the files).

At about 2:45 we headed toward our destination...our new corporate offices.  We unloaded, got our computers set up.  Our bosses and IT were there and people helped.  It was very nice.  Soon after our desks and PC's and printers were in business.  Files come today.  Wave 1.  Wave 2 comes when more filing arrives.  We'll see how much space we need.

Normally don't talk about work any more on this blog but I'm excited and just wanted to share.  The offices are very nice.  We stayed til after 6 I think.  Then headed out to eat Italian with a couple of co-workers.  I told George it was a good night to grab a bite with coworkers and celebrate.  It will be easy to do that there in that neighborhood from time to time.  I'm also closer to George and we can meet for lunch sometimes.

I look forward to the shorter commute as you have been hearing.  But today I have to go to back to the plant this morning and unlock my office to let the movers get my boxes.  My dept has red tape on the boxes and there is a red tape on my door at the new place so the movers know where it goes.  I think by Noon or so we'll be seeing our files arrive.

Our company is having donuts this morning (I'll miss out on that one, lol) and having pizza for lunch for our first day.  That is so nice!

I was so excited when I got home.  My wheels were turning.  Even woke up in the night placing things around in my head - like where to lock up the huge I-9 notebooks and such.  I actually love moving - always have.  I'm a strange sort but I like to organize things, set things up, and make things efficient.

Anyway, I'm pretty sleepy.  I tossed and turned b/c I was so excited and energized still.  So a little tired today.  Coffee is good.  Dinner with friends tonight at a new place (for us).  Then hopefully a deeper snooze tonight.

Ya'll have a great Friday.  Oh - and George and I have minimal plans for the weekend and I think that is just awesome!  I need a calm weekend and hopefully a productive one at home.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Adventure in the Air and Roger a Momma's Boy Lately

Sorry if yesterday's entry was deep.  I had just read an article that was really good and it made me start thinking about myself and how quickly things get to me and how I over analyze things and worry about things. And I needed to walk through what I'm learning from this psychologist - on how to process things.  I hate being so sensitive but - as I said yesterday - it's just part of me which - even though it's a bad thing at times, it's also a good thing and the thing that makes me successful.   The only point to improve on is really not letting others control your mood, steal your joy, simply because of their own mood, or their own perceptions.  People's perceptions are just that - not necessarily spot on and if there is a problem they should come to you with it so you can set their thinking straight. lol Or else it's done and they can get over it or not - but it's not your issue at that point.  So that was about a paragraph summary of yesterday's entire blog post.  A deep one for sure.  One you need coffee to absorb.  lol

Today is lighter.  The mood is lighter.  I feel a come what may sense about me today.  And that is a good thing I suppose.  The coffee is good.

There is a slight feel of adventure to the air....the office move is happening today and tomorrow.  Much packing yesterday.  Archives coming today, moving the PC today at 3 and going to the new place.  Back to the plant in the a.m. tomorrow to let the movers in to my boxes to get them in on the truck and then I guess the truck arrives around noon.  So a couple of days of getting settled.  But the work continues.  Will be a little crazy for a while, but a fun crazy.  I love the new office setting.  It's so pretty and nice.  The drive will be shorter and I guess that won't be until next week as today and tomorrow I'll still have to fight the whole commute.  But next week there will be 15 to 20 minutes shaved off.  I'll get a half hour back into my day.  Doesn't sound like much but you can get a lot done in half hour.  I could walk, garden, do a project, read in a book, cook.  ;-) And that is 2.5 hours back in my week!

Well, I'm going to go.  I've been rushing every day this week. It makes me mad to have to rush.  I don't like hurrying.

Oh - George and I had eggs and grits for dinner.  It just sounded good.  And it was.  George bottled wine last night.  But we watched a Soprano show and it took us til after 9 so I fell asleep.  lol George was pokin' me saying "wake up it's almost over".  lol

Finally got in bed and it felt gooooood!  Sleep was good.  Oh and Roger was a Momma's boy last night.  Don't know why.  But he was so happy to see me when I got home.  He wanted to sit by me on the sofa.  He followed me around some and wanted me to take him outside.  I did.  And then this morning he scooted over next to me in the bed and put his head to mine and rolled over so I could pet his tummy.  I'm not sure why he is a Momma's boy.  I'm so used to calling Tugie a Momma's girl that I accidentally called him Momma's girl and he looked at me with big eyes like "oh no".  I realized what I'd done.  I love when Roger becomes attached to me too.  Mostly he only has eyes for George.  But he really gave me the attention last night so I gave it back!  I wonder if it is because I've given them little bites of things lately.  I gave them some of my hummus I fixed yesterday. Not much but a little bite. Maybe that is the trick!  ;-)

Have a good day!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Being the Best Me I can Be Regardless of Another's Perception

Mmmmm.....ok....I'm a sensitive sort.  I weigh every comment and analyze.  I think living in the South, where there is more of a passive aggressive approach has trained me to do this.  Face value is not always what it seems.  Combine my over analytical mind, my sensitive self, and my eagerness to please everyone and .......OUCH...I can become a deflated soul in a just a short time.  Despite my efforts to change this, there is not much you can do about your personality and your character.  To a point you can try - and should try - to be able to let it roll off.  After all one is never certain if their derived conclusion of the current state is an accurate one.  And in situations where there is little to no communication, you are left only with your own thoughts and experiences to assess the situation.

Having been a minister's child, and in a unique career position - my life has always been somewhat in the forefront.  While in many ways that has helped my introvert of a personality to develop some extrovert ways, it has also been somewhat scarring.  The devil has more reason to target, the people have more reason to talk, and then the arrows most certainly come.

All that said, I can be tooling along so happy and thinking the world is a disneyland.  And then someone can say something and the wheels start to turn and in a few minutes, I'm feeling bad - thinking I've done something wrong, said something wrong, not done something I've supposed to have done, or not said something I've supposed to have said.  And then on a path to reconstruct myself into a better person that is more liked.

It is said, and I see it proven, that the character traits of your persona, can be one's success as well as one's demise.

The very over analytical mind, the sensitive self, the eagerness to please - is also what makes me good at what I do in life.  My intent has been good.  Knowing that when my aim has been high and has been in the right place, if someone complained or whined about ME, it really impacted me - and has all my life.  I learned quickly that the way the devil works, is through people, and arrows to discourage and deflate - especially when good things are happening.

Not only are we going about our day with other minds that are not in the right place and set out to trip you but the devil himself threads the needles and leads the way, like a snake in the grass, going for the prey. And bap - the bite is done and the wound is left.

There are so many layers to our psyche.  Things learned, things experienced, things felt, things worked through.  That sometimes new information, new ways of thinking, new ways of processing - can be refreshing.  If we learned things before, if we've been shaped before, the information can surely re-shape us?

God's word can reshape as well.  And give us hope, take away the hurts, and lead us to water, to life, and to our tower of protection.  How awesome is that?  And there is a psychologist out there named Henry Cloud.  I don't know a lot about him but his directness about how to process and handle relationships with others, is really intriguing and refreshing. And I want to read more.  He wrote a book called "Boundaries".

It would be good to read about "different ways" to sort out the relationships around you and let others own their own emotions instead of letting their emotions own you.   Sometimes we don't even realize that we do that.  Why is it that we let someone elses anger or snappiness, effect our own mood?  Why?  We feel it's something that we did wrong.  Maybe it is or maybe it isn't.  But if you know that you intentionally did not do something to someone, then it is that person that has misunderstood.  Not you.

I often cannot stand it if I think someone is disappointed in me, or upset with me, or if I feel that they are reacting negatively to me.  But if my intentions are good, then why should things like this bother me?  It does b/c I try to be a good person and I don't want to be viewed negatively.  But in reality - think back to your own shoes.  Look at all the people around you.  Is there not EVERYONE that you yourself think some negative thing about?  Have you not experienced flaws in others characters or been at the mercy of their mood or their own agenda?  Well nearly everyone?  There are good moments and bad moments.  The bad does not always have to define the entire person or the entire situation.

But oh - I'm one that seeks perfection in my environment, my relationships, my house, my job.  It's never attainable.  But not to notice that gap b/w current status and state of perfection, would mean that there would not be a closing of that gap - purposely anyway, it would mean not striving for improvement and perfection.

I was raised in an atmosphere where cleanliness and neatness was just about next to Godliness - the two met at the corner quite often and both were preached and expected.  If anything broke it was fixed immediately, if it looked scarred it was replaced - there was always a striving to make things better.

So here I come along with my little personality and raised in a fairly sheltered and somewhat secure world and fly into the world - to sink or swim.  A few successes, a few mistakes, but at least the trend line is going upward.  We must have done something right along the way.  Why would we change it now?

Still I sit in a conundrum of thought.  Am I really trying to perfect the part of my persona that I try to perfect things b/c someone might think I complain or whine too much b/c they think that is what I am doing when I observe that the stove doesn't work right, or that the linoleum is blue? Who wants blue and who even wants linoleum anymore?  (lol) Or that my internet is blinking in and out b/c Comcast is having issues, or that the grass is on the floor when I just vacuumed it up and I comment on it.  Is that such a bad thing to want things to be nice and homey and in working order, and pleasing to the eyes?  Or that I don't have an HRIS system or that there are bars on my windows, or that my chair makes me lean forward too much and not comfy.  Is that so wrong for me to mention or observe?  It might be to someone else.

But I'm me.  And I'm trying and have always been trying - to be the best me that I can be.  The me that I have been, has gotten me here where I am today.  Things are improved, they are working, they are getting better, they are getting done - in a methodical, practical, and well thought out, prioritized, and analyzed way.  So what if I have noticed imperfection?  What if I hadn't?  What. If.  I. Hadn't?

I am me.  I will be me.  I will appear to be positive or negative, observing or complaining, wanting it to be better or whining - however one wishes to perceive it.  According to God and "Mr. Cloud" - both from the heavens it appears (lol) - I don't need to let others perceptions and feelings change my mood.  Not to be insensitive by any means, but their own feelings are theirs.  They own those feelings.  I don't have to.

So if you come across negatively to someone in anyway, and you had no intentions of doing that, it doesn't mean that the person can say you did and that becomes fact or that the person gets to change your mood.  That means the person thinks that  and they are wrong and they get to deal with the outcome of that. A person knows themselves and their own intentions.  Another person may not.   Why should a person feel guilty, concerned, or worried over something that someone else perceived incorrectly.

So this has all been written today mainly so I could work through some thoughts twirling around in my head and I'm glad I did it.  My persona needed to do this.  And now I feel better.

In closing, I'm realizing that often I will let someone elses words effect me in a grand way.  Often those words have hidden meanings or I try to assign a meaning for lack of clarification.  I over analyze things and guess what?  So does the rest of the world, which is why we are all in these kind of situations to begin with.  People are going to have their perceptions.  There will always be good ones and bad ones.  And so will I.  Look around.  I have my own.  About every person.  Every single person has things I've perceived to be good character qualities and bad - EVERY single person I know.  They do the same with me.  How I deal with that fact - I can let it bring me down - or keep doing what I do best.  IF someone has a problem with me they can come and genuinely communicate their thoughts directly to me and we will in unison work on it together as to what the problem is - is a perception issue or I've offended someone - I can refine a bit how I do things.   But all in all, unless someone comes to me and says there is an issue, I shouldn't try to read their mood to see if I've done something they perceived to be wrong.  Just let the person own it and go on and be the best me I can be.

And that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Favorite Mug and a Brief Morning Message

Good morning!  Not much time this morning either.  Just poppin' in to say hello. 
Monday flew by.  Was a good day.  But very busy.  Had the opportunity to eat at a German Restaurant for a business lunch and that was a nice twist for a Monday.  Much work awaits today at the desk. 

I love this mug above.  It's my favorite and gives me good chi in the a.m. when I reach in for a mug and it's there waiting just for me.  

Yesterday was a rainy day.  I don't mind a rainy day.  Last night was "work in the basement night".  I finally finished with the big box of memorabilia and letters.  Much to my surprise was a big huge print out of my Southern Home Blog.  lol  I found an entry I'd been wanting to see and hadn't looked it up yet.  I'll have to reshare/recreate it about the worst hotel we have ever stayed in.  Too bad we didn't take pics of the inside.  Yeah perhaps I can reshare that experience with you soon.  We tell others about it often. You won't believe it. 

Well, I need to get off of here and rush like I do every morning.  Yeeeee haa!  Can't wait to be in that traffic out there.  That HOUR LONG traffic.  

Well, tonight has got to be an IRONING night.  I have no pants left (that I like) so I've got to get busy and get that done.  I folded like 3 loads of laundry last night but now the ironing has to happen or I'll not be going to work unless I wear jeans and I don't think they'll like that.  

Maybe tonight is laundry and reading night.  Yeah that sounds good to me.  I think George said we'd have Chicken curry or something like that.  That sounds really good to me.  

Ya'll have a grand day!  What are YOU doing today?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunday's Efforts, Projects, and a New Vacuum

Everyone had a nice little relaxing home day yesterday.  Dog beds have now been replaced with clean blankets.  (Above is the old one.)  The dogs sat and snoozed and watched me go from Room to Room cleaning and doing things in the "connect-the-dot" fashion.  lol   That seems to be the way to do it when you don't have much time.  

She is sleeping here so peacfully.  My little angel of a dog.  She is 16 and I don't know how much longer she will be with us.  She keeps hanging on.  So well loved.  She is on the heart meds now.  She coughs more and more.  Her little body is wearing out.  I thank the Lord every day for her.  And I pet her and stroke her and give her hugs, not knowing when it will be the last.  She still has energy though, still has her appetite, still wants her schedule, able to hold it still.  The eye sight is going - as she has a lot of trouble in the dark and dim light for sure.  She gets alarmed in the mornings, when Roger is not awake for her to look at and follow, and she can't find me in the room.  I have to go find her and show her I'm here so she can follow.  If she sees Roger, she knows Roger will let her know when someone enters the room or if it's time to eat or go potty.  She follows his lead.  But he doesn't get up early when I get up like Tugie does.  And she gets upset if she loses me.  

Well, yesterday was a little oddball of a Sunday as far as my sleeping and waking up. I woke up at 2 with a really bad stomach ache that left me a bit nauseated.  I drank some water and went back to bed. Tugie got me up at 4 and I had to take her out.  I was not ready to get up.  We had been out late and didn't go to bed until 11, two hours or later than my normal bed time.  

So I grabbed two pillows and a blanket and made a pallet on the sofa, while Tugie had her morning round of Science Diet.  And then she came and got on the sofa with me. She snuggled at my feet and we settled in for what was a very long snooze.  George got up evidently, and took Roger out, and made coffee and was about the house.  I did not wake up until 8:48, I think it was.  

You can imagine if you get up b/w 4 and 6 on the weekends, how shocking that was.  But oh how good it felt.  George said I was snoozing really good and he was NOT about to wake me knowing that I needed the sleep and couldn't get it on the weekends either b/c of Tugie. 

So I immediately realized that our plans for church and eating out with Richard were over with (Kathy was sick).  Church started at about the same time I woke up.  

In a way, I was relieved.  I felt I wanted/needed to go to church, but I also really needed the sleep that  I normally cannot get.  I had a slow morning by choice, of coffee sipping, checking social media, and playing a game.  I had chocolate gonache cake for breakfast.  Eventually I began moving and when I did, I got a lot done. 

While I did get some laundry done, I failed at getting the ironing done.  I usually start my days in the laundry room and it can take a while to get out of it b/c I have a lot to catch up on.  I actually wanted to do some other things besides iron so looks like I'll be ironing in the evenings or mornings - one of the two.  At least our evenings are not too booked up this week.  

This was one of my projects.  I ordered a bunch of sheets of chalkboard labels and a chalk pen and made labels around the kitchen.  How cool is that?  

I cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed counters, and even got on the stool and cleaned the ceiling fan.  I mean it looked like it was growing feathers up there on the fan blades.  How on earth do things get so dirty.  Wasn't it just last month, oh yea it was winter time, ummm ok last fall - when I did this last?

I cleaned and put stuff up and worked on fluffin' the nest a bit.
Then I decided since I wasn't going to the store, to fix a veggie soup for lunches.  


George saw me fixing the soup and said "mmmmm are we having that for dinner".  How can you say "no this is for my lunches" to that?  

"We can have it for dinner, or it can be for lunches - either way".

He said "whatever but it would be good for dinner". 

I said "We'll have it for dinner and I'll fix left overs and freeze it for lunches".  Evidentally it was good.   I only had 1 and a half lunches to freeze.  lol  But I'm glad we had it for dinner.  It was really good.  

And I have Alexa all loaded up with some grocery items and put it on the list - b/c I'll be wanting to make more soup soon.  We are out of broth and beans and canned veggies.  So next week will be a big grocery run.  

All the cooking and cleaning made me hungry for lunch - only my day was kinda screwy as far as proper eating times.  I had my egg in a hole at 1:30.  And a little sip of Rose as it was leftover in the fridge and called out to me.  

Then I ended up vacuuming using the "new to us" vacuum that was Granny Jan's.  George brought this home.  I've wanted an Oreck for a while but have been stubborn about how much we spend on vacuum's as the expensive ones have seemed to wear out sooner than the cheap ones.  So George had a lot of the bags somewhere in the basement.  It didn't take me long to find it.  And I began vacuuming the house.  Oh my gosh, I LOVE this vacuum.  I know it does not have the attachments that you sometimes need, but my other one will work for that.  But this is light weight, the cord is long, and it's so easy to use - and IT HAS A BAG!  

I do not like those cannister vacuums that you just pull out, open the top and toss into the trash.  Oh it sounds easy but the stuff doesn't want to go, and then dust goes everywhere, and you have to get something to get it all out with.  A man, or someone that doesn't vacuum must have come up with that thinking they were environmentally sound.  Wrong-O!  Dust goes everywhere, sneezes abound, and now you have to vacuum again!  No!  Give me my bag back.  Let me just throw away the bag and put in another.  

My vacuum (before this one) had a retracting cord.  Only it retracted while you used it.  You couldn't hardly get a room vacuumed before it would have eaten the cord up and pulling it out of the wall. lol lol lol  <-----No laughing matter really, but now that I have another vacuum I can laugh more.  Truly annoying but I was not wanting to go buy another vacuum so I dealt with it. 

I got my desk cleaned up and spruced up some things.  I didn't get to but one of my projects (the chalk labels).  I did get to do a big blog entry about George's day out (keep reading as it's the entry below this one).  We watched a movie when we ate soup.  I didn't get reading done.  But perhaps there will be next weekend?  Just maybe?  

I still need to: 

Mop the kitchen floor
Clean the windows
Mend some clothing items
Do an ABC Order
Fill out the Address Book 
Go through some Old Magazines that had the corners turned up
(recipes, ideas, places to check out, websites to visit)
The picture order to update family photos on the mantel
My wish list for the blog (for Christmas)
Book the Carriage Ride in Charleston
Plan our Fall Party at our house with friends

There is so much more that I could do.  But if I could get to those EVER, I'd feel really good!  

Ya'll have a good day - I'll quit moaning!  Be sure and read yesterday's entry - I posted it last night before dinner. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Big Ole Birthday Day out for George, and an Evening with Friends

Well, this little gal got a lot of attention lately.  I think this is Harriet, the HR Lady giving some great advice.  lol  We may have to see a little more of Harriet.  Just saw this in the videos and decided to share.

So we had a fun filled day yesterday.  George came back from yard sailing and errands and then we opened gifts.  George came home with a huge box of CD's that he got for $20.  How lucky was that?  He was excited over it.  And when he got home he opened his birthday gifts.  He seemed really happy with them.  I gave him an itunes card, 3 bottles of nice French wine (nicer that we would normally buy ourselves), 2 spherical ice molds, a red wine aerator that sits on top of the bottle, the new John Grisham book and then he's spending some to get a guitar fixed, and he bought some things for himself that he'd been wanting at Lazzaroli's (truffles for one, ravioli, sauces, spices) and also at Coursair he bought a $65 bottle of liquor (it lasts a couple of years).

But before we headed out for the big Birthday Outing, I fixed a beautiful salad (if I say so myself).

George packed the cooler with some ice.  He was proud of his ice molds he did the night before.  lol  
Made with various dishes he found in the house.  ha.

He needed the cooler so we could put our Lazzaroli's in it, which included their homemade ravioli, and sauces, and cheese.  

Their bread must really be good as there were lots of people leaving with it.  Isn't it the cutest little Italian Store?  It's in the Germantown area of Nashville. We love going here and we do so at least once per year.  I love our little annual rhythms and customs.

Hmmm...maybe that is why I love pasta so much.  It's always been magical in my world!  

If you look up, you might just see a rolling pin or two!  

We walked a bit to some places in the area and passed by this in Germantown.  Cute houses redone and making the neighborhood look so lovely.  That is Kate walking there on the right by the way.  She's pretty too.  

So we went to a restaurant to eat a light lunch - which could be argued was not too light.  ha.  Well we ordered a few things and split it all and it was wonderful.  We went to this place there in the Germantown area that was called Butchertown Hall.

The restaurant was neat.  It was trees, foliage, concrete, and wood.  

We had some freshly made quacamole, and some brisket tacos, which I heard George say "those are about the best tacos I've ever had".  They were pretty darn good! 

Then there was this kielbasa dish.  With tortillas (very fresh and warm) and sauer kraut (which was good - even though I don't like it) and then there was brussell sprouts and I don't like those either but they were good.  And the mustard sauce was really good too.

So we split all that.  And then....we went to another place in the area to get a brewski.  We had never been here - but we went to The Bearded Iris Brewery.  It's a warehouse type place and you would probably even have a hard time finding it.  Word of mouth and knowing it's there - and it was still a pretty busy place - not much of a sign or anything.  And it was kinda dark inside, but our eyes adjusted pretty quickly.  About the only lights were two chandeliers coming down from the ceiling over the bar.  A nice touch and a bit of whimsy to the warehouse feel.  

The beer?   Well, it was ok.  It was a beer.  I have some favorites I like that cannot be topped.  CeZann's is my absolute favorite.  Black Abby will always be thrown in there.  I'd have to think on the 3rd. 

Then we went over to Corsair and walked around and George bought himself a present.  He bought the "Grainiac".  This stuff is too strong for me.  He can have it all.  lol  This is the stuff that will last a long time.  He doesn't drink much at all.  It's a late night sipper kind of thing. 

So we have been out for hours at this point, and while at the Corsair we stepped over to the Corsair Tap Room and got another beer.  I have always enjoyed sipping a beer over there.  And yesterday I made a joke about a hurricane brewing in my beer.  For obvious reasons....

If the day did not seem like a big day already....well we headed back to our house, dropped off the ravioli, and went back out again, went to Publix.  Katy got some stuff to take to the party - chips and dips, and then we got the birthday cake for George and Judy, and some chicken wings and headed out to Paul and Judy's.  We were running a bit behind.  

Here is George sitting around at Paul's playing an instrument.

Albert, needed a bit of air and was hoggin' the vent.  I love him.  He's so sweet.  He likes tummy rubs!

The other pet at Paul and Judy's awaited in the pool with taunting eyes!  He tempted the guys at dinner.  All swore that they would mount him with success and ride for several seconds.  

We had appetizers of all sorts and then we ate outside by the pool under the patio.  Paul grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.  We had potato salad and I forget what all else.  Sadly not many had salad.  I guess we should have had separate bowls or something?  Everyone said how pretty but only two of us had any.  Next time I think I'll take baked beans.  

Anyway we got in the pool after dinner and there are several videos of George riding trying to ride the bull.  No one could even mount the thing.

Here's one of the videos: 


After being in the pool awhile, I decided to get out and dry off by the fire.  It was nice.  

And then we all sat around and the guys played music and sang.  It was a perfect evening - except for one thing.  Mine and Katy's phone both died and so she had no way to text Cody to say when she would be home.  I felt bad.  I did not want to tell George we needed to leave.  It was his birthday day and he was having fun playing guitar.  I offered to take her back to our house and also offered her my keys so she could go sit in the car long enough to charge phone and text Cody as I had a phone charger.  She was tired and I was too but I told her that they didn't ever play long - six or eight songs and they are done.  It was fun.  We got in the car and I had a text from Cody checking on Katy to make sure she was ok and was she with us.  I told him we'd used our phones taking videos and such all day long and the phones ran out of juice.  I hated that she had to drive home but she said she was awake and not sleepy.  

I came home and crashed.  I think it was 11 by the time we got everything upstairs and dogs out and ready for bed. 

One of my cousins sent a pic of Cody at the Williamson Co Fair.  He had a shooting game for the kids there.  I was so impressed that my cousin who had never met Cody before knew him from Facebook.  lol  She said "are you married to Katy?"  I'm sure Cody had fun doing that.  That is why he was not with us last night as he was working.

I'm glad Katy likes to hang out with us old folks when he is busy.  

And I've had a busy day today.  But this entry has been so long that I think I'll wait and talk about Sunday's entry tomorrow.    

Ugh, I didn't get the ironing done so I'll have to do ironing a bit every night!  I just needed to do some other things today besides spend all of it in the laundry room.  

Ya'll have a good day!  

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Well, have a great evening!