Friday, March 16, 2018

TGIF, Girls Nite, Weight Loss, and Nutrition

Katy went with me and we got our nails done.  It wasn't time for the toes for me so she decided to wait to do hers.  I think in a week or two it'll be time for me to do mine again.

We used 2 gift cards I had for Olive Garden.  And we used every penny.  I'm not sure why but I think Olive Garden is a bit over priced and it always seems way more than I thought it would be when we leave.  Other restaurants I feel like it adds up right.  But we go to Olive Garden and I'm like....what??????  The two of us spent $60 something.  I had two gift cards and still had to use the debit card for the rest and tip.  Geez.  No wonder we don't eat there much.  But it WAS good.  I got Shrimp Scampi.  It said it was 500 calories or less but I don't buy that.  But it was wonderful.

Today we have a St. Patrick day event at work.  I have on my green LulaRoe today.  Well it has blue and green.  I call it my aquatic (water) shirt b/c it looks like the ocean with waves on it.  Probably my favorite shirt!

Well I did lose weight.  Two lbs and had lost some inches all over my body since adding the Isagenix vitamins and nutrition.  It was day 4 when I measured. I usually don't do the two shakes a day.  My goal is the nutrition but I love the fact that it reaches deep into your cells (probably from the fasting days) to get to those hidden away fats and turns that into energy - which is why the cleansing days are so important.  And it is good for the kidneys and the liver and metabolism.  I listed to a podcast about it yesterday.  I don't measure again until next Tuesday.  George helps me measure b/c it's hard doing all the measurements on your self.   We laughed yesterday b/c a couple of places I actually grew - lol  One was my neck.  But we figured that it is hard to get the measuring tape in the same place as last time.  Just a 1/4 inch off in either direction on your neck would make a difference as your throat starts to come out from your face, lol.  Anyway you should have heard me saying "what type of program is this where you fast and gain weight?"  Then I saw the results of all the other measurements and felt relieved.

Anyway I don't know why I got all caught up in that - b/c the main reason I'm doing this is nutrition.  Any weight loss is just exciting.  I will say that I do have a bit more energy this week and my brain function seems better.  The vitamins seem to be what I need for the most part.  And my right arm has hurt less in the last two weeks.  I guess it is getting rid of inflammation.   I notice that it feels like I'm "sweating things out" and I'm guessing that is part of the fat burning process or the using up of energy.

I do feel more like I'm in my late 40's than in my 50's for the most part, so that is a good thing.  My legs feel stronger.  Knees feel stronger.  Sleep is much better.  But that might be b/c of my new pillow.

Well after Katy and I got home, we both had to make some things to take to work.  Mine was the broccoli salad.  I was sooo not in the mood to make it.  But I jumped in and got it done quickly.  So it wasn't bad.  I had to laugh though that right where I was standing we all three needed to be at the same time.  I was moving around doing dances just about b/c everyone needed something that was right where I was.  lol  I was thinking of how long our house was but that all three needed to be in the same spot at the same time.  The kitchen really is the central zone of a place!  Sometimes I think it would be fun to design a home - I don't mean just any home, but to rethink everything and create some different but unusual, but highly functional set ups.  If I could live a thousand lives, I'd do a thousand different careers.

I was thinking yesterday that today is an interesting time to be in nutrition.  To be able to help people learn how nutrition works.  It's a long way b/w eating a balanced meal like they told us as kids to what research is out there now and what they are learning about the body.  I find it fascinating.  Of course I have to learn to eat right myself before I can help anyone else.  And would never change my career at 55, lol.  But it is so interesting to me.  I am also intrigued at the fact that I can actually listen to hours upon hours of podcasts on the subject.

Well, it's time for me to scoot out.  Time goes by fast when you are having fun.  I was not going to blog this morning since I kept hitting snooze, but here I am!  ;-)

Ya'll have a great day and hopefully I'll have time to blog tomorrow!

Keep my Mom in your prayers - she is having an important test done today.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Neighborhood Suspicion and Potential Scam Issue

My sentiments exactly.  Where the heckfire is Friday?  Forget Friday - even.  Where is Saturday?  
It has been a short week, but yet an intense one.  It's as if my office has exploded with very odd and bizarre situations, on top of just flat too much going on. 

My neighbor called me and told me about a car that is parking in our neighborhood at night b/w 11:30 and 12:30, b/w our houses.  And that one night someone ran from the graveyard behind our houses and got into the car.  I woke up at 1 in the morning thinking of that.  And had a hard time going to sleep.  I woke up every hour- matter of fact it was probably more like every 1/2 hour.  More than likely it is a teen sneaking out of the house to be with his buddies at a light night hour but of course they would be up to no good whatever they are doing.  Here at our house there is usually someone always up.  George goes to bed late and I get up early and of course now George is here all day too. 

We had a scare yesterday with Katy's social security.  Someone called and we all think it was legit, but she gave the social security number out - but only after she had called THEM back.  It was the electric company from where she and 4 girls split a house rental in college.  Apparently her name was not closed out of it.  We thought she had taken care of it all and closed it out.  No one was asking for money but just wanted to alert her that the amount would be owed by a certain date of the latest owners had not paid and that they had moved out.  After hearing the story and learning that Katy called them back herself and checking the number and the names on the website, we do feel it is legit and the story sounds legit.  She and Cody were afraid it had been a scam and she was very upset.  But she joined LifeLock protection and will call the utility place again this morning and ask some questions about the account to see if it all adds up.  They were closed when everyone realized there could be an issue.  Of course, lol.  

So it was late when we ate.  George and Katy went to get rotisserie chicken and we had tater tots and spinach with it.  A little bad but mostly good, lol. 

Anyway, better get on with my morning!  Today after work I get my nails done and then come home and make broccoli salad for tomorrow.  

So, ya'll have a wonderful Thursday!  

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Did Hell Freeze Over? LOL

Good morning!  Not a lot going on really.  Well it is at work.  I'm pretty slammed there.  But the end of the week brings some fun as we have a St Patty's food day with green foods.  I'm bringing a broccoli surprise.  :-)

So for the last two days I've come home and the house was all clean, vacuumed, and even the beds were made which made me go "woooahh" - impressive.  Last night dinner was cooked and we didn't have to wait til 8 to eat.  We ate at 6 or 6:30.  Loved it.  George is making a good house husband, for now, while he still gets paid.

I watched the latest from Keep Your Daydream via You Tube on the big tv.  They have a new video out every Sunday.  But I also go back and try to watch older episodes.

Yesterday was fun being able to eat - after coming off the cleanse.  They say next time will be easier.  They say you will look forward to it.

Well, open enrollment is planned for this year, sortof.  At least the flights are picked, and the meetings are set.  So I travel to the other plants in AZ and OKC the first week of April.  It's a quick whirlwind trip this time.  And not too far away either.

Oh I was supposed to do my measurements and weigh this morning and forgot.  I'll have to do it in the morning.  I totally forgot. I'm dressed now and so it'll just have to wait.  I'll lay the chart in the bathroom so I don't forget tomorrow.

I think I'm feeling kinda down.  I don't know why really.  I mean I know a few things that are on my mind that are bothering me way down under the surface.   Maybe it's just a collection of a lot of things that keep coming to surface.

Anyway, the sun comes up and the sun goes down and life goes on.  I think I'll go and get started on my morning ionix mix (a fruity 6 oz beverage I'm to start the day with).  And take my morning vitamin pack.  And then fix a shake for breakfast.  I'm doing french vanilla this morning.  Have to figure out what to take for a snack meal.  I may do oatmeal just b/c I have a pack at work.

I had the Bumble Bee Wild Caught Albacore Tuna yesterday as my friend suggested, with the Dijon mustard and pickle relish.  It was indeed really good.  I had a side of wild rice.

I enjoyed 1/2 bag of popcorn at break time.  I was trying to stick with a cup of popcorn - oh that goal was ridiculous.  lol  I was at work so I couldn't slightly burn it like I like it.  lol

Ok now that I know when my trip is going to be with annual open enrollment for benefits, I can make and rearrange doc appointments.  I have to schedule my physical.  I have to reset the eye appointment b/c it falls right in the week we go - it's the day I get back but I don't fly in until 8:25.  I have to make a mammogram appointment as well. I think that is it.  My dental appointment is already set - for May I think.

Something made me laugh yesterday at least.  Katy said she had a dream that we were remodeling the bathroom.  I interrupted and said "wait - had hell frozen over?"  Sadly I'm the only one that laughed, which says a lot.  And I will leave it at that as the shutters are sliding off the house, the fridge leaks, the plumbing is stopped up, the a/c is not working, and I still have blue linoleum. I won't ask for these things b/c I'm being unhappy and unsettled and unappreciative to do so.  But yes, I at least laughed.  It was funny to me!

I guess I'll quit typing and go get started on the new morning ritual.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Cleansing Day and Standing in Line Taking up Space

Maisy, Watching Cody on Sister Wives
Maisy seemed to enjoy watching Sister Wives the other night.  She sat for the longest watching the screen.  Normally none of the dogs have ever paid attention to the TV.   Forgive the toys laying around the room in the pic.  Ms. Findlay is a bit of a "toddler".  She drags the toys out of the dog toy basket and plays with them and then chews them to smithereens.  lol It's her game.  You have to watch her as she tries to eat the stuffing. 

Well, my first cleanse day went very well.  I did get hungry of course but only for very brief moments.  Every hour you get something and you are drinking water a lot so it keeps your tummy entertained.  My blood sugar did fine.  The hardest times is at lunch and at dinner - mainly b/c your body is atuned to getting food at these hours.  And you see others getting food.  So I got through that by entertaining my brain with other things.  I worked thru lunch at work using that time to get something done as work is crazy right now.  I read in my Billy Ray Cyrus book at night.  And George and I watched a Soprano's show.  We have about 8 more and we'll be done with the show.   My hunger was really bad about 8.  The instructions said you could substitute snacks with whey thins.  So I did that. That was more filling and was just what I needed to be able to sleep. 

I woke up with a slight headache, which they said was normal.  It is not bad.  It comes and goes.  But I had a mocha Isagenix shake this morning blended with ice and it was yummy. 

I'm craving salmon and broccoli of all things.  lol  But I'm taking Tuna for lunch.  George is fixing a roast tonight so it's a one shake day for me.  But that is ok.  I have to remember that the reason I'm doing this is b/c of the nutrition but the weight loss will be a plus. 

Here's some snacks I found on the website I have.  If I could have any of them right now, I'd go for the egg and the string cheese.  lol

So....guess what.  I slept the most awesome night of sleep.  All night on the cleanse night.  The only time woken up was by a person/dog.  I think Maisy wanted up in the bed and George put her up there.  I don't remember waking up but once to go potty and that was it.   That is good!  

So not a lot to talk about.  That has been my world.  I'm looking forward to eating today, lol.  

Hmm...I think I'm going to go boil an egg for break and probably one to put in my tuna at lunch.  

George has some leads on jobs, nothing firm or solid but it is at least lifting him up.  I had to laugh that he told me that one guy told him some tips about some websites to check out.   Same ones I mentioned and he didn't get excited over it when I brought it up - but I think he tunes me out.  
As long as he gets the info I guess its better if it comes from someone else.  He will at least then be more interested. 

On that note, I am starting to have a thing about the following lately.  It's not a new thing but just one that I've noticed more lately: 

1.  When I'm talking and someone interrupts. For example if I am talking with a friend and someone else jumps in and dominates the conversation and then the conversation I was having is now over, making me feel like my conversation doesn't matter.   There is someone that I am around that does this to me so much that I usually just don't talk to anyone whenever this person is anywhere near.  It's pointless to try.  And people wonder why I'm so quiet.  I used to talk all the time.  Why bother now.  Because I am never able to finish a sentence in their presence. It's as if my words and thoughts don't matter.  

2. When someone asks me to move out of the way so someone else can be more convenienced at my inconvenience. For example, I was in line behind George at the grocery in line to pay and he asked me to move so a lady behind me could go ahead and put her groceries on the counter.  I failed to look to see if she was blonde. lol  But the ire ran through me.  All the lady had to do was wait about 30 seconds like the rest of us do as the line moves up. It's not her fault.  George was the one trying to look after her and make it quick for her, by telling me to get out of the way.  What man does this and lives to tell it?  But I got out of the way and got out of line and stood up front, saying "here let me just get out of everyone's way".  It is a disrespect.  It's like saying "you, my dear, are not worth the space you stand in - let this lady behind you do her thing b/c you are not important to be standing there doing your thing" and it's also patronizing like he is shuffling a kid around in line telling them where to stand.  It's embarrassing for all of us.  That is just one example I thought of as it happened recently. It's a small thing - but its indication is huge!  When we got in the car, I let George know that I did not like that at all.  And that I didn't want to be treated that way. He didn't have much to say other than I'm sorry you felt that way.  He needed to have been tending to his own groceries and not worried about the lady behind me.  If she was old enough to be able to check out groceries, then I'm sure she's stood in line and waited before til the people in front of her paid and moved up.  To be honest, I'm still not over it.    

How people treat us in these types of situations says a lot overall about how they think of you as a person.  So I don't know.  I guess we'll see how it goes.  But overall - he really screwed up.  

I guess we just pray that they will see the error of their ways and that God puts us amidst people that really care for us and doesn't mind when we speak, actually longs to hear our thoughts, and loves the fact that we stand beside them take up space.  

Monday, March 12, 2018

Organizing Everything this Weekend!

Found a spot in the utility room for the Isagenix products

Well, I didn't have time to post yesterday due to the time change and church and the day went fast from there with grocery, ironing, and prepping for today.  Then it was time for Sister Wives.  I'm not sure many are reading my blog anyway.  

Most of the weekend was spent on Isagenix.  So much information.  And was needing to make sure I understood everything, got my challenge started and so forth.  There is a lot of information and it's in so many places that it is both exciting and confusing.  I thought I had the right app on my phone but apparently there are things you do on more than one app which I figured out while trying to enter my challenge info.  I ended up entering one of the pictures wrong and discovered it at the last minute but it was too late - it saved it with no way to correct it but to email someone at the "home office".  It was supposed to be a side profile pic and I accidentally entered the back b/c I guess my brain was thinking the back was the last photo.  I was trying to watch TV too.  lol  So hopefully they will fix it.  I can't tell b/c I can't see any of the pics.  Once I entered them none of them showed.  I was a little aggravated by that but whatever. 

I absolutely loved this weekend though just being home.  There was a lot of laundry to do and worked on the kitchen and finding where to put the Isagenix stuff.  I also worked on cleaning my purse (changing it to a lighter one as the leather one is really heavy and having issues with neck and shoulder).  I cleaned up my desk area as well.  So I've mainly spent the weekend organizing as well as figuring out Isagenix. 

I absolutely love the shakes with the blender.  So much so that I may take the blender to work with me some.  

Today is a cleanse day.  My first one.  I get "something" every hour but I'm a little worried about being able to do a full cleanse day - with a slight sugar problem.  So if I begin feeling nervous or low blood sugar I WILL have to eat something.  

I did all my measurements though and weighing.  I have to do it all again on the 14th.  I decided my "cleanse" days will be on Monday.   And it's every 7 days.  Some do two days in a row twice a month.  Instead of 1 day every 7 days.  I'm not going to be able to do that.  Maybe one day but I'll do that but not any time soon.  

So it is snowing and I'm probably going to be a little bit late.  I do not intend on leaving til the sun comes up and more traffic is out.  Most of the schools are two hours late.  

I overslept this morning b/c apparently I had my main repeating alarm turned off last week when I was trying to sleep in a little later.   So I'll have to fix that for tomorrow.  

I bought a new pillow last week and since I've had it, my sleep has been better.  I'm waking up once or twice instead of 4 to 6 times.  

Katy made it to Knoxville and back (thanks for your prayers) but they did not get to go to the Biltmore b/c they couldn't get reservations. 

George and I had lunch with our friends Richard and Kathy after church.  We went to Ruby Tuesday's and had the salad bar.  I love love love the salad bar!  

We went to the store.  All I got was purified water and Wild Caught Tuna by Bumblebee which my friend Lisa J said was really good.  She mixes dijon mustard and chopped pickle with her tuna instead of mayo.  So I need to try that.  I think that is what she said.

Well, I guess that is about all the time I have this morning.  I need to get ready so I can leave once the sun comes up.  

I did not get everything I wanted to do this weekend done.  But got mostly organized and the most important things done.  I've felt disorganized for a few weeks so I feel good going into the work week this week. 

I didn't get things laid out for 5 days but I think doing it the night before is sufficient.  Doing the 5 days prep at once is too much.  

I realize I'm writing in bullet points this morning.  I guess I'm all over the place.  Just writing whatever comes out of my mind.    But gotta get on the road.  Ya'll have a great day!  

Will keep you posted on my progress of how I feel and if I lose weight on this program.  Gotta be a lifestyle - so I have to decide what products I'll be continuing and what is not worth the $.  We'll see. 
I'm interested to see if the vitamins will be as good as mine.  I've eliminated mine.  I think theirs is more inclusive.  

Ya'll take care! 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Night on the Town in Nashville, and my Isagenix Order Arrived!

Well, Thursday night a vendor took us out on the town to a restaurant in Nashville called 5th and Taylor.  
Oh my it was so good.  I had a cucumber type of drink, which was very "healing" of my neck pain situation.  My body seemed to say "thank you" for putting fresh cucumber in it.  Then the appetizers were amazing:  duck wings, sausage and cheddar biscuits, and bacon wrapped quail with dates and sorghum.  I had lamb for my main dinner with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach - both of which were the most amazing things I've ever put in my mouth - aside from the corn sauced pasta at Rolf and Daughters.  Amazing chefs in Nashville now taking food tastes and cuisine to the next level.

Then we went to The Patterson House, stepping back in time, to a speak easy type place.  Purely word of mouth, no sign, you just have to know where it is.  lol  And even the website says very little.  But they make the most amazing cocktails.  They are expensive at around $13 to $15 each.  And often the ice cube takes most of the glass.  The names are always interesting as well as the ingredients.  The center of the floor contains a rectangle bar extending to all sides which includes several very talented cocktail makers slightly akin to "Tom Cruise in Cocktail".  They may not throw things up in the air, but they will definitely get your attention.  So it's part show if you want it to be.  A very low lit cozy bar.  Men are not allowed to hit on the women.  You are not allowed to be on your phone inside.  So we enjoyed going there.  Katy and I had to work the next day while the vendor, his fiance, and George could sleep in as needed.  But actually all four of them wanted to go to the Patterson House.  I hinted that I needed to go home b/c of work the next day but was out voted.  Ok Twist My Arm.  So then I had some type of pineapple ginger type thing.  I really forgot what it was, but it was good.  I drove every one home b/c I didn't have that much to drink over the course of the evening.  We dropped our vendor off at their hotel and then headed home.  I thanked our vendor friend and his fiance for being so nice to us.  It was nice to meet his fiance and she was really sweet.  They were going to meet us in Chicago in May and go to the Cubs game with us and were disappointed that we would not be able to go now.  Me too.  But it's ok.

Then yesterday my Isagenix starter kit arrived.  Oh my!  I had fun taking it all out of the box!  So today I will have some time to go through and see what all I need to do.  There is a video that Lisa J sent me that goes over "opening your box".  I guess it explains everything.  She has sent me numerous things and I've received all kinds of resources and have my own "back office" website and such so I've got to get all signed in.  I'm kinda lost right now.  The main thing I want to do is:

1.  Set up my eating schedule for next week
2.  See what all is in the vitamin pack b/c I'll need to let my doc know that I'm doing this on my next visit.  Technically should get permission first I guess but since it's nutrition based - sometimes you gotta take things in your own hands.
3.  Get a notebook or something where I am tracking kinda what I eat, how I'm feeling, and track the measurements, and the weight.
4.  Set up some kind of shelf or center where I keep all this stuff above.  Where on earth am I gonna put it?  lol
5.  Set up my work bag and food intake for the next week.  For example measure my shakes into "baggies" for 5 work days and such, and lay out 5 vitamin packs - and so forth, Have my snacks ready to go and so forth.
6.  Watch the video, read the resources and see what all I can find out.
7.  Figure out what I want to order for next month that "meets" the BV (business volume) amount that will keep me a member.
8.  Sign up for the "challenge" which will give me $200 in products.
9.  Pick out my "challenge" outfit for my before and after photos.  I'm not doing this in my under wear like some do.  lol
10.  Take my pics.  Take measurements and so forth.

I'm excited and nervous at the same time.  I'm mainly in this for the nutrition but it's set up for weight loss too.  I'm just probably not going to be doing the two shakes a day.  There may be days I don't do shakes at all.  I will do at least one cleanse and see what that is like.  It is supposed to make you feel amazing.

I've just felt awful this year so far and I'm ready to feel better.  I've had the issue with my arm, immunity down and caught the flu, neck issues now and tightness in my shoulder and back. 
Typically this time of year is when I have to go to the chiro to get out of my pretzel like state.  lol But anyway this time I'll be trying this out and trying to get some exercise and we'll see if this will help me.  It's like "medicine" to me.

Well this weekend, we have NOTHING going.  A much needed restful weekend.  I feel like I've been able to just work this week and then try to sleep or nurse my ailments and have not contributed to getting anything done in the house.  But Katy and George have filled in some.  Today I was up at 5 doing laundry, cleaning kitchen, rebooting dishwasher, and picking up some.  George must have stayed up really late as it's almost 7 and he is not up yet.

Katy and Findlay have gone to Knoxville to see her first cousin Sarah.  I worried about her traveling the 3 hours up there.  But she made it fine.  Now we just have to get her back home through the rain tomorrow.  So keep her in your prayers while she is away and in her travels.

And George and I are empty nesters again for the weekend.

So I hope you all have a good weekend.  I'm going to enjoy mine, I hope.  Lots to do around here and I'll enjoy it.

I miss blog reader and friend, Sybil, and hope her cruise is going well.  Shoutin' out to Ma Rainey too!  Hope spring comes your way soon!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Neck/Sleep Issues, Isagenix On its Way, and Prayer Requests

Well, OK, I'm not that bad off, but almost, lol.  I rarely get to use these graphics b/c I'm usually in a pretty good mood and feel fairly good in the mornings.  But I'm certainly not up to par with this neck thing. 

I worked all day yesterday.  Took Acetaminophen in the morning and made it through the day but by the time I left I was hurting and stiff in my neck again.  And having slept an hour or so chopped up the night before, I was pretty tired.  The drive home was rough as far as staying awake.

I came home and immediately put jammies on and went to bed.  Went to sleep and George was going to wake me up for dinner.  I woke up at 10 and realized I'd missed dinner.  George said he and Katy made the decision to let me sleep since I was sleeping good and needed it.   It's been hard to come by.

So, I got up at 10 and had half of a sweet baked potato that I found in the fridge (from dinner).  Somehow time passed and it was midnight before getting back in bed.  I opened our delivery boxes from Amazon and Walmart, checked blog comments, and facebook, heated my bed buddy, took another acetaminophen and headed back to bed. 

The rest of the night was toss and turn.  Today at 3 will be 48 hours of neck hurting since it started Tues at 3 p.m. ish.  It has improved some.  So if it continues we'll be good.  I was concerned that it was going to be shingles or something but I don't think so.  There is a knot at the base of my head where it is hurting.  George thinks that is just a tight muscle.  I think it's been there since I was a child actually. But if things don't improve I will go to the doc.  I need to make my main annual check up anyway.  He'll need to check sugar levels and such.  I've come off the sugar pills b/c I think it was too much.  I've changed a lot of the way I eat.  And with the Isagenix I've been including into my diet (friend Lisa J gave me from work - I have two Lisa's that I'm close to).  I have felt better since off the sugar meds.  I have been careful to *try* not to eat a lot of carbs in a row.  I always eat protein with any carbs.  So I'm anxious to have my sugar checked and I do anticipate that my numbers will be ok. 

Speaking of Isagenix.  George told me to go ahead and order my Isagenix.  I had $160 saved up for it, will have another $100 or so to give him next week on it. And I have some more $ coming to me next week or so I hear that I will put toward it.   But it takes about $600 with tax and shipping - but you get a ton of food - including a blender and supplies and instructions and ideas and it includes the membership and sort of a new way of life.   I will not be using this much every month.  I will just be doing one shake a day - if that.  So this will last me a while.  I will be buying enough every month though to keep my membership at a level that I keep getting discounts.  I don't intend on selling it but I am open to allowing anyone to try it under me.   So I will keep that option open.  Lisa told me that people will come to you asking to buy it b/c of the nutrition and the weight loss that usually comes with it.  So we'll see.  I'm not going to push it but I don't mind sharing what is working for me for sure and I don't mind helping others if they want it.  I am so thankful to Lisa being so generous to give me nearly every main product they have to try.  Even a whole can of vanilla shakes b/c it would be a while before I could order it.  I'm thankful to George that said "go ahead and get it".  I had decided that I wouldn't do it after we found out about his job loss.  But he was encouraging of it.  So I went ahead and told Lisa and she put in the order for me.  I got the text and have downloaded the Isagenix app.  Now I await the shipment.  :-) 

So tonight George and I go out with a vendor - who wanted to still take us out even after George's situation.  And so we get to go out to eat.  Katy invited to go with us. So that is a blessing as well.

Please pray for three things:  1)  Katy is traveling to see her cousin in Knoxville tomorrow after school.  And I hate to see her on the road for 3 hours or so.  2)  Pray for this darn pain in the neck to go away 3) Pray that I get more solid sleep!  I don't even need to track it now - I KNOW I'm not getting it. 

I suppose this weekend I will go and see if I can find a pillow.  The two that I normally use have "broken" down over time and no longer give good enough support I don't think. 

I may need to see the chiro - it's been a couple of years and perhaps I need to go and get realigned or something.  I hate to spend the money but when in pain - and my alignment has not been right for a while.  Not comfortable sleeping for a while. 

It snowed here and some of the roads are impacted so I may go in late.  I've got to see if roads are open or clear where I'm going. 

Well, ya'll take care.  I better go and get ready.