Thursday, January 17, 2019

Flu Continued

Up this morning.  Slept well the first half of the night but the drainage has kicked in and coughing as it goes into bronchials and nasal passages and throat. The world is blessed as I've lost my voice.  My fever is at 100 at least w/o Tylenol.  So that means with Tylenol it would probably go down to normal.  So I'm going to the doc today so I can see if I can get the z pak.  I didn't want to have to go twice - so I just waited til I was in an infected state.  Otherwise they won't give it to you.  But now it's in my ears and chest and sinus hurting really bad above my eye when I look up.  So now is the time for doc.  I suppose I should stay out another day with still fever at 100.  I will plan on trying to go tomorrow.  And Saturday if our offices allow.  One could argue I get more done at home as far as being able to concentrate on things.  But it makes it hard w/o a proper printer and scanner. I have one but it's not a good one and very cantankerous.  I may have to try and use it today though for a couple of things.

I felt pretty good yesterday with the Acetaminophen bringing it down from 102 to 100 and it was before all this drainage did its damage overnight.  I was even down to 99 last night before bed with more of it so I could work through until dinner was ready - then we watched Below Deck. The coughing surprisingly has made my muscles very sore this morning.

All this is so very annoying but what can you do.

So off to the doc today and hoping for Z pak.  I hope they won't be stubborn about it.  If so, They will witness me being stubborn.  I am not wanting to argue about it but I'm liable to, lol.  I am ready to feel better and I know the zpack works well when I'm in this condition.  I don't think I'll be taking no for an answer.  :-O  It won't be pretty if they say no.

I looked in the mirror - I look like death itself.

I thought the year was getting off to a pleasant start other than work being wildy overburdened, but I guess not.

This too shall pass.  In the mean time, off to take a shower and to be first in line at the doc.  To make matters worse - the rain is heavy outside and I'll get to be out in that.  No one to drop me off or anything like that.

So far George is clear and not infected with it.  He either has good immune going (normally he does) or the virus stays laden for a few days which I think it does.

I think I've had the flu like every other year?  I'm not really sure but I think I'm done with the flu shot.  I think - not sure - but I think it impacted me in a negative way in my gut biome and still not corrected totally.  And then it didn't even help.  Even some doctors are finally admitting they don't believe in the flu shot anymore.

My eyes look horrible too - big huge circles.  I guess it is from no solid sleep the past few days.  I was thinking I was sleeping pretty good but I guess not so if it is in 2 hour spurts - so I look horrible.

My throat is sore, can't talk, and the congestion has really set out to make for a miserable day.

So off to the doc I go for the first appointment at walk in.

I have to make sure my company's insurance will cover the walk in center I use - it's a little more selective than Gibson's insurance was.  I don't want that to make me mad so I need to check that to see if I have to drive across town (that will make me mad too).  My walk in center is very close and right at the end of our neighborhood.  Tempted to just go there anyway.  At worst out of pocket.

I know I'm a little moody today - my positive self is not glowing during the flu days.  Just dealing with all this crud now.  Good grief.

And I don't like being behind in life!  I'm catching up though slowly.  Everyone including me will have no choice but to be patient.  We were short anyway in help so whenever you try to take off whether it be vacation, funeral, sickness - it's just a disaster.

Anyway - ya'll take care and I hope you don't get this in your circles!

Oh - one more thing!  I called Comcast and got the router fixed.  All they needed to do was reboot.  I had asked George if he would call the night before but he didn't.  So I had to call yesterday so I could work as it kept knocking me off and then I'd have to relog into our internet and then into our VPN at work - was soooo annoying.  Once I got annoyed enough I called.  Now we are back in business and the router is reaching everything.  Not sure why it has to be rebooted or what that does.  It's an Xfinity router so at least the cable company could do it.  They were really nice but they don't want to let you talk.  I couldn't half way talk anyway.  I kept teller her the reboot hadn't taken yet that we had to wait til it reset but she was rushing me on to try my PC.  I told her it is not going to work until the router has had time to reset.  She kept saying "oh don't worry about the network - it's ok - just try your computer now".  Well ok dumtwat, if that is what you want I will follow your directions just to prove a point.  And of course it wasn't working.  She put me on hold to get more help.  In the meant time the router finished booting up and of course it was working but I had to wait til she got back to say "it's working".  I started to hang up but that didn't seem nice.  She laughed at our internet title (network).  That was good b/c we meant for it to be funny. 

Well ok off of here to see what the doc says.  I don't think we are going into pneumonia or anything as no pain and I'm not sick at my stomach and fever going down.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Flu Bug

Well, I can't believe it has been 3 days since I posted and I didn't get to post much last week either.  You all have probably thought that I have quit blogging.

Monday about 2:30 I began feeling a sore throat after having a dry cough all day.  I thought something was in the air.  I guess it was - the flu bug.  Likely was caught in Phoenix.  But so glad I got home before it hit.  When I got home my fever was shooting up to 101.

Tuesday morning I got up at 5:30, dressed and headed in to work - in sweats - to retrieve my computer and work to take home.  Oh gosh you would not believe how behind I am.  I did a few limited things yesterday and responded to email but found it hard to concentrate with that kind of temperature and took naps all through the day.  Was miserable with the fever and head pounding and feeling like my eyes about to bulge out of my head.

Last night I began taking Acetaminophen when the temp reached 102.7.  It brought it down 2 points.  This morning again it was 102.7 and I took more. The head is breaking loose now and I have kleenex boxes in every room and cough drops not far.  With the Acetaminophen kicking in, I've been able to eat today.  Some mac and cheese and peanut butter and crackers, and now munching on blue corn chips with my coffee.

The internet keeps going on and off - our TV has not been able to connect in several days.  And now our devices and laptops are having issues so I think the router might be going bad.  It's extremely annoying as I'm trying to work and it keeps knocking me off.  That said our internet here has always come and gone momentarily but usually comes back as quick as it left so I've not fussed but once about it.  But it is getting worse now.  Sometimes you can't even recognize our website or wifi - which means to me the router is going bad.  But what do I know?

I need to be at work ya'll!  It's so hard to work from home with no printer, no scanner and away from our files.  I feel so disconnected and helpless.  I may work Saturday if our offices will allow it (alarm wise).

So I'm unsure about tomorrow.  I probably need to stay away another day so as not to infect anyone else but I'm tempted to go and hole up in my office with door closed and be remote from everyone.  I feel better today with the Acetaminophen and will feel even better tomorrow.  If the internet keeps acting up I may have no choice.  I would feel bad though if I still had germs and spread them.  So I guess I'll keep trying to work from home and then knock it out of the park on Friday and Saturday.

Well, just wanting to pop in and say hello.  I'll be posting some Phoenix pics over the next few entries.  Just don't have it in me today.  Behind on everything in life.  Just wanting to feel good again.  But today is certainly an improvement on yesterday!  At least Tylenol is getting me out of bed.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Home Again!

Well, after a very easy, smoothe, and quick flight, I find myself home.  We descended into clouds and into a cold rainy Nashville.  I am some what unpacked, a load of laundry in, and have been well fed tonight by the spouse.  

Maisy met me at the airport along with George.  

We were very busy day and evening with our general sessions and then dinners after the sessions, with the crew.   Then time with George checking in each night.  

Then I would check our groups Instant Message feed for what the latest details were.  It was hard to get all of us in one place w/o reservations, so we ended up splitting up into groups and everyone kept up my IM.  It was a very active feed.  

But now to switch gears.  It seems like tomorrow should be Saturday.  lol  So I'm so off on the schedule but it's all good.  I'm pretty rested.  And I did have some restful time at the beginning of the week with some sleep in mornings.  And it was a lovely and fun time with our crew.  Lots of good information.  

Glad to be home.  It's been a good vacay and a great seminar and I have a lot of good ideas that I am very excited about.  

I had to change the blog decor.  Coming back from Phoenix and to my dull snowy blog - was depressing.  So I had to step it up a bit.  George laughed b/c he said the decor is not "Southern".  Well, who cares.  This Southern girl has some fried up L'Attitude changes every now and then - which is what this is all about - my lattitude changes and my attitudes in between.  

This Southern Fried chic enjoyed her week and made a lot of friends.  I'll be posting more tomorrow or Wednesday, if the time allows.

I do have to spend some time this week setting some goals.  

I'll get her done.  When the goals are in writing, we have so much better chance of reaching them.
So ON TO it we go! 

And tomorrow back to the world of HR and the land of acquisitions and transitions.  My side gig may be taking a back seat in the a.m daylight hours, but it has no monetary ceilings like the day job does. And that is pretty exciting to build something that will pay you while you sleep? 
:-O  :-D

Nite Nite.  Glad to be home!  

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hello from Phoenix

Maisy misses me George says! And I miss her. He gives her food and treats to console her but she is sleeping a lot when I call! 

She licked my hand the morning I left, knowing something was up. I’m not used to being away for this many days. But I miss her at bedtime as we talk and I rub her tummy and then we sleep. 

I am in Phoenix with our team.  We have eaten dinner the last two nights with various parts of the crew as they arrive. 

I need a selfie stick... good grief! lol 
Here is the view from the front of my hotel suite.

And here it from the back at sunset. 

We ate dinner at the arrogant butcher on our first night.

Here is the hotel courtyard where did a zoom conf call with our group. 

Last night we ate at a favorite restaurant of mine called T-Bones. The filet was wonderful.

So yesterday while the group hiked a very steep and treacherous hike, the Lord led me to the botanical gardens instead. It was perfect. I loved it and took so many pics. I’ll wait til I get home to share them though. I was on my own but had a good day and was happy to be where I was! 

But until then here is a pic...It was a gorgeous 70 degree day and a wonderful walk through dessert life with dessert flowers blooming. 

I also had lunch there on the grounds and had watermelon green tea. Yes I got the burger. Mainly because it was so much cheaper than everything else and it was awesome. I also ate with a bird sitting opposite me so I wasn’t alone. 
And those fingerling potatoes were really good.


Then off to a brewery because it is what George would do lol and I had the time. So off to The Beer Shop in Tempe nearby. I Uber’d every where! 

Then off to register for the event and get my badge etc. 
Here’s the brewery pics.

And The Phoenix Convention Center area.

And then walked around downtown waiting for friends to get off the hike and Uber over. They registered and we all headed for dinner on the side of the mountain overlooking Phoenix. Slept pretty good last night. We have a tour of Isagenix headquarters this morning and then a free afternoon and our big team dinner with everyone tonight. 

Y’all have a great day! I’m so tempted to rent a car and go to the Grand Canyon and skip the conference lol. But I won’t! 
Take care! 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Weekend To Do's Accomplished and Gift Card Purchases Made

Somebody had this posted on Facebook or somewhere and I saved it b/c it struck a chord with me.  Isn't it true how this happens?  I never thought of it in terms of this before.  But how true. You just have to hope that REAL people see the truth in you before they jump to false perceptions that had leapt out the mouths of unbridled toxic folks.  

I'm so happy with the ability to "let this pass" now, all the perceptions that come flooding at you, or that try to fill your mind, that had planted by others - that I used to let myself be worried over and troubled by.  It is so very freeing when you don't let these things bother you b/c you know you are ENOUGH and not defined by someone else's judgement - whether right or wrong. 

 I am now able to let those thoughts come and go fleetingly and with the gusto similar to expelling a bad gas after eating a bowl of chili!  lol  It feels so good to let go of toxicity and not be at the butt of someone else's criticism.  It simply is their own thoughts and judgment.  They have no options but to own the information they have tossed about and the Bible says they will be responsible for it.  And as for the rest, we have a choice to rid of it within our minds before it has a chance to pollute us.  The END.  

So I had to share this.  I love to look at the transformations with our plan.  When you see someone go from one state to the other into a healthy situation, it's so heart warming.

Just having these shakes, cleanses, vitamins, snacks, meal replacement bars, supplements, and hydrate drinks - have placed me on the right track.  I'm grateful to have found it, to be a part of the lifestyle.  Every year, I will get better and better.  I'm trying to find ways to exercise. But that is only 20% of the equation.  It's necessary to get nutrition, which is not always in the food we eat. My apple watch encourages the steps and actually I am surprised at how much I move around.  I had considered myself sedentary as "others" had called it that.  That goes back to perceptions.  However, with things I do at work and at home and in between - I am meeting my move and stand goals - closing the circles daily.  It's only cardio I'm missing, but I have discovered I'm not sedentary!  I'm up and doing things even with a desk job - files, coordinating with others, etc.

So it was truly a busy weekend.  All the Christmas stuff packed away, a lot of laundry as usual. How two people can generate such is beyond me.  But the Christmas stuff was never ending and quite the chore.

And I ordered my wireless bluetooth ear phones.  They are not very pretty but I liked these the best.  I don't trust the kind without the ear piece.  I'd lose them the first hour.  Bought these with an Amazon card from my BIL and SIL, Kevin and Susan.  I'm on Amazon a lot.  

I will enjoy these a lot at work so I can hear music, take calls, etc. No wires.  I'm always having to get up for something and so this will help! No wires!

I have packed my Isagenix product for the week.  I am not sure how my cosmetics and jewelry case are going to fit now.  My suitcase is already full.  there is no telling how much it weighs.

Anyway it's nice to have the packing and Christmas stuff done.  The next weekend at home, I'll dust and put out the normal stuff again.  The NYKO kickoff is Thurs thru Sat and the flight home is Sunday so no weekend for me to do anything this upcoming weekend.  It'll be the next.  I fly out tomorrow morning to Phoenix and then Wednesday we have free and will hike.

Saturday night I fixed spaghetti for dinner, and it was so good!  

We went to church yesterday morning and that was great.  Afterwards went to Ruby Tuesday with Richard and Kathy.  Love love love their salad bar! 

Afterwards, we went to JC Penny's to swap some PJ's.  I swapped for some long spandex gym pants.  I needed some more.  Then we went to Belk and used my gift card to buy eye liner and I bought a top.  Then we went to Walmart (well I did while George got his hair cut nearby).  And I bought Pioneer Woman casserole dishes - only $18.88 and also two pillows at 5.88 each.  I have found a pillow I like that is cheap - thank goodness! But they lose their "umph" after about a year.  I had to get rid of two pillows that really were deflated and I bought these two and rotated them around and now everything is replaced.  All the guest rooms have pillows and also sham pillows.  

So these things were bought with my company Walmart card.  I went over everywhere but paid for the rest on debit.  

Anyway, I think we just have restaurant gift cards left and we'll be using those up during the year. 

I've not written up and hung our bucket list yet.  Just have been busy.  Was able to catch my YouTube shows while resting/eating here and there.  

And today is the last day of work.  I was going to go in early this morning and still will a little early, but since I worked some last night, I'll not be there at 6 as planned.  I also will be working while I'm gone.  I was asked to provide resumes while I was gone.  So as I have time I'll be reviewing and forwarding those to my boss for a key position that is open.  I would give that to my assistant but I think she is going to be busy enough this week.  As I get older, having less vacation time or having to work during it rather- is not something I'm really keen on at this point in my life and that will need to be addressed at some point. And will be taken care of-  as things transition in my life. But I am allowing the reviewing the resumes - THIS TIME.  I agreed to do it, so I will.  I chose not to set a boundary there since it is a busy time - but heck it always is now.  lol. I normally am not gone this time of year and was willing to compromise and still am as long as it not terribly intruding.  

So ya'll take care.   I'll likely not be posting again until Phoenix.  

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Birthday Pics, Ice on the Ranch, Vacation Time, and To Do List

I stole this pic from my daughter so I could share with you the beauty of the Texas ranch in the winter!  She did a great job with these pics!  They've had ice last week.

I was unable to post yesterday morning.  Just too much going at once.  And I wanted to get to work earlier.  But on the 3rd we went out for my birthday with Kevin and Susan (my BIL and SIL).  We had a lot of fun and laughs and that is so good!  We are really enjoying our empty nester time with them when we meet and catch up.

BIL and SIL recommended Chloe.  Loved it.  

We had a good meal at Mo'Cara's.   This is in Lebanon, TN and quite the special place.  It's fun to experience an upscale experience, at a decent price, w/o having to fight Nashville traffic. 

We all 4 split the cheesecake and I believe it was one of the best I've had.  Look at that maple carmelized fudge topping.  Just WOW!

And here we are! 

And George says he promises another birthday dinner just he and I - and we are going to the Hermitage Steak House.  He asked if wanted to go before or after my trip and I told him after.  

Ahhh so work has been stressful.  The thought of "acquisitions aren't for sissies" crossed my mind yesterday and made me laugh.  I could feel the skin tingling on my arms from the constant state of "fright or flight" mode yesterday.   So I downed some Ionix (stress formula) and was amazed at the calmness it brought.  An e+shot around mid afternoon which has adaptogens in it also helped.  There's just way more than the two of us can handle anymore.  I know the initial acquisition stuff will go away and things will be more streamlined soon, but it's been a crazy week.  I will say, however, that we have accomplished MUCH in a short time and have had a handle on most of the critical pieces.  Of course it comes fast at you with little reaction time.  My goals are to serve the most people, take care of the most critical issues, keep my bosses happy, as much as humanly possible with the resources we have (or don't), and with as much grace as I can muster without losing my freaking mind!  I have been in my field long enough to know that the expectations are endless of HR and that we will NEVER be able to please or meet everyone's expectations.  And also not many even realize all the details of what we do and track and maintain and answer and look up and get interrupted and - not many get it.  But now at age 56, I've decided ---that's ok!  lol  The fact remains whether people see it or not.  It really doesn't matter.  

So it has been crazy but we'll get through it.  Or not. lol

It was hard to fathom that I would actually go home last night and not be getting up for work.  There was so much to do I'd have been ok with another day of work but there is too much to do here today at home.  

At 5 when I left I had an Isagenix call with a friend who is interested in the 30 day system pack.  So we caught up - it's a high school friend of mine.  I did that call while driving back to MJ Town for my Pedicure at 6.  I sent him the pack this morning to view. 

I have found that over the past year, I have begun to come out of a shell.  I'm talking more.  I'm engaging more.  So the first year of this Isagenix thing was just getting comfortable with myself and in talking to others PERIOD.  I'd been quiet for so many years except with one on one and certain individuals.  So for me to open up and talk to people about a system that would make them feel better - it's all about education - is just amazing.  This year it feels natural.  I'm getting better!  It's been a big growth year in so many ways.  I think I didn't grow up til I turned 55.  lol 

Anyway it felt good to be able to drive and talk instead of being in front of my notes and at home.  So being mobile and on the go and having calls is going to help me a lot.  That is huge!  Did it go perfectly - probably not.  We fail forward though.  And I am looking forward to helping people feel better.  The education of this system is going to be my goal for the next year.  I want to educate folks on what the system can do for them.  If they only knew - we wouldn't be able to meet the demand!  

Anyway, I'm looking forward to all that the future holds with this business and in helping others.  And I'm looking forward to our future as things take off!  The comfort zone is so much better now!  My brain is so much better, nerves better and so forth, being on the superfoods! 

Well, so today is critical in getting things done. 

____Christmas Packed up 
___Trees down
___Packed for Phoenix
___Check weather in Phoenix
____Figuring out my Isagenix food for Phoenix
____What book to take to Phoenix
____Ordering Wireless Earbuds or Headphones from Amazon
____Just cleaning up in general
____A bit of planning as always along with some market strategy stuff
And lots more but I can't think of it right now. Most of that will take most of the day. 
We have a full day planned tomorrow, starting with Church and lunch with friends after!

So I forgot to say that George got my perfume and a couple of special bottles of wine.  

I also spent my birthday money buying Rodan and Fields "Soothe" from my sister.  It should come in today.  It's expensive but I really thought it was the best thing I've tried for my face.  I found some similar products but I like the real thing better.  Considering you get several items in the pack, it's not really that bad I guess.  

I am excited to get started on the day!  And VERY excited to be home today.  I'm going to start the day out with a Pina Colada shake and add some pineapple juice to it just for fun.  

I can't believe Thanksgiving came and went, Christmas came and went and now it's time for NYKO (New Year Kick Off) and vacation.  I scheduled so much vacation time at the end of this year.  And beginning of 2018 for my rollover part. It's made it harder to get anything done at work but earlier in the year was not a good time to take off either.  So I've decided it's never a good time and will continue to never be a good time.  Most every time I try to take vacation, it's an issue now.  I don't see that changing so am I to just not take it? I don't think so.  It's a part of the package deal, and with not  getting any reviews and increases, and already spending all of our life time working in an off balance situation gone from 6:30 in the morning and back at 6 pm at night.  It's critical to be successful, to take some time off.  It just is. So I refuse to feel guilty about it.  But people will let you and I let myself time before last, but no more!  Boundaries! Women also have a harder time.  Get over the gender thing. We just do.  We are expected to do so much in the home that we don't have time to do.  A full time job in both places. 

So anyway I'll be gone most of the next week, leaving Tuesday for Phoenix.  I'll take my laptop b/c no doubt the earth will shatter if I don't. And I'll pay for taking off.  But time has flown and here we are in the New Year.  Time to bust a move and make some progress b/c this chic has some big plans! And some big reasons for it. 

And you know what?  I'm worth it!  

Ya'll take care! 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Rain, Starting the New Year, Power Hours, and Busy Times

Ahhh, the rain - it is back again!  Many areas in flood stages.  However I think it warms up some into the 60's for a brief spell.  Normally we have our really freezing cold temps about now.  I imagine it is yet to come. 

Yesterday was fun.  I wasn't sure I was quite through New Yearing just yet as I needed another day to put up Christmas things and vacuum but there is the weekend!  And we have no plans for Saturday other than being home so I'll get that done then and also packing for Phoenix, in which I leave next Tuesday!  I'm truly excited to get to go and do some hiking as well as see the Isagenix headquarters in a private tour.  

Yesterday was important to me as a first "normal day" in January to establish routines and have plans in place for how to spend my time during the year.  A cleanse day it was!  I am now down to my lowest weight of last year again, after gaining 5 lbs from the holidays.  So the body shed the gain pretty quickly over a week's time and that is with little cardio workouts but I was moving around a lot.  Matter of fact, I do move around a LOT according to my Apple Watch.  The watch is helping with breathing reminders and reminding me to stand after periods of sitting.  I need to get into some cardio exercise though and have to work at finding time.   I am holding off on the gym for now but keeping that in my back pocket.  I can take George though, at this gym I'm looking at.  We would be able to do it on the weekends mainly.  Otherwise any plans for exercise I have to do at lunch time at our complex or in the neighborhood on the weekends.  I'm not going in the dark anywhere.  I'm not sure I even want to be at the gym parking lot.  Life is getting pretty dangerous around Nashville and it often extends out into outlying areas.  So this is tough for me in the winter time.  I can and will do stationery exercising and that helps.  

So I did some planning yesterday for the year and also had my goals of the day spelled out.  It was a full day.  I worked, worked through lunch, and left a bit earlier than normal as I had a cut and color scheduled.  So that was done.  I got home at 7:30 and my e+ shot was still in effect so I did laundry and then set into doing my "power hour" of connecting with folks and following up on some inquiries where I left people hanging during the holidays.  I have a lot of interest and questions and inquiries but have not taken the time to follow up. 

I've discovered to have an index card with the next day's power hour plans on them - helps me with the focus shifting from the HR hat to the nutrition hat in lightning speed.  I enjoy this connecting with others.  So I connected last night and it was great.  

And bed felt good.  

Today is my birthday and we are celebrating out with George and his sister and my brother in law.  We are going to a special place that has excellent food!  Looking forward to it too!  

I see three gifts in the corner for me!  Not sure what it is!  But I bet it smells good and happy!  

And I'm getting off of here so I can do a few things and scoot out hopefully early.  
Ya'll take care!  On to more coffee!

Oh and did I say I was back to my normal weight loss weight after gaining the 5 back during the holidays.  They are gone already so starting the year with some new goals!  Yay me!  ;-)  Or more properly Yay system!  It's working!