Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Good Sleep and an Epiphany!

Oh I got some gooooood sleep last night.  If I woke up, it was only once.   I remember pulling the covers tighter.  Yep, Some goooood sleep.  Felt good.

I don't have a lot of time this morning, since I posted in my private blog.  But I wanted to come in and say hello.

Yesterday went well for a Monday.  Accomplishments on track.  Much to do still.  But at least on the way to getting it done by deadlines.

Last evening had some rather unpleasantries, but dealt through it. Despite that, we had a good evening watching the Soprano's and having a Greek chicken salad.

 I did have an epiphany this morning. lol I've discovered that sometimes turning the other cheek is the wrong advice for certain situations.  Since the truth can set you free, sometimes it's better to go around like a banshee...waving the truth in people's faces! Nothing shuts up a devil the size of Manhattan- like the truth.

And I will end on that note.  Ya'll have a good day.  I intend on enjoying mine! 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Big Ole Shopping Weekend!

This weekend has been so busy that I've not even had time to do a blog entry.  It's been like - move, move, move - all weekend.  All good stuff, all fun stuff, but we've been hopping. Even THIS blog entry is having to be done in pieces.

After work we met at home and George handed me some surprise mail!  Blog reader Sybil sent us a Christmas card all the way from across the big pond, BOX, (Corsham) in the UK.  

Friday night we went with friends to celebrate our friend Richard's birthday at Rodizio in Nashville.  A nice time had by all!  Katy was able to join us.  Cody was working.    I chose this wine for us mainly based on price being a little cheaper than the others.  A cheaper cab is much better than a cheaper Chardonnay according to my taste buds.  So we went with this to split b/c George and Katy and I.  And surprisingly it was really good.  We have typically liked Spanish, South American, and Chilean cabs.  

Rodizio has November as "Wild Game" month.  So among the steak and chicken and pork and lamb- we had frog legs, deer sausage, rattlesnake, wild boar.  Seems like I'm missing something but it was really different.  I was disappointed that Katy would not eat a frog leg.  It was delicious and came with a sauce to dip it in.  

So above is Richard and next to him, Kathy, our good friends.  And I want to point out that on the table are these widgets with a red and green block on each end.  When the block is down on its side, as in the picture, it means your "done" with your meal.  When the block is sitting up right with the green block on top it means "Have the Brazilian guys bring the meat (on a sword) to your table to be cut off.  You have tongs so as they slice it -you grab it with your tongs to "catch it".  When the block is sitting with the red block up, it means "let me catch up and eat what I have for a while".  lol  Once your block is on green, you are swarmed with guys with lamb, marinated pepper steak, BBQ basted chicken, bacon wrapped whatever, grilled pineapple, and just about everything you can imagine.  

Before the meat ever starts though, you go through the salad bar which has the most unique salads.  A regular salad plus things like BLT salad, watermelon salad, chicken and coconut salad, green pea, chicken curry salad, and I can't even begin to name them all.  But they have a big huge bowl of crispy bacon, which is a favorite.   

You can understand why are miserable when we leave and don't want food (especially meat) for two days.  lol  I try to space myself and get a spoonful of everything but it still gets a bit out of hand.  

Despite the fullness, we sent it over the edge with the Creme Brulee, b/c it's a favorite of mine.  I had a couple of bites and we passed it 'round the table for everyone get their spoonful.

Creme Brulee, Rodizio Grille, Nashville, TN

As the evening wore on, I became so ready for my bed.  So we drove home and took care of doggies and prepped for bed and it was a big ole crash landing!  lol

So at 2:30 Saturday morning, Tugie decided she needed to go out.  She would NOT lay back down and go to sleep.  So I got up and despite George's pleading to at least come back and let sleep happen, I was already awake.  He knew that we would have a busy day and he would have to spend that busy day with me - and wanted a RESTED Sonya instead of MEAN GRUMPY Sonya.  So his pleading had a tone of almost "parental urgency".  I'm not one to be told what to do, you know.  I head already known that I was awake and not sleepy.  So I took Tugie and Maisy out and fed them and played Candy Crush til the drowsies came and by then Tugie was fast asleep in her chair.  And so Maisy and I snuck into the guest bedroom #1 (our old bed) and fell into a deep sleep.  Maisy snuggled - usually she wants you to either pet her tummy or she is going to be asleep with no one touching her.  She doesn't snuggle like Tugie did.  Tugie doesn't snuggle much anymore either.  

Anyway, Tugie realized she was alone but her nose found us and she woke us up and I let her on the bed and we slept til 7:30!  George let us sleep despite the fact that he wanted us to be out the door around 8 or 8:30.  I got up had coffee and woke up a bit and headed for the shower and we began our day.  

We first went to Rice's.  Rice's has been a favorite in the area and I think they probably do a good bit of internet business from all around.   

Rice's Store, Mount Juliet, TN

However, we have friends from the north that had moved down here from Iowa (they have since moved to Houston) but one day we told them about Rice's and our friend Amy says "oh yeah, is that the place with the brown turd on the side of the building".  I remember it completely.  We were all piled in the car to go eat in Nashville and when she said that the whole car just howled.  lol   So as you see the pic above - every time I pass the building, I think of Amy calling this picture of a ham a big brown turd.  Despite that their hams, bacon, and sausage are wonderful.  (My system does not handle the "smoked" very well for some reason, I've learned.)  

Anyway, we bought some sausage for us and also for Richard and Kathy which we took to them this morning at church.   

Rice's Country Hams, Mount Juliet, TN

We had a cooler, and then we headed out to Smith's Furniture to look at sofa and chair sets.  We go to church with the person that sold us our bed.  Much to our surprise his wife is Richard's cousin.  It's a small world.  We saw them at Richard's Mom's funeral visitation and then again at church when we started going there - they were there too.  So we really wanted to give him our business.  However, what they had that I liked was about $1500 more than I wanted to give.  Here it is: 

This sofa and chair was awesome.  The ends of the sofa reclined out, with the electric buttons to your side.  The head would blow up and make a pillow, and the back had lumbar support that would blow up and down.  We really liked it.  But didn't want to be totally couch poor.  lol  It would almost jump up and do the dishes for ya. 

 I hated not to get it but I can't spend $1500 more on something just to help a friend out, so I told George we'd have to go look other places.  So I was disappointed.  I was really hoping that we could do it, but I felt it would have been irresponsible to do so.  So we went to D.T. McCall and Son's.  Not there.  But I found a fridge that looked good.  But we were not in the market for that just yet. lol 

We went to Big Lots, b/c what if they had what we were looking for?  They sell furniture.  But no they didn't have what we needed.  We went to Good Will b/c it was next door.  I bought two scarves and a brand new shirt.  For about $7.  

I told George that I was really hungry and needed to eat something.  I saw Ruby Tuesday's and said "salad bar"!  So we went in and both got the salad bar and iced tea.  Caffeine and food!  So we were set to continue.  That hit the spot. 

My salad, Salad Bar at Ruby Tuesday's.

We went to the Lebanon, TN square and shopped.  

The first store we went in, I almost turned around and walked out b/c of the prices, but there were things that intrigued me.  George had stopped somewhere near the front.  I went straight to a knitted wool shawl that was beautiful.  I looked at the price and as I figured it was 4 times more than I would be willing to pay.  So I skipped on around it and went straight for the most beautiful leather shoulderbag handbag that I have EVER seen.  The color was perfect, the leather felt so good in my hands, and the stitching, and the quality and craftsmanship was just spot on.  It was roomy and constructed to hold a lot, and had unique curves and structure at the bottom corners so that it would do so, unlike many real leather bags.  As I looked at the handbag, George called for me across the store.  He had his hands on a wool shawl and was saying "this looks like you".  I said "I know, doesn't it? I looked at it too."  He said "I don't care what this costs, let me buy this for you."  Wow!  He looked at the tag and I said, "it's just too much!"  He said "you would wear this right?  You like it?  I am getting it for you b/c this just looks like you!"  I said "well ok, if you want to - it'll always be special and I'll wear it."  I then said "Let me show you something, but there is no way we can buy it.  But I just have to show you the most beautiful purse I have ever seen."

He said "how much is it?"  I told him.  He said "yeah that is a lot but actually that is not too bad of a price for that since it is real leather."  He said, "it's a lot but if you want it, get it".  I said "no we shouldn't, but it is beauuuuutiful."  As I said that, I watched another girl reach for it and walk around with it to show someone she was with.  My heart sank.  George said "oh well" and the sales person said "if you want something in here you have to grab it fast, b/c this stuff moves".  The lady put it back. And then I went to grab it.  I looked at George and said "it's just too much".  He said "get it - I'll have your birthday DONE and I won't have to go shopping".  Happy camper I set it on the counter.  I felt like the most special girl in the world at that point.  I felt like a kid.  My purses are usually $19.99 canvas wanna be specials.  I have never gotten into COACH or any of the pricey stuff.  I have always not felt they were worth it.  THIS purse will last me until the end of my days.  The only worry is will someone steal it off my shoulder?  

So we shopped all around the square at all these antiques shops, which is unusual for George to want to shop in.  But we went up to floor two and three and up into sale attics and very old and squeeky originally floored places, with original brick and beams.  I'm thinking - man, what would it be like to turn this into an apartment or condo.  How gorgeous, and the history within those walls.  One building was the old hardware store.  

These shops took me back in time.  It's like visiting my Mam-ma's house back in the country.  I told George it's almost like someone took Mam-ma's stuff and dropped it off here.  This hat, that black purse, and that yellow hat on the wall.  These all look familiar to me.  What IF this WAS really her stuff?  lol

This set up here - this cupboard/shelving unit - actually looks like Mam-ma's kitchen.  

I laughed at the old wicker chair and pot in it.  Yep that would have been there too.  lol  I had to have a picture of this.  It feels just like I'm sitting in Mam-ma's old kitchen when I look at it.  Her sink would have been to the right and the stove.  
I believe her fridge was to the left (back a bit) and to the immediate left took you into the dining room.

George had a fit over this $65 space capsule.  I said we should get it if he wanted it for Christmas.  He said he didn't want it that bad. 

And then he saw the Lost in Space robot! $350 price tag.  Oh my gosh.  He loved it but said "no way" to the cost for something that would not only be in the way but would sit on a shelf and he could only look at it.  So no, he said "no".  

I agree that would have been too much but after that purse we bought earlier, what could I say?

Shopping on the Square, in Lebanon, TN
Shopping on the square in Lebanon, TN

You can tell in the pic above that the sky was not too happy.  Storms were on the way.

Anxious to be on our way back to our town (we had been about 30 -40 minutes away from home), we went to Ashley Furniture and I prayed that God would let us find our sofa and chair at an affordable price.  The fact that I wanted reclining sofas and chairs, added a considerable amount to the price.  But having sat in them at Mom's I knew that is what I wanted.  I always have my feet up at home and it hurts b/c I have it on the coffee table and it hurts the back of my heels, lol.  George had agreed this was the way to go for us considering the amount of time we spent at night together watching our movies together.  Something you use every day for about 15 -20 years.  If leather, even longer.  Of course the switch/motor could go out and it have to be fixed b/c it's electrical and not a manual one.  Even the manual ones can break.  

So we went into Ashley and walked upon one that was a little different in color (a little darker) than I had imagined.  But certainly not "off" by any means.  The price was much better.  And the financing of 12 months same as cash was there.   The chair reclines all the way back so on those early mornings getting up with the doggies, I can actually lay back comfortably here.  If we had company two could sleep here - one on each end.  It lays all the way back.  How exciting!  And it sits plush still against the wall.  In other words, it pushes outward toward the front of the sofa instead of needing to go "back" against the wall.  

They did not have the recliner in the store.  But we ordered the reclining rocking chair to go with it.  So it's a recliner but it rocks.  I'm ready for grandchildren now!  ;-) 

We ordered the sofa and the rocker recliner.  And they will be here at our house on Dec 9th.  Delivery day.  Only one snag.  It's the community Christmas Day parade.  So we'll have to tell them to plan to be here around that.  They had both of these in the warehouse.  So it only takes about a week.  I'm not sure why we couldn't get it for Dec 2nd.  Maybe there is something going on I've forgotten about?  

Anyway, so we have purchased our new den furniture and much to my surprise, it will be here for Christmas. ;-) 

While we were there, we had some bad bad storms to come through.  So we waited til the storms left the area and headed home.  Much to our surprise, just a few miles away, a tornado (F-1) touched down in Gladeville.  Gladeville is in b/w Mount Juliet and Lebanon.  A tornado warning went off in the store.  The store evidently had no procedure.  I stayed close to a piece of furniture that I could dive under.  lol  I know that usually this time of year, the damage is usually a bit off of the structure but not devastating like it can be in spring.  

So after the sofa purchasing, and shopping day, George said "It's Sonya Day - mark it on your calendar.  November 18th is Sonya Day.  He kept teasing me about it the rest of the day.  Even surprised me and brought me my dinner to the sofa instead of making me come get it b/c it's Sonya Day.  I asked him if was trying to make a point and being ugly or was he just teasing.  He said "it really is Sonya Day".  lol  Rolls eyes.  I don't know.  But whatever, it WAS a good day and it WAS Sonya day!  And I really liked it.  I believe that was about as a good day as a birthday - and it wasn't my birthday. 

George did open a bottle of wine to celebrate that we found success on Sonya Day.  (lol) 

While shopping I ran across this.  So perfect!

So we had a nice day yesterday and came home and had a sandwich.  And I went to bed. 

This morning Tugie woke up again at like 3:30.  George got up this time to take her and then I think that he fed her and put her back in bed.  I slept until 5:30.  Then took them both out again and of course fed them both.  lol So Tugie ate twice b/c I wasn't really sure George fed her.  So then we went to church. 

I was really feeling like I needed to stay home but we had to take Kathy her sausage, so we went.  Then we went to the store at Kroger and bought a bunch of stuff even though we have a freezer full.  We bought salad stuff to eat until Thanksgiving.  I'll have to go back out to the store Wed night. 

But anyway, George must have been hungry b/c he was putting things in the cart of all kinds!  I thought "I've got to get him out of here, since he was hungrier the further back in the store we got".  We have meats and stauffer dinners and pringles and breakfast burritos and ---and---and---!!!

Since being home I've done several loads of laundry and ironed and cleaned the kitchen a bit and have done this blog entry. 

I have so much to do.  I need to make a winter cat house for Little Bit, update the Christmas list, prep my to do list for the week, and chop some veggies and fix a South West salad.  I have such a list but I know I'll never get that far.  It's so aggravating that we don't have a lot of time on the weekends.  If you go do errands and shopping on Saturday and then church on Sunday - and to the store and then do laundry and ironing - your weekend is shot!  Argggghhhh.  Story of my life, but all you can do is the best you can do.  I'm very excited that we had our sofa.  We had a good fun date day out.  And it was a good Sonya day all the way around.  Well except for the Tornado Warning but we just stayed indoors. 

Ya'll take care.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Planning for Retirement Years

Had a lovely day yesterday.  It was nice to drink coffee and watch the news and blog in my jammies and play Candy Crush until I decided I wanted to get up and do something.  My "something" was starting on the laundry.  I cleaned the kitchen, swept the kitchen floor, made two batches of salsa - one for us and one for work. 

I had to create a sign on and get my social security statement to take to the financial meeting.  That is one of the key pieces that they needed.  I don't guess anyone has stolen my ID's b/c the right amount of earnings are showing up.  So that is good.   I was actually surprised by the amount.  George and I are both quite surprised at how much our social security will be when we retire so long as the program remains in tact for us by then.  I cannot retire "fully" until 67.  For George it is 66 and 10 months.  I was disappointed.  I had thought it to be 65.  I will try to hold out for that long.  But George said that may not be necessary.  But I will probably try to hold out til at least then. 

So I also had to print out my 401k statement.  I have been active in 401k and doing matches with what employers had it and have done well through the years.  I have invested former 401K's rolled over into some other funds.  Over the years it builds up. 

So the advisor spent some time asking us about our retirement goals.  Retirement goals?  What?  George and I have not really discussed our future much.  Whenever we try to talk about future, it always involves thinking about where we want to be and it usually involves a cost, and when talking about money - it never really was a good conversation and was often discouraging for me.  So it was something to really avoid talking about.  Which is kind sad.  So most of our future is what is going to be for dinner or what is our next event.

 George always wanted to handle the finances and he always thinks about the future from that standpoint.  But to dream is just to dream for me, not necessarily anything that would come true- of one day living near the ocean.  To discuss it, is usually not going to bring me much hope.  George will only say "you are the beach person, me not so much...who knows where we'll end up".  So never any excitement or anything in planning for the future.  It's uncertainly always looming.  It's been really hard for me to visualize.  And while it's kindof a bummer not to have any specific plans to lean toward, I've been ok with that.  I have books to read and I'll get to read them whenever I retire! That has been my only thought. 

What surprised me was having to answer the questions about what are our retirement goals.  I realized I didn't have any.  The only thing I could think of was living in a coastal town, but I don't HAVE to do that.  I'm not even sure that is the right thing to do.  I mean if you DO live to 80 would I be in shape to evacuate from that big hurricane coming in?  lol

I was stunned at how to answer the question but it needed to be answered.  It felt good talking about it. And safe, being that someone was there, where George wouldn't poo poo my answer. lol  Because I would get my turn and he would get his. And I got to go first and was not interrupted. And had plenty of time to answer.  Yay! My answer was that I wanted to be assured that I had enough money to be able to eat, have and maintain a roof over my head, still be able to do pleasurable things, travel some.  I said I don't have to do all the things we do now b/c I feel we often go overboard and I can reign it in quite a bit.  I said that it was important to me to feel that my house is nice and clean and decorated and updated, although not necessarily with the latest modern flair.  I said technology was important to me and would like to continue to have laptop, iphones, and ipads, etc. 

It surprised me that I sat in his office at age 55, that I didn't have any more life goals other than reading books, doing some travel, updating the house, maybe moving to a different locale at some point depending on where the kids were- and that was ok!  I realized that I pretty much had met my main life's big goals already.  I got the spouse, I got the house, I got the child, I got the job, I got the car, I got the computers, the dogs, the books, we get to eat out a lot and travel some.   Anything else in life is icing on the cake.  I sortof had a defining moment there realizing "I met all my goals in life - every one" sitting in that chair talking about my future, and thinking about my past.  It gave me a sense of accomplishment - not a prideful one - but more of a realization that it all occurred and that it was ONLY fitting to be sitting here discussing our retirement. I realized I'd had a full and exciting life already.  It actually felt - maybe not good - but fitting is a good word.  And it did feel good to be sitting there talking with an expert that we have come to trust.  This guy has been handling George's Mom's financials. 

So, George's answer was that he wanted to live the same life style but like I had said, we could tame it down quite a bit.  So the guy crunched some numbers and told us what we'd need to do to have exactly what we do today.  We'd have to save a lot more to do that.  Then he refigured at 80% of that and said that this is usually the more feasible approach.  He reminded us that with retirement you have a lot less expenses not driving to work every day, not eating as many lunches out, cooking more at home and so forth, not as much wear and tear on the car.  He said we were on the right track to be where we will have what we need.  I was really thinking that we were not going to be very well prepared for retirement.  We are going to make some changes and tweek some things.  Up our 401k's, continue to pay off the house, and we may move some investments around from our funds from previous employer 401ks. 

So working hard all these years and putting money in the 401k's have really paid off. All that is to say that we are on the right track provided that there is NO risks that occur and so forth. Risks being loss of jobs, one of us disabled, health issues, unable to work and so forth.  I think we both felt really good leaving the meeting.  He is looking at some stuff closely and will make some recommendations on how to allocate the funds, we may change some things around.  We will have another meeting down the road after he looks more closesly. 

So then we went shopping at World Market and then went to Stein Mart (I found some summer sandals, on sale).  Then we went to eat at Carraba's.  I got spaghetti bolognese.  And a wonderful glass of Merlot.  It was so good.   Sleep was good until Tugie decided she was ready to get up and needed to go out at 3 in the morning.  I took her and Maisy out and then gave them breakfast and then we went back to bed til my alarm went off.

Well, I need to finish getting ready and get to work.  We have our "taco meal" today for Thanksgiving.  I also will have my head stuck in a report all day!  But it's Friday! 

We have a birthday dinner to go to tonight at a favored restaurant with friends.  Looking forward to that.

Well, up and at it.  Ya'll have a good one.  OHHHHH and tomorrow we get to go look for a new sofa and chair!  ;-)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Vacation Day! My Thankful Entry!

Vacation Day!  Weeee!  So far I'm enjoying the day sippin' on some coffee and watching the news, not having to rush to meet the schedule.  I'll be making my salsa for tomorrow's feast at work, have to look up some information for our meeting today with the financial adviser, and we'll be going out to eat afterward with a gift card we have.  So a fun filled day with a relaxing start.  Ok the financial adviser might not be fun but it will be interesting.  George is in the driver's seat on this one.  I will follow their lead, but I will have some input in the decisions. 

I was going to make an egg in the hole this morning and went to do it and the eggs were gone.  ::sigh::.  I had asked George at the store if we needed eggs and he responded "enough to get through the week".  So I reached in to get them - GONE!  But that is ok.  I had a egg white scrambler bowl in the freezer.  Actually it might have been George's, but that is what is for breakfast this morning.  ;-)

Yesterday was a quiet day.  I had a lot of tedious work that I was working on with spreadsheets.  Didn't get anywhere near finished but at least have a handle on it.  Will have to work on it tomorrow and into next week.  I had meetings in the morning and mid day that messed with my ability to work on it, so got a late start.  I will be anxious to get all that done.  But no worries over it today.  It'll all be there waiting for me tomorrow.

After work I rushed over to get my nails done.  Toes were the day before, but nails yesterday.  I wish I had asked for RED!  But I do like the basic pink/white french style manicure. The lady that did mine yesterday is one of my favorites.  She does a good job. 

Thankfully, my arm seems a little better, (it has good days and bad days).  And thankfully last night when 7 p.m. hit, I did not have chills nor did I feel fluish or lethargic.  So that is good.  The two previous evenings it's been like the "flu hit" - all the symptoms w/o the fever.  I don't know if I had some type of mild virus that got worse at night. I have no idea but much more energy when the sun goes down. 

George and I had pizza and watched two shows of Mr. Bean.  I fell asleep during the 2nd one.  lol  It was after 9 and I usually turn into a pumpkin at 9 on the dot.  lol

Sleep was good last night. 

Since I'm off I'm going to do my Thankful Entry included with this blog post! Many things to be thankful for. 

*Thankful for my family. 
*Thankful for our good friends.  We have such good friends that we consider family.  So much so that we share many holidays together (often not on the holiday but around it.)
*Thankful for my daughter and that we have been able to bond and go on girls trips together.
*Thankful for my home, the house over my head, the location, the nice neighbors we have. 
*Thankful for the jobs that we have that have fed us, clothed us, kept the roof over our heads, given us transportation and have funded our good times too. 
*Thankful for the car that is serving me so well now.
*Thankful for the nice improvement in the work location so that I no longer work in the some of highest crime areas in the city. 
*Thankful for the nice people that I work with and that I have nice bosses that actually listen, ask for your opinion, and care what your thoughts are.  I haven't always had that. 
*Thankful for the Christian people that I work with.  And that we can pray at work and support one another. 
*Thankful for the doggies and that we have a wonderful "pack" at our house.  And that Maisy has been good the last two days with no issues.  Training is happening and finally working.
*Thankful for the electronic gadgets that we have to entertain us and aid us in our daily life.  Although I do realize in some parts of my life it does need some drastic improvements. 
*Thankful that God has been there for me, leading me this year.   There have been some tremendous family issues, work issues, and sometimes household issues that God has had to "take the wheel".  The fruits of His Spirit, His knowledge and wisdom, taking over.  While not all resolved, He is still very much in charge and at the wheel. He sets my paths.  And keeps His hands over my mouth by giving me patience I've never had before.  The devil continues to send people in my path daily to throw darts and test my patience.  Only God could have kept me from saying things that were on my mind! lol  So thus we have ALL been blessed. lol  I'm thankful for that.
*Thankful for all the books we have b/c I enjoy reading even though I rarely to get to read a chapter b/c the day is so packed with work, commute, and busy comings and goings.
*Thankful for the church we are going to and to be able to worship with our friends.

I'm thankful for a lot of things.  Not all mentioned. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Just say Phhhhbbbbbft!

One of the earlier graphics, playing around, using a mask to make the matching template. 

Well, yesterday was productive.  Several things are coming together.  The future looks brighter.  For me anyway.  I think at this point we all have to blaze our own path - one way or another.  If not over here in this method then there, over yonder, with that method. 

Happiness is what you make of it. Nothing in life is perfect.  I choose to be happy.  ;-)  I get to control my own day, my own emotions, my own decisions, and go my own merry way. 

Try as you may to please everyone around you, I always come 'round full circle to realize that even doing 40 pretzel bends backwards to please, is not going to bring the Olympic torch to it's final fruition for everyone.  And continually trying please every person in your life is both brutal and futile.  But you can please a few and you have to figure out which ones you should please and which ones to give up on. Have you ever just said "Phbbbbbbbft...I'm Done!"   I think some things in life are like that.  And I think we should do that more often, with God's help of course.

I feel good today though having thrown hands up in the air on a few things myself.  It's very freeing to Let Go and Let God.  After all we are only human and not little Godlets or Genies that can wave wands around to make magic happen.  So I'm passing on the torch.  I don't have to be the one to make the finish line happen for everyone around me in life.  I don't even HAVE to be the one to finish the race myself.  God gets to determine that.  So for now, saying Phbbbbbbft----feels real good.  ;-)  God said "Let not your heart be anxious for nothing. Today has it's own issues so why worry about tomorrow."  So the Word has spoken and so has....the tribe (me, myself, and I).  Weeeeeeee!  Yay Me!  lol  Why do we keep forgetting that we actually have control, with God's help and when He is in charge overseeing us? 

So hopefully that will help someone today.  Be your own tribe, with God's help.  Give it to him.  Say phhhbbbbbttt to situations in your life too. 

So Kate and I went to get our toes done last night.  And then on to Cracker Barrel.  She has gone over with me some of the scenarios she has had to deal with as a teacher.  It takes a brave soul to go in to these jobs.  And a big heart.  She faces some real challenges every day.  Makes my job look like a piece of candy.  Talk about trying to please everyone.  Oh my gosh.  May the Lord be with her in all of it and help her place her steps as a teacher with a big heart in a big ugly world. 

I hate it when other people just beat you to death mentally and make you question your own motives, your own behavior, your own goals, your own reason for being there.  I think sometimes we ALL have those people in our lives who try so hard to push our buttons. 

So here's to all of you who have those folks in your life.  You can rise above it.  Don't let them discourage your good heart and your good actions.  It's the devil, the spiritual warfare, trying to get to you where your heart is, trying to ruin what good you try to do. 

And just say phhhbbbbbttth to those that try to ruin it all for ya!  (Well maybe not out loud, ok?)

Once again last night the freezies came and I was getting my toes done.  I could not get warm.  And then this horrible tiredness ran through my bones.  Slightly nausea but that may have been b/c lunch was so long ago.  I wanted to just go home and go to bed.  But we went to Cracker Barrel and I had breakfast.  It was wonderful.  Then we shopped.  Didn't buy anything.  I was too tired to even think.  I hated to drive home but was thankful I didn't have to drive as far as Kate.  Still had to reboot laundry when I got home and do a few things.  Bed felt so good again.  I was so exhausted.  I'm not sure why I have felt so bad the last two evenings.  Feel a bit more refreshed this morning, after coffee, but in getting up at first it felt like I'd run a marathon yesterday. 

I did our Walmart order this morning.  This is the time of year their focus turns to all the Christmas items and I think they let some of their regular stock items run out.  I've had to order from Amazon some of the things I'd normally have ordered from Walmart.  But whatever.  I always have this issue every year.  It'll get worse.  By February they will be back to their normal levels. 

Anyway, ya'll have a great day.  My phone just beeped to remind me that tomorrow is a vacation day.  It did not need to remind me!  That is keeping me going.  It's really kinda busy to take off but I need the down time.  My body is reminding me.  It can't come soon enough.  Well, it's nails tonight.  I really don't want to have to but I am going to have to.  Didn't have time to do both nails and toes last night. 

Take care!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tired, Cold, and Crashing

Good Morning!  This is one of my graphics.  I love that colorful turkey.  

It's Tuesday and I'm pretty tired already.  But I just remembered I have Thursday off.  I recently planned the rest of my vacation days so that I do not lose any time.  I get 3 weeks plus I had a bit of carryover from the last year.  The carryover I used in May.  I have not taken onesy twosy days off all year like I usually do.  I have missed those random days to take when I'm feeling like I can't get things done at home.  We've not entertained much here either.  When I do I almost always have to have the Friday before off.  But I'm looking forward to a bit of rest and rejuvy for part of the day Thursday.  I do have to leave around 2 to get to Hendersonville for a 3:00 meeting and we'll go out to dinner after.  So it's good I'll be here to take care of doggies before I go.  So that means by 12:30 I'll need to be getting ready - so---- yeah not much of the day is "mine" but at least the morning will be.  It will give me some home time.  

But - last night when I got home.  I was so cold.  I had on my warm pj's, a thick sweater and wrapped a quilt around me. I could not get warm.  We ate dinner and then I began to get hot.  And then my body had this tiredness to run through it to where it was hard to move.  Dinner was a lovely scallops and ravioli meal (not tomato based but cream based).  It was very good.  A little salty for me as he always uses more salt than my body desires.  But I had seconds.  

We watched the Sopranos.  It was a good one and I stayed awake for it.  Then we took dogs out on a cold crisp night and I came in and CRASHED.  And a crash it was.  The bed felt so good.  Just to lie there, relaxed, not having to meet anyone's demands, not having to listen to anyone's issues, not having to try to keep anyone happy, not having to worry about what anyone thinks, not having to worry about dogs, not having to fight traffic, not having to plan, not having to do or think anything- just plain resting my weary bones.  

I'm not sure what was going on.  I took my temp several times during the evening.  It felt like the flu coming on.  As I laid down my heart and head was pounding.  I felt like either my BP was up or something going wrong.  But I was too tired to care or worry.  I went into the deepest of sleeps.  

I dreamed a weird dream.  It was not a bad dream by any means.  I think I was at a resort or a convention or something with family and there were all kinds of people there.   

Oh recently from one of those deep dreams, I dreamed one of our plants moved to Louisville, KY.  lol

Anyway, when I woke up it was weird b/c I really thought I was in that dream with those people.  It's kinda bad to think you are at a resort and then wake up and it's 4 in the morning and you have to take dogs out in the cold and then go to work, lol.  

But whatever.  I get coffee.  So, that is good enough.  I had thought of blogging the sermon entry today, but decided to hold off.  The topic, will make me write about some other things that I really should just leave alone.  I was going to do my thankful entry, but honestly I am a bit too groggy to sit and list everything I'm thankful for.  I'd forget something important.  

My arm inflammation has moved to a different place in my arm.  This is so weird.  I know that pain sometimes moves b/c of nerves though.  But it seems to have moved upward almost into my shoulder.  I've been exercising some as I can.  The movement releases some kind of chemical internally that makes it feel better actually as long as I stop the movement right as the pain starts.  I'm able to lift - probably up to 15 to 20 lbs,  but afraid to pick up too much.  I pick up Tugie and set her down but I use both hands to do it.  So probably can only lift that much if sharing the weight with the other arm.  Eventually I'll go to the doc.  But I hate going in there this time of year with the flu and who knows what.   I have a lot going on and it's not a good time for me either.  

Anyway, hopefully today will be a better day as far as how I feel.  Katy and I are getting our toes done tonight.  That will be relaxing.  Also Cody got a deer!  So they took it for processing and George had already told him if he got a deer, he would help pay for it if we could get some of the meat.  So they are bringing us some meat and sausage on Sunday from their freezer to ours.  That's exciting.  

I hate to think of the poor deer though.  I love them.  Here are the deer that were at our house in our yard last week. 

But I do understand it's the cycle of life.  I do like cows and chickens too - but I eat them.  

Well, I will quit my rambling.  
Off for another cup of coffee.  Ya'll have a good day. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Church, Making Christmas Progress, and iTunes Playlists

Here's all the kids toys at church for the children that would not otherwise have much of a Christmas.  This actually filled their wish lists.  I thought it was such a beautiful and happy sight.  Ours in in there somewhere to 5 different children.  I had grabbed one child to do (each child has several things on their list) but George grabbed 4 more.  He has a big heart.  We had a lot of fun going and shopping for them since we don't have many in our family that do toys anymore - not on a grand scale anyway.  George always likes to buy a toy for the adults too at Christmas in our family -  something fun - a game or puzzle or something.  

After church was over we were waiting around for a friend and I snapped the church auditorium so you all could see it since no one was in it.  

It's a beautiful facility.  The design of the ceiling is pretty and I noticed it for the first time yesterday.  I guess I never looked up.  I do however, enjoy looking at the little windows that go longwise at the top of the wall before the ceiling starts slanting up.  You can see the weather and if it is windy as the trees leaves move.  I like being able to see if it is cloudy, sunny, raining, etc.  

I have never seen a church do this, but they have bags for children for "quiet time".  I guess you pick one up before church and put it back afterwards.  I suppose they fill them with things for them to do and maintain them each week.  I think that is so cool.

After church and Sunday school, we went to Sunset in Lebanon.   It's a meat n 3 only I just got a veggie 4.  The fried okra is almost as good as Mom's but not quite.

We had a good time eating with Richard and Kathy.  Kathy had said to let George pick and he picked Bo Jangles or Subway or a chinese restaurant.  lol  Kathy said "no way".  lol  So we went to Sunset, which is where we all really kinda wanted to end up.  It's a busy place but we've managed to get in without much of a wait.

We then came back to MJ Town and went to Walmart to get some groceries.  I decided to eat breakfast this week so I can have some fruit and dairy.  I was not getting a lot of those nutrients by skipping breakfast.  And I just don't really do fruit and dairy items much for lunch and dinner.  I had not thought that through.  So I can skip breakfast some, but not always.  Losing weight is so hard and here it is at the holidays.

We then came home and I ironed 4 more pants that had dried, and Katy called and I talked with her.  I rebooted laundry - 2 more loads.  Listened to "Bread" through Alexa since I've not heard them in a long time.  I need to make sure I have them on my ipod.

So then I went to the back bedroom and went through the Christmas gifts and wrote them all down for each person.  George came in with the receipts and gave me the price for each.  I am not using an app this year - but just pen and paper to track.  That means I'll have to do the math.  But there is less fuss, less crashes, and less wait time to look something up.  It's just too hard typing everything in a little phone.  So I am going back the old way.  All that took about an hour and a half.  We are really doing good.  Katy and Cody have been who we have found things for so far.

Then George went to see his Mom.  While he was gone, I started on my iTune project.  For years I've been meaning to make iTune playlists.  I guess I'm the only one in the world who hasn't?  However, there just seems to be little time to do something so petty.  I put it on my bucket list for this fall though.  So I started on it.  I plant to put each song that I like into some type of play list.  Because honestly even if my ipod is on shuffle - it seems to play the same songs over and over each time.  I have no idea why.  But I want to hear some of the songs I never hear.  So every song is getting put on a play list.

Here are my playlists so far.  I may create a few more but here is what I have now (don't laugh) but I've created them by 'mood".  I did not want to do it by Genre b/c how boring is that.  Even the one Disco below - has any song about rythm or dancing and may include some slow songs too.  So here they are:

  • BEACH BUM  (Good travel music, beach music, party music, good mood music)
  • BLUE BIRDS SING (Life is happy and good and Mr. Bluebird is on my shoulder)
  • DISCO BABY (Disco, upbeat, or songs about dancing even if they are slow)
  • LET IT OUT (Mad music for when angry, and need to release, lol)
  • LOVE BUGGY (Love bitten songs, but includes all genres so when I think of how loving George is or how I wish he would be, lol)
  • PEACE OUT (Mellow, relaxing, but all genres might be involved)
  • SAD SAMMY (When in a sad mood and all gone to hell heck, and need some sympathy, or a good cry)
  • WEATHER IT (Since I'm a meteorologist at heart, how appropriate to have an outdoorsy, Rocky Mountain High, streams and rivers, and rain and snow and night and day and sun and moon category).  This may end up being my favorite.  
I had so much fun doing this last night.  I can't wait to keep working on it.  I might end up with a few more iTunesplaylists.  It will be fun to create certain ones for certain holidays or seasons too and I will make that part of my bucket list.  For example. for March I can make a St Patrick play list and call it Lucky Tunes or something to that effect.  Either that or March Madness lol. 

Well, Valentines day I guess we'll listen to Love Buggy.  lol

Well, I am pleased with all that we managed to do this weekend.  We were gone a lot but made progress.  

Oh and when George came home last night, I made us a Southwest Salad with some spinach we had.  I had chicken tender left over from the night before and it was huge so I heated it up and sliced it b/w us and put it on our salads for dinner.  I added black beans and corn and shredded cheddar and whole grain tortilla chips and drizzled cucumber ranch dressing on top.  It was really good.

Well, I need to get on in to work.  Need to make a sandwich also.  Ya'll have a superb day.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Shopping, Dog Trims, and Housecleaning

Well, what a day we had.  Up and at 'em!  We got the dogs at the groomer by 9 a.m. and then set off for our day of shopping.  We really had a good time.  The first store we wanted to go to was not open yet, so we thought we'd run through the dollar store.  Oh my!  I spent a lot in there getting some Christmas stuff - cute wrapping paper - a huge amount on the roll for just $1.  Bought some really cute name tags for the Christmas bags.   I was going to try not to buy anything this year and use what we have, but it's so hard.  I feel like I need to buy it if it is so cheap.  

Then we went to Marshall's and to Burke's Outlet, then on to a package store to get a bottle of Pinot Noir, then to Kohl's to use our free $40 coupon that we got $10 for every $50 we spent last Saturday.  I got my tree skirt and have marked that off the bucket list.   We had some success at each store.  At one store, George bought 4 pair of tennis shoes!  I have a lot to wrap for him already.

Then it was time to go get the dogs.  Our groomer said she didn't feel good and was going to rush and have them done by 1:00.  So I had not eaten breakfast b/c I knew we were going to probably eat lunch with one of our gift cards.  However, we shopped thru til 1.  My blood sugar was really feeling low.  I told George we were going to have to eat soon.  Normally if I miss breakfast, I'm still sipping on juice, and eat by 11:00.  But there was no juice and it was 1:00 and I was fading.  We got the dogs picked up and headed to Sonic. 

Now, since Maisy has been with us, the scenario is that George is "Driving Miss Maisy and her Sonster person, with a Tagalong Tugie" in the back seat.  This way two humans and three dogs and a steering wheel don't all become a growlfested tangle in the front seat while going down the road.  If a fight ensues it's just be me and Maisy and Tugie.  I make it sound like Maisy is bear of a dog, but she is really sweet.  She is just a one person doggie.  And she is jealous of me and protective.  That said she gets along with the other dogs most all of the time.   But if one touches the other when next to me - all hades comes to fruition.  So when we are all in the car, I sit in the back seat and George Chauffers me and Maisy and Tugie.  Tugie has to be in my lap of course.  She has been the Star of this Show for years, and that is her car spot.  Maisy has been very good to sit right by my side.  She travels well in the car.  When the car moves she sits very still and looks up - poised and looking ahead.  It's funny.  It's like she is a well behaved person taking her seat on the train and minding her own business, staring ahead.  Cracks me up. 

So - we decide to use the Sonic card.  Gone are my visions of having something non-fattening at this point.  I know there will be a burger involved and it will have bread and "bread makes you fat".  I know that I have now gone past my normal lunch time and as my sister said once "I'm so hungry I could eat my left arm."    So at that point, I knew "tots" would be involved.  "Tater tots" that is - not toddler tots for those unfamiliar with the term. lol  And tater tots have oils that at a certain heat can cause cancer.  

So, after we snarfed down the fattening cancer causing meal amidst 3 hungry doggies who were staring in our faces and got bits here and there, we then went to see Granny - at assisted living - 3 dogs in tow.  

Whenever we go in assisted living - even with one dog - it feels like a true Dog and Pony Show.  Everyone stops talking and ALL EYES are on us.  We are ON STAGE at that point.  There are stares, and points, and smiles and they LOVE seeing the dogs.  Often there are more than a dozen people sitting out and about and often they ALL want to see the dogs.  It makes them happy and remember their own pets.  They all have learned Roger, and expect him but haven't seen the other two as often.  So yesterday we had all 3.  

So somehow Granny found her lost key.  Who knows?  
Her sisters went to see her this week and that was so nice of them to go see her.  She loves the flameless candles that they bought her.  

So then we went home and I was able to reboot the washer and pick out my clothes for the upcoming week.  I ironed a couple of pairs of pants and two tops.  And took some things downstairs that had accumulated at the "staging area for stuff to go downstairs".  It took 3 or 4 trips.  

I began cleaning the kitchen and George grabbed the vacuum.  My fear was that we were going to have company and my house looked a fright!  I've avoided vacuuming to the last chore due to my arm and then it never got done in the last two weeks due to time constraints.  We have been gone so much and it really takes about 4 - 6 hours to get through the normal cleaning routine (which up to 6 includes laundry time).  I don't get the luxury of that time on the weekends anymore so I do what I can.  

The 4-6 hour cleaning breakdown (depending on how bad it is):

Stuff to Downstairs 
Sheets Changed
Bathrooms Clean and Stocked
Overall Pick up 
Surface Cleaning
Walmart Internet Orders

The 4 - 6 hours does not include any type of extras like windows, mirrors, baseboards.  

I end up getting about down either to or through the vacuuming and the rest I have to try to do during the week or "clean as you go" type thing.  

But on the weekends I also try to spend some time doing the following:

Focus on a Project 
(Might be a birthday, planning an event, or a household project)
On line Shopping Needs
Look at Recipes to try next week
Add needed items to the grocery list
Run Errands 
(I try to do this during the week if I can)
Grocery Store
And of course now a half of Sunday is spent at church. 
(during my morning productive hours) 

So life is busy and full.  Always. 

So....George's sister called to let us know where to eat.  We were letting her pick since it's her birthday.  She picked the Pour House in Hermitage or Old Hickory - where ever it is. 
We had a good time with them.  George said their birthday presents was taking each other out to eat from now on.  So that sounds like a good plan.  

She said that the family was actually going to have one more Thanksgiving on the Farm.  We have already made plans though for the day.  Katy and Cody are coming for Sushi and Shrimp appetizers at lunch time.  I think I will add sausage balls to the mix.  Was looking for a reason to fix them.  ;-) 

Then George and I have our meal at Mere Bulles, in which I will choose prime rib over turkey.  

This next Friday is our "Thanksgiving meal" at work but we are having tacos, lol.  I am totally ok with that.  I'm making pineapple salsa.  I've not had tacos in a while so that sounds really good to me.  

Oh, I just remembered that I ironed up an outfit to wear for Thursday and I'm on vacation.  But we have to meet with that financial advisor in the afternoon so I guess that I'll need it anyway.  But, I will probably wear jeans and just dress up the top with a scarf or jewelry.  

I'm getting excited about this next week then - something to look forward to.

Also every night this week has some sort of plan.  So I will need to go in early and get off early.  
Katy and I get our toes done one night.  I get my nails done one night.  We are going out to eat two nights and perhaps that leaves only one night at home.  

I need to go get in the shower.  We are going to church and we will be eating with Richard and Kathy afterward.  

Then we will go to the store.  I think I will eat breakfast this week.  You realize my rules of actions change as they go.  lol  I really need dairy is why.  I don't get a lot of calcium.  So I think I'll have yogurt one day and cereal one day and apples one day.  I have missed those types of foods the last two weeks.  Then I'll eat less lunch and try to take a healthy snack.  Then perhaps the following week I'll be skimpy and do juice again. 

I may buy a steamer to keep at work.  Everyone can use it.  But we could steam veggies for lunch.  I would really like that.  I actually like steamed veggies.  I do like a little butter and seasoning on it though.  

Well, really, I need to go get in the shower.  I will blog a bit each morning this week if I can, but it'll need to be short and sweet so I can get ready for church.  

Oh two more things: 

Doggie blankets:  I washed all the doggie blankets and as they were done, distributed them to the doggie spots.  I always move them around or use some in the closet that are already clean while the others are being washed.  Heaven forbid a dog not have its blanket or throw.  Usually it is no big deal.  However, Roger has become fond of his Gibson blankie with the fleece like fur on the back.  Whatever that material is that looks like a sheep.  He even went to the laundry room and found it on the floor (waiting for the wash) and slept there on it.  I had another blanket on his bed.  So when it was clean since Roger had the other blanket, I gave it to Maisy for her to use in her little bed under the end table (her choice of locale, not mine).  Then I later found Roger in it.  And then found BOTH of them in it. lol  I'm surprised that Maisy didn't snarl and growl at him but they shared it.  However, I don't want to temp fate, so I have put Roger's blankie back on Roger's bed.  And have given Maisy a quilt turned inside out and folded, and she took to it immediately.  I did not even get to spread it out good and she was on it.  I had also given Tugie a different blanket while her blanket was washing.  And she was on the new one when her blankie came out of the dryer - so I through it on the couch end.  She went over and pulled it off and sat on it on the sofa and left her bed to be with her blankie.  So I had to fix that.  I guess they are sending me a message.  Don't be giving away my blankies to another dog.  They love their own blankie.  Ok, well noted crew.  I will do better from now on!

Doggie Trims:  The dogs trims looked horrible this time.  Uneven.  And they barely looked as if they'd had one.  They were not as neat.  She has ALWAYS consistently done a good job.  She had told us she didn't feel good.  She has cancelled a few times (not many though) and she is saying that it hurts her back.  So I'm thinking she is going to fizzle out on us.  I may use a new place.  I think I'm going to try it.  I want to see if I can get them scheduled for January.   Oh well.  

Ok - over and out!  I really need to get in the shower!!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

ALL THINGS GOOD & Live Like You are Loved

Good morning!  It's 6 a.m. and I was able to sleep (for the most part) til now.  George took Tugie out at some point.  He didn't take Maisy though and she woke me up wanting to go too around 5.  I was about to get up but she laid down and slept for another hour.

Yesterday was surprisingly quite the busy day and nothing on MY "planned" day actually happened.  Oh well.  The day sped by.

Went to lunch at Logan's which has the best grilled chicken salad.  Oh my word, I'll be back for that one.

George and I had beans and corn bread for dinner and watched a Revenge show.  I played Candy Crush and chilled during the evening.  The game had infinity play time - instead of the 5 lives.  And it came with rewards.  So I played and played and played.  Went up 2 levels.  I should have been doing laundry but a gal needs some goof off time every now and then.

I've been considering in the last day or two, taking a break from the blog.  I love my network of blog readers - some of us all have been together for a long time, but the wrong people are reading for the wrong reasons, I believe, and that really makes me uncomfortable.  If I was assured that they were reading b/c of the right reasons, I'd be more likely to be grateful for their presence, but it's unlikely they are reading for pleasure. It's a public blog so you really can't call it spying.  I guess people think I don't know they read it.  But when you have tracking tools it's pretty easy.  I guess that makes for a little spy work of my own.  There are maps and you can even tell the device and location and the IP codes.  In a way it's been amusing and even entertaining.  But really I want to just live my life and blog about it.  I'm not crossing over into anything illegal or unprofessional.  I talk about my feelings but never the details.  Those closely involved might be able to guess what I'm talking about but even they don't know for sure.  I'm starting to feel like a fish bowl.  lol  And I just want to live my life without being cyber stalked by folks with wrong intentions.  I really think there are those reading that are just waiting for me to screw up and say something I shouldn't.  Isn't it awful that people do that?  They prey on the hopeful demise of another.  Our society is so screwed.  People love drama.  And just sit around like cats behind trees waiting to pounce on any little wrong thing or dirt they can find on a person.

However I'm recalling Sunday's sermon, "Live Like You are Loved" by Steve Flatt.  I've thought about it all week.  Live, Play, and Work like you are loved.

We should not live in a prison of condemnation.  Which is:
*If I do enough, God will love me, and save me eternally (we are saved by grace and through an act of love we will want to do things for the glory of God, but salvation is not based on how much we do- b/c we could never do enough to earn what he did for us - died for our sins.)
*God is punishing when bad things happen (however, I do believe that God punishes b/c he did it all through the old testament, but I don't believe that all bad things are punishments but b/c the devil lives in this world)
*Fear (Nothing separates us from the love of God.)  God's love is 4 dimensional:  wide, long, high, and deep).

We should have a spirit of confidence.
Gods love is:
*Convenantal (his covenant) not Contractual
*Supersedes Adversity  (including spiritual warfare)
*Creates a whole new motivation. (God's grace makes you want to work hard)

He told a story of a boy that was about to be eaten by a gator and the Mom struggled with her boy to get the boy from the gator as the gator had his legs.  Later someone asked the boy who survived to show them his scars.  They were big.  But he said those are not the important scars - but he showed them the fingernail scars on his arms where his Mom had struggled to hold on to him.

Then Steve Flatt laughed and said "now I don't know of that story is true or not" (everyone laughed) but it made the point.

God's love for us is very real.  He will bear the scars of our adversity.  And already has.  So the sermon Sunday was good for me all week long.  I like to take notes so I can remember it later.

So, I just feel like it's been a weird, and hard October and parts of November.  I have had feelings of uncertainty, fear, doubt, and sadness and anger - kindof all balled up into one.  I DO FEEL that the devil has tried to throw his fiery darts.  I think that he works through other people to try to get to us and destroy us and any good things we are doing.  Oh the irony of some things. 

However, I've tried to put on the Armor of God  and hold up my shield of faith, to get my mind in the right place: 

The full quote as outlined in the King James Bible, is from Apostle Paul's letter to the Ephesians 6:10-18(10) Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. (11) Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (12) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (13) Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (14) Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; (15) And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; (16) Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. (17) And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: (18) Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; [1]

I've also focused on the fruits of the spirit.  When I had a negative feeling about someone, or something - I've tried to pray for that person (s).  But will admit that I haven't done that always.
I can be better about that.  But the fruits of the spirit are ways that we should be.  So this week I've prayed for the Spirit to be in me to have the following:

I have tried to think upon good things when my mind starts to turn negative.  Thank goodness for the ability to remember some scripture when you need it.  It's very calming.

Philippians 4:8
And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 8Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right,whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think on these things. 9Whatever you have learned and received and heard from me, and seen in me, put these things into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.…

And therefore God provides peace.  So in light of ALL that, I have found this week to be more peaceful.  And will continue to blog forth as well.  I'm going to live my life and continue to share with my blog buds and whoever else will read.  You won't get the whole story but you will get a lot of it.  I will probably be a bit more guarded with my feelings though.  I think for a while people will just have to wonder how I feel, due to the trolls.  Some are on the private blog and you will see it there.  Those that are longer termed blog readers from the past whom I love and trust.

 It takes more than our own thinking and processing to protect ourselves in this world and to lead us.  We can't expect to do it alone.  Those that do not have God in their lives, I don't see how they do it.  Of course the devil probably leaves them alone as he knows as unbelievers - he already has them in his snare.  The devil always goes after those that love the Lord and tries to wreck any and all good they do, and tries to discourage.  I truly believe that is what has been happening.  I think since we've been going to church, the devil has tried to weasel his way into so many things trying to  bring me down.

 Well pbthhhhhhh on that you old two horned, pitch forked, tootie hole! God loves me and his love is 4 dimensional and even through death, you cannot keep God's love from me! 

Well, anyway, we have a lot planned for today.   And I'm elated that it is Saturday and I'm so glad I shared the sermon with you all.  There is nothing like a good sermon to share with stalkers too - nothing will make them run quicker than sitting through a good ole Sunday Sermon.  More of those to come.  Stick around, the singing starts soon.

lol, Well, anyway, better get off to it.  

Oh and yesterday's entry was all in the humor as well.  I think some took it that I was not thankful for what I had or thought I was being ungrateful.  The parody on the Janice Joplin tune was all in fun and I had hoped you all would find it funny as I inserted my own heart's desires into her song.  
George thought it was funny and cute.  Friends did too.  I've always been pretty good at writing poems.  Had thought about writing songs in the early days since I live in Nashville but already had/have too many hobbies and things to do. Life never took me in that direction (yet anyways). ;-) 

Dogs get trimmed today and we will be Christmas shopping.  Then we get the dogs and then we  spend time with my SIL and BIL going through family photos.  Or will at least attempt to.  

Ya'll have a good one if you made it down this far past the sermon.  So...