Friday, September 22, 2017

Disco Spaghetti Night

Wow, didn't the flowers open up beautifully?  I've been enjoying them in the evenings.  Love them.  

I had told George I could fix spaghetti this week if he was in the mood for it.  Last night he was in the mood for it.  So I fixed it.  I was also in the mood for some disco music.  It rather lit up the night.  It was almost like a party.  lol  I danced and sang while cooking the spaghetti.  How can you not dance across the floor with a spatula in hand to "Play that Funky Music"?  

Well, the dog, Maisy, got all excited and she wanted to dance too.  What????  She got up on her hind legs and wanted me to hold her paws.  We danced and danced.  George came in and cracked up and then she danced with him, until he wanted her to do the twirl and then she wanted no part of dancing with him any more.   When she got tired of dancing she sat and watched me cook, dance, sing.  She was thoroughly entertained.  George surprised me by asking her to give him a high five and she did.  Wow.  She has had some training in her past and just working with her a little bit, she will do things.  
She is going to be a fun doggie.  And we are ALL adjusting a bit better now.  She is slowing coming 'round to some of the dog treats.  And we are slowly learning that food for two dogs is not going to feed three.  So we are buying extra and not having to dart to the store for more fresh pet.  But we are keeping fresh pet in business.  lol  Maisy learned to like the Science Diet dry food if mixed with the fresh pet.  So that helps.  Here she is watching me dance, cook, and sing.  lol  

It was a festive and fun Disco Spaghetti night in the house.  And George played along too.  These are part of my instagram stories which only are up for 24 hours.  You all can follow me if you want. My user is backporchwriter.  I have not figured out how to add an Instagram widget button to my blog.  they don't seem to have one.  One day I'll at least put the link.  But if you go to Instagram and search for backporchwriter you should find me.  I usually have some stories up and going at various times of the week.

I am happy that today is Friday.  And we can get a few things done around here.  I cleaned some of the house during the week so not as much to do.  Anyway, I better get off of here and get on with the program.

Have a wonderful day.  Oh and the spaghetti was really good, even if I say so myself.  ;-)  We watched Below Deck.

This weekend I've GOT to make some progress on reading.  I have been reading the same 3 books all year.  lol Ok over and out.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Maisy is Making Progress

Well, good morning!  Sleep was good and so is the coffee this morning.   

Maisy has done well this work week.  The peeing is subsiding.  She does seem to have an excitement pee when we come home. lol  But the marking situation is much better now as everyone gets used to one another.  

I've not heard a lot of growling this week with Maisy either.  I've gotten on to her when she has done it.  I've pet both Tugie and Maisy at the same time and I think that helps.  Sometimes I see them both in the same chair.  So hopefully all will continue to improve. 

Maisy has been taught to sit and beg apparently.  I tell her to sit and she sits and begs.  lol  And sometimes she holds her paw out to shake your hand so she has been trained at some point.  She also walks right beside me when we walk like she has been leash trained.  Of course when we are out in the yard, we want them to go pee and poop and allow them to wander, but out on the street when walking she stays right in rhythm with me.  

Got a lot done in the house last night and placed a Walmart order this morning.  

We have a brewery tour thing lined up for the weekend.  We were going to go on the brew bus then we were going to take a limo, now Lisa and me are DD's.  I will still have a beer.   We will have the morning at home, thank goodness though.  George and I are going to grab lunch out somewhere before meeting them around 2 somewhere.  Once we know which brewery is first we can make our plans for a restaurant near by.  So many new restaurants in Nashville that we have a lot to choose from no doubt, wherever we are. 

Well, I better get ready and go to work.  Much to do. 

Ya'll have a great day. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Anniversary, Flowers, and Feelings

Anniversary Flowers

So, the day flew by yesterday.  

And then it was time to go to dinner for our ACTUAL anniversary day.  We went to Red Lobster and really had a good dinner and a good conversation.  He got the Admiral's feast and I got a dish that had salmon, shrimp, and lobster.  It's never as good as the seafood you get by the ocean.  Every thing was a bit dry in comparison to what I have had other places - but it was still a good dinner.  I did not like my lobster so much and gave George half of it.  It tasted like dirty water.  I love their fresh from the oven garlic biscuits though and the Caesar salad.  I was thinking that I should just forget the seafood and get a glass of wine, Caesar salad and biscuits and be done with it. ha.  We had good conversation.  
So we talked about the TV yesterday morning.  And I do need to say that the reason I ask for stuff is b/c he does the finances and budget and all of our $$ goes together in the same account.  I don't really believe it's right to go spend anything beyond $300 (or less if you know things are tight that month) without clearing it with your partner.  It's also his den too and he will be the one to have to help move it and set it up as I'm a bit challenged in all that.   That said, he really does have control.  I mean sure I could go put it on debit card tomorrow and come home with it, but unless it is a NEED, I don't think that would be right.  I was about to do that with the car b/c I went over the edge one day when I had to drive Granny's old van with no a/c on a 100 degree day.  I was through with old cars at that point, especially when driving through the highest crime areas in Nashville.  I didn't go to school for 19 years of my life to drive a dead beat car in a high crime area for the rest of my life.  So I did "put the foot down" and of course he will never let me forget it.  It'll come up every argument we have til the day we die.  But I had a need and it was being fulfilled.  So I took care of myself.  He finally got on board and agreed we needed the new car.  He had told me yesterday it was his turn to get the new car.  I told him he missed his turn.  He waited so long it became my turn. lol  I told him I'm not driving a Flintstones car b/c he would have us driving it with our feet when the bottom fell out.  We've talked about this so I feel like I can post it.  He says if we've talked about it I can post it.

Anyway, yeah, I do feel like it's proper to talk about it.  And I call it asking b/c he often does not agree.  But, he agreed to the sofa and the TV upgrades, but asked me to do one at a time.  I'm ok with that.  He did bring up a good point that we don't know what we will do if his job goes and he can't find work.  

Well, at least if we have a new sofa and a new TV we can stay at home and watch it and give up concerts and eating out and have at least a bunch of income back.  So I say go for it.  So we'll go pick out a sofa when we have time.  I hope he doesn't try to keep us busy so I don't have time to go buy one.  buahahahhaa. 

Once that is done and paid for we can get the TV.  I may start saving some blow money too.   Then probably the floors, and then the kitchen but it overwhelms him so when you start stacking things up.  Plus I like to travel.  So he mentioned we'd have to cut back on some of that.  We'll see.  ;-)

Well, anyway you are right.  I work too and I have brought up that point as well as a separate bank account if needed to divide things so that we each could feel we had an equal part of making the decisions.  It's a partnership and either one can pull out at any time if unhappy so it will be important for us to work together on our goals even if they are the opposite.  I shouldn't have to conform to his and his to mine all the time.  Common ground has to be found in all things and sometimes the ground is a battle ground.  

Every time it is for me unless it's something we both want.  

But at least we are through with this round.  I hate asking for something new.  So I will go a long time unhappy about it, try to forget it, and then I allow myself to get mad at him, before I've even asked b/c I know it will be a battle and mess with his budget plan for us.  And yes he has good arguments like might lose a job, or save for retirement, and it makes me feel like I'm selfish for asking.  
So I put it off until I am seething.  And I'm passive aggressive about it and will post something on facebook about to vent - like "I'm about to ask Mr. Moneybags over there to dig deep and let me have a new sofa, TV, and new flooring, and blah blah".  He says it's to make a point with him.  Maybe it is or maybe it's not.  I get to a point where I have to vent.  Then it makes him mad and then he is certainly not on board when I ask. 

He also says that I'm on my blog too much and don't say good morning.  He also says I'm on my phone too much when we are in the car.  I asked him if he wanted me to sit in the chair doing nothing and be ready to greet him in the mornings and he said "no".  I told him there was silence in the car already and so I reach for the phone to have something to do.  

I told him I would try to improve.  I'm often deep in writing when on my blog in the mornings.  When I'm deep into something, I don't notice things around me.  I'm goofy like that.  Sometimes I'm just not socially acceptable.  lol That is why I'm an introvert I guess.  I forget common courtesies often and it embarrasses me and I am always worried that I  am making someone mad b/c I've forgotten some common courtesy thing.  Even in my own home I goof up.  I don't mean to.  

At least with our discussions this time I tried to focus on letting him know how I feel.  So when he accuses me of this and that I explain my feelings that led up to that.  As long as I can be heard and can get in word edgewise I'm good.  He likes to talk a lot more than me and likes his air time in an argument.  I'm impatient to wait til he finishes (15 minutes or so, lol) so I often have to interrupt to make a point and I get called out for that too.  

Anyway, all that to say that I can't just go buy a TV w/o including him in the process.  I think it would be wrong since it's not a basic need.  I felt the car WAS a basic need.  I was prepared to move out on my on if I needed to.  I needed a way to get back and forth to work safely and felt I deserved it to be somewhat comfortable as well.  It was ridiculous.  But the TV -enhhh.  It's a WANT.  I am wanting to make our home time better.  Everyone I know has a smart TV but us.  We are home a lot at night and it would be used daily.  Its still a WANT.  But I had to ask and we have shared our feelings about the TV and everything else too b/c of course it always becomes more than just the TV but a series of finger pointing.  But we worked our way through this round.  Now we won't have to do it again til I'm ready to do the kitchen.  ;-)  I just need to remember to start the damn darn long discussion before I start seething about it.

Ya'll have a good day.  And maybe you want to think twice before getting married?  

All's well that ended well, I guess.  We did have our "discussion" which became quite heated and had me almost reduced to tears except I felt I was becoming a bit numb.  I always consider being single again when we have those bombers of a discussion.  But he asked for hug so we could go on about our day.  That way I wouldn't go to work and be looking up the high cost of an apartment. lol I can only take so much.  

But we went to Red Lobster and then Kroger and he asked me to pick out some flowers that he meant to do that after work but he had to work too late.  So I picked the pink roses.  I told him at Kroger "oh good so I quit humming 'You don't bring me flowers anymore', lol".  

Oh well, he may not bring 'em but he lets me pick 'em.  
Better than Valentine's day.  ;-)  Got None.  

But life is what you make it.  All is well and happy we go.  
Not the BEST anniversary time I've had, but it's certainly not the worst. 

Always room for improvement in the marriage too - not just the den.   We are all a work in progress. 

Ya'll have a good day!  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Trip to Mom's and Maisy Still Trying

This is what you do when you are being chauffeured for an hour and a half down the road with two dogs in the back seat, one in your lap and one on the side.  

Three dogs is a little much in my opinion but I'm trying to make it work.  I know at some point there will only be 2 again.  And I hate to even think about that.  But at least we won't have to train a puppy all over again.  I think it would REALLY send me over the edge if this dog was a chewer.  

I was about to say that Maisy is getting in the routine as far as going outside the last few days.  Truly it has been better.  But she pooped and pee'd this morning just after going out.  And she pooped at Mom's yesterday after being outside.  Grrrrrrr.

At least I can say that over the period of time, she was getting a little better if you put it on a trend line.  I think the trip to Mom's disturbed her.  I don't think she understood it.  She was probably afraid we would leave her there.  She growled at Fancy, Mom's dog, when Fancy would get near me.   

I think that she will be like Roger and get in the routine when she is secure and understands how it will be.  She is very smart but just not able to understand a lot right now.  Look at those eyes, how serious they are.  

Our trip to Columbia and possibly the fact that they were 2 hours behind schedule eating - even made her growl at Tugie in the car when their noses touched too close.  Tears formed in my eyes b/c I know if she continues to be all growly I won't be able to keep her.  I will NOT have her antagonize my babies.  I love her and want to keep her but she has to be nice.  George said that he felt that they were all hungry and tired.   But our two don't growl at each other when they get hungry, so neither should she.  At least it's not a hard aggression, only minor. She hasn't bitten anyone or any of the dogs.  And her growls are usually just pretty much a low growl - but when she make Tugie growl back - it gets loud and sounds horrible.  I will say that she is still on probation.  We will probably be able to keep her.  But she will have to get over this growling thing.  So far leaving her with our dogs has gone well b/c they spread out and they each have their space. We have to watch them at food time.  We keep them separated as much as possible with pillows in bed so no one snarls.  

But as it is with Maisy and going to Mom's, I would not be comfortable leaving Fancy and Maisy together.  Maisy growled, Fancy began barking at her as if to say "I dare you growl at me in my own home" and Maisy showed her teeth and began growling back again.  So I am not sure they are going to be able to be left alone and us go out to eat like we do sometimes.  

So we'll see.  I think she will still work but it'll take some more time.  At least we know she does well at home.  Except for the housebreaking situation.  And that is getting better.  I remember that with Roger about the time we felt he was getting better, he would do it again.  

Well, we did have a good time at Mom's.  We took KFC and Mom had tea and pecan pie.  

Today is our anniversary.  That is all I will say.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Anniversary Night Out, Sofa Talks, and Feelings


We had our anniversary dinner out last night.  It's not until the 18th but we wanted to eat on Saturday so we could enjoy the time and not have to rush home from work for dogs and then back to Nashville again.  We have had this planned for months.  Actually scheduled through Open Table app which I use a lot.  So we went to Tansuo which is pronounced "Tanso", ignoring the "u".  It is an upscale Chinese restaurant.  The food was excellent.  I liked the candle below.  The place was uniquely decorated/designed.  The Chef who is also part owner, has been on many Food Network shows.  You can read about it on his website.  

We ordered a bottle of white wine.  She brought two of the Chardonnay's for me to taste.  I was the one that wanted the wine so I was the taster.

I loved the candle holder.  So elegant and perfect.  

We were told that the appetizers were small so it is common to order two to three for sampling and sharing between us.  

We ordered: 


ground lamb, cumin, scallion, seasoned soy sauce


soft rice dough, shiitake mushrooms, silken tofu, sesame seeds, chili oil


traditional shanghai crispy spring roll, onions, mushrooms, cabbage, shrimp
These appetizers or "Dim Sum" as it was called on the menu were very unique and different from food I normally eat.  The flavors were very good.  The most unique thing to me was the Sesame Golden eggs.  Not really an egg but shaped like one and with sesame seeds on the outside.  You bite through - a slight crunch due to the sesame seeds and your teeth sink in through a firm but doughy substance - not quite like bread, not sticky at all, and your teeth just slide right through it.  It had tofu but didn't taste like it.  I really liked that.  It has mushrooms in it and that was the only downside for me but didn't keep me from eating it.  lol
For our meal which we split (George's pick was the first one and mine the second one): 


sautéed lo mein noodles, lobster, shrimp, crab, ground pork, garlic, snow peas, fermented black bean sauce


marinated prime filet steak, sautéed water spinach, garlic, malaysian beef relish, soy, five spice salted taro fries

This is a pic of the Taro fries here.  Taro is a plant with a root that grows in Hawaii and the root of the Taro plant is like our potato here in the states.  So these look like onion straws but they taste like potato in fried form b/c it is a starchy like substance.  I had "poi" in Hawaii when I was 16 and it was a purple brown type of substance, best that I remember, and I was not too fond of it at first bite, but remember thinking that over time if I lived there, I would learn to like it.  So I was excited about the taro fries.  It was good to eat over the steak and gave a crunch. 

Taro Fries

The meal was so good.  George's "noodles" had such a good taste with a few bites of lobster and shrimp.  And my steak was several chopped pieces of seared but rare marinated and tender steak that was probably the most tender and best steak I have ever had.  I don't know that you should call it a "steak" b/c it was probably about 5 or 6 oz of sliced beef served on spinach.  The portions are pretty small, but by the time you do the appetizers and the main course and a dessert - you are plenty full.  Everything ala carte and adds up.  However, we often do it up for anniversary and pick an up scale meal.  That is our gift to each other.

For dessert: 


fried ice cream eggroll, chocolate drizzle
And here is a picture of the dessert here: 

Ice Cream Spring Roll, Tansuo

We had a nice dinner at Tansuo and I would highly recommend - but it is a little pricey and definitely birthday or anniversary type of place for us.  

The bathroom was even pretty.  I wouldn't want a bowl sink at home for my own daily use of a bathroom sink (I like a wider basin and counter top) but I think they are really sharp for just hand washing stations.  

Sinks in the bathroom at Tansuo

So what a wonderful evening it was.

We are also going out ON our anniversary b/c we want to do something on the actual anniversary.  We are going to Red Lobster.  We have a gift card we are using to go toward that.  I am looking forward to seafood!  Even though it's not coastal - still looking forward to it.

So, at dinner, I said "while we are sitting here talking, I want to see if you are willing to get a new sofa and chair for the den?"  I told him I was not comfortable using the current one anymore as it's itchy and scratchy.  He changed the subject to the flooring.  I said I didn't want to do that until after the first of the year b/c I don't want the floors to be all torn up during the holidays.  (We are thinking of ripping the carpet up in the den and hallway and going with the wooden floors that are underneath.  But We want to see what they look like and George will probably be the one to refinish them. Knowing that, I'm sure it'll be torn up for a while as we do nothing in a hurry, lol.)   He said he wasn't planning on redoing the floors this year either.  He just wanted to pull up some carpet and see what was underneath and would have already done that if he hadn't been pressure washing everything that doesn't move   the house, the driveway, the cars, lol. So I redirected the conversation back to the sofa.
I'm always really leery of asking for anything that costs more than $300 b/c often it leads to an argument b/c he does the finances and I think it throws his plan off.  He likes to spend money on what he wants to for things for us - mostly on entertainment - the rest goes in the bank and he could care less about what things look like.  Sometimes he will suggest an appliance or something as a gift together for Christmas.  And he suggested that the sofa be what we get each other for Christmas.  That way I guess it's not something we spend "over" his plan b/c we'll be spending something for Christmas anyway.  I'm ok with that.  I'm not wanting to spoil his budget plan but I do want to look forward to coming home at night and not feeling itchy/scratchy when I sit on the cloth sofa that has housed dogs and cats for 15 years.

And of course next is wanting to get a Smart TV and that HD format where water looks like you are right there.  I could go buy it for him for Christmas, buahahahaa.  I wanted to ask for that to go along with it but I'm scared to.  Momma offered to GIVE us one last year as our gift together but he didn't want that b/c he didn't want to have the move the current big TV we have.  And the damn darn thing won't quit. I think I'm going to start praying that the TV dies.  lol

What he doesn't realize is how much I like being home and these things will keep me home!  Otherwise I'll just want to be out doing something else - like shopping for clothes, or eating out and avoiding home and spending $$,  and over all the TV and sofa will be much cheaper.  lol

He told me that he had to let me have the sofa b/c I was not going to be happy if I didn't get it.  So he said yes, but only b/c he felt he had to.  Well, true.  I guess he's been married 26 years and knows that there are things that just need to happen.  But you all are right.  I work too and bring a chunk of change in to our little dominion so just b/c we are married and he does the finances doesn't mean he can't give a bit and let me have a few things.  I guess I feel like telling him that the TV comes with that package.  I guess I need to see how much they are.  I don't even know what to get.  Oh my gosh I would love that!  Life would be cool again with new sofa and TV and a plan to do the floors up.  I like to know that we can improve a little each year.

Anyway, I'm going to go check into those TV's.  lol  I'm a little leery.  We can get help to move out the old TV.  I may ask him if we can sell the sofa and chair and TV in the yard sale coming up.  (If you hear screaming, you know where it's coming from.)

Well, yesterday was so nice to have a morning to sleep.  The dogs slept well into the 6:00 hour.  I was able to sit around in PJ's and play Candy Crush on the ipad, watch the Instagram Stories which highly entertain me, and get started on laundry and dog blankets, and a bit of ironing and planning my outfits for the week.  I got out the old vacuum b/c it has attachments and sucked up around the edges of the laundry room with it as laundry lint and dust fly around from time to time and had built up.

I worked on the kitchen some, took a bunch of stuff downstairs for storage and trash, and worked on the den some, changed the sheets, took care of doggies.  I hung a scarecrow up in the den - needed to hammer a nail in where one had fallen and hung a pic up in the laundry room as well.

It was a nice day just being at home.  I have been a little down lately and I think a day at home and an evening out, and George saying I could have the sofa/chair made me feel better.  I think I was feeling like I was in a situation that wouldn't change and was getting worse.  And that made me start thinking about how little decision I feel I have with the finances - mainly b/c I'm afraid to ask b/c it makes me feel selfish to ask.  And b/c it was our anniversary and that makes me think of a few things that make me sad for reasons I won't go into, but we came home and the dog had only pee'd a small spot and that was encouraging. And the fact that "itchy & scratchy" can go has helped.  A few other things can't be helped but at least that is encouraging.

 I know I have a lot to be thankful for and sometimes when you are down people tell you that like you don't have a license to be down.  But a person has feelings.  And while there is nothing wrong to be reminded of your blessings, there is also nothing wrong with allowing yourself to feel the things you feel and not be chided for it.  A person has to work through feelings and I think that is what has to happen.  It's a "work through".  The good days can't be so good w/o the bad days showing that the good days are better.

I think the blog helps me get started working through my feelings.  I start the morning by blogging and the rest of the day sometimes in my mind the banter continues.  They "why", the "why not", and how to "change" something, or "resolve" something.  Or to choose to "let it be" and NOT change something........Whether it be an old sofa, a bad mood, an exciting idea, a rude family member, a peeing dog, or a worried premonition.

Speaking of worried premonitions, our Charleston trip on the east coast is coming up soon.  Like 3 weeks away!  And in the Atlantic the tropical storms are just "lined up".  Oh.My.Gosh.  It makes me swoon.  Should I rent a compact car?  And then just cancel it if no storms?  I think I will wait until the week before we leave to decide.  Will that be good?  The cheapest compact car would be fine and actually good for me b/c I am afraid of parking in a bigger SUV.  Even my own car I'm a little scare of tight spots.  Actually I am a lot scared of them.  We wanted to go to Folly Beach one day and that would be a day I'd want a car anyway.  Well, we'll figure it out.  I'm trying not to worry.

Better go.  We are going to Mom's today and spend the day with her.  Then back to church next Sunday.  Mom gets to see Maisy, the new dog.  She will love her.  She is so sweet.

Well, thanks for reading my stuff and supporting me through my ups and downs of life all these years.  During my down times I sometimes think of discontinuing the blog.  I feel like with current attitude during those down times that I have nothing of consequence or feeling that is substantial enough for anyone to read and care about.  I also think that several days of dismal weather and less vitamin D play into things.  Sometimes though it's just life itself throwing you one too many curve balls (peeing dog) on top of things already bothering you and giving you negative chi in life (old sofa, blue linoleum, old TV) that the latest new thing (peeing dog) just sends you over the edge.  Ok, to be honest, even though I love love love the new dog - the fact that she is having these issues and has different eating tendencies (doesn't like treats), and has altered my routine a bit -  just set me over I think.  While it's not so stressful in itself - a combination of several things mounting just really made me in a MOOD this week.  But as mentioned.  I am having to work through it.  And the meal helped, the day at home yesterday helped, the peeing situation improving helped, and George's YES to the sofa helped.  Now if I can just get him committed to the TV I'll be good for a while - til that is all paid for.  ;-)  Then on to flooring.

Let's face it - with the household changes such as flooring - it's an easier sell and you make an investment later on.  As we saw in the past - fixing it after you move out so you can sell it only makes your wife seeeeeeethe.  Because she is paying for it and was not getting to enjoy it.  Now THAT makes a woman seeeeeethe fire.

You all have a wonderful day.   I'm off to finish up a few things, shower, and head out to Mom's.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday Morning Confusion

Hmmm....I am sitting here wanting to type and nothing seems to want to come out.  I'm having to dig deep this morning for any thoughts and feelings.

I think I'm sitting here a little confused about a few things.  And a lot of things I don't want to go into.  
Sitting in the sun room this morning.  Just glad to have a Saturday morning and a day with nothing to do but go out to eat tonight for our anniversary.

The dogs let us sleep from 10 to almost 6 I guess.

Yesterday after work I went to the vet and got Tugie's heart meds and then went to Walmart and got more dog food.

I also got Garden Herb cream cheese to go on my toast.  :-)

I did realize that it's the dog making me want to upgrade things in the house, me trying to compensate for her messing the house up with the marking or anxiety issue during this adjustment period.  However, it's been LONG overdue on that damn blue linoleum and the itchy scratchy dirty sofa ---and the Smart TV - let's just throw that one in there.

Not sure if I am going to be in the mood to do much cleaning this weekend.  I suppose I will.  I'm just kind of deflated, discouraged, and asking a lot of questions about right now about a lot of things.
 And yeah I guess this was a bullet point entry and that usually means 1)  I'm tired  or 2)  I have things on my mind that I don't want to say.

I'd go with #2.
So I'll just be over and out with that one.

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Big Push

I saw this in my pics where I saved this a few years ago.  What a great idea.  Everybody ought to have one of these illuminated potty seats.  

I suppose yesterday went well.  After I woofed my lunch down I walked at work.  There is a nice place to walk (the sidewalk all around the complex.  It is in front of businesses so it seems safe.  I will try to do that as much as I can.  It is a relief to have that option.

But after that, I think I hit a wall.  And totally reversed the effects of the walk by having cake and ice cream in the break room.  :-(  

So I left at 4:45 since I have put in a lot of hours lately and just felt like I needed some personal time.  
The new dog is eating us out of the house.  I forgot to stop and get more fresh pet yesterday.  We have plenty of dry dog food but Maisy is not fond of it unless it has something that fresh pet or sandwich meat to get her started.  So today I'll have to run some errands after work and I will probably leave at 4:00 or 4:30 b/c the vet is one of the errands I have to run to pick up Tugie's heart meds.  

The dog still having problems adjusting.  Several spots in the house.  I'm glad we have a good carpet cleaner.  But I think George is going to go rent a big professional one and do each of the rooms. He likes to do the carpet cleaning.  Although I have asked if he wanted me to do some of the rooms.  I think he just likes doing it and it does look nice afterward.  

 I wanted to have a fall party with everyone over but I'm not this year.  I appreciate our friends having us over all the time, but until we get some things updated in the house and this new dog gets settled - I'm not spending a lot of time trying to clean and prep the house.  It's to the point that cleaning is not going to make it look nice.  The  old sofa and chair, the flooring, the linoleum, the appliances, the shutters outside - all of it needs to go and be replaced.  I don't want to entertain anymore til my standards are met.  And this dog gets control of herself.

Hubby should be proud.  Why?

I'm not pushing for the pool yet.  I have not pushed for stainless steel everything.  I have not pushed for new countertops.  I've not pushed to get rid of the blue linoleum despite it being one of the first things I wanted to change.  But it's time to push.  I did not get to do updates in the old house until we moved out and they updated it to sell it.  I didn't get to enjoy those updates.  I really don't want the same thing to happen here. 

Back to a pool.  No a pool would be nice but honestly I'd probably not get in it much.  I'd sit beside it. So I'll save our pool money and use that for travel.  He'll be so proud.  ;-)

Yep, gonna have to work on ole Deep Pockets over there - gonna have to dig deeeeeeeep in those breeches pockets to get Momma a new sofa and keep her happy.   As well as these other things that need updating that I have waited patiently for all these many years.  By the time we get stainless everything it'll be out of style.  lol 

I did notice this week that we are going on a "Brew Bus" soon at $70 per person.  That is $140 between us.  That is also $$ that could be put on a sofa.  We seem to have NO problem booking things like concerts and buying wine boxes and brew bus tour outings.  I enjoy those things too but sometimes we need to think of making the home nicer.  Dig a little I know there is sofa money down in 'em pockets somewhere.   

Yes, it will be a daily mention til it happens!  

I'm really not wanting to even sit in the den anymore.  

  I need to add that I keep talking about it, but George has not said no.  He just said we needed to talk priorities.  Which means to me a sofa is probably not number 1 on his list.  Any time I've wanted anything over $300 it is always an issue and timing not right.  But we'll see.  There is always something hanging over our heads besides concerts and outings.  I just want to come home to a comfy sofa and a smart TV and a nice kitchen.  These are the two rooms we spend most of our time and I'm not comfortable in them anymore.  I'm just not. 

Well ya'll have a great day and I'll quit moaning.  Well, I'm off of here to go clean up two more pee spots from this morning alone.  We've been outside first thing but yet there are two more spots.  This is driving me absolutely bananas.  

Can I come live with you all?  Do you have a smart sofa and a TV and clean floors?  This is just a daily battle for me right now.  I don't even want to come home sometimes.  It's time for the Big Push to update a few things.  Yeah, it'll be a Big Push. Nothing is ever easy when it comes to spending money on anything besides entertainment around here.  Hey wait - Smart TV is entertainment!  Yep we gotta get with the program.

And I did notice that I titled this "The Big Push" and immediately there is a toilet right under the title.  No connection there I promise - just total irony.

Over and Out.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Makings of a Better Day with Maisy.

Well, I think this pretty girl and I bonded a bit yesterday.   I was so mad at her for her behavior the day before- we had been gone all day, came back, left again.   It was a day filled with pee, (grass on the floor), a bit of bad behavior to the other dogs, and not much sleep for anyone the previous night.  So yesterday morning when she got up the 2nd time with George and pranced happily over to me I made a comment that I had already seen her to say our "good mornings" this morning (at 3 a.m.) in a sarcastic tone.  I was really just being myself like I am when I'm tired and grumpy and was actually being a bit humorous.  But Maisy read my voice and my behavior to a perfection and she went and hid under the sofa side table and pouted and WOULD NOT COME OUT.  I had to move the table and reach back (took several tries) to get her out.  I held her, hugged her, told her I was sorry and that I was taking her for a walk.

I'd heard that some exercise can be good for situations like these and I read that a Papillon needs their exercise.  She strode around the block like a little champion.  Maybe had been leash trained as she kept in stride with me.  She stopped to do her business but we had a good walk around the block and I think it was just what she needed.  But she had reduced me to tears.  To have a dog mad at me was more than I could handle.  

I thought about it all day.  I couldn't wait to get home to her and tell her I missed her and I hoped things were better between us.  She was all about it.  She was so happy to see me.  Even when George came home, she wanted to be by my side.  I think that she sees that I'm starting to understand her and I think she might be starting to understand me a bit.  She seemed to feel the same way - that she wanted to show me she wanted our relationship to work.  

So things are much better between us.  There was one little pee spot yesterday which had just happened, and probably from the excitement of the garage door or us coming in. It looked like an accident instead of a planned one.   One little spot is much better than 5 or 7 or 9 (nine on the first day I believe). 

And we slept good last night.  Everyone was in their "spot" lined up in the middle of the bed and it just worked.  When I don't have my sleep - the day is hard.  It's hard for me and everyone around me.  
But the day went well.  I managed to drink enough caffeine to keep me awake.  I went to sleep with Maisy and Tugie.  Maisy growled a bit when Tugie wanted to come up and sleep where Maisy was too.  Tugie most often sleeps at my feet now and doesn't really want to snuggle much anymore - but now that Maisy is here she wants to.  Go figure.  But I just petted her and gave her attention at the bottom of the bed, and she was fine with that.  So I have to be careful and give them both attention.  

But yeah, I feel like a barrier came down b/w Maisy and I yesterday - one that I didn't know was there.  My heart broke when she was mad at me and now I'm wrapped around her paw!  

Now the spot that she hid yesterday - she has decided that she likes it and likes to sleep there when we are busy around the house.  So that is ok then - as long as she is not mad.  You can tell - she will come out when you call her when she is not mad or scared.  So I put a little blanket under there for her and she loves it.  It's also very close to my desk (2 feet away) and she keeps an eye on me while I blog or check facebook or do the Walmart order, or going through the mail at my desk.  

So yes, things are much better today.  

I think George may have even taken off his shoes.  I noticed he was late coming home.  But at least he pulled up and brought us both a beer from the fridge and helped me finish walking the 3 dogs around the yard, so I knew it was all going to be ok.  

I had a big lunch yesterday and he probably did too so we only had poached eggs and grits.  

A lot of stuff going on.  

Our anniversary weekend is this weekend.  26 Years.  

I told him that I wanted a new sofa - since the last one was bought for my 40th birthday and I'll be 55 next month.  It's time.  He didn't say no but said we'd list our priorities.  lol 

So probably no more trips for me and no more wine kits and concerts for him.  ;-)  lol

No I think a Sofa and Chair won't be too hard to come by.  We aren't talking real leather here.  I've asked to bring the downstairs sofa upstairs, but for some reason he doesn't want to do that.  So we'll get another one and that is probably better so we can get a matching chair.  I want a reclining sofa b/c I like to put my feet up.  We are in here so much in the evenings - that to me this is priority.  And then the Smart TV is next.  ;-)  I like it when things are smart.  ;-)

Well I better go get ready so I can take Ms. Maisy for her walk around the block.  I hope we see some sunshine today.  I believe Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken headed back yesterday - they had decided to stay another day b/c of the gas shortage and lack of power.  

Well, ya'll have a grand and glorious day.  I'm just soooo glad to have been able to get sleep and get some improvement in the household.  I was truly very ready to move out. If not for a day or two. I have standards you know.  I cannot operate in "messy" and "subpar" conditions - at least not w/o complaint, lol.  And I sure as heck can't operate without sleep.  Those two things in combination does not make for a pretty scene when out of kilter.

Ok off to get coffee and proof read and see how many typos I had.   Ok I'm really gone this time.  But I sure am growing to love that little girl at the top with all my heart.  

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Grumpy Bear

Well, good morning.  All going well except for a few things.  It's one of those "write in bullet points" kind of morning.  If I write down everything that is annoying the shallarky out of me perhaps I can shake it off for a few hours.

1.  Maisy has decided that it is more fun to just pee in the house
2.  We were told she was 100% potty trained.  I'm not believing that one at this point.  It occurred to me that she was crated and so it's easy to say she was housebroken but if she wasn't hanging out in the house how would the person had known that she was house broken?  I'm not keeping a dog in a crate all day.  I just think that is cruel.
3.  I was woken up at midnight or whatever time George came to bed.  It used to be that he and Roger would get in bed and I'd never know it.  Now George has to make sure that he knows where all the dogs are so he can put Roger in bed without putting him on top of the new dog so the new dog won't growl.  So lights go on everywhere (not the main one).
4.  When everyone got in bed, I had a sliver of mattress and had to scoot the dogs over to have room.  I was just about a few minutes of getting up and going to sleep in the other bedroom.  But I was determined to sleep in my own bed.  How some nights can be so smooth and some nights such a dad burn Chinese Firedrill, I will never know.
5.  About 3 a.m. I was woken up by Maisy who was trying to get my attention.  She was on the floor, already out of bed.  I thought she might want out.  So I took her out.  Upon this task I discovered she had already been up and pee'd in the den floor.  It was raining out and she was NOT wanting to go.  After all she had already been.  The stubborn ME that I am, after crawling out of bed and already seeing that she went - I made her go out in the rain anyway and I went with her to get her out there on the leash.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa let's just all stand out in the rain at 3 o'clock in the morning in Irma leftovers.  Hello skunk, deer, owl, and any night time burglers on the prowl ---how the heck are ya?  Anyone need anything?  Let me serve you now that I am awake.  Wanna spray me go ahead?  Scare me go ahead?  Steal my stuff, come on in everyone else is sleeping.  Here, wanna dog?  Yes I'm seething sleepy -can you tell?
6.  Everyone is going to experience my lack of joy today b/c I did not get any sleep last night.
7.  Yes the dog came to see me just now and I said "I've already seen you this morning you need to learn to sleep".  Oh my she is so sensitive.  I didn't yell I just spoke to her with my sarcastic voice.
8.  She went to hide. She wouldn't come out.
9.  George got on to me saying I yelled at the dog.  I didn't yell at the dog.
10.  Now I'm sitting here in tears b/c I've hurt the dog's feelings and it breaks my heart.  I feel like crying my eyes out anyway b/c I'm so tired, so angry, and so irritated and I can't control the situation and frankly just want to go hide in a hole myself....not be bothered....and sleep.
11.  I'm tired of things being ratty around here.
12.  I'm tired.
13.  I'm sleepy.
14.  I'm mad.
15.  I feel sorry for anyone that has to me near me when I don't get sleep! I don't even want to be in my own skin.

Alright ya'll --have a good day.  I've got to go spread the joy and try to make up with a dog!
Oh and George tracked in the grass last night again after I had vacuumed it up two days in a row.  Instead of vacuuming again for the third time I picked up each blade of grass by itself - bending over 30 times - and spreading the love each time about how much I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove coming home to pee and grass, grass and pee, pee and grass, grass and pee.

Yeahhhh, it's lovely time at our house.  For 26 years George has taken his shoes off at the door and why the heck he has decided now not to do that, I'll never know.

One of us may be considering a hotel before this is over.  If I have sleep I can deal with it.  No sleep - we all pay!  I'm going to at least go work in a nice, clean place.  Then I'll come home to pee and grass and grass and pee and old worn out scratchy sofa and................................. blue linoleum.

It's adding up folks, is all I can say.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Bit of Rain and Improvements Needed

Well, a bit rainy today, but not as bad as I thought.  Seems that Irma has petered out a bit.  A lot actually.  We did get a bit of rain last evening and overnight, but there is not much left to the center of circulation and it's all spread out now and basically looks like light to moderate rain in most places.  Looks like the east coast got hammered with the storms and rain from that right quadrant that spun up the coast.  I am wearing my "Irma" shirt.  lol  Not that I am a fan, just b/c it seemed appropriate to wear my Lula Roe "Irma" the day "Irma" remnants travel through the area.

It is weird to reach in my closet though and grab something "out of order".  I usually stay true to what is up next in the closet to match whatever is cleaned and ironed as far as pant color.  It's more of a game than a OCD thing - well ok it's a little bit of an OCD thing but you pretty much have to get over any OCD'ness living with a pack rat.  So I don't have much OCD left or maybe it is more accurate to say it is suppressed.  I just gave up b/c all I ever did was clean for so many years and I got tired of it. I never had much time to let my OCD'ness take effect.  Every empty space filled with something.

However, the past two days George has tracked grass from outside all the way through several rooms of the house - yes two days in a row - and I have vacuumed the house two days in a row.  I guess next time I'll just leave it and we'll have to look at it for a week.  Because I'm not wanting to do housework when I leave at 6 and get home at 6.  No way.  But I did it yesterday.  Grrrr.

My Aunt and Uncle are headed home today.  I did not suggest that we meet for dinner last night b/c the tropical depression and winds were to hit last night around 7.  I never saw any big gusts though.  They were fixing shrimp and rice last night anyway.  I fixed us a salad and we had leftover wraps from the tail gate.

Maisy is still adjusting a bit.  She is supposed to be housebroken.  But I believe she is adjusting a bit. And not quite up to the routine yet. Tugie and Maisy both still demanding my attention and trying to claim me as their person.  Maisy showed her teeth at Tugie last night and we got on to her pretty good.  I need to read up on how to handle.  I try to show both attention but I think I may have to quit sitting on the sofa with one on each side for a awhile.  The sofa seems to be a territorial spot they are fighting over with me.

Speaking of sofas, I'm ready for a new sofa and a chair in there in the den. We are so outdated in everything.  Here is my list of improvements:  Flooring, sofa and chairs, new tv, updated kitchen and bathroom after that.  We have had this sofa and chair for 15 years.  It was my 40th birthday present.  And it is TIME to move on!  I'm starting to be really frustrated over it too. I'm naming the current one "Itchy and Scratchy".   I also want a Smart TV.  I think George is scared of a Smart TV.  I don't know what the hold up is.

And of course down the road the kitchen needs to be redone with new stove, fridge, countertops, and flooring.  George has made me wait for so long for any of these things.  He'd rather go to concerts and spend the money on wine kits.  I can't fuss too much b/c I help him drink it.  But at least everything is paid off finally.  Took forever.  We paid most of my school loans for years.  I think there were 3 total.  We have paid for private schooling for Kate, paid for Katy's trip overseas, paid for college, paid for wedding, paid for some vacation time and travel.  And now we need to focus on the house some.  I still want to do some vacation and travel here and there though.  But not with 3 dogs.  I will with 2.  But not 3.  I want to go to Amelia Island, but not going to book it with 3.  I'm not even sure they would let us in with 3.  lol

Well all I'm doing this morning is fussing.  Sorry.  This is just me venting out what I think needs improving.  Then I can park it here and go on.  Mr. Deep Pocket gonna have to dig deeeeeep down in them breeches pockets to get this house fixed up on the inside and keep his old woman happy.  ;-)  I won't go there about the shutters half hanging on the walls on the outside.  I won't go there. No I won't. Something about not having the right tools. Oops I just went there.  Lowe's is down the street.  ;-)

Ok I better get off before I become a mad woman like a few others I know that rant and rave over moving air.  ;-)  Don't judge me.  I just have standards!

Ya'll have a great day!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Lamb, Titans, Hurricane, Grooming and a Busy Weekend

The weekend has been full.  George had laid out a leg of lamb to thaw to fix for Saturday night.  We enjoyed it the last two nights.  He cooked it in the clay pot in the oven along with carrots, white potatoes, and white sweet potatoes.  We have taken a liking to the white sweet potatoes and find that chopping them up and roasting them is good too.  And what is really good is to mix the two on the roasting pan.  You often cannot tell which one you are biting into but they compliment each other.  

I was able to get the laundry and the ironing done.  So the wardrobe is good for the week and everyone has clean undies - lol!  We really needed the towels this past week.  We ran through them quickly with new dog, wine making, giving the dogs a rib bone, and our regular shower use and use of a lot of kitchen towels.  I had washed them but they were in the laundry basket.  It seems I washed blankets and sheets during the week and we were busy or I worked late and didn't have time to fold all the towels til the weekend.  When I finally folded, it seemed it took me forever.  

I worked on the storage room some trying to create more room in there.  I'm going to have to order another shelving unit for our hall closet b/c I'm changing the way I use that hallway closet.  Mainly I'm just needing a new shelf in there and getting rid of a container of baskets in there that is holding lotions that I do not use.  I use *some* lotion but I do not use very much and over the years all the Christmas gifts have added up.  So I'm getting rid of most of that and replacing it with the much needed shelving unit.  I love it when I have time at home to try and organize a few things.  I didn't have much home time but I did have some while the dogs were for their trim and that was a good thing. 

We dropped the dog off at Sandy's and then went to Hobby Lobby so I could see if there was any framed art that I wanted.  Much of the framed canvas art was 50% off, but there was not anything there that sung to me.  There was one of the ocean but that is not the colors I was wanting.  I'll keep looking and I'll wait til I find what I like.  I have a vision of what I want it to be.  

We also went to the grocery after that and then home to do some things around here. 

We had to pick the dogs up at 2 and then we went to see George's Mom with all 3 groomed dogs (lol) and came home and worked on the house some more and Katy came to visit to meet the new dog and we visited with her and George fixed the lamb. He wanted to use the clay pot and it had to cook a while.  I think it was ready close to bed time. 

The dogs trims came out looking good.  And Maisy's big ole tutu of hair is gone and she looks so much better.  And I don't notice any shedding anymore.  So that is good.  She was soft and is so sweet.

Soooo this week friends invited us to go to the Titan's game Sunday.  We park at their place of business and then we ride over in the back of this truck (yes with the door open).  There are benches of seats along the side. And storage is under the benches with coolers, tables, table cloths and the fixings.  Oh and a grill.  There is a Titan grill. 

So we bought sliced deli wraps, chicken wings, and brats.  Oh it was so good.  Someone brought breakfast casserole, and someone brought sausage balls, and someone brought sausage and egg biscuits.  So by the time the brats were ready - there was noooo way I could eat one.  Oh well.

But it sure was good.  They played the Raiders and the game did not turn out so well for the Titans.  
It was 26 to 16 I believe.  Oh well, they are not know for their consistent wins are they?  Maybe some day!  We still had fun.  

I'm not sure what George was looking at.  But I guarantee you he was trying to think up a way to mess up the shot.  lol

We did a lot of watching of The Weather Channel on Miss Irma.  This storm is so big.  We are supposed to get rains off of this one too.  We have wind advisories for tonight and tomorrow.  

So I've been trying to figure out how to see my Aunt and Uncle who is an hour and half away at Mom's.  They are visiting from Jacksonville escaping Irma.  Irma is chasing them down though but weakening at least.  Our weekend was already scheduled.  And we would have to carve out 3 hours of travel time and several hours of visit time and there was not any time to be carved.  Today we go back to work.  I would like to eat dinner with them but not sure how we can work it out.  I'm probably not getting off until 5:30.  And then the hurricane remnants are coming tonight and tomorrow so I don't want to be on the interstates for all that.  And I doubt they want to come up and have lunch or dinner. I might call and see if they want to meet in Thompson's Station or Franklin tonight.  That is a good half way point.  But it'll be too hard to go down there and drive back after work. Same problem I was having Friday.  I was afraid I'd fall asleep after eating a big dinner and then driving home.  But if we can meet that might work.  It'll cut down on the driving and won't be as late.  I will contact them and see.  Katy and Cody might be able to meet us if no plans.  George will have to go take care of dogs and might can go back out but may choose to just let me go meet them from work.  We'll have to see if it's even an option.  Everyone may be like I am and truly want to just stay in out of the wind/rain. I want to see them but I want it to be safe. 

So Maisy realizes that Tugie is the Queen Bee.  She knows how much I love Tugie and Tugie loves me.  She is a little jealous.  In a way it makes me laugh.  I can be loving on Maisy and Tugie now wants to come over and be loved on.  Where Tugie usually wants to sit in her chair, she now wants to come over on the sofa and be with me and will lean her head against me to "hug me" and shows her affection for me in front of Maisy.  When she does that Maisy gives a little faint growl.  Nothing big and bad, just a "I'm not happy with this situation" kind of growl.  Whenever I look at Maisy and point my finger at her and say "No Growl" - she quits.  So that is good.  

The marking has pretty much ceased.  We had only one excitement drop or two yesterday when we got home.  So I think they are settling into some kind of a routine a bit.  We found a treat that the Maisy liked at the pet store.  Actually she picked it out when we were not looking.  The pet shop we go too when we pick them up at the Groomers - actually has treats of all kinds open and on the bottom shelf.  Maisy had one in her mouth and we didn't know it. lol.  So we bought all of them one and she loved it.  It was like some kind of beef stick.  She is an animal lover.  

Maisy had bad breath when she came to us.  Like REALLY bad bad bad breath.  But now that she is getting on a regular diet and not eating "who knows what", it's getting much much better.  More normal.  We will still probably get her teeth cleaned though.  She did try a half of a dentastix b/c I told her to eat it.  Sometimes she will eat something if you tell her to, but she only ate half.  

We are going through the Fresh Pet.  We will have to get more even since our store visit on Saturday.  We are already almost out.  This is refrigerated dog food in the dog food section and Kroger has it.

Took their pics at Granny's yesterday after their grooming.  All the pets look nice again!  And smell better too!

Well, it was certainly a busy weekend.  After the Titans game I rebooted the laundry, cleaned up the kitchen which wasn't too bad anyway, and put the leftover lamb in the stove.  I poured a glass of wine and turned on Hurricane Irma Coverage and played Candy Crush.  Happy to be in and relax the rest of the evening.

Well, I better go.  Much work is calling!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Your Comments and Who is the Alpha Dog?

Good morning!  
I decided not to make the drive to Columbia last night.  I was tired when I left for work yesterday and I knew I would not be getting off early as I was not getting to work early and had a lot to do.  I knew that would make Mom and my Aunt and Uncle have to wait to eat until about 7 and Mom likes to eat early.  I also knew that I'd be on the highways a total of 3 hours (1.5 going down and 1.5 going back) and I was NOT up for that yesterday.   I was spent before my day started. 

Traffic was horrible yesterday.  I left at 7:05 which on a normal day would put me getting there about 7:35 or 7:40.  But yesterday it was 8:05 b/c half the interstate was shut down.  The WAZE app rerouted me.  And thank goodness for that or I'd have even been later.  

The day went well at work but VERY busy.  I made it w/o my assistant but would be pulling my hair out if she was not coming back Monday to do the data entry before payroll runs.  It's all printed and ready for her to do.  I had time to print and sort it by category but not time to enter any of it.  

Anyway, I wanted to say - especially to blog reader Sybil, that my comments do not show til I go in and hit the approve button.  I usually go in and approve the comments and read them once per day.  I see them on email too when I check emails on my phone and can approve them from there too.  If I'm in a hurry sometimes it's every OTHER day when I finally go in and approve them where they show on the blog.  I've been especially bad about it this week as it's just been a very long and crazy week.

So it's bad for the good commenters b/c they can't see they have posted til I approve it, but it is delightful for the spammers.  I had one yesterday that tried to post a porn link on my comment section but ---haaaaaa ----it didn't work b/c I didn't approve for that to be posted.  That gives me such glee when I realize I have control over that.  Makes me wanna say "na na na boo boo" and stick my tongue out.  But I guess I won't do that.  George'll be wondering what's wrong with me. 

George'll <-----Don't you love my new word?  "George will = George'll"


Well, the dogs have been doing well.  Not much marking now.  Only two excitement spots - very little.  So the territorial thing is a little better.  We did have a problem yesterday.  Maisy the new dog loves loves loves Fresh Pet.  And I got home as George was feeding them and George left the dogs eating in the kitchen to follow me into another room and was talking to me.  And then we heard horrible growling noices.  And Maisy was biting Tugie's neck.  George ran in and Maisy ran to the sofa in the next room and looked guilty.  

Tugie was ok.  And probably Maisy got to close to Tugie checking out her meal and she was not going to allow it.  She probably growled and snapped first and then Maisy tried to bite back.  We are not sure.  But one thing we DO KNOW is that we will have to stand there during meal time.  

I really don't think Maisy was being too aggressive - but defending herself and it was over food.  But they seem to do well being by themselves during the day.  I'm sure they will have squabbles here and there but hopefully no big fights.  As time goes they will all chill and know their boundaries.  

I'm glad we don't have to worry about puppy chewing on things.  Thank goodness.  

So this morning I got Maisy to eat Science Diet.  I put it in with her "Fresh Pet".  She ate the Fresh Pet and was still hungry and went on and ate the Science Diet.  Yay!  This will help as far as feeding them and getting them full and the nutrients they need.  And will help with the cost of feeding them.  

I think I'm going to have to get some cubed cheese for treats b/c Maisy does not like ANY treats that our dogs have.  She will take a Canine Carryout and go hide it - or drop it somewhere.  She will save it for later, but only one time have I seen her eat it later.   Much to my surprise once she has touched it our dogs will not eat it.  Odd.  

In my opinion, Maisy is heading for Alpha dog.  I am wondering now if it's between her and Tugie.  Roger, bless his heart is so timid that he just falls rank to the bottom and retreats.  Tugie with her old age is retreating and letting the new dog have rule.  Maisy made a statement yesterday or the day before by taking over Tugie's chair.  We made her move and she's not tried it that we have seen.  

So, I'm thinking she is either at #1 Alpha dog or it's b/w her and Tugie.  But Maisy has to learn that being #1 Alpha dog does not mean you get to eat your food and everyone elses too.  

So as far as the WHOLE pack goes.  George is alpha dog - he is here more to do more for them.  I'm the one that goes in earlier and stays later at work.  So they seem him as the Big dog.  Then me.   Maisy definitely respects us and understands "no" and will retreat with tail tucked and go into another room if she thinks we are upset with her.  So she definitely goes into "sorry" mode.  That melts our hearts.  ;-)   She truly is a sweet dog, she loves attention. 

And speaking of attention.  When I let Tugie get in my lap yesterday afternoon and I gave her attention and talked in my dog voice, Maisy was on the sofa and began whining in lament (almost singing) and barking b/c she was jealous.  Made me laugh.  I put Tugie down and she came over and got in my lap.  That was her spot she thought.  

So today we take them for their trim and I will be so glad to get all the bushy hair off of Maisy.  She looks like she has on a big black and white tutu.  lol  She will be so cute when she comes back.  So I need to get off of here and get my candy crushing in and my shower in so we can go take dogs for trim and then run some errands. 

We have to figure out what we are taking for the Titans game tomorrow.  And I need to check on the hurricane.  I'm glad that my Aunt and Uncle have arrived at Mom's ok.  Sorry that we are having a busy weekend though and can't get down there.  I guess all the rains from the Hurricane will hit us as a tropical depression.  Possibly with 30 mph winds sustained.  Did I see that somewhere?  I'm not sure but I did see a map showing that.  

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.  I'll be trying to fit in laundry and housework any way I can.