Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Well, after work I needed to go get a couple of "gifts".  I should have stopped and did my Valentine shopping too but I was ready to be home.  I'll do the Valentine thing later.  But...the Easter stuff was out at Kirkland's and this year, it includes SHEEP!  I wanted it so bad.  But I do not need to spend money on sheep! lol

I found the gifts I needed and headed home.  George cooked dinner:  flounder, peorgies (which were two years past the expire date in the freezer) so they were not very good.  George said they were not very old and I told him they had been in there for years.  They were very hard to eat.  He said just pretend they are crab legs and open 'em up to get to the potato - lol, lol, lol.  And we had spinach souffle.  It was not as good as I remember it being.  A different taste.  

Anyway, so there just isn't much else to tell about my day.  I played Farmville (Tropical) and we watched Out Daughtered and I went to bed.  

So how exciting is all that?  

I am pleased that Monday went by so fast.  

Hope you all have a lovely day!  

I'm ready for a different blog decor!  But it'll have to happen later.  

Gone for more coffee! 

I love SHEEP!  So cute!  I may have to change that for my lock screen on my phone!  At least I have have a picture of him. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

My Picky Eating, Alexa Testing Turns Amusing

Not a lot to tell since I posted so late yesterday.  However, here is a pic of dinner.  It was really good. I had suggested to George with the left over oranges that perhaps we should have some kind of orange chicken - kindof a Chinese style dish.  He worked hard to fix it.  And fixed bok choy and broccoli with it and rice.  I've had bok choy in stir fry and this was pretty good but George said he put too much salt in it.  It was pretty salty.  Sadly the orange sauce was a little sweeter than I can handle but it was VERY good.  

George says I don't like his cooking anymore as I leave way too much on my plate. And it makes him feel bad and then it makes me feel bad.   It's true that sometimes I don't clean my plate.  I feel like he has come to watch my plate every night just to see if I'm eating.  I will give the following reasons for not always cleaning my plate: 

1) I will say that we don't always have the same tastes at times.  And what the cook puts in, sometimes is what the cook prefers. Nothing wrong with that.  I do that too.   When I cook, he starts adding ingredients I left out in the form of seasonings and salts etc.  When he cooks it's already in there and can't be taken out. 

2)  He fixes way hotter than my palate can tolerate and often misjudges how hot it will be or at least how hot I can tolerate something.  However, he usually waits til I'm away to fix the really hot stuff.  When I cook, he brings out all the hot sauce to heat things up.  When he cooks, I can't always get the heat out unless I use ranch dressing or eat ice cream after.  lol

3) He likes it waaaaay saltier.  He LOVES salt.  Now he has a variety of flavored salts.  lol All this, just when we really need to NOT be eating a lot of salt.  Salt makes the blood pressure rise and I've had to cut back.  But even before having BP issues, my body was already telling me to cut back.  I have become extremely sensitive to salt.  (Meaning I can taste it more vividly than ever before.) So when I cook he adds salt.  When he cooks, I can't undo the salt so I eat less of it if it's too salty for me.  And this is probably the biggest reason I don't clean my plate.

4) Sometimes he adds ingredients I'm not fond of at times.  A guarantee from me that he has more to himself.  lol  Like the time he put raisins in a dish.  Of course I'm not going to eat much of it b/c I don't like raisins.  I am only going to pick out so many of them before I just go "nahhh, I'm done".

4) A mixture of too many things I can't make out.  If there are things in the dish that I don't know what they are I might be not inclined to eat as much. For example, the first time I had quinoa - it looked like curly little worms in my food.  Why on earth would I eat something that looked like or reminded me of little curly worms/  Since then, I know what they are and now I will eat it.  But often when too many things are mixed together, I'll swirl my fork and try to figure it out.  Sometimes just plain potatoes are good for the soul.  lol

5)  He will fix things that are past the sell by date.  While nothing he has ever fixed to my knowledge has EVER made me sick, I am not as tolerant of pushing the envelope as he is.  He will eat left overs longer.  I'm done with the 3rd day of eating something.  That is my limit.  And on the third day - I might be a little squeamish.  I get tired of eating something for the third day anyway.  That will make me eat less.  

6)  He puts a lot of food on the plate.  I don't always want that much. 

However, he is a wonderful cook and I'm the quirky eater when it comes to those things above.  I feel bad when he says I don't like his food.  I do.  I am not going to tell him how to cook though, and not going to criticize the hand that feeds you dinner,  but when I don't eat something and he mentions that I did not, I usually let him know "it was really good but...a little salty...or a little too sweet....or it has raisins, or a little too whatever!  He is not too tolerant of me and my quirks either so it's a touchy subject.  I think he sometimes just quits cooking thinking I don't like things, but that is not true.  However, one can't help it if something is too salty, sweet, or hot for their palate.  I do the best I can. 

Here's proof that Alexa's Calendar testing works:  lol lol lol 

I managed to amuse George yesterday when Alexa spouted off that we would eat boogars at 5 this morning and I thought I'd erased it, but apparently that was the other tests I did of Testing 1, Testing 2, Testing 3 events.  So in the long run I've managed to amuse myself by getting an alert this morning to eat boogars just before I've gone to sipping my coffee.  No we do not eat boogars around here but it does make for a good testing option.   Can you imagine a band setting up for an event.  Testing 1, 2, 3, eat boogars, testing 1, 2, 3.  Yes, we are silly around our house.  We never grow up.  

I read some more in my "Pirate Lattitudes" book by Michael Crichton.  It's getting pretty good now that we are at the end.  Overall, it's not really my type of book.  I thought I'd like it b/c it was "on the water" - lol.  However, now that a hurricane is coming, it IS getting a little more interesting.  I will be working hard the next few weeks to get these books knocked out that I'm not enjoying as much.  It's made me move to do other things and not read.  Plus the holidays got busy.  But it's time to move on. 

My next books will be a an autobiography of Rod Stewart and a book called Cruising Altitudes about flying - things that have happened up in the sky.  Might be a bad time to read that.  lol  I'll be traveling in the spring.  Ughh.  That reminds me, the way that our nation is right now.  I'm not sure I want to travel anymore.  We are definitely at unrest.  I really just want to stay home.  We are not heading down a peaceful road.  This is not going to end well.  I predict a civil war within our own borders.  This time no lines drawn in the sand to indicate north or south.  It's everywhere - every street, every corner, every place - the fight for ones rights - b/c people feel they have none.  The devil has deceived so many people and people have let themselves become deceived as to what is right and what is wrong.  People just don't love each other any more.  Selfish ambition.  It's all happening like the Bible said.  That said, I'm not going to get on either side of the politics.  But I will say that I think we should give Trump a chance to try to protect our country.  Our country hasn't been protected for a long time and we've really gone down hill in the last 8 years.  So many illegals in the country stealing our ID's b/c they have not gone through the system.  It's going to really play havoc with us all one day when you go to get your social security and they say "sorry, but you are working out in Texas still, we can't pay you your social security". I've seen this first hand.  I know what I'm talking about.

I guess we should all pray for our country.  We are going to need it.  However - we all know how it's ultimately going to go, having read the Bible and its propecy.  It'll be like Jesus saying "please take this cup from me".  He knew what he was going to have to get through.  We are going to have go through a lot of pain to get to our gain on the other end - at the end of life's reward.   At least we read that Good wins in the End.  Perhaps we can pray all the mess hold off to another lifetime, but I guess that is selfish.  

Anyway, ya'll have a good day.  

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Alexa Calendar is Working, Relaxing Geeky Weekend

Well this weekend has been very relaxing.  Just as we wanted it to be.  Just being home and working on our to do lists and doing things we enjoy.  

I have had a list of things I have wanted to cook.  Well it's in my sidebar.  I fixed meatballs and spaghetti - a crock pot version.  I tweaked the recipe a little.  I started out sauteing in the pan and then transferred to the crock pot.  But it's the first time I made my own meatballs.  Next time I do it, I will blend two meats for more flavor.  I added seasonings, but it was not quite enough.  I will add real parmesan cheese next time instead of the grated version to the meatball itself.  And next time I won't need a recipe.  ;-)  I am now aware of the consistency, so I can make it my own version.  But that was on my bucketlist - sortof - to make my own meatballs.  It'll be easier next time.  

Since our friend Paul's wife was out of town, we invited him and their dog, Albert, to come over.  The dogs got along well, and mostly kept separate.  Roger did feel the need to "mark" territory to claim space close to George and I.  He did this right in front of us.  Right between us, as if to say "Albert, stay away, these are my parents, not yours!"  Oh, and when Albert first came in, Tugie chased Albert out the front door and out into the yard, which made me nearly run over Paul to get to them.  No body else was running after them so I thought I better!  It was dark and I didn't want to be searching the neighborhood for our fur babies amidst the skunks and whatever else is out there.  

I enjoyed Albert.  He's a sweet dog.  He let me pet him.  He loved for me to get down in the floor at his level.  He rolled over and wanted me to pet his tummy.  ;-)  All dogs love a good tummy rub once they submit and Albert let me know he was cool with that. Here is Albert below. 

After dinner, George and Paul were thoroughly entertained by Alexa - or perhaps not as she often did not like their line of questioning.  I accused both men of regressing back to their teen years.  I realized this morning that I should have moved the spikey plant.  lol lol lol.  I forgot that the men don't like it.  

So sleep was good and Tugie wanted to get up early but it was not as early as yesterday.  George took her out again (bless him) and that bought me a few more minutes.  He went to bed later than me though.  But he stayed in bed for a few hours longer.  I got up with Tugie as she was hungry and would not wait any more without growling and barking.  I sat and played Tropical Farmville for a long time while I sipped coffee and woke up.  I was able to get the helicopter order finished to feed the celebrities on the island.  lol

Got the laundry going and ironed up some things again while listening to the audio book, Someday Soon, through Alexa linked to the kindle app. I'm really liking that feature - a lot!

After that, I figured out how to get Alexa to recognize what is on my google app.  My techie stuff is so intertwined and linked and it's hard to figure out "which app" is running the show.  After some time (several hours) over the last couple of weekends, I have now realized that Alexa will not recognize certain layers on my calendar.  She is only going to read the google calendar layer.  Just b/c something is visually on my google calendar linked in from another calendar, does not mean she is going to see it.  It's only events created in Google calendar that she will see and created in her own app as I can ask her to add things to the calendar.   I figured out that when creating an event I have to use either Alexa or the google calendar.  In the google app you can actually use icloud to create an event, but I have to make sure I'm using "google" aka my gmail calendar to add the event and not icloud.  And that would work.  It still showed on all calendars.  Yay!  My iphone calendar and my google calendar were integrated so if I post one it shows on the other.  But I had added the icloud layer to those calendars so that both of those calendars talked to my work calendar as well. (Thus connecting phone, my personal laptop, and work laptop.)  Amazing as b/w google and apple - I've been able to make it work for some time. But now I'm adding the 4th party, Alexa?  This is crazy isn't it?   Alexa is just not wanting to play ball with anyone but the Google calendar.    I just like being able to see all things from all places.  It really helps to sync my life, and is very efficient.  So, the only thing that is not happening is that the work calendar is not coming through to Alexa.  And it probably won't.  I don't see a way for that to happen.  Unless somehow there is a way to import to make it show AS another google calendar.  As I get smarter, Alexa will too.  But geez.  I can see work on my phone though.  It's just a thing with me to keep going til it all integrates.  But I've gone as far as I can for now.  I have what matters and that is good.  Usually I don't need to see work til I get to work.  I already know I have to be there certain hours anyway so no biggie.  I'm thrilled to be able to tell Alexa something and it show on my phone and PC and with her!  And that she will recognize the Google calendar.  So my work is complete for the weekend.  That was my big "to do".

And while testing it, and to AMUSE George, I added "pick boogars at 5:00 a.m. to my google calendar and then tested Alexa to see if she captured it.  Much to my delight, when I asked "Alexa what is on my calendar?"  She retorted "Here are the first four things on your calendar."  And number one was "Pick Boogars at 5:00 a.m.".  Buahahha.  Yes George laughed and was amused.  Now I'll probably have some kindof sinus meds advertising on my PC!  hahaha.

Surprising myself, I have also worked on my Recipe Blog on my old sign on's.  I was able to figure out that I could "invite myself" (my newer Back Porch Blogger ID) to be an administrator of that Bookncoffee ID blog and I don't have to log in and out of my bookncoffee account.  Helloooooooo why did I not think of that before?   Makes a world of difference.  I've added recipes and fixed up the recipe blog and it's now added to this blog as a page you can visit in the menu bar above.  ;-)

I have also watched Nashville show and caught up with that.

The hours just melt into one another when I'm on line doing blog stuff or techie stuff.  I can while away a whole day.  Soon I'll get my spiritual blog added in.   And I'm already getting tired of the graphics on this blog.  I changed the background to a "gif" picture.  I hope it doesn't take long to load.  If it does let me know.  I really need something Valentiney, but I'm ready to be off of the blog!

I'm happy that I can do these things while the rest of the world tries to tell each other how to do things and fights over it.  We have now reached capacity on opinions and how things can be done.  No one is happy b/c everyone cannot have their way.  Anyway not going there today.  But I'm going to go do something productive - well, maybe.

Ya'll have a great rest of the day!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Light Ghost, Audiobook, Beer and Weekend

Well, I had a "light visitor" this morning.  A happy man (perhaps a snow man) and his dog came to visit this morning - only for a few minutes.  Made me laugh and I'm so glad to have captured the pic. It does kinda favor my Mam-ma who promised that if God would let her, she would come visit me after she died.  That was my request - not hers.  She would never have suggested a thing to a child.  But when I was a child and realized that people could die.  I cried.  I did not want my grandmother (or any of my grandparents) to ever leave me.  It was consoling when she said she would come visit me, when I asked her if she would.  So if only God would let her come visit through the sunlight shining on my den wall - then at least she has done that.    This all made me smile this morning.  I had never noticed that before.  Of course, most likely it's just the sun shining through on the wood panels.  But, whatever it takes to bring a little smile.

Tugie had to get up at 5 this morning.  George actually took her out even though I'd had more sleep than he did.  He wanted me to sleep.  That was sweet.  Or perhaps he just wanted to sleep and not have to hear Tugie wanting to get up.  She started coughing and umphing and growling.  And Roger began pushing his feet against me in a consistent pattern until I moved.  Yes, he did!  It was like a heartbeat of feet for about a dozen times at consistent intervals until I stirred.  He was waking me up to take care of Tugie, but George was already getting up.  Once back in bed from being outside, I thought "now we can sleep" but no...she wanted breakfast and began growling again.  So I told George, "I'll just go ahead and get up".  I wanted to sleep an hour more.  But up I got!  I have started the laundry, and have played my game some (Tropical Farmville), and put some K-cups on the Walmart list that I saw on sale.  I realized too, that I had not seen the decaf k cups come in.  Or had they?  The tracking said they were delivered.  But where did I put them?  Did I take them to work?  I don't remember.  I really don't remember seeing them.  But I do so many things absentmindedly as just a task while thinking of other things.  So perhaps I put them in my work bag.  I needed some for both places (home and work).  A quick search around here did not bring any luck.  I need to make sure that I do a better job of checking the packing slip against the contents of the package.  Walmart has been so good and with all I've ordered on line, there is rarely a problem percentagewise.  So....I'm not inclined to say anything but put the blame on myself.  Either I've taken them to work, or I've set them aside somewhere to divvy up b/w home and work.  My house is fairly clean and organized so you'd think they'd be sitting around where I could see them.  lol I really don't think I took them to work.  I just don't remember getting them it all.  But I hate to complain to Walmart b/c it was Jan 6 when I supposedly got them.  :-O  

I have been listening to a wonderful audio book by Nora Roberts. It's a series of three shorter stories I think.  I'm on the first one.  It's quite good.  Making me not mind the commute (actually look forward to it).  Her audios are usually VERY compelling.  I'll be looking for more one day soon.  This one is a romance one but sortof mysterious.  It keeps you guessing.

So after I got home last night, George and I went to see his Mom.  She was in a good mood, but is having more difficulty working the 500 piece puzzles.  She says she is going down to 300.  She said she has been going to lunch and dinner.  And she seemed pretty bright.  She did have to ask about a family member's name that she could not remember.   She did remember that Katy had come to see her and that meant a lot to her.  It occurred to me that we should have names on each of her family members picture frames.  Or would that make her try less to remember and hurt her instead of helping b/c she wouldn't be exercising her brain?   I guess it wouldn't matter as the disease progresses forward no matter what.  

After that we went to the Mt. Juliet Beer Store b/c they had Blackstone there giving out samples of their beer, including some newer ones.  We bought a dark IPA which is very smooth and not very hoppy and even though it was dark, it reminded me some of the Black Kolsch they used to make.  

Blackstone is a brewery and a restaurant in Nashville, TN and we like their brews.  So we bought this one.  I liked their Pale Ale also.  

We then went to the store (again) as I needed a green pepper that I'd forgotten to get the night before.  While there we bought a huge Kroger supreme pizza for $4.99 for dinner.  However, the pizza was not one of my favorites.  Too much bread.  I ended up scraping off the toppings of most of it.  

We watched a movie last night too that I had put on the Netflix list.  It was a movie that had been filmed in Tybee Island, "The Last Song" and it has Miley Cyrus in it.  A Nicholas Sparks movie.  It was really VERY good.  However, we cried through the last 1/3 of the movie.  lol  Roger kept looking at me trying to figure out why little tears were spilling out.  Bless him.  He knew something was not right.  Both of us were wiping tears as the children, children of divorce, dealt with their Dad's cancer and his death in the movie.  The message was good and it was a good movie, but if I had known it was sad, I might have skipped it.  lol  Anyway, It was good. 

Sleeping was good last night as I was tired and it was after 10. 

Let's see...not a lot going on this weekend!  Of course laundry, cleaning, is on the list. 

I do want to try to figure out the Alexa calendar deal.  

I also want to work on my address book.  

I will be cooking some homemade meatballs and spaghetti and getting a sauce simmering up here in a few.  I have a recipe for a crock pot version.  

I need to log into my old Bookncoffee blogger stuff and make sure that I can still log in and haven't lost my old blogs.  

Want to do some reading and playing.  

But it's a free weekend and I'm really just going to enjoy it. 

Some talk of a snowy day tomorrow/tomorrow night.  We have lots of food in the house and yes we have milk and bread and beer and wine - buahhahahaha.   Gonna be sunny and 40's Monday so I am thinking it won't do much. 

Hmmm...it's almost February.  Time to be looking for some sandals.  I want some new Yellow Box flip flops that have blue in them.  I also want to find some other types of sandals too.  Nothing expensive but just some different ones.  Also probably need another bathing suit for Tybee so that I have two.  And can alternate as the other dries.  I don't want to spend a lot on it either but who am I kidding? 

Ok, I'm off to get started on this wonderful day.  I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee too!  
You all have a great weekend?  What all are you all doing?  

Friday, January 27, 2017

George's Hot Chicken, Frank's Hot Sauce, IPhone and Alexa

George fixed his own version of "hot chicken" last night.  He took chicken thighs and used a rub of spices on the them - a recipe from a new cookbook he had.  The spices were curry, smoked paprika, a little red pepper flakes, and salt.  George said he wasn't trying to make it hot and he was surprised that it turned out to be.  I was struggling to calm my mouth down from the heat - he said "oh did I get it too hot?"  Sometimes I think he knows what he was doing!  He likes it hot.  I do like heat but I like to be prepared for it and not too much heat.  It was almost a little too much for me.  But I had Caesar dressing to dip it in which calmed the heat tremendously.  We did not have Ranch nor Blue Cheese dressing but the heat was so strong that you couldn't even tell that the Caesar was NOT Ranch, lol lol lol.  So that worked.  He swears even this morning that he did not even mean for it to be hot and that he was surprised himself.  It was good though!  

Before I reached for the Caesar in the fridge, we were using this new sauce we bought.   Frank's Red Hot Sweet Ginger Rajili.  That stuff is good!  We have found that Frank's is one of the hot sauces I can handle, and George likes it too.  This will be fabulous for plain boring chicken but I could not handle both of them together.  It was delicious.  But the chicken was HOT ENOUGH!  Despite that, I'm taking my other chicken to lunch today.  And yes, plenty of Caesar is going with me.  We also had orange rice.  We had a box of oranges to come in through one of George's gifts from a vendor.  So George put some in rice.  It went great with the chicken.  Oh and you see onions on my plate also?  Those were cooked in the oven and were very tender and buttery.

So last night I was very surprised about an iphone update.  I hadn't known this was a thing.  But apparently now the iphone helps you determine when you need to go to bed.  And it will send a reminder to go to bed and the alarm will go off in the morning. It's all different.  But the old way seems to be on there too.  You can look at the line below and tell that I didn't quite meet my 7 hours of sleep quota.  I didn't go to sleep until at least 10:20 or so.  

The night was very short and I wanted some time to do a few things.  I worked til 5.  Traffic was a nightmare and it was 6:00 before I got to Publix to do the shopping.  And then I sat in the car and finished listening to the new audiobook for about 7 minutes or so b/c it was at a really good part.  lol  Then I went inside and opened my Alexa app and there was my grocery list.  I ended up buying a buggy full of food.  They had a good sale on chicken and I stocked up!  George was impressed and said "good job on scoring that deal".  Publix rarely has sale on meat that we can afford.  We usually have to go to Kroger or order from Omaha steaks.  I was in there shopping til about 7 and checked out.

I wanted to pick out Valentine's stuff but I was in there so long already.  I'll have to sneak and get George's Valentine card at some point.

Finally at home, I drove up to the front porch and backed up and rang the door bell to drop off the groceries.  I don't like lugging them all up the stairs from the garage.  So George took them and I drove around and put the car in the garage and came up the stairs w/o the groceries in hand, having been handed off.  lol

Then I helped George to unpack the groceries.  He had already started.  He looked up at me quizically with the frozen yogurt ice cream in hand, and the snicker bar bites.  lol The snickers were only $3.00 something and perfect for me to keep around for when I need them.  And I wanted smoothies.  I don't normally have a lot of milk.  I like cheese though and I do have milk with cereal once a week.  However, after the hot chicken, I did fix myself a bowl of frozen vanilla yogurt.  But tomorrow or sometime soon, I'm going to fix a banana berry smoothie!  ;-)

Oh guess what!  I FINALLY got the two sand dollars I needed to buy some property in Farmville Tropical Paradise!  Yay!  And there is another property I am looking to buy but need compasses for that.  The compasses are pretty easy to get.  But they take a while.  That made me happy!

I'm so glad the weekend is coming on.  I need a change of scenery and agenda.  I am making homemade meatballs tonight.  I will go ahead and get the sauce going so it can simmer and then make the meatballs up and cook those.  At least I think this is something I can do tonight.  If it is going to be too involved I'll wait til tomorrow.  But I plan on doing it tonight and I'll get to enjoy Alexa's music while doing so.

I also just placed a household Walmart order.  On that order, I bought some Glucerna.  It seemed to be pretty cheap on there.  I think this will be good for me to have on the drive in sometimes.  And it will have vitamins and not too much sugar.  I ordered both vanilla and chocolate.  It was only $5 and something for 4 cans.

I forgot to buy my cranberry juice though at Publix but I'll put that on the next list.  I'll tell Alexa.

Alexa News: 
Oh something funny happened.  I had told George if he thought of anything else - just tell Alexa and it will show up on my app.  Or so I thought.  lol  He told her to add scallions.  And then he decided to mess with me and added duck feet, pig fat, giraffe toes and I don't know what all else - just messing with me. Only when I got home, he said - "Did you not get the scallions?"  I said, "What scallions?"  He said, I told Alexa to put it on the list.  I looked and it wasn't on the list on my phone under the Alexa app, but then when my phone connected to wifi at home - there it was.  I said "I'm sorry, I think I have to be home too before Alexa can put it on my list".  lol  Oh well, live and learn.  So your spouse CAN add groceries to the list, but your phone has to be at home to sync with Alexa before you can see it.  It doesn't just go through the airwaves (the cloud) to find your phone across town.  I guess I thought it was really really smart and could do that but apparently not.  So George didn't get his scallions, and I didn't get the thrill and amusement of seeing Duck Feet on the list at the grocery store. lol

Well, I better get off of here and scoot out!  Soooo glad it is Friday!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

AM ASIAN CUISINE, Alexa, and George

Well, after work Katy dropped by to spend the evening with us.  We went to AM ASIAN CUISINE.  Kindof a different title.  lol  It reminds me of God saying, "The Great I AM".  Which indicates, perhaps that the ASIAN CUISINE is the GREAT CUISINE.  And OH. IT. WAS.  Better than average on the Taste-o-Meter, excellent customer service, the BEST sushi I ever tasted with it's Smoked Salmon.  Has a very wide selection - the menu goes on and on.  All of your favorite chinese dishes but with an expanded menu and expanded taste.  George says we must go back 5 times.  He has 5 more dishes he wants to try.  lol  Twist my arm.  A little pricey but not really.  I think my meal was $9.99 but it's just that we "blow it out of the water" as George says with a glass of wine, sushi, egg roll, salad with ginger, and dinner itself.  And it was 3 of us.  

We also went to see Granny Jan.  Granny knew Katy immediately as someone she should be familiar with and gave her a big hug.  She was unable, however, to name some other family members when trying to guess who gave her the puzzle she was working.  And it made her mad that George was making her guess.  She yelled out in anger to quit making her guess.  It was frustrating to her.  George wants her to remember and he's trying to work her mind I think so that it stays strong.  But Alzheimer's is just not going to allow that to happen.  And out of sight means out of mind.   It has been tough on George lately b/c his Mom has not been wanting to go eat meals.  And if she won't go eat meals, they'll likely not allow her to stay where she is.  So he has been trying to coax her out of her room to go.  He does not admit stress, but he finally admitted the reason he went to bed early one night was to try to let it go.  So pray for him as he deals with this nearly daily.  It's tough to watch your parent go through this.  Tough trying to "deal" with it.  It's like dealing with a child on some levels.  He had been going every day and in the past week he's been every other.  We have been busy too lately but he's needed a break some.  

Well, here's miss Tugie.  She looked all cute with her head leaning on her monkey so I grabbed a pic and she looked up as I took the picture - which is even better, b/c I like her cute little face.  

Bless her.  She is 13 or 14 or something like that.  WE got her when Katy was b/w 4th and 5th grades I think.  Hearing almost gone.  Vision still ok but some troubles here and there.  She woke me up at 3:45 this morning wanting to get up.  I refused to get up until 4.  lol  

George's computer came in that he ordered.  Got a great deal.  Huge amounts of storage.  He went to Walmart and bought a monitor and everything he needed to get set up.  He set it up last night after I went to bed.  I'm happy that he has his new PC!  

My Big Print address book came in and boy was the address part BIG.  lol lol 

I was not expecting that big.  But that is ok.  I'll use it.  lol lol lol  It has the tabs and the spiral  So it'll be handy.

No Alexa news this morning, but she still does not get along with George.  He tells her Google is better.  I had Mom ask Google Home what is the gestation period for a raccoon.  Alexa couldn't tell us that.  But Google could. So Alexa is not as intellectual as Google.  Katy is like....ewwwww, why do you need to know that info?  Because George asks weird questions as he knows everything else, so he has to ask all the odd ball stuff.  George, has read an entire set of encyclopedias so he's pretty smart.  lol He really is.  And a double major from Vanderbilt - you can't win an argument with him either b/c they taught him how to debate.  So I'm tempted to buy him a Google Home so he has a buddy too.  lol lol lol  I've heard that Google Home and Alexa can talk to each other in a loop situation.  I'd rather not do that, but perhaps George needs him a Google Home so they can have intellectual conversations and he will leave Alexa alone.  He's being rude to her.  lol

Oh and...I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad it is Thursday b/c that means tomorrow is Friday.  Trying to decide to do grocery tonight or wait til Sunday.  Probably tonight.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Founder, Red Robin Surprises, and Alexa Calendar

Well, The Founder - you should go see it.  You will be glad you did.  It's very interesting and very informative.  Michael Keaton did a great job.  

So we did this last night.  We went to Red Robin and had a hamburger and then went to the show.  We wanted to go to Burger Republic, a new place in town, but the line was way to long and we needed to get in and out.  No wait at the Robin, so there we went.  It was good.  And filling. 

While there, George saw that there was a little device at the table where you could play games.  He began playing trivia.  When the bill came, we had an entertainment fee.  The game had not indicated when he started playing that there would be a fee.  I'm telling you all this so you don't encounter the same.  It was only $1.99 but still, he wouldn't have played it if he had known.   

Not much to tell.  I did finish my "Twenty Wishes" Audio book.  It was a great story.  I'm sad that it is over.  The audio book is a good distraction away from traffic/commute though.  

I think I'll go for a Nora Roberts audio book next.  

I woke up in the night thinking about why Alexa won't read my calendar.  It's not putting new things on there.  This weekend I'm going to try to figure this thing out.  It's sad when it bothers you so much you wake up in the night trying to figure it out.  These techie things eat at me until I resolve to 1) get it done or 2) come to the realization that it can't be done or 3) decide that I am not going to do it b/c of cost or too much trouble.  It's bothering me that Alexa won't tell me about my day! lol lol lol 

And as far as Farmville goes on the Tropical Island, if I don't get those darn light colored sand dollars and get enough to buy this property that the game has been asking me for weeks to buy and putting in my tasks that I can't finish b/c I can't buy the property - then I'm going to quit the game.  And I also have this other property it's been wanting me to get to and buy and I can never get there b/c I don't have enough supplies.  It's putting things in my tasks to do on the property that I cannot fulfill b/c I can't get there.  ughhhh.  

Anyway, I love the game but can't make progress, it seems. 

Well, I better get ready and head in.  Over the hump day.  Sliding down into the weekend from here.  So glad the week is going by fast.  I have things to do!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Gilligan's Island, Alexa Calendar Issues, and Movie Night

Well, my thoughts are scattered this morning.  But at least sleep was good.  I think.  During my sleep, I encountered the Gilligan's Island theme song and kept singing it through the night remembering some of the words. I couldn't remember all of them though.  So I had to look it up this morning!

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship.

The mate was a mighty sailing man,
The skipper brave and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

The weather started getting rough,
The tiny ship was tossed,
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
The Minnow would be lost, the Minnow would be lost.

The ship set ground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle
With Gilligan
The Skipper too,
A millionaire and his wife,
A movie star
The professor and Mary Ann,
Here on Gilligan's Isle.

Full Version Continues:

So this is the tale about castaways,
They're here for a long, long time,
They'll have to make the best of things,
It's an uphill climb.

The first mate and his Skipper too,
Will do their very best,
To make the others comfortable,
In their tropic island nest.

No phone, no lights, no motor car,
Not a single luxury,
Like Robinson Crusoe,
It's primitive as can be.

So join us here each week my friend,
You're sure to get a smile,
From seven stranded castaways,
Here on "Gilligan's Isle." 

So now that I have that looked up I can go on with life.   lol 

I believe we are supposed to see sunshine today, if I understood Alexa.  After a lot of gloomy work days, I'm going to be so glad to see some sun.  

Speaking of Alexa, I'm having troubles with the calendar.  It's not recognizing what I put on there, unless there is a lag.  I thought it was working before.  I will have to figure this out, b/c I want to be able to use this feature.  But, I probably will have to play with it this weekend.  

Yesterday my phone had too much storage.  I've added a lot lately.  And it won't update.  I had to delete some things off my phone and make some changes.  Technology!  Oh my!  It's such a mess sometimes trying to do what we want. 

We had a good dinner last night.  Hamburger vegetable Soup, corn on the cob, and pasta salad.  Maybe an odd combination but it was good.  I played the Tropical Farmville Game and went to bed by 9:00.  Sleep was good.  But apparently Gilligan wanted to be in my dreams.  Perhaps it's b/c of the Tropical Island Farmville Game, that there was some memory connection that occurred inside my brain overnight.  Hmmmm.  Maybe.  I certainly haven't even thought of Gilligan's Island lately.  

We are going to see The Founder tonight if I can get the tickets to work ok.  I can't get them til 2:00 I think.  It was about that time last time.  I have to buy them 7 days apart.  I think it may be exactly 7 days.  Not sure.  We may have to skip a week so I can go back to buying the day before instead of just a few hours before.  The goal is to go eat at the new "burgah" place, Burger Republic before hand, if there is time.  I think there will be. 

My address book should arrive today.  

I need to go to the grocery, but will probably be Thursday night before I go.  

Katy coming over and we are all going out to eat Wed night - as Cody is working.  So I offered to use my Cracker Barrel or Olive Garden gift card.  We'll see.  Might hit a shop or two after. 
And again, things sometimes change. So we'll see. 

That is all I know.  Gonna do Farmville again real quick.  Get some tapioca and cotton growing on the island for the helicopter order.  lol 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Bringing Chi (Energy), Productivity and Entertaiment to the Household

Well, I had fun this weekend putting my normal "nic nacs" back out (have to put them up at Christmas time to have room), which includes a rearrangement of the placement of floral arrangements.  At some point down the road, perhaps a little too much HGTV, the reading of a Feng Shui book, and just my own personal observation, I began to notice just how much some greenery or a floral or grassy arrangement can add to a room.  And thus began my collection.  Have bought many of these things at yard sales, or with gift cards from Christmas, or b/c it was on sale and reasonable.  And so as I set the house back up I took pictures (ahem, while everything was neat and dusted.  lol) 

As I look through these pics again, I also realize what a "doily" person I am.  I like a beachy or casual cabin cozy feeling in a home, but I add a feminine touch with the lace and flowers.  

You can tell this is the dog center...well and the cat has some treats too.  

I like the spikey arrangements at times.  George not so much.  Even a guest ended up removing this one from the table the other day as we stood around and ate and talked.  Agreed it's not good when we sit, but....it's a good decor for just passing through.

Flowers give me good chi energy!  No I don't follow the beliefs totally of Feng Shui, but some of the concepts work.  And this one does.

So all is back out and normal, maybe a little has been rearranged from what it was, and nothing will be changed again until the fall.  Unless I buy something and end up changing things around b/c of that.  Glad though to be set for a while.  

I took a pic of the weather radar last night.  It looks like we have a hurricane on land. And it was moving like a hurricane in a swirl.  It has an "eye" and everything and still does this morning.    Crazy.  The "eye' looks like this morning it is on the corner of upper east TN, Upper West NC and East Virginia.  (Well, here is last night's shot and then this morning.)

You can see an "eye" in the above pic where I just described.  So this all formed on land right? 
Wow.  I know it was pretty windy here this morning at 4.  But calmed down a bit (I think).  

Anyway, yesterday was interesting.  You know the dogs had woken us up and I got up pretty early.  But about mid morning I decided I still could not hold my eyes open.  Everything I tried to do, I kept wanting to just nod off.  So I ended up going back to bed.  And I got up just before noon.  lol  I was so tired and sleepy.  

So I did laundry yesterday and did some cooking.  I cooked chicken and rice for lunches this week and also fixed a pasta salad, just a little practice for the upcoming wedding rehearsal in which we are making pasta and potato salad for 30 something.  I like what I did yesterday.  Now in ours I added salami, and almond slices and cheese but I can't do that for the wedding.  No nuts and no meat, and no dairy, due to vegetarians and allergies.  Mainly just cooked up some noodles - added mayo, white wine vinegar, a little sprinkle of sugar, a table spoon of sherry, and a packet of ranch dressing seasoning that you make dressings with.  I may have added a little olive oil, but I think I forgot to actually add that in.  And it worked great.  I added some hot pepper flake to it to give it some "bam", as Emeril Lagasse would say. 

So I'll be having that - probably for breakfast.  lol I love pasta salad.  I'll be eating the chicken and rice for lunch.  

For the chicken - what I did was buy those little chicken tender meats (fresh, uncooked) and chop them and saute them in olive oil added to chopped onions that had been sauteed.  And then I let it cook mostly til it is cooked through, but barely pink in the center.  Then I add the chicken flavored Rice a Roni to it.  So I add the water as per the directions and the rice a roni and the seasoning packet it comes with, and let it boil up and then turn the heat down and let it simmer until it thickens.  It makes a really good chicken dish.  Then I divvy it up b/w about 3 tupperwear or rubbermaid bowls and then let it cool a little before sticking in the freezer.  

This keeps me from having to buy frozen meals and it's a whole lot better.  Probably not as low in sodium though with the mixture.  

I have a grocery list started with Alexa.  It's in my Alexa app so when I got to the store, the list is there.  This is going to work out great.  

I've learned that if you say Good Morning, she has some intelligent things to say back - different each day.  Might be about a current event - like yesterday she mentioned the superbowl playoffs.  Today she mentioned something that happened on this day along time ago.  

Still have not figured out how to get her to recognize my icloud calendar.  I think I have some instructions that will work though.  She doesn't recognize anything I've put on my icloud calendar from the PC.  But if I add things from my iphone she recognizes that.  I don't see a way to add a new calendar to Alexa.  I'm afraid to fool with it.  I don't want to mess anything up.  My work calendar shows up in icloud if I copy it over.  And that is set to show in my google calendar.  So I thought that it would also show with Alexa since she is seeing google.  But think of it as layers.  She is only able to see the google layer.  Not the icloud layer.   I'll play with it later.  Not on the morning of a work day.  lol Because if I were to mess it up, I'd not be able to go to work until I fixed it.  I'm just stubborn that way.  It has to be right. 

So, yesterday I ordered an old fashioned address book.  I'm discovering that I absolutely hate having to get on the PC to find people's addresses.  Now maybe one day I'll get them programmed in my phone account.  But I want an old fashioned spiral address book with tabs.  When I'm addressing cards and wanting to keep addresses - it all sits in a pile til I look up the address.  It just annoys me - actually I get distracted doing other things on the PC - like facebook, blogging, news, email - and I never get around to doing whatever it is I got on to do in the first place.  So I've saved all these envelopes with addresses for people that have sent us Christmas cards and I want to return the favor next year.  So I have ordered this and it's coming from Amazon with free shipping!  It also has big print (lol) which I think I will enjoy as I age.  

I'm excited for it to come in.  Yes I get excited over little things.  At some point I will not pay the annual fee for excel for this laptop.  I have to have it sometimes for work.  But it is rare.  I could just bring my laptop home, but I like my laptop better.  But not sure it's worth having to pay the excel for it and George's new computer too.  We'll see.  Right now all my relatives and friends addresses are in excel.  Recently updated from the wedding too.  But...I'm looking forward to just having it all in the book.

Ok, so other things done yesterday:

Played the tropical Farmville Game.
Read some in my Pirate Lattitudes book - I've got to get these books out of the way.
Had Alexa read to me from my 'Someday Soon' book from (Kindle) while I ironed
Alexa also played some funky music for me as I worked in the laundry room yesterday.

I also researched to see if my kindle books would play via bluetooth in the car, too if it does it with Alexa.  There is a way I think but it seemed a bit complicated.  However, two or three of my books are already 'ready to go' with the audible version.  Might be able to with an Aux connection too I read, might be able to with Audible, which I downloaded on my phone and spent an hour perusing and downloading some things and signed up for a few channels.  I'll see this morning if it is going to work over the car.  lol

I'm such a techi inquisitive person.  I like to have all my things connecting and know what the options are.

I watched Sister Wives and Out Daughtered on my ipad through Xfinity TV app (which I'm learning to love) and honestly I think I like watching that better on my ipad than I do on the big TV.  It was up close and personal and the sound is better.  I can't wait til we get a newer TV but I think George is scared of the smart technology if you ask me.  lol  Really, he just doesn't want to spend the money and have to move the big honker of a TV that we have.  It's big and huge.  Someday. Someday I'll have my big flat screen.

And then it was bed time and I realized George and the dogs had beat me to it and I never got the sheets changed!  lol

Oh well, there is always today.  I need to go as this has been a long post for a work day.  And...I have found that I can just unplug Alexa and she can go with me throughout the house.  It takes a few seconds for her to find the Wifi again, but she does.  I think a "dot" though for the back part of the house would be an excellent addition.  ;-)  I'd like to start listening to the news while putting my make up on.  Without having to plug her up back there everytime.  But on Saturday's, moving her has been fine.  I like her in the laundry room.

This Alexa thing is wonderful.  I'm enjoying it on so many levels - entertainment, knowledge, productivity.  I love it.  I'll miss her while I'm at work.  lol  At least I don't have to feed her.  lol

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Evening out at Mo Cara's with Friends

Well, we had a pretty good day yesterday at home, getting the house all neat.  Having company over inspired me to do some deeper cleaning.  Isn't it funny how you clean quite a bit more when company coming?  I think the reason is that just for ourselves, we know it's just gonna get dirty again, or piled up again.  lol  

But this morning, the house looks nice getting up and there is not as much to do.  My mind is organized in a clean room.  I know some folks are opposite of that.  But I have to work in a clean and organized space.  Even my desk space is clear now and I can blog better.  ;-)  

So we did clean and organize and I did less laundry b/c of that.  George made the bed before I could get the sheets changed yesterday, so I will change those today.  

We were ready for company by 5 yesterday in which really we only were doing cocktails and a few snacks. 

All these were pickled items below.  Yes even the hot dog was pickled and it was hot.  lol  So was the egg. 

So we all stood and talked in the kitchen for an hour around the food.  lol 

The talk of the evening was the womans rights march thing that just seemed to pop up out of no where.  We are all fairly intelligent adults, but none of the six of us really knew what this was about.  Like women's rights? Ok we are all for that.  We all know that there are still problems with men making more than women in the same positions across America.  So yeah I'm good for that.  But someone said those that are pro life couldn't march?  Isn't that contradictory?  It's ok for me to have rights but no other human?  I'm just asking?  Was it about abortion rights in disguise?  I don't know what it was about.  Then someone said it was a Trump thing they figured.  Then I was like, "Ohhhhh.  Ok."  I knew the timing was along with his first full day of presidency.  So that made sense.  Well, I still feel like I have rights this morning and I didn't have to march, so I guess we're all good.   lol 

I saw that there were people marching here in Nashville and my first thought was "thank goodness I'm not in all that mess, I'm in my home, and away from the chaos".   So glad our dinner plans were in the other direction too.

We went to a place in Lebanon, called Mo Caras which means "My Friend".  These are the same owners that own Two Fat Men Catering.   Anyway, the food was excellent.  A little pricey on some things like steak and what makes it a little more pricey is that it is ala carte instead of coming with baked potato and salad.  This made it extremely hard to decide.  I wanted the prime rib but I didn't want to pay $24 for prime rib and and add a salad and baked potato to that.  So I just went with the fried cod, and it was delicious.  I did not eat all of it.  Because each couple got an appetizer for the table and although we shared some, we ended up pretty much eating our own that was closest to us and George and I ordered these Irish nachos.  Oh my they were so good.  They brought bread to the table which was like angel drop biscuits and mini waffles, along with butter.  Here's our nachos. 

They had some kind of steak, and cheese, and a sweet balsamic glaze - ohhhhh it was good.  It was on waffle chips.  

The salad was good and my side of mac n cheese, with bacon, and a bit of horseradish was really good.  I didn't have ANY of THAT left.  But I'm about to eat my cod for breakfast here in a few.  I have already had an angel biscuit.  Just b/c it looked so good and we all still wanted to hang out and talk, we ordered a 7 layer chocolate cake for the table.  Ohhhhhhhh it was sooooooooo good.  And not too sweet either.  Several of us ordered coffee as well.  

All of this time we had a man that was playing music.  There was also white tablecloths.  I love a place with white tablecloths.  lol  However, it might not have been so white by the time we left.

We enjoyed ourselves and then headed back to our house.  We rode with Paul and Judy.  It was closer for Joe and Cheryl to just head back to their house from the restaurant.  So we all said our good byes and headed out.  Should I say waddled to the car?

And we came home and took dogs out and I crashed.

So this morning about 3, Roger decides that he wants to get up out of bed but the bed is tall so he will sit and ponder jumping off in the dark.  George got him up.  He was thirsty again.  He had water in the bowl the night before so that was not the problem.  George took him out to do some business and then came back to bed.  I was awake until about 4.  I was considering getting up but I knew I'd be tired so I just laid there until I finally did the breathing thing where you take two deep breaths and breathe slowly out and then take to regular breaths after that.  Works every time.  I often forget that it works and go for the Sleepy Time tea.  But, I slept only for about an hour and then Tugie wanted up.  She began growling at me until I got up.

So I'm a little sleepy still not getting my normal "catch up" of sleep on the weekend.  These dogs are starting to be like little babies.  lol

I'ts almost 8 a.m. but I feel like I could go crawl in bed again.  ha.

Well, I need to go and see if I can't get one more lobster roll out of Tropical Paradise Farmville so I can meet the helicopter order and get a rare sand dollar.

Ya'll have a good day.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

A New PC for George & Other Happenings

I came home to a wonderful dinner last night!  The day went by pretty fast.  I needed to get my nails done as it had been over 3 weeks.  It was very hard sitting there for an hour.  I wanted to sit back and relax.  I guess I had not realized just how sleepy and tired I was.  I tried to see the Inauguration clips on the news from across the salon.  It look like Trump's wife had on blue scrubs.  I had to do a double take.  That said, I loved her outfit.  It's not her fault that I have been in too many medical facilities this year b/w myself and Mom.  But the color was very pretty.  However, it was "scrub blue".  lol 

After dinner last night I crashed pretty hard.  Almost immediately in bed.  Both dogs excited to join me.  I am a dog magnet in bed.  They have learned to snuggle so much that they almost snuggle me off of the King size bed by morning.  I'm learning that I need to scoot more toward the middle to start out the night.  lol 

Well, George must have felt a little left out lately.  I've got my Alexa now, lol.  And my iphone, and my ipad, and my laptop, and my ipod.  He has his ipod that friend Dean gave him when Dean got another one.  (So nice of Dean to do that.)  And of course he has an old ipod.  But his laptop (my old one) has fizzled on him again.  So we had gone to best buy a couple of weeks ago and they would not approve a 12 month same as cash account b/c he didn't have a cell phone.  I had previously blogged about this (see side bar under Customer Service) as we have excellent credit with not a flaw but b/c he had no cell phone to prove who he was, they would not talk to him further.  (He has a work flip phone and no personal cell and flip phone wasn't with him. ) We could have worked around it, opened an account in my name, or whatever, but it was a pride thing and a stubborn thing and so he just said "that's it, forget it".  I don't blame him.  I'm stubborn like that too.  All that to say that George bought a computer yesterday.  A Dell through Sam's Club.  lol lol lol  So happy for him.  He needed a new toy too!  

I got a text from the neighbor yesterday about the time I got to work saying "Skunk heading your way!"  There is nothing much funnier that can start your day - unless of course you are outside at the time and look up to see it.  lol  The skunk lives under the neighbor's driveway.  She is good to let us know when he skuttles over to see us.  lol  I always appreciate the warning.   But it's not your typical text.  

Coffee has been good this morning.  I have had the last of the Starbuck's Christmas Blend.  I think.  I may go buy some more Starbuck's k-cups with my Starbuck's gift card! Of course Christmas Blend will be gone.  

I asked Alexa to play some Jim and Jesse McReynold's this morning.  There is a certain song I'm looking for, but I don't know what it's called.  I'm loving this Alexa thing.  And George is still not a favorite of Alexa's.  His requests, demands, and questions are a bit out there for her.  lol lol lol  So Day 2 b/w Alexa and George is still a "no go".  They are not getting along too well.  She "doesn't understand him" and she tells him as much.  He also does not pause after saying her name.  She needs time to wake up and listen.  

Well, I've much to do today in the house.  We have company coming over (a couple of couples) for a cocktail and then we caravan out to a restaurant in Lebanon that has been discovered and are wanting us to try.  I don't even know what the name of it is.  But you know I'll be blogging about it tomorrow.  
Jim and Jesse's "Nine Pound Hammer" song cracks me up.  I actually find that I like the nasal singing.  It just reminds me of old days and the old times of bluegrass and country music.    "Where do we go from here" though, is very pretty.  I don't think I've heard that one before and I love that one.  

Well, George is starting to clean and I feel like I need to be up and at it too.  Ya'll have a great day.  I've got to find some heat from somewhere.  I thought it would warm up but I'm freezing.  lol  Gonna be 70 later but right now sun room open, no heat and I'm a block of ice.  Brrr....

Oh..."Sleepy Eyed John" is hilarious...by Jimmy and Jesse McReynold's.  Go find it.