Saturday, January 21, 2017

A New PC for George & Other Happenings

I came home to a wonderful dinner last night!  The day went by pretty fast.  I needed to get my nails done as it had been over 3 weeks.  It was very hard sitting there for an hour.  I wanted to sit back and relax.  I guess I had not realized just how sleepy and tired I was.  I tried to see the Inauguration clips on the news from across the salon.  It look like Trump's wife had on blue scrubs.  I had to do a double take.  That said, I loved her outfit.  It's not her fault that I have been in too many medical facilities this year b/w myself and Mom.  But the color was very pretty.  However, it was "scrub blue".  lol 

After dinner last night I crashed pretty hard.  Almost immediately in bed.  Both dogs excited to join me.  I am a dog magnet in bed.  They have learned to snuggle so much that they almost snuggle me off of the King size bed by morning.  I'm learning that I need to scoot more toward the middle to start out the night.  lol 

Well, George must have felt a little left out lately.  I've got my Alexa now, lol.  And my iphone, and my ipad, and my laptop, and my ipod.  He has his ipod that friend Dean gave him when Dean got another one.  (So nice of Dean to do that.)  And of course he has an old ipod.  But his laptop (my old one) has fizzled on him again.  So we had gone to best buy a couple of weeks ago and they would not approve a 12 month same as cash account b/c he didn't have a cell phone.  I had previously blogged about this (see side bar under Customer Service) as we have excellent credit with not a flaw but b/c he had no cell phone to prove who he was, they would not talk to him further.  (He has a work flip phone and no personal cell and flip phone wasn't with him. ) We could have worked around it, opened an account in my name, or whatever, but it was a pride thing and a stubborn thing and so he just said "that's it, forget it".  I don't blame him.  I'm stubborn like that too.  All that to say that George bought a computer yesterday.  A Dell through Sam's Club.  lol lol lol  So happy for him.  He needed a new toy too!  

I got a text from the neighbor yesterday about the time I got to work saying "Skunk heading your way!"  There is nothing much funnier that can start your day - unless of course you are outside at the time and look up to see it.  lol  The skunk lives under the neighbor's driveway.  She is good to let us know when he skuttles over to see us.  lol  I always appreciate the warning.   But it's not your typical text.  

Coffee has been good this morning.  I have had the last of the Starbuck's Christmas Blend.  I think.  I may go buy some more Starbuck's k-cups with my Starbuck's gift card! Of course Christmas Blend will be gone.  

I asked Alexa to play some Jim and Jesse McReynold's this morning.  There is a certain song I'm looking for, but I don't know what it's called.  I'm loving this Alexa thing.  And George is still not a favorite of Alexa's.  His requests, demands, and questions are a bit out there for her.  lol lol lol  So Day 2 b/w Alexa and George is still a "no go".  They are not getting along too well.  She "doesn't understand him" and she tells him as much.  He also does not pause after saying her name.  She needs time to wake up and listen.  

Well, I've much to do today in the house.  We have company coming over (a couple of couples) for a cocktail and then we caravan out to a restaurant in Lebanon that has been discovered and are wanting us to try.  I don't even know what the name of it is.  But you know I'll be blogging about it tomorrow.  
Jim and Jesse's "Nine Pound Hammer" song cracks me up.  I actually find that I like the nasal singing.  It just reminds me of old days and the old times of bluegrass and country music.    "Where do we go from here" though, is very pretty.  I don't think I've heard that one before and I love that one.  

Well, George is starting to clean and I feel like I need to be up and at it too.  Ya'll have a great day.  I've got to find some heat from somewhere.  I thought it would warm up but I'm freezing.  lol  Gonna be 70 later but right now sun room open, no heat and I'm a block of ice.  Brrr....

Oh..."Sleepy Eyed John" is Jimmy and Jesse McReynold's.  Go find it.  



  1. Oh dear I lost my first comment !! Was asking how Alexa plays the song you ask her for . have you got to,download music in it ? Also can you ask it to remind you of a certain event on a certain day ?....I love the sound of it but not sure I could use it, you know how daft I am at teccy things, not like you brain box !!!....hope your Saturday has been good and that your meal out tonight will be great, looking forward to hearing about it tomorrow xxxxx

    1. Oh you could use it. It is as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. For example, I just ask her to play a song, or genre, or an artists songs. She is very well programmed already to do that once you plug her in. But there are other things you can go behind the scenes to do with various apps that are more trouble to do, but not necessary. She will do a lot of things without programming. And there are a list of other apps that you just hit the enable button and it's there.

  2. Nice your husband got himself a new toy too. I'm sure you both will be having fun between Alexa and the new computer.

  3. Sounds like a great start you had to the weekend. It's Monday morning here and I'm getting caught up on the blog posts I missed.


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