Sunday, January 29, 2017

Alexa Calendar is Working, Relaxing Geeky Weekend

Well this weekend has been very relaxing.  Just as we wanted it to be.  Just being home and working on our to do lists and doing things we enjoy.  

I have had a list of things I have wanted to cook.  Well it's in my sidebar.  I fixed meatballs and spaghetti - a crock pot version.  I tweaked the recipe a little.  I started out sauteing in the pan and then transferred to the crock pot.  But it's the first time I made my own meatballs.  Next time I do it, I will blend two meats for more flavor.  I added seasonings, but it was not quite enough.  I will add real parmesan cheese next time instead of the grated version to the meatball itself.  And next time I won't need a recipe.  ;-)  I am now aware of the consistency, so I can make it my own version.  But that was on my bucketlist - sortof - to make my own meatballs.  It'll be easier next time.  

Since our friend Paul's wife was out of town, we invited him and their dog, Albert, to come over.  The dogs got along well, and mostly kept separate.  Roger did feel the need to "mark" territory to claim space close to George and I.  He did this right in front of us.  Right between us, as if to say "Albert, stay away, these are my parents, not yours!"  Oh, and when Albert first came in, Tugie chased Albert out the front door and out into the yard, which made me nearly run over Paul to get to them.  No body else was running after them so I thought I better!  It was dark and I didn't want to be searching the neighborhood for our fur babies amidst the skunks and whatever else is out there.  

I enjoyed Albert.  He's a sweet dog.  He let me pet him.  He loved for me to get down in the floor at his level.  He rolled over and wanted me to pet his tummy.  ;-)  All dogs love a good tummy rub once they submit and Albert let me know he was cool with that. Here is Albert below. 

After dinner, George and Paul were thoroughly entertained by Alexa - or perhaps not as she often did not like their line of questioning.  I accused both men of regressing back to their teen years.  I realized this morning that I should have moved the spikey plant.  lol lol lol.  I forgot that the men don't like it.  

So sleep was good and Tugie wanted to get up early but it was not as early as yesterday.  George took her out again (bless him) and that bought me a few more minutes.  He went to bed later than me though.  But he stayed in bed for a few hours longer.  I got up with Tugie as she was hungry and would not wait any more without growling and barking.  I sat and played Tropical Farmville for a long time while I sipped coffee and woke up.  I was able to get the helicopter order finished to feed the celebrities on the island.  lol

Got the laundry going and ironed up some things again while listening to the audio book, Someday Soon, through Alexa linked to the kindle app. I'm really liking that feature - a lot!

After that, I figured out how to get Alexa to recognize what is on my google app.  My techie stuff is so intertwined and linked and it's hard to figure out "which app" is running the show.  After some time (several hours) over the last couple of weekends, I have now realized that Alexa will not recognize certain layers on my calendar.  She is only going to read the google calendar layer.  Just b/c something is visually on my google calendar linked in from another calendar, does not mean she is going to see it.  It's only events created in Google calendar that she will see and created in her own app as I can ask her to add things to the calendar.   I figured out that when creating an event I have to use either Alexa or the google calendar.  In the google app you can actually use icloud to create an event, but I have to make sure I'm using "google" aka my gmail calendar to add the event and not icloud.  And that would work.  It still showed on all calendars.  Yay!  My iphone calendar and my google calendar were integrated so if I post one it shows on the other.  But I had added the icloud layer to those calendars so that both of those calendars talked to my work calendar as well. (Thus connecting phone, my personal laptop, and work laptop.)  Amazing as b/w google and apple - I've been able to make it work for some time. But now I'm adding the 4th party, Alexa?  This is crazy isn't it?   Alexa is just not wanting to play ball with anyone but the Google calendar.    I just like being able to see all things from all places.  It really helps to sync my life, and is very efficient.  So, the only thing that is not happening is that the work calendar is not coming through to Alexa.  And it probably won't.  I don't see a way for that to happen.  Unless somehow there is a way to import to make it show AS another google calendar.  As I get smarter, Alexa will too.  But geez.  I can see work on my phone though.  It's just a thing with me to keep going til it all integrates.  But I've gone as far as I can for now.  I have what matters and that is good.  Usually I don't need to see work til I get to work.  I already know I have to be there certain hours anyway so no biggie.  I'm thrilled to be able to tell Alexa something and it show on my phone and PC and with her!  And that she will recognize the Google calendar.  So my work is complete for the weekend.  That was my big "to do".

And while testing it, and to AMUSE George, I added "pick boogars at 5:00 a.m. to my google calendar and then tested Alexa to see if she captured it.  Much to my delight, when I asked "Alexa what is on my calendar?"  She retorted "Here are the first four things on your calendar."  And number one was "Pick Boogars at 5:00 a.m.".  Buahahha.  Yes George laughed and was amused.  Now I'll probably have some kindof sinus meds advertising on my PC!  hahaha.

Surprising myself, I have also worked on my Recipe Blog on my old sign on's.  I was able to figure out that I could "invite myself" (my newer Back Porch Blogger ID) to be an administrator of that Bookncoffee ID blog and I don't have to log in and out of my bookncoffee account.  Helloooooooo why did I not think of that before?   Makes a world of difference.  I've added recipes and fixed up the recipe blog and it's now added to this blog as a page you can visit in the menu bar above.  ;-)

I have also watched Nashville show and caught up with that.

The hours just melt into one another when I'm on line doing blog stuff or techie stuff.  I can while away a whole day.  Soon I'll get my spiritual blog added in.   And I'm already getting tired of the graphics on this blog.  I changed the background to a "gif" picture.  I hope it doesn't take long to load.  If it does let me know.  I really need something Valentiney, but I'm ready to be off of the blog!

I'm happy that I can do these things while the rest of the world tries to tell each other how to do things and fights over it.  We have now reached capacity on opinions and how things can be done.  No one is happy b/c everyone cannot have their way.  Anyway not going there today.  But I'm going to go do something productive - well, maybe.

Ya'll have a great rest of the day!


  1. I think Alexa looked quite stylish next to the plant arrangement. And Albert was quite cute.

  2. It does sound like you had a wonderful weekend. So glad you've managed to get the calendar figured out. When I turned on my Kindle Fire yesterday I saw that Alexa is now available on there. I was tempted but didn't go there, I really like how my calendar is set up now. Having a good weekend really does make a difference! Hope your Monday is a great one


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