Thursday, January 26, 2017

AM ASIAN CUISINE, Alexa, and George

Well, after work Katy dropped by to spend the evening with us.  We went to AM ASIAN CUISINE.  Kindof a different title.  lol  It reminds me of God saying, "The Great I AM".  Which indicates, perhaps that the ASIAN CUISINE is the GREAT CUISINE.  And OH. IT. WAS.  Better than average on the Taste-o-Meter, excellent customer service, the BEST sushi I ever tasted with it's Smoked Salmon.  Has a very wide selection - the menu goes on and on.  All of your favorite chinese dishes but with an expanded menu and expanded taste.  George says we must go back 5 times.  He has 5 more dishes he wants to try.  lol  Twist my arm.  A little pricey but not really.  I think my meal was $9.99 but it's just that we "blow it out of the water" as George says with a glass of wine, sushi, egg roll, salad with ginger, and dinner itself.  And it was 3 of us.  

We also went to see Granny Jan.  Granny knew Katy immediately as someone she should be familiar with and gave her a big hug.  She was unable, however, to name some other family members when trying to guess who gave her the puzzle she was working.  And it made her mad that George was making her guess.  She yelled out in anger to quit making her guess.  It was frustrating to her.  George wants her to remember and he's trying to work her mind I think so that it stays strong.  But Alzheimer's is just not going to allow that to happen.  And out of sight means out of mind.   It has been tough on George lately b/c his Mom has not been wanting to go eat meals.  And if she won't go eat meals, they'll likely not allow her to stay where she is.  So he has been trying to coax her out of her room to go.  He does not admit stress, but he finally admitted the reason he went to bed early one night was to try to let it go.  So pray for him as he deals with this nearly daily.  It's tough to watch your parent go through this.  Tough trying to "deal" with it.  It's like dealing with a child on some levels.  He had been going every day and in the past week he's been every other.  We have been busy too lately but he's needed a break some.  

Well, here's miss Tugie.  She looked all cute with her head leaning on her monkey so I grabbed a pic and she looked up as I took the picture - which is even better, b/c I like her cute little face.  

Bless her.  She is 13 or 14 or something like that.  WE got her when Katy was b/w 4th and 5th grades I think.  Hearing almost gone.  Vision still ok but some troubles here and there.  She woke me up at 3:45 this morning wanting to get up.  I refused to get up until 4.  lol  

George's computer came in that he ordered.  Got a great deal.  Huge amounts of storage.  He went to Walmart and bought a monitor and everything he needed to get set up.  He set it up last night after I went to bed.  I'm happy that he has his new PC!  

My Big Print address book came in and boy was the address part BIG.  lol lol 

I was not expecting that big.  But that is ok.  I'll use it.  lol lol lol  It has the tabs and the spiral  So it'll be handy.

No Alexa news this morning, but she still does not get along with George.  He tells her Google is better.  I had Mom ask Google Home what is the gestation period for a raccoon.  Alexa couldn't tell us that.  But Google could. So Alexa is not as intellectual as Google.  Katy is like....ewwwww, why do you need to know that info?  Because George asks weird questions as he knows everything else, so he has to ask all the odd ball stuff.  George, has read an entire set of encyclopedias so he's pretty smart.  lol He really is.  And a double major from Vanderbilt - you can't win an argument with him either b/c they taught him how to debate.  So I'm tempted to buy him a Google Home so he has a buddy too.  lol lol lol  I've heard that Google Home and Alexa can talk to each other in a loop situation.  I'd rather not do that, but perhaps George needs him a Google Home so they can have intellectual conversations and he will leave Alexa alone.  He's being rude to her.  lol

Oh and...I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad it is Thursday b/c that means tomorrow is Friday.  Trying to decide to do grocery tonight or wait til Sunday.  Probably tonight.


  1. Will say a prayer for George and his mom. It's a very difficult situation for any one facing that disease and very frustrating. Hope your Thursday is a great one! Very cold and windy here.

  2. Miss Tugie is a pretty girl. Look at those eyes.
    I feel for George. I was :*( in that situation for the past 5+ years. It is very confusing. You want to help but you need to be realistic. Trying to get her to remember or testing her memory can be so frustrating. They are aware that their mind is not what it use to be but there's really nothing they can do about it. I give him credit for visiting every day as he was, that is so draining. He shouldn't feel bad if he needs to space his visits. It happens.
    I wouldn't wish this situation on anyone. And the sad thing is it won't get better. I wish him well.
    There's a commercial with the Alexa Dot & the calendar issue. Do you need the Dot to access your calendar? I have no idea but it made me think of you.
    Have a great Friday Eve!

  3. I love that latest photo of dear old Tuggie, she looks so cute by her lion.......long may you have her with you, even if getting up in the middle of the night is a bit of a hassle LOL....thankfully my Masy is just coming up 5 and still lets me sleep all night, but does wander up the bed around 6.30 and peers at long as I keep my eyes shut she might wander back down again....otherwise I have to admit defeat and get up !!...
    I have been keeping George in my prayers. It is a very hard. Position to be in, I have worked with people whose memories are going and it's the worst thing for the family...and even for the one loosing their memory as they seem to get flashes of knowing that things are not right with them...I hope that George can find some peace in the true knowledge that he is doing his very best for his Mom as are you and even Kate, it's going to get even harder as the days, and months go past.... Night night dear friends. God Bless. Xxx

  4. Funny that you might get Alexa a companion. Dinner sounds good. So sad what Alzheimers does to families.

  5. I'm sorry about your mil. It is good that you go visit. My cousin is going through same thing. It is a horrible heartbreaking thing.


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