Monday, January 23, 2017

Bringing Chi (Energy), Productivity and Entertaiment to the Household

Well, I had fun this weekend putting my normal "nic nacs" back out (have to put them up at Christmas time to have room), which includes a rearrangement of the placement of floral arrangements.  At some point down the road, perhaps a little too much HGTV, the reading of a Feng Shui book, and just my own personal observation, I began to notice just how much some greenery or a floral or grassy arrangement can add to a room.  And thus began my collection.  Have bought many of these things at yard sales, or with gift cards from Christmas, or b/c it was on sale and reasonable.  And so as I set the house back up I took pictures (ahem, while everything was neat and dusted.  lol) 

As I look through these pics again, I also realize what a "doily" person I am.  I like a beachy or casual cabin cozy feeling in a home, but I add a feminine touch with the lace and flowers.  

You can tell this is the dog center...well and the cat has some treats too.  

I like the spikey arrangements at times.  George not so much.  Even a guest ended up removing this one from the table the other day as we stood around and ate and talked.  Agreed it's not good when we sit,'s a good decor for just passing through.

Flowers give me good chi energy!  No I don't follow the beliefs totally of Feng Shui, but some of the concepts work.  And this one does.

So all is back out and normal, maybe a little has been rearranged from what it was, and nothing will be changed again until the fall.  Unless I buy something and end up changing things around b/c of that.  Glad though to be set for a while.  

I took a pic of the weather radar last night.  It looks like we have a hurricane on land. And it was moving like a hurricane in a swirl.  It has an "eye" and everything and still does this morning.    Crazy.  The "eye' looks like this morning it is on the corner of upper east TN, Upper West NC and East Virginia.  (Well, here is last night's shot and then this morning.)

You can see an "eye" in the above pic where I just described.  So this all formed on land right? 
Wow.  I know it was pretty windy here this morning at 4.  But calmed down a bit (I think).  

Anyway, yesterday was interesting.  You know the dogs had woken us up and I got up pretty early.  But about mid morning I decided I still could not hold my eyes open.  Everything I tried to do, I kept wanting to just nod off.  So I ended up going back to bed.  And I got up just before noon.  lol  I was so tired and sleepy.  

So I did laundry yesterday and did some cooking.  I cooked chicken and rice for lunches this week and also fixed a pasta salad, just a little practice for the upcoming wedding rehearsal in which we are making pasta and potato salad for 30 something.  I like what I did yesterday.  Now in ours I added salami, and almond slices and cheese but I can't do that for the wedding.  No nuts and no meat, and no dairy, due to vegetarians and allergies.  Mainly just cooked up some noodles - added mayo, white wine vinegar, a little sprinkle of sugar, a table spoon of sherry, and a packet of ranch dressing seasoning that you make dressings with.  I may have added a little olive oil, but I think I forgot to actually add that in.  And it worked great.  I added some hot pepper flake to it to give it some "bam", as Emeril Lagasse would say. 

So I'll be having that - probably for breakfast.  lol I love pasta salad.  I'll be eating the chicken and rice for lunch.  

For the chicken - what I did was buy those little chicken tender meats (fresh, uncooked) and chop them and saute them in olive oil added to chopped onions that had been sauteed.  And then I let it cook mostly til it is cooked through, but barely pink in the center.  Then I add the chicken flavored Rice a Roni to it.  So I add the water as per the directions and the rice a roni and the seasoning packet it comes with, and let it boil up and then turn the heat down and let it simmer until it thickens.  It makes a really good chicken dish.  Then I divvy it up b/w about 3 tupperwear or rubbermaid bowls and then let it cool a little before sticking in the freezer.  

This keeps me from having to buy frozen meals and it's a whole lot better.  Probably not as low in sodium though with the mixture.  

I have a grocery list started with Alexa.  It's in my Alexa app so when I got to the store, the list is there.  This is going to work out great.  

I've learned that if you say Good Morning, she has some intelligent things to say back - different each day.  Might be about a current event - like yesterday she mentioned the superbowl playoffs.  Today she mentioned something that happened on this day along time ago.  

Still have not figured out how to get her to recognize my icloud calendar.  I think I have some instructions that will work though.  She doesn't recognize anything I've put on my icloud calendar from the PC.  But if I add things from my iphone she recognizes that.  I don't see a way to add a new calendar to Alexa.  I'm afraid to fool with it.  I don't want to mess anything up.  My work calendar shows up in icloud if I copy it over.  And that is set to show in my google calendar.  So I thought that it would also show with Alexa since she is seeing google.  But think of it as layers.  She is only able to see the google layer.  Not the icloud layer.   I'll play with it later.  Not on the morning of a work day.  lol Because if I were to mess it up, I'd not be able to go to work until I fixed it.  I'm just stubborn that way.  It has to be right. 

So, yesterday I ordered an old fashioned address book.  I'm discovering that I absolutely hate having to get on the PC to find people's addresses.  Now maybe one day I'll get them programmed in my phone account.  But I want an old fashioned spiral address book with tabs.  When I'm addressing cards and wanting to keep addresses - it all sits in a pile til I look up the address.  It just annoys me - actually I get distracted doing other things on the PC - like facebook, blogging, news, email - and I never get around to doing whatever it is I got on to do in the first place.  So I've saved all these envelopes with addresses for people that have sent us Christmas cards and I want to return the favor next year.  So I have ordered this and it's coming from Amazon with free shipping!  It also has big print (lol) which I think I will enjoy as I age.  

I'm excited for it to come in.  Yes I get excited over little things.  At some point I will not pay the annual fee for excel for this laptop.  I have to have it sometimes for work.  But it is rare.  I could just bring my laptop home, but I like my laptop better.  But not sure it's worth having to pay the excel for it and George's new computer too.  We'll see.  Right now all my relatives and friends addresses are in excel.  Recently updated from the wedding too.  But...I'm looking forward to just having it all in the book.

Ok, so other things done yesterday:

Played the tropical Farmville Game.
Read some in my Pirate Lattitudes book - I've got to get these books out of the way.
Had Alexa read to me from my 'Someday Soon' book from (Kindle) while I ironed
Alexa also played some funky music for me as I worked in the laundry room yesterday.

I also researched to see if my kindle books would play via bluetooth in the car, too if it does it with Alexa.  There is a way I think but it seemed a bit complicated.  However, two or three of my books are already 'ready to go' with the audible version.  Might be able to with an Aux connection too I read, might be able to with Audible, which I downloaded on my phone and spent an hour perusing and downloading some things and signed up for a few channels.  I'll see this morning if it is going to work over the car.  lol

I'm such a techi inquisitive person.  I like to have all my things connecting and know what the options are.

I watched Sister Wives and Out Daughtered on my ipad through Xfinity TV app (which I'm learning to love) and honestly I think I like watching that better on my ipad than I do on the big TV.  It was up close and personal and the sound is better.  I can't wait til we get a newer TV but I think George is scared of the smart technology if you ask me.  lol  Really, he just doesn't want to spend the money and have to move the big honker of a TV that we have.  It's big and huge.  Someday. Someday I'll have my big flat screen.

And then it was bed time and I realized George and the dogs had beat me to it and I never got the sheets changed!  lol

Oh well, there is always today.  I need to go as this has been a long post for a work day.  And...I have found that I can just unplug Alexa and she can go with me throughout the house.  It takes a few seconds for her to find the Wifi again, but she does.  I think a "dot" though for the back part of the house would be an excellent addition.  ;-)  I'd like to start listening to the news while putting my make up on.  Without having to plug her up back there everytime.  But on Saturday's, moving her has been fine.  I like her in the laundry room.

This Alexa thing is wonderful.  I'm enjoying it on so many levels - entertainment, knowledge, productivity.  I love it.  I'll miss her while I'm at work.  lol  At least I don't have to feed her.  lol

Have a great Monday!


  1. ALEXA sounds wonderful. Technology, is amazing.
    My husband and another big strong man & with the help of a UPS guy, with a dolly, had a heck of a time taking out our big old TV. Those things are heavy & awkward. You will have a smart TV eventually. It's a whole new experience & your husband will love it.

  2. I do keep a hand written address book and love the easy availability here at home, but it's also nice to have them in my contacts on the phone for when I'm not here. Hope you continue having fun with Alexa. Like You I love having every thing in one place. As far as smart TV's go, I found I enjoy mine very much, but it's not a big screen one. Still it works for what I want to watch. You could start little and work up to big !

  3. I have an address book, I prefer it to having address on the computer and I don't know how on the I pad ! So enjoy your address book when it comes. I was thinking I need to,buy a new one very soon as there are so many names that have had to be deleted it looks awful now....just had a thought I might buy one with birthday money...I have a smallish flat screen I think it might be about 32 ins. Actually I bought it for my sister about three months before she died and then my niece didn't want it so they brought it down to me, I didn't like it at first as it was so,much bigger than my old one but I very soon knew I would never change it the colours seem so much sharper etc..hope George capitulates one day soon!!,...hope work went today....take care, will see you again tomorrow xxx

  4. Address books are essential. I love all your arrangements, but my favorite is the one in your sunroom.


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