Sunday, January 22, 2017

Evening out at Mo Cara's with Friends

Well, we had a pretty good day yesterday at home, getting the house all neat.  Having company over inspired me to do some deeper cleaning.  Isn't it funny how you clean quite a bit more when company coming?  I think the reason is that just for ourselves, we know it's just gonna get dirty again, or piled up again.  lol  

But this morning, the house looks nice getting up and there is not as much to do.  My mind is organized in a clean room.  I know some folks are opposite of that.  But I have to work in a clean and organized space.  Even my desk space is clear now and I can blog better.  ;-)  

So we did clean and organize and I did less laundry b/c of that.  George made the bed before I could get the sheets changed yesterday, so I will change those today.  

We were ready for company by 5 yesterday in which really we only were doing cocktails and a few snacks. 

All these were pickled items below.  Yes even the hot dog was pickled and it was hot.  lol  So was the egg. 

So we all stood and talked in the kitchen for an hour around the food.  lol 

The talk of the evening was the womans rights march thing that just seemed to pop up out of no where.  We are all fairly intelligent adults, but none of the six of us really knew what this was about.  Like women's rights? Ok we are all for that.  We all know that there are still problems with men making more than women in the same positions across America.  So yeah I'm good for that.  But someone said those that are pro life couldn't march?  Isn't that contradictory?  It's ok for me to have rights but no other human?  I'm just asking?  Was it about abortion rights in disguise?  I don't know what it was about.  Then someone said it was a Trump thing they figured.  Then I was like, "Ohhhhh.  Ok."  I knew the timing was along with his first full day of presidency.  So that made sense.  Well, I still feel like I have rights this morning and I didn't have to march, so I guess we're all good.   lol 

I saw that there were people marching here in Nashville and my first thought was "thank goodness I'm not in all that mess, I'm in my home, and away from the chaos".   So glad our dinner plans were in the other direction too.

We went to a place in Lebanon, called Mo Caras which means "My Friend".  These are the same owners that own Two Fat Men Catering.   Anyway, the food was excellent.  A little pricey on some things like steak and what makes it a little more pricey is that it is ala carte instead of coming with baked potato and salad.  This made it extremely hard to decide.  I wanted the prime rib but I didn't want to pay $24 for prime rib and and add a salad and baked potato to that.  So I just went with the fried cod, and it was delicious.  I did not eat all of it.  Because each couple got an appetizer for the table and although we shared some, we ended up pretty much eating our own that was closest to us and George and I ordered these Irish nachos.  Oh my they were so good.  They brought bread to the table which was like angel drop biscuits and mini waffles, along with butter.  Here's our nachos. 

They had some kind of steak, and cheese, and a sweet balsamic glaze - ohhhhh it was good.  It was on waffle chips.  

The salad was good and my side of mac n cheese, with bacon, and a bit of horseradish was really good.  I didn't have ANY of THAT left.  But I'm about to eat my cod for breakfast here in a few.  I have already had an angel biscuit.  Just b/c it looked so good and we all still wanted to hang out and talk, we ordered a 7 layer chocolate cake for the table.  Ohhhhhhhh it was sooooooooo good.  And not too sweet either.  Several of us ordered coffee as well.  

All of this time we had a man that was playing music.  There was also white tablecloths.  I love a place with white tablecloths.  lol  However, it might not have been so white by the time we left.

We enjoyed ourselves and then headed back to our house.  We rode with Paul and Judy.  It was closer for Joe and Cheryl to just head back to their house from the restaurant.  So we all said our good byes and headed out.  Should I say waddled to the car?

And we came home and took dogs out and I crashed.

So this morning about 3, Roger decides that he wants to get up out of bed but the bed is tall so he will sit and ponder jumping off in the dark.  George got him up.  He was thirsty again.  He had water in the bowl the night before so that was not the problem.  George took him out to do some business and then came back to bed.  I was awake until about 4.  I was considering getting up but I knew I'd be tired so I just laid there until I finally did the breathing thing where you take two deep breaths and breathe slowly out and then take to regular breaths after that.  Works every time.  I often forget that it works and go for the Sleepy Time tea.  But, I slept only for about an hour and then Tugie wanted up.  She began growling at me until I got up.

So I'm a little sleepy still not getting my normal "catch up" of sleep on the weekend.  These dogs are starting to be like little babies.  lol

I'ts almost 8 a.m. but I feel like I could go crawl in bed again.  ha.

Well, I need to go and see if I can't get one more lobster roll out of Tropical Paradise Farmville so I can meet the helicopter order and get a rare sand dollar.

Ya'll have a good day.


  1. Pro life people were not banned from marching. They took themselves out of the march for their reasons & beliefs. The president is pro life. Supposedly. The march was a success world wide. It involves way too much for me to try and define here. I'm sure you will be hearing more about the cause. Media. Google.
    I'm in MD so I was very close to all the hub bub.
    Your dinner sounds delicious. Those nachos? Oh man... I noticed there was no pic of the 7 layer chocolate cake. I guess it didn't last that long.
    The white table cloths are nice, that and the ala carte menu usually equals the big bucks. Those dining experiences are always nice & special.
    Take a nap this afternoon and relax. Tell the hubs that I said so!

  2. What a wonderful dinner you all had, I would have been under the table just at the sight of it all !!....I wonder if you managed to get the sand dollar on your FarmVille game this morning, hope so ....I have had quite a good day church this morning followed by a lunch at church, it's a new thing we are trying out ...once a month lunch mostly for people on their own who find Sunday's long days we had 27'todaynsharing a chicken and leak pie, with carrots and broccoli then delicious sticky toffee pudding with cream and or custard. Followed be tea or coffee....not bad considering we don't have a certificate that allows us to,cook in our premises so we have it all brought in by a local lady who does all the cooking and some me,bears of church serve up etc...well I'm of soon to write a few e mails that I have promised to write ...hope you've had a lovely day xxxx

  3. Whatever side of the fence you're on, you're right Sonya, all women have rights. And from a side note from me, IMHO it's high time we had a woman president. It's time ladies. Put someone up who can WIN. Your dinner sounds delicious. YUM! YUM!

  4. Those Irish nachos seem a contradiction of foods. Now I'll have to check out and see what they are. Your dinner and time with friends sounds wonderful... Good food and good friends are a wonderful combination!


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