Saturday, January 14, 2017

Introduction Blog Entry

Well, here it is.  A new blog.  A new time of our lives and it just seems right.  The daughter is up and away with a life on her own, married in March of 2016.  2017 brings a new year, new goals, new perspective on old goals, and the timing just seemed right.

Many of you will be coming here from Back Porch Tales, the latest of several blogs, and a blog of 5 years.  Many of you will be coming in as a reader anew.  And because of that, I wanted to do an introductory blog post to let you know a little about the person that is the writer of this blog.

Formerly I had blogs called My Southern Home, under screen name of Bookncoffee, which started on AOL, and migrated to Blogger, a blog that highlighted our family life with daughter Katy as she grew up, with Tugie the Toy P, and several cats that we had at the time.  Then came the Mellow Pages, as we moved into our new house closer to Nashville, Katy progressed into her high school years, and we tried our hands at gardening, and tried to de-stress our lives.  Then the blogger maxed out of storage and that sent me into a new blog under a new name and sign on of BackPorchWriter and Back Porch Tales blog.  In that we basically morphed into teenagers again figuring out what to do with life with a college bound daughter turned elementary teacher, and then married.  We've discovered wineries, breweries, concerts, restaurants, and a bit of travel along the way.

Now we have Southern Fried L'Attitudes.  The name came about - not so easy.  Blog readers requested a name with "Southern" in it.  So Southern it was and is.  Since most every thing we are known here for is "Fried" I figured the blog could be too.  The L'Attitudes comes about from two things:  1)  My desire to find changes in Latitudes - usually South and I talk about it ALL the time.  and 2)  When I'm fired up about something, I can get an attitude about it and go on and on and on for days about it.  Until I decide that I'm over it.  And I get to decide when that is.  That is the Southern Magnolia way.  I can be sweet and charming, but rather stubborn when I need to be.  Rub me the wrong way, take advantage of me, mistreat me or my family, and if you happen to be near (or reading) you will see the Southern Sugar Snap shining through.  Momma didn't raise no Southern girl to let the world run over her.  If you know my Momma you know that to be true. She's a Southern Girl tried and true too.

I was born in Franklin, TN and raised in Columbia, TN.  I suppose we were middle classers.  Dad worked at Union Carbide and was a minister of The Word.  Mom was a stay at home Mom for the most part but did have a few PT jobs to supplement.  I spent a lot of time with my grandparents as I grew up.  On both sides.  They influenced my life greatly and quite frankly shaped my life and my world.  My Mom's parents, "Nanny and Grandaddy", lived just a few miles from us and we saw them often.  Nanny stayed at home, was a great cook but loved to shop.  We shopped quite a bit as I grew up.  She did not drive, but I learned to and she called on me to take her.  She bought me things in return, which I appreciated very much.  Nanny was very nurturing and very organized.  Grandaddy was very smart and loved to farm, loved to fish, and loved to take me with him to the farm and to fish.  I was his "cow girl".  He tried to introduce me to horses, and while I loved them, it just didn't "take".  But I was in love with "going to the farm", being amongst nature, and being outside.

My other grandparents lived in Spring Hill, TN.  Mam-ma and Grandaddy. I often frequented a week long visit or at least a 3 or 4 day visit out in the country to live in a house that was more than 100 years old.  There was an Indian graveyard on site, cannon balls were found from the civil war, and stories of soldiers and slaves were tossed about.  Farmland and cows and ponds and dirt roads prevailed, along with party phone lines, and route numbers for addresses.  My Mam-ma (mammaw) was also nurturing and playful.  She was very creative too.  And she loved to write.  I get a lot of my persona from her.  She also had a humorous side as well as a little bit of a mischievous side.  I think I may have inherited that as well.  ;-)

I mention this because these grandparents were so influential to me. I will mention them often throughout my blog.  I think of them often throughout my life. They are gone now.  But very much a part of me.  Both of my grandmother's liked red birds.  I often see red birds everywhere.  And when I do, I know that "everything will be ok" and that they are still very much a part of me.  I truly believe that love crosses over death.  Jesus taught us that.  And I believe that our love carries over and lingers.

So, I went to college at Lipscomb University.  If I had to do it over, I would do some things differently.  I won't go into ALL of what that means.  But I would do some things differently.  I enjoyed my time there.  But I had to work all through college so I missed out on a lot of things.  I dated a guy off campus and that also kept me from experiencing a lot of things.  But...I wouldn't want to go back again. lol  But if I had to go back in time my experience and choices would be different.

I feel like after college, I made some bad choices.  Right career choices, but bad relationship choices.  I'd rather not go into all that b/c it's not anything to boast about and certainly nothing that I'm proud about.  I think that I had led such a protected life that the world scared me when I was tossed out into it and I made choices to go with the familiar, the ones that seemed to give me the most attention - not necessarily new routes that were the best for me.

And then I met the copier machine at Dillard's.  At first he annoyed me because he did not turn in his retail schedules for his department on time.  I always had to call and ask for them.  However, when hard times hit us both below the knees, we became fast friends in support of one another, had big huge supportive talks, encouraged one another, went for coffee, then yogurt, then to the movies, and it advanced on from there over a period of time.  We were friends long before anything else.  That alone helps us now that we are 25+ years into our marriage.  We don't always agree on everything and our approach to life is different.  He's an extrovert, I'm an introvert.  He likes to save and I like to save and then spend it.  But we have a lot in common.  We love to travel, love to cook, love to eat, love to entertain, love to read, both make lists and tried to be organized,  and I could go on.  We also love being at home.  In the early days, he wanted to be home all the time and I wanted to go go go.  He actually taught me to be able to sit still and read, lol.  He taught me to be able to enjoy being happy with myself and not dependent on another person.  He also taught me how to be a little more stubborn than I was. ha.

Now that time has passed, I think he is the one that wants to go go go and I enjoy it too but I treasure our time at home more and more.  I love our house here as it serves our needs well for both of us.  Except for the plumbing.  Those darn pipes!

Over the years we have had fun.  And most of them I've shared daily with you.  Many of my readers are long time readers.  You may remember.  I also share my daily crises with you.  And trust me, every day has a crisis!  lol

I try to find a bit of humor here and there and make light of the situations I'm in.  The pets are always hilarious.  And so is George.  If you know him, you know what I mean.  So I'm raw on here at times.  Never in a cursing way though.  But raw in opinion, in attitude, and the words I speak are real. Not usually political though, but just every day life related.

 I have learned over the years that people can't often handle, or have a hard time with, seeing the truth in writing.  The written word exposes things.  It takes grey matter and forces it to black and white - but it's in opinion only b/c it's simply my view on things, they way I saw it, what has upset me or what has happened to me during my day.  I always say, 'be nice to me today or be on the blog tomorrow'.  lol  It's funny though that the things you can say to numerous people verbally that would not cause a stir, but to put in writing seems to be cause for doom. No one wants life to be documented.  It brings truth to light.  We are all scared of the truth?  lol  Well ok.

I have a private blog for the more private details.  No one from work or family is allowed on that blog.  That blog is for therapy.  And because of the trolls that linger, all that stuff is parked there.

I will not be able to talk about work on this blog.  That is unfortunate that I can't give you an insight as to my day to day job. But... b/c of the litigious nature of our society now, the downfall of man's integrity in it's desire to hurt one another, the jealousy that people allow in themselves against another, the evil intentions that people have to hurt another person just to watch it unfold, and numerous other downfalls of life - I'll refrain from discussing work.  I don't care to go through any of that nonsense. It's just hard for people to mind their own business and to read the truths written for what it is, "the story of my day" and accept it and go on, even though the things I discuss have not been confidential but could be told in the office lobby.  If people want to create waves, they try to.  So for that reason, I have to protect myself from those bored, "need-to-get-a-life" parties that lurk, who I shall lovingly but with  tremendous ill will feelings, call "TROLLS".  This is not my term but came from the old AOL'ers who gave the nic name to those that lurked for the wrong reasons.  All I will say is "I will pray for you from here that you find in life what it is that you need to be finding".  ;-)

I am a Christian.  I was raised in "the church".  I do not belong to a denomination but was added to the Lord's church when I heard The Word, The Gospel, believed, and was baptized.  I am not a member of any man's congregation.  Man-made memberships can come and go, be approved or not, but my Lord accepts me, because he has covered my sins with His blood.  He is my Guide and He places my steps, opens and closes my doors, and takes my fears away.  I just often have a problem with letting Him do His job as I try to do it for Him.  I do believe that a day is coming that we need to be ready for.  Ironically, the truths that are written in the Bible are often cause of scrutiny as well.  What is it with people seeing the truth in black and white?  The devil loves to destroy honest truthful writings.  Not that I compare my writings to his Word.  No comparison.  But truth is truth.  So there.

And I'm going to close this Intro Entry.  Tomorrow I'll begin blogging as I normally do.  I will need to notify everyone.  If you know of others that would like to be here, let them know.  

Thanks for being here.  If you are reading, please let me know.


  1. Congratulations on the new blog. I found out new information, I didn't know how you and George met. Cute story. Look forward to reading more!

  2. Hi Sonya! Glad to see you've got the new blog up and running. I've already got it added to my "favorites" list. :)

  3. Nice! Love hearing about your life.

  4. Yea glad to see you backnowledge to blogging. Lov ya

  5. I have always loved reading your blogs, as well as your Facebook posts. I hope you are having a great weekend.

  6. Hi! Enjoyed the intro! :) Love the new name, look forward to next entry ! :)

  7. WElCOME home. Love the new blog. You eased right into it. It's perfect. Suits you.

  8. I'm glad to see your new blog. I've been away for a few years. Kind of lost my blogs when blogger stopped working. It's always a pleasure to read your writings. You have such gift for writing. Hopefully I can follow this one.

  9. Glad you are back I missed reading your blog. I enjoyed reading about how you and George met. Love our new blog.

  10. Hi Sonya - I too really enjoyed the intro and am happy you are back to blogging!

  11. Reading your new blog :) I like the name of it! I know what you mean about not being able to blog about work. I can't because of violations to HIPAA, but I would love to do a post about the different names parents name their kids these days, but a definite no-no. Cute how you and your hubby met!


  12. Yay! Welcome back. I had been checking almost every day and I told myself to be patient. I love the name. :)
    I read the intro and found it interesting. I hope you are doing OK since your surgery and all.
    Happy New Year and thank you!

  13. Thank you for directing me here. Looking forward to reading more

  14. It is so nice to see you back writing again. I love the new look to your blog. I enjoy reading and hearing about people's lives and adventures in different States. Thank you for the invite🌺 Lauren

  15. I loved reading your intro and will look forward to reading about your Lattitudes. I know it took a lot of work setting this up. Great Job !

  16. Well I have missed it....missed what you may say......being first of course to make a comment, but I had to dash out to,church this morning and then out for a late birthday lunch and when I come on....what do I see, many others have got there before me...near mind love you know I'm behind you every step of the way and you know you can contact me at any time via E mail if needed....I wish you every success with this new blog...dear knows how I will find you every day but I will try. I will ask someone if there's a a way I can just click onto an app thingy as I had with your last blogs but not sure we'll truth be told I have no idea how to. I have written down your full web address but it's a lot to write every day....anyway I am now away to read day one....

  17. Hi. I am from Missouri and like to read your blog. I dont have much of a blog. I need to learn how. Kaye

  18. Love the blog name and your story! Similar stage of life....married almost 33 years, four daughters 19 - 26 years old (2 done with school and on their own, 2 in college and pop in and out) and all over the place on how I feel about being at this new stage :)


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