Sunday, January 15, 2017

Losing the Loyal Customers and a Day Planned in PJ's

Well, this is what I did yesterday.  Most all day.  My determination was simply to get the blog topper designed and the background going.  But once I got in it.  I couldn't stop.  

We DID go to close out my Ascend credit union.  On my statement earlier this week, I noticed we were losing money from this savings account instead of gaining.  So I told George, since I am not able to really put money in that account (the computer system that my paycheck comes from only has one field for a banking deposit so unless your savings is at the bank where you have checking and can split it off once it hits the bank, you can't deposit to a savings account.  I'm not going to go drive over there every Sat morning and deposit, and neither am I doing an electronic thing every week). we go to cancel the account. 

 I am thinking that they would try to stop us - and they did - well they tried to get us to invest the money and all sorts of things - but the lady admitted that the reason they went to charge for the paper statement was to get rid of the smaller accounts.  I said "well I guess it's working out well for both of us then that we are leaving you as customers of 25 years".  We had a $1,000 in it.  And I said "Yeah I guess $1,000 is not much $ to some folks".  She said "Well a $1,000 IS a lot of money."  I said, "well it is to me too but it doesn't do much for you out there when you go to spend it."  Anyway, interesting conversation.  It seems that all of our businesses lately that we have thought of as loyal and we were loyal to them in return, have just busted our relationship for lack of customer service and mostly related to their security protocols.  (They thought we were a criminal so they wouldn't let us use their services).  Best buy wouldn't let us do the 12 month same as cash deal b/c George did not have his cell phone with him.  His cell phone is a work phone.  He had ID's and all sorts of things on him but b/c he did not have the cell phone (he doesn't have a personal phone - just a work phone) they wouldn't do it.  We were going to do it in my name but George said "nope, I'm done and never again".  I said "don't you want to file a complaint?"  He said "Nope, I'm done".  So they lost a customer and didn't even know it.  Well the little sales guy did b/c he lost his commission. Perhaps he will complain.  The sad thing is, we have EXCELLENT credit.  Well that is not sad for us, but sad for Best Buy.  The lost a perfectly good sale.  They are screening everyone out of business and their security so tight they don't even let the ones through that are valid.   Their loss - well George's too b/c he still doesn't have a computer.  

I forget what other company lost our business recently.  But there was one more.  "See ya.  If you all change, so can we!"

So after that we went to Walmart.  Nothing really interesting there.  I didn't know we were going, so I totally forgot to take my grocery list.  But I think I did ok.  I do need to get my niece a birthday card and a gift card and get that in the mail.  And of course at Walmart yesterday, I was thinking "groceries" and not presents.  But I am not getting back out today I don't think.  I'll probably swing by the grocery tomorrow night while I'm already out. 

I did notice while walking down the aisle, that some shirts were on sale that I liked.  Pretty impressed for Walmart.  So I got two shirts for $6.  Not just those cotton kind either but some kind of blend so they will hold their shape.  It was almost like a sweater.  I wanted the black but the black was just too sheer.  I mean who wants to wear a shirt that says "hello" without even speaking.  No thanks.

So, once we were back, I dove into getting the blog done.  I'm surprised how long it took.  But I had to find all my favorite HTML codes to add in the weather and my book list and all that.  The artwork at the top - was fun to do.  I had longed for a boat scene and I loved the colors in this one.  This looks so much like Maine.  Or it could be Italy.  I tried to do the grass kinda over the scene to make it look as if you were on land looking on.  And I don't know why but I kept wanting to add a frame.  And so there you have it.  I had to laugh as to why there would be grass in front of a picture frame.  But I decided to just go with the decor and forget the need to have an explanation to it.  lol  

If you are familiar with my blogs, you know that the decor changes all the time.  That is part of my signature right?  I love to change it all up.  I'm really wanting a springy look but I am trying to hold back.  It's only January.  I normally do a blue scene in January.  I'm not sure why I associate blue with January.  I guess it's the color of deep cold ice! And the reflection and hues of the nightfall as it reflects on the snow.  In reality our world is grey right now.  No ice nor snow.  I do like grey as well for a blog color.  But if my world is grey and my blog is grey- I'm afraid we'll just all disappear into a grey fog and not see ourselves.  lol lol lol So blue it Twas.  

Sleep was good last night.  I think nearly a full 9 hours.  Feels good.  Friday night's sleep did not go too well.  At 1:30 my eyes popped open and I had to get up.  I played Tropical Farmville on the iPad for what must have been about 1.5 to two hours.  I drank a mug of "Sleepy Time" tea.  And it takes about an hour to take effect.  But it does work.  Then I went to bed and slept til 8.  So overall I got the sleep in, but it was interrupted and I just didn't feel good.  Matter of fact the last couple of weeks, I've not felt up to par - and the last few days I've sneezed a lot.  So perhaps I've been warding something off. I had my flu shot though!  I only know of two people that have had the flu - and that was on facebook, not near me. 

I was worried about Donna from Missouri this morning.  The radar shows what looks to be some pretty good ice over their area.  I have said a prayer that they are safe and that it doesn't last long and that their power stays on.  I have some friends over that way too so hoping you all are ok over there.  I guess I can go on line and check.  I see that Donna posted on my FB a few minutes ago. My computer sends an alert.  I have not read it yet.  But perhaps that means she has power. 

So much to do today.  I love days like this.  It will go something like this: 

Ironing for next week
Changing the sheets
Mop the kitchen floor
Nic Nacs back out 
(Ive not put our normal nic nacs out yet after Christmas)
Take stuff downstairs
(boxes, empty wine bottles for George to recycle etc.)
Empty trash across the house
Deep clean kitchen areas from the week's use
(microwave, bleach the counters and sink, etc.)
I'm probably skipping the vacuuming as it's not that bad really
Bathroom cleaning - toilets and tub scrub and sink clean
Overall pick up which isn't too bad right now as I did a good job last weekend.

Add aluminum foil to the Walmart order.

Make reservations at Flemings for Valentine's day

Order Vitamin's and Science Diet from Amazon

Check on a game we ordered from Amazon.  That "Whatchya Mouth Game".  I know, I know, we need that game right?  

I had wanted to research and play with the bluetooth and find out why my GPS on the phone won't talk through my car's bluetooth over the radio.  But this is probably not going to happen today.

A friend I have, named Katy (not my daughter Katy)  loves to hear about Katherine the shark.  I promised I would try to find out where she is pinging right now.  Friend Katy is not feeling well.  And I promised I would call.  

I wanted to download some songs on iTunes this weekend but I think that shall wait as well.  I need for it to be sunny with hopes of spring to do that.  I don't know why!  I just want it to be a happy sunny day when I sit here and download my happy tunes!  

And I need to get the date set for the Ireland's to come visit.  That said, I think she texted me back and I was at work and didn't look.  I need to go read it!  I think I peeked, got side tracked, and forgot to respond.  Once the red number is gone off the text - I forget.  

There is so much in life keeping us busy - I mean even in boring times - life is busy.  That it's almost like we all have ADD.  I mean really.  Can one actually finish anything?  

Well, I'm finishing this blog entry for sure.  I will need to come back and add some things to my side bar.  I use the blog itself, since I spend a lot of time here to keep track of a few things that I'm willing to share.  Such as where all we get to go shop and eat - that is really to remind me to use those gift cards (lol).  

I will put our events in the side bar too which helps me to remember those and also gets me excited for something to look forward to.  I'm willing to share that.  

I do like to put those fun web cam sites on the side bar as well.  I often will go there - especially during spring break - and people watch.  The drunk ones coming back thru the walkway are very entertaining.  I'll put those back on as well.  

I also have a list of household chores I'll add to the side bar.  This is more for your amusement and more of a reminder to me.  It should be titled "Things I never get around to doing".  lol 

Well, I'm off to get going on this big adventurous day in my PJ's.  I will also do a devo as well.  

Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for reading.  I, too, am glad to have a new home!  


  1. Well welcome back! Such a pleasure to open the computer on a Sunday morning and see you are back up and writing!
    Your day sounds full but fun . I'm not sure when you sit and relax except to write your blog! LOL You are always going. I guess that is what makes me read your blog, your never ending adventures!

    Enjoy your Sunday and welcome back !

  2. i came upon a bullet journal FB page and was added to it. I am not going to spend a lot of money on this hobby but i did go to WM and get a nice journal and i will decorate it. I have made a daily effort to go and write in it. My daughter has taught me to notice all the small things that are so important and take a moment each day and enjoy it. I will journal about that. It is a good thing to journal about things daily. I buy all my clothes at WM or Goodwill. I am in overweight lady sizes but you would be surprised at how ugly the clothes can be out there. Us fatties love fashion too! My WM has a great selection for heavy ladies and the quality is good. It is hit or miss across the US though with WM. Mine has a good supply but another one may not. I buy high quality clothing at Goodwill that lasts me for years and years. People get rid of really high quality stuff sometimes.
    I am glad you are blogging publicly again.

  3. Shame about the credit union giving you such an attitude about your account. We had an account in a credit union years back, a savings account. Didn't touch the money, add in to it or take out for probably 4 or 5 years. Got a notice from the credit union they were going to start charging us money since there was no activity on the account. We closed it right then. You would think they would have wanted the money. Oh well!

    Try to get a bit of rest this Sunday! Seems like you have lots to do!


  4. Made my day to see you back with your new blog!! :)

  5. My oh my not just one but two,blogs to read out to,Mary...I don't know if I told you that I usually do me thinks you are amazing....meant to say yesterday was a great day to go public again. I won't forget the date. 14th birthday LOL....hope by now you've got a lot of things done and that very soon it will be sitting down relaxing time two dogs by your side. ...Take care watch out who is watching !!

  6. I love the look of your blog. The blue is so calming and easy on the eyes. You are such a natural at blogging and telling it like it is. My husband and I always try to support the small businesses surrounding us but you do run into situations that being a good customer does not mean a thing. Sadly they really don't care if you take your business elsewhere. Sad. Those days are gone for the most part.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. I love the new blog header and the blue which is my favorite color. I know what you mean about customer service. I usually stick to places or business that treat people well The others I don't really say much, but I just never go back.
    I hope you have a fun day. Enjoy your time off.

  8. Love the graphics. Looks perfect with the name. Customer service makes a difference it's true but so does accepting customers still like doing things in a more traditional way or modern one.

  9. Your blog is looking very good! Sounds like a very busy Sunday for you but will put you in a good place to start off a new work week.


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