Monday, January 30, 2017

My Picky Eating, Alexa Testing Turns Amusing

Not a lot to tell since I posted so late yesterday.  However, here is a pic of dinner.  It was really good. I had suggested to George with the left over oranges that perhaps we should have some kind of orange chicken - kindof a Chinese style dish.  He worked hard to fix it.  And fixed bok choy and broccoli with it and rice.  I've had bok choy in stir fry and this was pretty good but George said he put too much salt in it.  It was pretty salty.  Sadly the orange sauce was a little sweeter than I can handle but it was VERY good.  

George says I don't like his cooking anymore as I leave way too much on my plate. And it makes him feel bad and then it makes me feel bad.   It's true that sometimes I don't clean my plate.  I feel like he has come to watch my plate every night just to see if I'm eating.  I will give the following reasons for not always cleaning my plate: 

1) I will say that we don't always have the same tastes at times.  And what the cook puts in, sometimes is what the cook prefers. Nothing wrong with that.  I do that too.   When I cook, he starts adding ingredients I left out in the form of seasonings and salts etc.  When he cooks it's already in there and can't be taken out. 

2)  He fixes way hotter than my palate can tolerate and often misjudges how hot it will be or at least how hot I can tolerate something.  However, he usually waits til I'm away to fix the really hot stuff.  When I cook, he brings out all the hot sauce to heat things up.  When he cooks, I can't always get the heat out unless I use ranch dressing or eat ice cream after.  lol

3) He likes it waaaaay saltier.  He LOVES salt.  Now he has a variety of flavored salts.  lol All this, just when we really need to NOT be eating a lot of salt.  Salt makes the blood pressure rise and I've had to cut back.  But even before having BP issues, my body was already telling me to cut back.  I have become extremely sensitive to salt.  (Meaning I can taste it more vividly than ever before.) So when I cook he adds salt.  When he cooks, I can't undo the salt so I eat less of it if it's too salty for me.  And this is probably the biggest reason I don't clean my plate.

4) Sometimes he adds ingredients I'm not fond of at times.  A guarantee from me that he has more to himself.  lol  Like the time he put raisins in a dish.  Of course I'm not going to eat much of it b/c I don't like raisins.  I am only going to pick out so many of them before I just go "nahhh, I'm done".

4) A mixture of too many things I can't make out.  If there are things in the dish that I don't know what they are I might be not inclined to eat as much. For example, the first time I had quinoa - it looked like curly little worms in my food.  Why on earth would I eat something that looked like or reminded me of little curly worms/  Since then, I know what they are and now I will eat it.  But often when too many things are mixed together, I'll swirl my fork and try to figure it out.  Sometimes just plain potatoes are good for the soul.  lol

5)  He will fix things that are past the sell by date.  While nothing he has ever fixed to my knowledge has EVER made me sick, I am not as tolerant of pushing the envelope as he is.  He will eat left overs longer.  I'm done with the 3rd day of eating something.  That is my limit.  And on the third day - I might be a little squeamish.  I get tired of eating something for the third day anyway.  That will make me eat less.  

6)  He puts a lot of food on the plate.  I don't always want that much. 

However, he is a wonderful cook and I'm the quirky eater when it comes to those things above.  I feel bad when he says I don't like his food.  I do.  I am not going to tell him how to cook though, and not going to criticize the hand that feeds you dinner,  but when I don't eat something and he mentions that I did not, I usually let him know "it was really good but...a little salty...or a little too sweet....or it has raisins, or a little too whatever!  He is not too tolerant of me and my quirks either so it's a touchy subject.  I think he sometimes just quits cooking thinking I don't like things, but that is not true.  However, one can't help it if something is too salty, sweet, or hot for their palate.  I do the best I can. 

Here's proof that Alexa's Calendar testing works:  lol lol lol 

I managed to amuse George yesterday when Alexa spouted off that we would eat boogars at 5 this morning and I thought I'd erased it, but apparently that was the other tests I did of Testing 1, Testing 2, Testing 3 events.  So in the long run I've managed to amuse myself by getting an alert this morning to eat boogars just before I've gone to sipping my coffee.  No we do not eat boogars around here but it does make for a good testing option.   Can you imagine a band setting up for an event.  Testing 1, 2, 3, eat boogars, testing 1, 2, 3.  Yes, we are silly around our house.  We never grow up.  

I read some more in my "Pirate Lattitudes" book by Michael Crichton.  It's getting pretty good now that we are at the end.  Overall, it's not really my type of book.  I thought I'd like it b/c it was "on the water" - lol.  However, now that a hurricane is coming, it IS getting a little more interesting.  I will be working hard the next few weeks to get these books knocked out that I'm not enjoying as much.  It's made me move to do other things and not read.  Plus the holidays got busy.  But it's time to move on. 

My next books will be a an autobiography of Rod Stewart and a book called Cruising Altitudes about flying - things that have happened up in the sky.  Might be a bad time to read that.  lol  I'll be traveling in the spring.  Ughh.  That reminds me, the way that our nation is right now.  I'm not sure I want to travel anymore.  We are definitely at unrest.  I really just want to stay home.  We are not heading down a peaceful road.  This is not going to end well.  I predict a civil war within our own borders.  This time no lines drawn in the sand to indicate north or south.  It's everywhere - every street, every corner, every place - the fight for ones rights - b/c people feel they have none.  The devil has deceived so many people and people have let themselves become deceived as to what is right and what is wrong.  People just don't love each other any more.  Selfish ambition.  It's all happening like the Bible said.  That said, I'm not going to get on either side of the politics.  But I will say that I think we should give Trump a chance to try to protect our country.  Our country hasn't been protected for a long time and we've really gone down hill in the last 8 years.  So many illegals in the country stealing our ID's b/c they have not gone through the system.  It's going to really play havoc with us all one day when you go to get your social security and they say "sorry, but you are working out in Texas still, we can't pay you your social security". I've seen this first hand.  I know what I'm talking about.

I guess we should all pray for our country.  We are going to need it.  However - we all know how it's ultimately going to go, having read the Bible and its propecy.  It'll be like Jesus saying "please take this cup from me".  He knew what he was going to have to get through.  We are going to have go through a lot of pain to get to our gain on the other end - at the end of life's reward.   At least we read that Good wins in the End.  Perhaps we can pray all the mess hold off to another lifetime, but I guess that is selfish.  

Anyway, ya'll have a good day.  


  1. It is nice you have George to cook for you. All the pictures you show really look good and I know you are a good cook too. He'll just have to accept that you are not a big eater at times. Prayers for our country are needed and it's time to stand firm on our principals. One thing we have been assured we are not alone.

  2. I don't think you are a picky eater. You like what you like. When my husband cooks the spice cabinet stays open. Sometimes he over does it. I have to let him know. lol I can't/won't eat something I don't like for whatever reason.
    What if you fixed your plate. Then at least you could decide the portion size & maybe have less waste. Sometimes men think we should eat like them.
    I am afraid of where our country is going. There's no easy fix. Trump was not my choice but I am giving him a chance.
    I agree with some of his ideas but I don't agree with his ego.
    I am praying for peace.
    1 day down, 4 to go!

  3. I can't eat hot or salty foods either. When it comes to what I like or don't like I am very honest. Maybe your husband could wait until you have a plate to add salt or hot sauce. My husband likes the hottest wings, but I can't eat. Burning ones mouth is not fun. These are troubling times. Makes me afraid for all of us. But it is what it is. Not much we can do. Your dogs are so cute.

  4. Oh boy. My husband is the cook in the house. While I can cook I have given up some what because he does the same as your hubby. He puts things in I do not want to be put in my food! So , I have backed off. Let him fend and figure out what is for dinner. LOL


  5. I know what you mean about husbands adding too much heat to the food. Mine does too. But then sometimes so do I. LOL Laughed about your morning ritual and boogars.

  6. I think I would be a bit like you with the food George made for me...As I have said before I have very small appetite and eat very little. Mary gets on at me as like George I dish out the food and Mary gets double what I eat she is always saying should eat more, up....don't leave so much....I do wish I could really feel hungry one day. And I certainly would t like very spicy foods or food that might look like worms !!!...I'm sure George does his best but it's hard for you both...but however you can't change your likes...take care xxx


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