Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Thoughts on Alexa's "Intelligence"!

Good morning!
Well, let's see, not much to report this morning.  Just a little tired.  We went to see Rogue 1 the Star Wars movie last night.  It was pretty good.  George thought it was great.  Of course.  I enjoyed most of it but don't really care for things all blowing up all over the place.  But I do like space movies.  lol And I like seeing the space ships.

Someone mentioned about Alexa yesterday and if she could hear everything you say since it's a microphone.  Is someone spying on us with these types of things.  I did some research and supposedly it only captures when addressing her, for the functionality of what she is supposed to do.  So I thought this through some.

What would Alexa hear at my house?
*Us talking about food
*Want some more wiiiiiiiiine with that cheeeeese?
*That book was good!
*Here's how much I spent on the Walmart order!
*What you want to watch on TV tonight?
*Did you hear from Katy and Cody today?
*We need to put this date on the calendar
*We need to spend lighter this week, the house payment is due
*I'm going to bed
*Roger come here and sit by me and give me a huggy buggy
*Let's open the sun room it's gonna be warm today

And George wanted to add one in:
*Who farted?

We don't have a child named Alexa that would confuse it.  I do a friend with a child named Alexa but she is rarely at our house.  Will be interesting when that happens.

We don't sell drugs or spy on anyone.  We don't really have any secrets.  That I know of.  If George had any and Alexa heard it, I doubt she'd tell it. I doubt she'd tell our Christmas secrets.  Although she might if someone asked about an Amazon order. But that would be George and he would have already seen it on Amazon b/c he's on it too.  lol

I decided that the internet kingdom already knows more about me than Alexa ever will.  I mean we live in a world where I can look up something on Amazon, and Facebook, a completely different entity, is already showing me ads for that same or similar item within 30 seconds.  I also blog or facebook nearly every thing I do, where I go, what I eat, what I order, what my interests are -  so what on earth can Alexa capture that is not already out there?

So, yeah, interesting topic though and I enjoyed researching it and having my own line up of thoughts about it.  I had to chuckle at the end.  Just the thought of someone sitting at a control booth somewhere in Amazonville, listening to "Tugie had a runny poop today, maybe we should give her some cheese to plug her back up".  and then to be heard in the control booth "Ok Frank, put cheese on the Amazon Ad list for the Cox household - they are going to be buying cheese!"  And then the next time we log in we have cheese ads.  And perhaps I buy it. I like cheese.  So....and yes I would share with Tugie until she gets all plugged up and we have to give her yogurt. lol  Or in the case of "who farted?" perhaps we'll have Beano ads the next day.  So we'll see what happens!

Yeah, they would thoroughly be entertained on one end of the spectrum, and extremely bored on the other.  lol

Well, I'm running late today.  Just running late from being out late.  Couldn't get up and kept hitting snooze.

I just got an alert that several earthquakes have hit Italy.  Hope all is ok.  I guess I'll check the news on that later to see how bad it is.

Ya'll have a great day!


  1. That is too funny about Alexa...I use the microphone on Google and it always comes up with an answer. Sometimes not what I expect. I can see some fun times coming with Alexa at your house. Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!

  2. We have Alexa but if we want anything we have to actually push the button to ask her. My grandson who turned six last June found her a riot when he asked her jokes. To darn funny!!
    But the fart thing?OMGoodness... I cracked up!

  3. Alexa is a space aged idea. But Big Brother already knows everything anyway. Just turn off Alexa when you decide to murder someone in your home. :)
    Have a nice day,

  4. I love the idea of Alexa, I had a great laugh at all your ideas on what folks who might be spying would hear LOL....I hope after your late start you got to work in time and safely. I havnt heard anything about earthquakes in Italy so presume it must not have been to bad, I certainly hope not, I have a nice friend who lives over there, most of the year. Been a nice day here with plenty sunshine although it was bitterly cold when Mary and I went out to do a little shopping....thankfully we didn't have to stay out to long....keep smiling xx

  5. Sounds like Alexa would get quite an EARFUL. And probably would have something to say about it. Funny post.

  6. I was pleasantly surprised about how much I enjoyed Rogue One. Hubby likes movies like that and I go along with him and "endure" most of them but this was good after the initial few minutes when we were going from scene to scene trying to set the plot. That confused me for a bit but then when I figured it out, it made sense. The ending totally caught me by surprise; wasn't expecting that.

    I had hear that Alexa may or may not be able to hear what was being discussed at one's house. I do know on my work computer there is software tracking where you are going if you are going out on the web, etc. I exclusively only use it for work.



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