Thursday, January 19, 2017

"No Place Like OHM"

I've been enjoying my essential oil necklace that Katy gave me for Christmas.  I get whiffs during the day and it's nice.  Yesterday I wore "calm".  

One goes through a lot it seems to try and remain calm amidst the confusion and chaos in one's day.  And I had to laugh at "There's no place like....OHM!"  lol  Often I listen to zen and calming music, including ocean waves, and birds.  I just need some large bamboo to place around and then I'll have it made.   

I've had to escape for a bit here and there to remain sane at times in this life and one escape is to go find some "hot chicken".  So if you get the nerve to get out and can be ready to duck to avoid the bullets flying around, you can find some really good chicken in Nashville.  Not all places are bullet ready, but some are.  I know where I was yesterday, I don't really like to be.  Matter of fact, someone was shot down the road from where I was about an hour after I was there.  But whatever, that's a whole 'nother story.  Sometimes your appetite will make you risk your life.  So I got out and went to KFC.  I found a parking lot where it doesn't seem like you disturb any drug deals, and enjoyed my chicken, then went into Walgreens and got a sympathy card that was needed.  And I'm like "I need to get out of here before I'm shot or get the flu".  So I didn't shop around for anything but got my sympathy card and left.

I noticed a guy across the street park in back of the service station, and he was in and out of his trunk several times.  This neighborhood scares me.

Anyway, the chicken was good.  I risked my life.  I survived to tell about it. lol  Again, ain't "no place like OHM (home).  lol

Katy's experience yesterday at a drive thru was interesting...she went somewhere and placed her order and drove up to pay and the guy goes "Oh get out of my window!" in a pleasant but surprised tone.  Katy said she was surprised and wondered where he was going with that, and he quickly followed up how beautiful she was and her eyes were so pretty.  lol Unique experiences for sure.  But "Oh get out of my window????"  lol lol

I met Katy last night for our pedicure.  We got the $55 dollar one.  It was a very long massaging leg experience with scrubs and oils and hot rocks and parafins and lotions.  It was wonderful.  And lasted about an hour and a half.  We put on our cheapy flip flops they gave us and headed to Cheddar's.  Well, going to our table, my cheapy flip flops broke.  But my shoes were in my purse.  I wore my shoes out of the place, but my toe nail polish was all messed up so I had to take the polish off and completely redo them when I got home.  Then I had to sleep with my feet out of the covers all night.  Until about 2 in the morning.  At that point I thought if they are not dry then they never will be.  Oh well.  It was mainly the other part that we liked the most - the color was no biggie.  Next time I need to bring my own flip flops.  But it was sortof impromptu that we went yesterday as we were supposed to go today.  I need to get my nails done today (finger nails) but I think I'll pass and get it done tomorrow.

Sleep was good last night. Only too short. And I better get ready and go.  But at least I got enough sleep I think.  I can tell b/c if I get up wanting things to be clean and make an effort to clean my way through getting ready - I've slept enough.  But if I wake up and look at things that are not where they need to be and just go "ughhh and grr" and don't want to fool with it - I've not gotten enough sleep.  That fact always amuses me.  So I always say to myself as I take last night's wash rag to the dirty clothes, and put last night's water glass in the dishwasher, "well I got enough sleep I guess".

Then usually the whole day follows suit as long as I have my caffeine.  And speaking of that, I need to go get some more, get some make up and get to work.  Again, "Ain't no place like, OHM/HOME".


  1. I love your necklace ! I really do think the essential oils work. The nose knows they say ! So scary about shootings close by to you. I guess I wouldn't be so brave to go out for lunch but would be taking mine from home and eating in. Being pampered helps to make life more bearable too. Glad you got the time with your daughter in such a relaxing atmosphere. We're on the downslide now to the weekend. Have a good day !

  2. I need a necklace like that. I love good fried chicken too. That is a shame one has to risk their life because of bad people out causing trouble. Sounds like a perfect day though. A pedi and manicure is so relaxing.

  3. We use essential oils in the house. And I just ordered a new one for the car! Can't wait! I love them.

    The chicken looked good although Our Kentucky Fried chicken closed about 5 yrs ago and rightfully so, it was not the place to be anymore!

    Have a good day!

  4. As I have said before I do love the idea of that pendant, I am keeping my eyes open iiin the hope I can get one. I have been burning some nice scented candles these last few weeks. A shop in Chippenham our nearest shopping centre was selling them all at half price so each time we pass we pop,in and buy another one or even two if I feel like spending money,-although I have to admit that Mary has bought the others I think we have three still not opened....hope that today has gone well at work and I presume that Kate is ok after her cold, it didn't turn into,flu thank,goodness. I'm sorry your toe nail.varnishmcame of but hope the layer you,put on lasts...night night. God Bless nxxxx

  5. I keep spare flip flops in the car, plus a spare pair of sneakers and socks, and a pair of ballerina flats.. ;)

  6. Good thing you had your shoes in the purse. Even though they messed up the work. (I've never had a pedicure, myself). Nice time you got to spend with your daughter, anyway.


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