Monday, January 16, 2017

Productivity, Bagless Vacuums, and Alexa

Well, yesterday was a piece of heaven.  Just getting some much needed sleep.  Although I did get up fairly early to get a jump start on my day but not nearly as early as the work week. 

George fixed the above "Egg McMuffin" for us yesterday.  I had eaten half of it and looked to see if he had used my lunch salami.  No he had used the old bologna.  Half eaten and good, I kept on with the sandwich, in hopes that the old bologna was not bad yet.  I follow directions on the package and will not eat after 7 days.  So maybe it had been 8 or 10?  Who knows.  But I survived w/o consequences.  lol  George had given me a bottle of Mimosa.  Which is a Mimosa already in the bottle.  We had that along with the Egg and Borderline Bad Balogna McMuffin.  lol

After blogging, checking Facebook, and setting my Tropical Farmville game in motion, I found it hard to have the desire to move.  lol  However, it had to be done.  January is just a good month for hibernation and less motion.  Worn out from Christmas - heck, worn out from the year!  But gradually I will get back into speed, I guess or at least where I desire to be in motion.  

However, I kept pressing to get done what I wanted to get done, doing the most necessary first and doing the things I'd be most distressed about if not done when the work week starts.  

The laundry done, outfits picked for the work week, ironing done, scarves picked out to match.  (I love wearing scarves in the winter.  I've learned I can have less on my arms if I have a scarf around my neck.  Sweaters are just too much for me now.  I can only do open sweaters that can be taken on and off, or crocheted sweaters that are just "barely there".)  

I had a lot of stuff to take downstairs for storage or for trash.  Walmart boxes, wine bottles, and left over Christmas items here and there and a few Christmas sacks from some recent gifts.  I swept and mopped the kitchen floor, and cleaned up the kitchen.  

I tore apart the vacuum and cleaned the filter and canister.  I am severely upset with the person that created the bagless vacuum.  Please bring back the bag!!!!  Why on earth did they think the bagless was an improvement?  It's nastier and much worse on your household environment.  That nasty human skin celled, dog haired, dust goes everywhere in your kitchen trying to empty it. And it doesn't want to empty.  Gag. 

At that point it was about time to eat a late lunch.  I put a Totino's pizza in the oven.  Since I gave up popcorn, that is my favorite lunch time meal at home.  Either that or tuna fish salad or chicken salad and crackers.   I watched Nashville and caught the part I had missed on Sister Wives.  

George and I called friend Lisa after we ate breakfast to get our heads together on the dates for our "Christmas".  It's typical that we get together with them in Jan to do a Christmas celebration with them after the fact.  The fact is that there are a couple of couples that are just like family to me.  And Lisa and Don and their family are one.  As it turns out, they are like we were last year.  Just really busy in the new year prepping for a wedding, and numerous other things, including a trip to Cozumel.  So we have delayed our casual get together meal for April, after the wedding, and we can plan our trip to Tybee together in May.  Our place is booked already.  Matter of fact our third installment was yesterday.  We have a house rented that is two blocks from the beach, has a pool, and a fenced in area for the dogs when we hang outside.  However, we decided we'd meet at a restaurant or at a Nashville brewery, perhaps this next weekend, to do a gift swap of sorts.   

We talked to Katy yesterday and she has the flu!  Or at least flu like symptoms.  She has the fever, the aches, the headache, and getting the stuffy nose and is miserable.  Cody went to get her some relief at Walgreens.  She called and said "remember how you used to bring me ice chips and food and drink in bed?"  Yep.  But Cody was taking good care of her.  

George had left out about 10 to go meet his sister at their Mom's house and go through a few things and make some decisions.  I had told George when they got to the dishes, if nobody wanted Granny's speckled mixing bowls, I'd take them.  I love those things.  Well, George came home with them so I washed them up.  They are so pretty.  They are made out of part plastic and part something else to give a sturdy material.  But so pretty.  I'll take a pic here soon, if I think of it before I put them up.  I'll think of Granny now every time I use them.  His Mom is in assisted living and no longer able to cook.  

So George came home and took a shower, and he and Roger went to see Granny.  I played more Tropical Farmville, and worked on more laundry and cleaned up a bit.  The sheets were changed on the bed and I even washed our comforter for the first time.  It's a King Size quilt.  The quilt was a bit short as it was.  It's even shorter now.  lol  So on the wall side, there is hardly any hanging down and the sheets show.  lol 

Well, I did not get our reservations made for Valentine's day.  I'll have to try to do that tonight.  George kinda wants us to do that on a weekend night and go do Chinese Buffet on Valentine's night close to home.  Hmmmm.  I'd get two meals out that way.  lol  But Chinese Buffet doesn't seem that romantic does it?  "I love you soooo much that I want to take you to the Chinese Buffet on Valentines!"  Gotta love it.  Or hang your head to cry - one way or the other.  I'll have to admit, it does sound good though.  lol 

I did not check on our Amazon order for that game that is past due.  But I did get the Science Diet and the Vitamins ordered through Amazon Prime.  When I get my Echo and get Alexa my assistant all set up, I will set it up where she can do that for me.  lol 

I'm sooo looking forward to that.  I could have used it yesterday while ironing too and working in the kitchen.  I would have.

*Asked her the forecast for the next week
*Asked her to play music
*Asked her about shows/show times (if she does that)
*Ask her what movies were playing

I wonder if she could shop for me- like find me some crocheted sweaters to look at.  lol Probably not.  "Alexa, will you vacuum for me?"
"Alexa, who invented the bagless vacuum?"
"Alexa, can you call that person and tell them it's a horrible invention and they need to come empty it for me?"
"Alexa, will you tell George that he needs to take me somewhere besides Chinese on Valentine's Day?" 

So anyway, I don't get Alexa until the 25th of January.  But I'm excited.  I wonder if we can claim her on our taxes.  :-D  At least we don't have to feed her.  But she is going to keep me company. 

So somehow I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder.  It didn't start hurting til about lunch time.  I think it may have been caused by my pinching a muscle while sleeping on my side.  It hurt pretty bad but I tried to ignore it.  

After Green Bay's Football game, George used the massager on it and it felt better.  

So, I watched Sister Wives last night and some show about people finding long lost relatives, and booted up the Tropical Farmville.  I went up a level but it didn't do much for me.  I'm trying to win 2 more light colored sand dollars.  They are so rare, but when I finally get them I can buy another business on the island.  I'm also collecting things for someone's beach hideway thing.  It's taking forever to get to it.  The game keeps asking me to make things from the hideout but I can't b/c I haven't earned all the things to be able to buy it or access it.  Oh well.  At the next level I'll at least reach the ship wreck.   This game is so addicting.  But I can see if I'm going to read, I'm going to have to give something up.  lol  Or at least not play as often.  It sure is relaxing though.  It really is.  

Well, back to the work week.  And I need to go and pack lunch.  I'm having bean soup for lunch and going to have cereal with a sliced banana for breakfast.  Hopefully sometime this week I can work on my side bar some.  But that may have to be on the weekend.  I'm trying to be patient for spring.  I think I really just need sunshine, a little warmth, and a spring in my step and some sandals, and no coats.  

Well, ya'll have a great week ahead.  I'll pop in tomorrow. 


  1. I am so ready for spring too! The dark drab days of winter are getting to me. I need warmth and sunshine for sure! Hope you have a great start to the week. Happy Monday!

  2. I am ready for sunshine myself. It is a gray day here. I watch Sister Wives too. I don't know how those women stand Cody. And all those kids everywhere. Have a good week.

  3. I think we all long for spring in these dark winter days...I really don't like it when the sky is grey and heavy and everything feels damp to the touch...bright sunny frosty days are not quite so bad..but I still say bring on spring time.....hope your shoulder is ok now after George tried the massage thingy on it..hope also Kate's cold/flu is quickly better,,, this will be the time she will miss her Moms loving touch !....I certainly would go for the Chinese dinner any time even if it was Valantines day meal !!...but even better if there will be another dinner as well!!..go for it gal. Xxx

  4. Alexa sounds interesting but the question is is she LISTENING to EVERYTHING you say before you ask her a question???? I think it's so sweet you got Granny's speckled mixing bowls. Enjoy.

  5. Didn't think of telling you about them Sonya. That's what I bought last time, the bags last for ages even although we havnt a lot of carpets it goes over floors etc picks up,dog and cat hairs easily xxx


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