Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Founder, Red Robin Surprises, and Alexa Calendar

Well, The Founder - you should go see it.  You will be glad you did.  It's very interesting and very informative.  Michael Keaton did a great job.  

So we did this last night.  We went to Red Robin and had a hamburger and then went to the show.  We wanted to go to Burger Republic, a new place in town, but the line was way to long and we needed to get in and out.  No wait at the Robin, so there we went.  It was good.  And filling. 

While there, George saw that there was a little device at the table where you could play games.  He began playing trivia.  When the bill came, we had an entertainment fee.  The game had not indicated when he started playing that there would be a fee.  I'm telling you all this so you don't encounter the same.  It was only $1.99 but still, he wouldn't have played it if he had known.   

Not much to tell.  I did finish my "Twenty Wishes" Audio book.  It was a great story.  I'm sad that it is over.  The audio book is a good distraction away from traffic/commute though.  

I think I'll go for a Nora Roberts audio book next.  

I woke up in the night thinking about why Alexa won't read my calendar.  It's not putting new things on there.  This weekend I'm going to try to figure this thing out.  It's sad when it bothers you so much you wake up in the night trying to figure it out.  These techie things eat at me until I resolve to 1) get it done or 2) come to the realization that it can't be done or 3) decide that I am not going to do it b/c of cost or too much trouble.  It's bothering me that Alexa won't tell me about my day! lol lol lol 

And as far as Farmville goes on the Tropical Island, if I don't get those darn light colored sand dollars and get enough to buy this property that the game has been asking me for weeks to buy and putting in my tasks that I can't finish b/c I can't buy the property - then I'm going to quit the game.  And I also have this other property it's been wanting me to get to and buy and I can never get there b/c I don't have enough supplies.  It's putting things in my tasks to do on the property that I cannot fulfill b/c I can't get there.  ughhhh.  

Anyway, I love the game but can't make progress, it seems. 

Well, I better get ready and head in.  Over the hump day.  Sliding down into the weekend from here.  So glad the week is going by fast.  I have things to do!


  1. Love Michael Keaton. Great actor. Looks like a terrific movie. Thanks for heads up.

  2. A burger and a movie sounds like a great way to spend the evening. Yes this week is flying by. Can hardly believe we are on the down hilll slide...still much to do here! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. I will have to watch that movie. We saw The Patriot. It was good, sad but well done. They showed real footage to the movie footage. I guess I was surprised at how much the media/ FBI keeps from the public while watching this. Also saw Fences... while it was good, I would skip it if someone said "do you want to go and see it again"... hmm.. notsomuch! lol

    have a good Wed!

  4. Pleased that you had such a good evening...Trust you to wake up thinking about seems even in your sleep your mind still wants to figure things out !!!....I'm Sure come the weekend you will get that Alexa to obey your diary orders ! is amazing where the days go, I can't believe it that next week we will be into February, wherever has January gone ?......hope you sleep well I will say. Night night. God. bless. Xxx

  5. Before I retired from my full time job, I commuted 2 hours each day. I did this from 1983 until 2010. I listened to thousands of books on tapes and podcasts. It's a great way to spend a commute. Some of the books were for entertainment and some were educational.
    A fun thing to ask your computer is what flights are overhead. It will actually tell you what flights are in your area, the distance, angle. and altitude.


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