Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Morning Tales over Coffee

Here's the new mixing bowls George brought from his Mom's.  I love them.  Bright and cheery.  Now I need to mix something up.  lol 

I'm sitting here at 4:52 sipping some hot coffee and trying wake up.  Roger woke up at 3:00 and wanted down.  I woke George up b/c I can handle 4 or 4:30 taking the dog out as it is closer to people being up - but 3 a.m. going outside is a bit much w/o someone being there.  George took him out and let him get some water.  I think he was more thirsty than anything.  Tugie slept but wanted out at 4 when I got up.  So I'm a bit zonked this morning.  I went to sleep around 10 so that is really only 5 hours of sleep.  I prefer 7, to get through the day appropriately at least need 6.  Five or less means I'll have a rough day today - or those around me will for sure. lol  Just the way it is. No sleep = grouch.  Good luck everyone.  The good news is that I do not bite.  Growl but don't bite.  Coffee helps.  And I'll be hungry all day trying to make up for the sleep deprivation. 

Katy is feeling better, but all stuffy and the old bad cold thing going on now.  Her fever was going away.  It was a flu feeling for a couple of days - hit her all at once.  She had the flu shot.  But she is getting better.   She was able to get out with Cody yesterday and get soup at Panera and go get groceries.  So that is good news. 

After work I went to Kroger to get a birthday card for my niece and a gift card.  Then came home.  George went to his Mom's.  Then we had a huge salad with chicken tenders in it and a home made honey mustard.  I will say that these chicken tenders were from Walmart, and an off brand, and were pretty inexpensive.  But these smelled like fish.  Like I'm pretty sure they must have been fried in the same thing as fish.  They stunk.  They tasted like chicken but smelled like fish.  I quit eating mine half way through and just ate the salad.  We all made it thru the night with no sickness.  lol  But geez.  It looked like it was distributed by Simmons foods.  I'm not sure I can stand any more of that stuff.  
We still have a whole bag left.  Maybe if we plunge it in wing sauce or something.  lol  At least we know it's "good" as in non-bacterial but horrible as far as taste. 

I'm sorry I don't have anything exciting to talk about.  lol  But maybe that is a good thing. 

It does seem that life is starting to come alive.  George sent me an email yesterday that we were supposed to go to a new restaurant in Lebanon (the next city east of us, but in the same county) with Paul and Judy.  "Oh yeah" we did mention that last week.  I had made a mental note and went on about my work.  But I'm over 50 and have slept since then.  lol  So he reminded me yesterday.  That will be fun.  Hoping friends Cheryl and Joe can go too.  Cheryl and I have been playing Tropical Farmville together and I think she is addicted to it as much as I am.  She is almost caught up to my level.  And I've been playing a lot longer.  But hopefully we'll all get to go out this weekend. 

Lisa and Don had mentioned grabbing a beer at Black Abby, but perhaps we can do that Sunday.  

We have a shower to go to in Feb and Valentine's day - oops still haven't made reservations.  I need to get on with that.  A guitar show for George in March and some shopping for the girls in the same area and a dinner out in Franklin after.  A rehearsal dinner and wedding of our dear friend Dillon - which is Don and Lisa's son.  We are helping make and serve the food at the rehearsal dinner.  Our part is the potato salad and pasta salad, unless they decide to cater.  

And of course the vacation is in May in Tybee Island near Savannah.  So all these things seemed to jump out of the calendar.  And I think we are close to coming out of hibernation.  I know it's crazy.  About the time we try to come out of it, old man Winter will come knocking again, bringing frigid cold, maybe some snow and ice, and we will be wanting to huddle back up inside in a knot and forget the outside world. 

My books are beginning to scream loudly to me.  I've been away for so long.  I really want to find reading time but having a hard time putting down this game that really calms me.  It's strange.  It keeps my mind active, but yet it is relaxing to me.  Relaxing in the sense that anything that is bothering me - just flat goes away - b/c I don't have the mental gymnastics to be working on both problems at the same time.  buahahahaha.

I have a friend that is turning in her notice today.  I helped her come up with the words to give her written notice of termination, at lunch time yesterday.  She will be quitting today with no worked notice b/c she doesn't think her health can tolerate the 2 weeks more of mistreatment after giving notice. She is being made fun of and mistreated by her boss, and she caught her boss talking to other people about her and private information given at that.  I'm praying for her today and worry about the financial peace of it for her and the finding of another job.  I hope she can find something that she likes and find a good boss too.  I've heard that people leave companies b/c of their bosses, not just b/c of the work.  I read that also in a book "First break all the Rules".  It really makes the difference to have a good boss.  It affects your attitude for sure about your job based on how you are treated. I hate she is having to go through this.  

I'm trying to think of things on my mind or in my heart.  I guess this is about all I can share on this blog.  I'm really enjoying this Publix $2.00 coffee that was on sale.  Folgers.  We rarely get Folgers.  George has always been a Maxwell House person.  lol  I'm a Starbucks and Seattle's Best person.  lol  But this was a pretty good deal and it's just what I needed this morning.  

George had given me some coffee that was called Two Roast.  It is half coffee and half cocoa.  I didn't really care for it to be honest.  He likes it.  But it was not strong enough for me.  So I emptied it from the coffee container and bagged it and put the folgers in the coffee container.  (I have a stainless coffee container that has a good seal on it and keeps it fresh after I open a bag of coffee.)  I hate that I didn't care for it.  But hopefully he will use it some.  

Sadly as I sit here, I realize I'm getting all stuffy nose and starting not to feel too good.  I have sneezed for about two days.  I hope I am not getting the crud.  I've not been around Katy so I know she didn't give me that.  But...I've been in Kroger and Walmart and despite the use of hand sanitizer, probably have caught something.  My head is starting to hurt too.  Yikes. 

Well, I'm going to get off of here early so I can scoot on it to work.  I need to check in to the movies today.  George wants to see Star Wars.  I need to see the hours b/c I can't stay out late.  I need to go see this with him though.  He wants to see it.  He is always patient with me to watch what I want to watch.  But if it goes past 9:30 I'll be snoring in the theatre - for real. lol  I also will have to see if I can get tickets.  You can't purchase the buy one get one's (twofers) unless it's been at least 7 days.  I purchased them last week at lunch.  So I may not be able to get them until next week.  But I think can get them probably at lunch time or just after today.  We won't know til later if we can go.  Plus if I continue to go downhill and feel miserable, I know I won't be going.  So far this coffee is NOT unplugging my nostrils. 

Ya'll have a good day.  


  1. The bowls are beautiful. Perfect to mix with and make new memories. From what I understand half coffee and half cocoa is all the latest rage. Everyone I know is jumping on this bandwagon. I do not drink coffee so it doesn't work with tea?? Hope you do not get sicker. I've got it and have been up all night the past couple days.

  2. Yes, I do hope you feel better as the day progresses and not worse. It seems there is a lot of virus things going around right now. I am making sure to take my vitamins and eating oranges that are filled with vitamin C. You have some really nice things coming up on your calendar and have lots to look forward to. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  3. My Mom had some bowls like those. They were pretty much indestructible.
    I hope you are not coming down with a cold or worse. Take care, Monica

  4. I had two bowls like these I still have the one like the middle one, but don't know what happen to the blue one. I hope you get to feeling better. Take care. Jean

  5. Hope by now you are feeling a bit better, you don't need another cold when you've lots planned to be doing....hope you got the tickets for Star Wars and that it's not on too late that George will have to wake you up in the end.!!!...I do like these bowl such pretty colours, I'm sure you will enjoy using them, I hope they last a good while xxx

  6. Sounds like you stay pretty busy. I want to see Star Wars too.
    Best of luck to your friend. She will find something better I am sure. No boss should treat a employee like that.
    The bowls look a little like Rachael Rays. I love her bowls.

  7. Your bowls are pretty. I'd take the chicken tenders back to Walmart. I did that with chicken I'd gotten at a grocery store several years ago. I'm glad to have found your new blog. Stay well.


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