Saturday, January 28, 2017

Light Ghost, Audiobook, Beer and Weekend

Well, I had a "light visitor" this morning.  A happy man (perhaps a snow man) and his dog came to visit this morning - only for a few minutes.  Made me laugh and I'm so glad to have captured the pic. It does kinda favor my Mam-ma who promised that if God would let her, she would come visit me after she died.  That was my request - not hers.  She would never have suggested a thing to a child.  But when I was a child and realized that people could die.  I cried.  I did not want my grandmother (or any of my grandparents) to ever leave me.  It was consoling when she said she would come visit me, when I asked her if she would.  So if only God would let her come visit through the sunlight shining on my den wall - then at least she has done that.    This all made me smile this morning.  I had never noticed that before.  Of course, most likely it's just the sun shining through on the wood panels.  But, whatever it takes to bring a little smile.

Tugie had to get up at 5 this morning.  George actually took her out even though I'd had more sleep than he did.  He wanted me to sleep.  That was sweet.  Or perhaps he just wanted to sleep and not have to hear Tugie wanting to get up.  She started coughing and umphing and growling.  And Roger began pushing his feet against me in a consistent pattern until I moved.  Yes, he did!  It was like a heartbeat of feet for about a dozen times at consistent intervals until I stirred.  He was waking me up to take care of Tugie, but George was already getting up.  Once back in bed from being outside, I thought "now we can sleep" but no...she wanted breakfast and began growling again.  So I told George, "I'll just go ahead and get up".  I wanted to sleep an hour more.  But up I got!  I have started the laundry, and have played my game some (Tropical Farmville), and put some K-cups on the Walmart list that I saw on sale.  I realized too, that I had not seen the decaf k cups come in.  Or had they?  The tracking said they were delivered.  But where did I put them?  Did I take them to work?  I don't remember.  I really don't remember seeing them.  But I do so many things absentmindedly as just a task while thinking of other things.  So perhaps I put them in my work bag.  I needed some for both places (home and work).  A quick search around here did not bring any luck.  I need to make sure that I do a better job of checking the packing slip against the contents of the package.  Walmart has been so good and with all I've ordered on line, there is rarely a problem percentagewise.  So....I'm not inclined to say anything but put the blame on myself.  Either I've taken them to work, or I've set them aside somewhere to divvy up b/w home and work.  My house is fairly clean and organized so you'd think they'd be sitting around where I could see them.  lol I really don't think I took them to work.  I just don't remember getting them it all.  But I hate to complain to Walmart b/c it was Jan 6 when I supposedly got them.  :-O  

I have been listening to a wonderful audio book by Nora Roberts. It's a series of three shorter stories I think.  I'm on the first one.  It's quite good.  Making me not mind the commute (actually look forward to it).  Her audios are usually VERY compelling.  I'll be looking for more one day soon.  This one is a romance one but sortof mysterious.  It keeps you guessing.

So after I got home last night, George and I went to see his Mom.  She was in a good mood, but is having more difficulty working the 500 piece puzzles.  She says she is going down to 300.  She said she has been going to lunch and dinner.  And she seemed pretty bright.  She did have to ask about a family member's name that she could not remember.   She did remember that Katy had come to see her and that meant a lot to her.  It occurred to me that we should have names on each of her family members picture frames.  Or would that make her try less to remember and hurt her instead of helping b/c she wouldn't be exercising her brain?   I guess it wouldn't matter as the disease progresses forward no matter what.  

After that we went to the Mt. Juliet Beer Store b/c they had Blackstone there giving out samples of their beer, including some newer ones.  We bought a dark IPA which is very smooth and not very hoppy and even though it was dark, it reminded me some of the Black Kolsch they used to make.  

Blackstone is a brewery and a restaurant in Nashville, TN and we like their brews.  So we bought this one.  I liked their Pale Ale also.  

We then went to the store (again) as I needed a green pepper that I'd forgotten to get the night before.  While there we bought a huge Kroger supreme pizza for $4.99 for dinner.  However, the pizza was not one of my favorites.  Too much bread.  I ended up scraping off the toppings of most of it.  

We watched a movie last night too that I had put on the Netflix list.  It was a movie that had been filmed in Tybee Island, "The Last Song" and it has Miley Cyrus in it.  A Nicholas Sparks movie.  It was really VERY good.  However, we cried through the last 1/3 of the movie.  lol  Roger kept looking at me trying to figure out why little tears were spilling out.  Bless him.  He knew something was not right.  Both of us were wiping tears as the children, children of divorce, dealt with their Dad's cancer and his death in the movie.  The message was good and it was a good movie, but if I had known it was sad, I might have skipped it.  lol  Anyway, It was good. 

Sleeping was good last night as I was tired and it was after 10. 

Let's see...not a lot going on this weekend!  Of course laundry, cleaning, is on the list. 

I do want to try to figure out the Alexa calendar deal.  

I also want to work on my address book.  

I will be cooking some homemade meatballs and spaghetti and getting a sauce simmering up here in a few.  I have a recipe for a crock pot version.  

I need to log into my old Bookncoffee blogger stuff and make sure that I can still log in and haven't lost my old blogs.  

Want to do some reading and playing.  

But it's a free weekend and I'm really just going to enjoy it. 

Some talk of a snowy day tomorrow/tomorrow night.  We have lots of food in the house and yes we have milk and bread and beer and wine - buahhahahaha.   Gonna be sunny and 40's Monday so I am thinking it won't do much.'s almost February.  Time to be looking for some sandals.  I want some new Yellow Box flip flops that have blue in them.  I also want to find some other types of sandals too.  Nothing expensive but just some different ones.  Also probably need another bathing suit for Tybee so that I have two.  And can alternate as the other dries.  I don't want to spend a lot on it either but who am I kidding? 

Ok, I'm off to get started on this wonderful day.  I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee too!  
You all have a great weekend?  What all are you all doing?  


  1. They say my Nana rattles around upstairs in my parents house early in the morning or late at night like she used to before she passed. So anybody could have stopped by for a visit to see you in those shadows. I have never been big on audio books myself. Does Alexa play it for you????

  2. Shadows from the early light coming through the windows can make the imagination soar. Here the street light out front makes for plenty of them in my house. It's cold here and a little light snow. We won't go above freezing for a while...the long range weather shows temps in the 20's and 30's. Thoughts of wear sandals sounds wonderful and they mean warmth and sunshine. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one !

  3. I so pleased that you are having a restful day. It's good to just lounge about sometimes. I to have had a quiet restful day. I went to church this morning and came home to heat up a tin of soup, that's a very rare thing for me as I prefer to make my own soup but a tin was quick and easy.....I wrote a couple of letters that will be posted tomorrow, watch some TV played a few games and that was about it. I am shortly going to bed I sometimes think,the less I do the tireder I get !!...take care hope Tuggiemand Roger give you a rest tonight and let you sleep right through till waking up time...night night God Bless xx


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