Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday Pizza, to Be or Not to Be?

Not much time to blog two blogs this morning.  This one doesn't get much attention today.  

Not a lot to tell anyway.  My audio book is really good.  Gonna miss "The Longest Ride" when it's over.  I'm about out of audios.  Gonna have to start audible or something.  Or perhaps George and I can go to McKay's this weekend.  Or the library.  

Got my nails done last night.  Need to get toes done but trying to hold out for a bit on that.  We'll see.  
We are doing pizza tonight (I thought we were anyway) although George said last night we never agreed on what night to do pizza but he's been talking about this weigh in being over today and we have talked about for over a week that we can have pizza on Tuesday.  Now he says he didn't say Tuesday.  If not it was implied. If not, I did.   So I'm not sure if that means he's not wanting it tonight.  My guess is he has lunch out today and won't be that hungry for dinner.  I don't care, it was something we planned on for tonight and whether we go or not it doesn't really matter.  It's supposed to be a fun thing to eat pizza so by all means if tonight is no good for a fun time out for pizza then let's sit home on butts and play Tropical Farmville then and watch TV and eat tuna fish.  I can play that game too!  buahahahahaah!  Doesn't matter to me.  It shocks me sometimes to talk about something for two weeks and when it gets here someone declares that is not what we've talked about for two weeks.  Hellllooooo. I was there for the conversation.  In the emails we specifically said Tuesday!  But if it fares well, we can act like we didn't say it - which is what I think is happening to get out of it or not spend the money! I really don't care!  But it IS ok to just say "tonight is not as good as we had discussed, let's change it" as opposed to "we never did say tonight" (when we did).  

Technicalities.  Who cares really.  I guess I do.  I take things for face value.  If you don't mean it don't say it?  Oh well.  People's minds are different.  I guess to one person Tuesday means Tuesday, and to another perhaps Tuesday just marks the beginning of not having weigh ins anymore.   lol

Well, off to work and we'll see if there is to be pizza or no pizza.  

Monday, February 27, 2017

Southern Bridal Shower, the Way They Should Be!

Here is our bridal shower girl, opening one of the gifts that I gave her from her bridal registry.  
We really had a nice time and as you will see below, there was NO shortage of food.  And THIS is how a Southern Bridal Shower, should be.  My friend Lisa, knows how to throw a party.  And she knows all her "foodie" friends won't mind helping.  ;-)  All came together and you can see the success below. Here's how it went.  I told them I'd take pics of all the decor and food and the pets, and I left the people pics to everyone else. 

Always a beautiful table setting!

Flowers just brighten the soul.  You all KNOW how I LOVE flowers, and missed not getting them at Valentine's, lol. 

So appropriately fitting that St. Patrick's day approaches, but our bride to be is about to marry into a family with a very Irish name, so the decor played well!

This was a cake made with spinach and garbanzo beans - it did NOT have eggs in it.  This was for the vegan crowd.

Lemon pound cake, which had strawberries along side it eventually. 

Elegant plates and napkins.

And those truffles - oh my and the cookies were apple, cinnamon, spice or something like that.  None of these seemed to have much sugar in them and tasted wonderful.

And the Almond pound cake.  Oh my it was wonderful and juicy and had a glaze over it.

The pasta salad was excellent.  Italian dressing based with pepperoni (might have been salami), and lots of veggies.

One of my personal favorite's....Lisa's Mom made banana pudding!

Don, Lisa's husband, makes an awesome salsa.  We always depend on it being at any event at their house and we love it so!  We would be disappointed if not there.  This is the dish we hit long before getting plates and hitting the rest.

Two people made dressed eggs.  And I believe all of them were devoured.

Here's my punch.  For an elegant punch with bubbles, make 1 part White Grape Juice and 1 part Ginger Ale.  It's a great way for churches to have a champagne non-alcholic "look alike" for a festive event like a bridal shower or reception.  I learned that from a friend at church in Gallatin.  lol  Here is my Nanny's (my Mom's Mom) antique punch bowl and cups.

Friend Cheryl, brought some wicked sliders.  Oh my gosh they were good!  

Lots of gifts!

And Standard Poodle, GiGi, who soaked up attention from the little girls and anyone who would give it. 

And sweet Lisa, who is the mother in law to be, who hosted the event at her house.  Lisa inspires me so much.  Her ideas, her creativity, but most of all, she is a good friend to all.  And so good to Amber, who is joining the family.  We are so excited.  The wedding is in a month.  And my task is to make a Pasta Salad for the Rehearsal event and we get to go and eat with them and then we have promised to be available the day of the wedding as well for whatever needed.  I have asked off for that Friday as that will give me time to prep the pasta salad and can get it out there before hand and can help where needed.  They are catering much of it.  So there won't be a lot to do I don't think as far as food prep and serving.  But we are offering ourselves where needed.  I'll never forget Lisa helping us at our house at the "after party" of Katy's wedding.  Lisa bagged food for the freezer that we had left over from the wedding - insisting I go be with friends and family.  That's who she is.  And I want to return the favor.

Fun Day had by all!

We stayed after and hung out with the crew.  Lisa fixed a pot of coffee and we watched the Hollywood types come down the red carpet and gave our opinion on the dresses.  lol

The guys had gone out for a brewski while the girls showered for the bride and they had come back to join us.

We left about 7:30 or so and took Katy home and said hi to Cody who also had just gotten home from spending a day with his parents.

We got home after 8 and the doggies were crossing their legs and hungry.

I played the game and headed to bed.  Although it was 10:30 for me.  I didn't go til I got sleepy.  We've slept in the last two days.  I think if I were to be home all the time, I'd probably sleep from 10 or 10:30 til about 7:00 or 7:30, lol.  That would be my natural rythem, but...no up and at 'em at 4:10 when the alarm goes off - maybe a snooze or two but by 4:30 for sure I need to be up ad going if I'm doing a blog entry, packing lunch, and making the hour long drive in.

Yee ha, another start to the week.

George is off his diet Tuesday and our plan is to have pizza that night, as we've both missed it.

Ya'll have a great day!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Stuffed Chicken and Home Time

George is cooking up something good for dinner!  Came through the kitchen and thought it was picture worthy!  

He's ground up some herbs too it looks like.

Today my Rodan and Fields regimen showed up.  I promised my sister I'd try it.  

Today has been special.  A much needed day.  Just a day to do whatever.  No list.  No rush.

Got to sleep in today - to 7:30!  Do you realize how special that is?  And how healthy that is?  Of course I was up past 10 but normally I have to get up at 4 ish.  I did wake up around 1 and was like "how much time til 4?"  And I smiled realizing that it was Saturday and the alarm would not be sounding.

I think I awoke again around 5 as George got up for a small wee business call.  (lol) And I again thought about the fact that it felt so good to sleep.  I was dreaming again.  Can't remember all of it.  But always in my dreams these days I've traveled somewhere, and in service to others around me, helping the situation, trying to make things better.  I don't know what these dreams are all about.  But whatever the prophecy, I'm always brave, pulling through in times of adversity.  Me the one afraid of everything.  lol These dreams make me feel like the world is my home - anywhere out there.  I suppose my spirit is like that.  But the irony is, that I love being shut up in my home - being here, in a calm world, just George, the dogs, and just us - doing our thing.

There is so much that one can do here and I can only just touch the tip of the ice berg entertaining myself.  It brings such glee to have a day spread before me.  I can clean, do laundry, prep for the next week, eat, plan, play, watch missed shows, download graphics, cook, blog.

And if I were here all the time and not working, I could:

*Download graphics and make graphics
*Download some photos I need to save
*Write that book or two or three or eleven
*Spend more time hugging the doggies
*Cook more and experiment
*Do more craft projects
*Learn to knit
*Learn to sew
*Do some woodwork crafting
*Redo furniture
*Take up glass etching
*Listen to more music
*Make art designs with broken pottery
*Make homemade bread
*Host an in home bible study
*Volunteer somewhere
*Shop for deals
*Prep for a huge yard sale
*Make things to sell - like soap, jewelry, etc.
*Watch more shows on TV
*Play more games
*Work puzzles
*Clean my windows

Oh so many things!  I would make use of my time.  But Saturdays at home are wonderful b/c the day is open and free and while there is no time for all of the above, I do get to at least have a few minutes to dream and play.

Today I did very little laundry as I'd done a little bit during the week.  But I folded several loads and did the ironing, while listening to Alexa read my book "Someday soon".  I unplugged her and took her to the kitchen and cleaned up, and washed some dishes.  I unplugged her and took her to the bathroom and colored my hair and she did the timer for me for 30 minutes and continued to read my book for me.  I've often had to start her for the first time by using my Alexa app on my phone, finding "Books and reading" and selecting "Kindle" and then selecting "Someday Soon" (my book).  But she always resumes, unless too much time has passed and she has forgotten that mode.  However, today I tried "Alexa, open books and reading - which is how she is programmed.  It's one of the sections of her phone app.  And she said "resuming reading of Someday Soon, the last book accessed on your kindle app".  Yeahhhhhhh!  Good job Alexa.

George doesn't know it yet but I ordered a purse, some Yellow Box flip flops, and a pair of seat belt softies (covers).  It was all for Thirty Dollars and something.  I didn't think that was too bad.  lol
I hope the purse is big enough.  It may be too small.  If it is I'll return it.  But I'm hoping it will work.  With it being so cheap, I'm skeptical. It's a canvas bag.  I suppose I could carry less, but I'm accustomed to having billfold, sunglasses, a little bag with a mini eye glasses cleaner, and cloth, a mini bottle of hand sanitizer, lipstick, my little black/white plaid pill box, Dentyne gum, an ink pen, a pretty big set of keys, and I'm sure I'm missing something important.   But I have to carry all that without it looking like a huge duffel bag poking out at the sides.  lol

Well, I think George is waiting on me to watch a show.  We just had dinner. And yes it was delish.
Tomorrow a shower at Lisa's, for their son and his fiance.  So happy for them.  Wedding a month away.  The punch is ready to go and the gifts were wrapped today.  And looking forward to seeing such good almost life long friends.  We will stop and get Katy on the way.  All the guys are going to hang elsewhere in the neighborhood.  Probably will hit up some craft beer somewhere in the area.  I think the girls will do a drop off and a pick up so they won't be driving.  lol

Ya'll have a good evening and a good Sunday.  Might be Monday before I post again.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Sun Dog, Floral Essential Oils, Cold Noodle

Left work as the sun was going down yesterday.  You can barely see a sun dog in the sky going down as well to the right of the sun.  It was more visible to me personally than through the camera lens.  I noticed the sun dog several times and there was one on the other side too, which I noticed on Briley Parkway going home.  I read a book once that said a "sun dog" was the sign of changes.  It was a fiction book though.  But based on my research, about the only thing that it has to do with change is changes in the weather - usually a sign of rain to come.  And it is coming.  I guess you say that about anything.  Life changes all the time. So does the weather - here anyway!

My floral essential oils came in. They ALL smell good.  And while my desire was the rose, I think I'm going to enjoy them all.  The rose reminds me of Mam-ma who had lotion that smelled of Rose in her bathroom.  And much to my surprise, "Violet" was in the mix.  "Violet" was my other grandmother's name.  And it smells good too.  They all do.  There is Gardenia, Plumeria, Jasmine, and Lilac.  

Here is the packaging.  All very nice.  I had read the reviews on these and they were excellent and by a lot of people.  I'm so excited!  We had the rose going last night and I'll do Violet oil tonight.

I was so glad to get home yesterday.  For whatever reason, I don't know, the day just seemed very long.  It seems like all we do is either work or be on the road somewhere in traffic.  The days are long and the nights so short. 

George fixed "cold noodle" last night with lots of veggies.  

The noodles (some of them) were "green tea" noodles.

We had egg rolls and soup with it.  And hot tea.  The tea was "White Tea". All very good. 

I did not get much done last night.  I just felt very strongly about goofing off.  I got up to do laundry and didn't get far into when dinner was done.  Rebooted, not folded, oh well but I'm glad we ate earlier for a change and not at bed time.  lol 

Sleep was nice.  Slept good.  Dreamed there were tornado warnings.  I think I dreamed a lot of things, but I can't remember them now.  But I got up at the first alarm.  

I'd like to go in early and get off early today.  Get her done.  Get home and get started on the weekend.  I think we have tomorrow free which is wonderful!  Shower not til Sunday.  

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Storms, DNA, DQ, and Thor for Thursdays

This graphic has always kinda reminded me of spring and the thunderstorms that often accompany the season.  Have been really surprised that we have not had any so far with the weather changing back and forth.  I know when I was growing up, there just wasn't much talk of tornadoes or hurricanes.  I mainly heard about them from school.  But one day while I was in elementary school, there was a tornado that came through and flipped a trailer over into a ditch in my town and also did some damage across town.  That really got my attention.  I wanted to understand about something so powerful and dangerous.  And that sparked my first interest in weather.

It seemed about that time that my Mom also was showing signs of being afraid of "certain" storms with big wind speeds.  I began checking out books in our school library on hurricanes and tornadoes.  I was overwhelmed at the imagination of what a tornado a mile wide would be like.  Just horrified that something like that could exist.  It was like I had realized there could be a real live monster come through and no one knew where it would tear through.  I felt like you could not hide from it.

As the news and radios became more prevalent with the transistors and such.  I'd hear weather warnings and would pace from window to window watching the skies.  My father saw that I was worried every time it stormed.  He tried to tell me not to worry but just to pray.  Still I was terrified even though back then, we rarely heard of one in our area.

About the time I went to college, it seemed that the storms that came through started to get more fierce.  Some people say it was because the forecasters got better and we heard about them more, others say that tornado alley has shifted east.  Whatever the reason, I can say with certainty that over the period of my own life, I see more severe storms WHERE I AM way more often at this point in my life than I ever did as a kid.  Most of the storms for the first 20 years of my life were thunder and lightening and rains and not a lot of wind, and most of the time gently rolled off, leaving gentle rains behind for a while.  As time passed they seemed to be more intense.

I will say that since we've been in MJ Town it seems like there are fewer of them than in G Town.  It seems that the last 5-8 years or so have been almost as calm as when I was a child.  And for this I'm grateful.

My fear of storms have been probably my biggest real fear.  I'm usually ok if I'm inside now and in a fairly protected area.  I am NOT ok if I'm in a car.  I will freak out to find shelter.  Matter of fact, I usually won't drive through a storm and I will alter my drive to and from work if it means driving through a bad storm.

The above graphic, is what it looks like when one of these storms is in the distance.  I really think it looks more like the back side of a storm after it's passed.  And seeing this pic just reminds me of my fear.  That lonely house that was in harms way.  And typically it has been thought that flatter land was more conducive to tornado development, so as I have passed houses all my life, I have thought "ewww I'd hate to live there, it's too flat".  My looking at a house has a different element to it than most folks.  My first thought is "is it conducive to tornadoes and would I feel safe?".

This house has a basement.  I call it my "hidey hole".  I've only used it a couple of times.  We've been here since 2008.  I hope that I continue NOT to need it.  I've just asked Alexa our weather for today and tomorrow and we DO have storms in the forecast for tomorrow.

Funny how just one graphic can spawn a blog entry.  lol  As long as no tornadoes are spawn, we are good.

The seminar was really good yesterday.  But I left the house at 7 and didn't get there til 8:20.  Apparently now there is a swab that you can swab of your check to get DNA and then you get a report that you keep in your phone.  I guess there is app for that, and it tells you what meds your body is able to break down/absorb and which ones are dangerous for your chemical make up.  This is amazing.  Illuminates emergency room visits and issues and extra $ and reduces the costs of trial and error.  Good for everyone I would think.  One can take control of their own medical issues by showing the doc, here is my DNA and the meds I can have.  That is just cool!  

The seminar also talked about the changes in the OSHA Drug Testing rules.  Employers are going to have to remove the "blanket" testing to only test if the injury could have been likely the cause of the injury. So if someone reaches into a box at a work site and is bitten by a spider, that is not going to be because of any drug.  So in that case you would not be able to test.  If someone lifted something heavy and caused a strain injury, or had done repetitive motion - those types of things are considered by OSHA not to have been caused by a drug or alcohol issue.  Companies will have to reset their protocols with their drug testing providers to remove any blanket testing.

While there I got the text from Mom that the car was in the shop (nearby a few miles away) and that she and Barbara (her friend) were at the dealership waiting to come by and get them and she'd buy our lunch.  I hated that they had to wait for me but they knew I had my seminar.  I had told Mom when I realized she was taking the car in, that if they kept it overnight, since I was already in that area, I could take her home if needed. But thank goodness they didn't need to keep it overnight.  I know when we leave our cars it is sometimes two or three days before we get it back - b/c the ones we use are "reasonable" in price and they are very good and very popular.  So I picked them up and we went to Red Lobster and had a nice meal and Mom bought lunch and it was sooo good.  Then I took them back to the Hyundai place and I headed back to work.

After work, came home and folded two nights of laundry (two loads of towels) and then washed more clothes.  And then washed all the cups that goes with Nanny Voss' antique punch bowl set.  I checked and got out the paper and bags to wrap bridal gifts with.  I needed to make sure I had what I needed.  I do, so I'll wrap tonight.  Just getting ready for the shower this weekend - on Sunday.

George laid a DQ coupon mailer in my desk chair yesterday.  They are knew and are now open.  They are on the way to work on my right which is NOT a good thing.  There is a sausage biscuit two pack for $1.99, a 99 cent blizzard (oh dear) and a few other coupons.  I will not of course, get a blizzard for breakfast, lol.  But - I fear this place will be seen way too often.  I used to get Heath Bar blizzards back in the day!  I think they have a pretty good burgah too!

I guess I should just rename them Bad News Bessie, b/c I've lost all hope of losing weight b/w the temptations of DQ and Culvers.  George's weight loss program ends Tuesday.  I told him of my craving for pizza and we will have pizza on Tuesday.  lol  He came home and said "Darn You, I thought about pizza all day".  It was the way I described the pineapple and ham melted into the cheese, and the pepperoni baked into the tomato sauce and mozzarella. lol   Sorrrrrrry!  So now we get pizza on Tuesday though.

Well, I'm off of here so I can get into work.  Only one blog today as I snoozed about 3 times this morning.  I went to bed about 30 min late last night.

I was excited yesterday was Wednesday and not Tuesday but I'm a little bummed that today is Thursday and not Friday.  I guess I thought a little too much about the weekend coming up and that made things slow down a bit.  All in all the week is going by fast.  I need to get a few things done today and I'll be in good shape going into March which will be a VERY busy month for me all the way around.  It's just amazing that two months of this year are already almost gone.  We'll be doing Christmas again before you know it.

Well, gotta go!  Still in the 70's today and a lunch plan to eat out today.  Probably eat in tomorrow since I've been eating out the last couple of days.  Eww storms tomorrow too.  Yep - eat in.

Have a great Thursday - and oh, Alexa says Thursday means "Thor" which means "Thunder".  Thursday is named after the God of Thor, she says.  I suppose that was a Greek Myth Character of some sort.  Haven't had time to research.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mutterings on a Wednesday Morning.

Isn't this beautiful?  Being me though, I can't help but think that walking through this beautiful garden, I would be chased by bees all the way through it.  lol I always manage to see the "realist" side.  But it is pretty!  At least I saw that side first.   lol

So yesterday was fine once it got going.  I had such a feeling of dread leaving the house as if something were going to happen.  I really just wanted and needed to be home to do things yesterday but of course all was well.  I think those feelings were stemming from some other things I've been thinking through lately about getting older, (see yesterday's post).  But when you boil down to it, I think I really just needed down time but of course I did not take it b/c I'm responsible.  I feel the need to plan such days.  Only if I'm physically too miserable to sit at my desk would I call in.  Well, I take that back.  At the envelope plant, about three times over the 15 years I was there (especially the last 3 to 5 years I was there), I felt the need to call in and I would work from home just to get caught up.  There was just way too much I had to keep up with and do.  And when it got to be too much and would not let up I'd just work from home and call in sick so I could have uninterrupted time to do my work.   I would turn on music, line it up across the floor in piles, all the projects and then knock them out over about 10 hours, and do laundry in between.  And go to work the next day feeling much better and more productive.  Now that was dedication.  lol  It was really only to find some peace b/c of all the interruptions so I could focus.  I guess it truly was a mental health day so as not to be a lie.   But to say I was working from home would have caused all kinds of issues with everyone around me who didn't have the opportunity to do that so I just called in sick and saved everybody the effort. There are always those sensitive types (everywhere) that have to cause issue and I just handled it without all the drama.  lol  If I were to work from home, one thing about me is that I'm disciplined.  I could do it.  I would love it actually but it would probably not be good in some ways as I think I need that outside stimuli even if I said I didn't.  I think I'd need to be able to have interaction with others. 

Well, anyway the day got on and got better.  And went fast. And today I have a seminar to go to which is a half day.  And after that I'll go back to work OR I may have to take Mom home to Columbia if she has to leave her car at the shop today which will be near where I am.  She is supposed to text me.  I've let everyone know this is a possibility.  My sister has been taking care of doc appointments lately so I offered to do this since she will be close to where I am.  

Anyway, I need to go so I can get on the road.  The traffic is horendous going that way. 
And it appears that Waze gives more bluetooth support now so I've changed a setting in my phone and I hope I can "hear" the instructions.  If not I'll have to disconnect blue tooth I guess b/c I need for the woman to talk! 

Well, ya'll have a great day! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Three Reasons I'm in a Weird Mood

The coffee is really good this morning.  We are on to a different brand.  Peet's.  The one that neither of us knew where it came from.  I actually think I DID buy it one day at Publix and had forgotten.
Anyway it is better than some of the other stuff we've had recently.  We have Starbucks after this one.  So by April we will need more.  George said he is going to use his Starbuck's cards to buy more bagged coffee.

I woke up in a weird mood this morning.  I think there are three reasons I'm in a weird mood.  Weird meaning that I just dread getting out today.

1.  My instincts want me to stay home, and get stuff done here.  But with responsibility to work, I can't just do that.  Although I'm itching now for a day off.  Just desperately needing some down time when there is no where to be.  I was gone much of the weekend and now I'm feeling it.  It's sad but family does indeed take a back seat when one works.  You can't just give priority to the home and tell work, sorry gotta do spring cleaning today.  Well unless you plan a vacay day.  lol

I am in one of those "robot phases" where here is what happens and not much else:

Get up, fix coffee, shower, blog, make up & hair, pack lunch, hurry out the door
Drive 45 to an hour to work (listen to audio book to be productive in some sense)
Drive 45 to an hour home (either call Mom or listen to audio)
Run errand if needed
Laundry & Unpack lunch box, phone, etc.
Play Tropical Farmville to relax & transition
Eat & Maybe watch a show if there is that much time
Take Dogs out
Alarm goes off and start all over

There is rarely any time to do anything.  I want to do some things that matter to me.  Don't I matter?  Yes, I matter.  Sonya matters!  lol  But only if I have time to matter.  I can't get anything done around here.

Even the weekends have their routine and it's hard to break getting anything done outside of it.  I suppose I do this every year in spells and I'm having one of my spells for sure.  lol

We had some really good weather yesterday.  It was in the 70's.  I think it's close to 70's today.
It's been nice that our winter has been so mild.  We'll pay for it with the fleas and ticks though. This weather, could be enhancing my weirdness.  lol

2.  Another reason I'm in a weird mood is that my muscles and joints have been weird.  I suppose I also go through this about this time of year too.  Most likely a decrease in Vitamin D due to lack of getting much sun.  And a double issue with not getting much exercise.  When I try to exercise in the house my muscles and joints are so upset with me.  I mean beyond the normal soreness into just down right problems for days with whatever muscle has been tormented.  I also have had consistent lower back pain, but I think it is all getting better.  I need to remember to add in an extra Vitamin D pill perhaps every other day.  Maybe even every day but I don't want to shock my system, especially if that is NOT the problem.

3.  Because of number 2, I've been going through this week just a bit depressed about getting old.  Normally I consider it just a part of my life and go on but this week, for some reason, I'm just really reminded that I'm getting old.  We are all getting old around me too - George and Tugie too.  Life is spinning along too fast and it's painfully obvious that we are headed on the downside of the roller coaster.  The kid is gone and I feel like my body is 20 years older than what it should be and wonder when we have grandkids am I going to be healthy enough to keep up with them, to babysit, or am I going to need to be baby sat by then?  We didn't have Katy til I was 29 (turned 30 just days after her birth) so we were old already when she was born.  Are we going to be active enough for grand kids by the time we have any?  This is not an urge to Katy to hurry up by the way.  lol  I want her and Cody to enjoy time together first.  I think that is important.  And I look at our Tugie and know that her days are numbered too and I could blubber like a big whale.  She can't hear me at all.

It's ok, I'll be happy again, perhaps even today, but for right now, I'm just all wanting to be here, to be home today, to enjoy it, to fluff it up, do projects, cook, be homey.  But NO, my responsibility in me calls and off to work I go.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Shopping Day

Had a nice little day of shopping, kicked off by a burger at Culver's.   I haven't even dabbled at all the other food they have, but go ahead click on the link and look at their custard ice cream.  Oh my.  I will have to try their cheese curds as well.  I just don't want the thighs/hips/butt to get any bigger so there has to be a few months b/w each trip!  lol But oh my that Burgah was good.  And the funny part was getting a number through the drive through.  lol lol lol 

One thing I missed yesterday was having Katy by my side.  So many trips shopping in Providence, meals with my daughter, and shopping.  It is true though that mostly those shopping trips were for her.  Usually I DID have to go back later for my own shopping needs where I could take my time.  But I missed her yesterday.  It was a little lonely.  But I was not going to drag George out for the long haul.  

I left out at Noon, went through Culver's drive through and sat in parking lot and ate it, as did a lot of folks I saw. lol  Oh my it was gooooood.  And then on to Target to get wedding gift.  I was impressed with Target's repositioning of items.  They have things displayed more like a boutique shop, kinda like Charming Charlies in a way.  Their bridal registry was broken and I had to use my phone but at least that worked.  Then when I got home I had to go in and tell the computer those items were purchased.  You have to enter the receipt number.

Then I went down the row of shops - TJ Maxx, Ross, and Penny's.  I bought a few things at TJ Maxx and Ross, but Penny's was a mess.  I do not like their lay out nor their clothes anymore.  They have cheapened it and messed it all up.  You can't get through the racks.  They don't seem to be moving the clothes so their sale racks stay up and junked up and no wonder b/c the clothes are things no one wants.  Let me do the buying - I'm move you some clothes!  Now I'm talking for my size group.  The young ones may be happy with it but my department, once provided some good work clothes and some quality "out for the day" items to knock around in.  Now it's just all cheap and flashy clothes like you'd see on a downtown subway with a backdrop of graffiti in the distance.  No thank you. 

But I did buy a couple of short sleeve, well made Tees and a sweater at Ross and I bought another top and a pair of long gym pants at TJ Maxx.  Then I went to Belk to look at their flip flops.  But I decided that I would wait on those.  I want a pair with blue in them but just not sure which pair I want.  I think I can order those on the internet as well.  I figured I'd done enough damage.  The past week was expensive as it was.  Valentine's, out on the town this weekend, my online shopping with Walmart (which now you get free shipping over $35 and get in two days so I'll have more frequent orders), and my "flowers" essential oils, and then the wedding gifts and my purchases yesterday.  

However, I did sale shopping and the tops were along the lines of $5.99 each.  The sweater was around $24.99 I think but was a really nice brand and the gym pants $16.99 not so much of a sale for gym pants but I needed long ones and these are perfect to run around the house in and - I would venture out to the store in them with a long top!  So not too bad but I did not want to push it.  George had said earlier in the month, that the month would be tight.  

I offset it by not buying much at the store.  I didn't even look at the meat with the exception of buying salmon filets for dinner.   We have a freezer full of food, and a full pantry so I just bought some fresh items, mainly salad kits (which I buy to eat at work for lunch b/c I don't have to build a salad at home).  And I bought some green and red peppers to cook with and/or eat salads with.  I really like cooking eggs up with green pepper in them and adding tomato on top but...I didn't get any tomatoes this time.  Maybe next week.  There is a brand I like to get in the winter that are not too bad.  Only spent $45 at the store.  But I totally forgot to get the punch.  I realized I didn't know how many would be there anyway so I'll stop and get it all one night this week.  

I came home around 4.  Yes I was gone 4 hours.  But I had eating, shopping in 5 stores, two of which included dressing room time and standing in line to buy items.  Yes it was busy with a lot of folks out.  Seemed like Christmas.  I also noticed the last few times out that there was more of a melting pot around here than I remember.  There used to just be all of us "red necks" out here in MJ Town but there were women with the head dresses on, Indian men, Mexicans.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time, going for whatever items they needed.  I thought to myself, how much it had changed in just a few years.  I rarely get out and shop much anymore, doing much of it on line, so it's interesting to see who all our "neighbors" are now.  Since our borders are open and people are working without having to become citizens and becoming part of society illegally but allowed to, I guess more and more have poured in.  It is quite obvious to me that this has happened in the last 8 years.  And hear me now, when we go to retire (if we ever get to) when we apply for our social security (if we still have it then) they'll tell us, "I'm sorry you can't draw it, b/c you are still working".  "What?"  "Yes, it shows you working in several states".  Our identities will be stolen and it's going to be a mess.  The government getting employment taxes of course on all of these folks.  I've said all along, no wonder there is no fixing of this issue - it brings in too much income.   Sorry, off my high horse but...I am fearful of our country's sake and any retirement income from the government, and I'll leave it at that.  

Once home at 4, as I was saying, George left to go to his Mom's.  He likes for someone to be there for the doggies, so he tries to wait til I get home to leave.  I don't really like to be rushed so I always tell him, just go on if I'm not home when you want to leave.  He always takes Roger.  

So Tugie and I stayed and hung out.  Bless her, she cannot hear me at all now so I'm having to try to teach her some sign language.  She has "come on" down, when I wave my palm up in the air toward me, she knows to come.  She looks at my face a lot to try to read me and she wants to be in my lap more now.  A few months ago she didn't want to be a lap dog anymore but just own her own, so this is all new in the last few weeks.

I had ordered some K-cups from Walmart and got those in this last week or so.  They did not come as ordered, nor as packaged.  I didn't order one with a lot of flavors in it but this one came with both reg coffee and flavors.  I am not complaining to return them but I will go in and comment "not as advertised".  I want to try a few first and see if I like it b/c if it is good coffee I want to put that in there.  It came in a big white box with no advertising on it.  That was one thing that was different.  It had 98 k cups in it and I think they were about 38 cents a piece.  So this weekend I found a basket to put some of them in so we can use them.  I'll be moving this to a different part of the shelve though as more of a "feed in" bin to the rack below.  But anyway, I have them out as an option for now.  

While at Walmart last week for something, I bought a basket I liked for the kitchen.  I'll put garlic, potatoes, and onions in it.  I have a wooden bowl I've been using but this takes up less room.  George's sauces and vinegars are taking up so much room on the counter that this skinnier basket gives us more room.

He is also making some plum brandy and it's fermenting on the counter.  lol 

Here is our kitchen counter.  lol   What to do???  

Well, what a busy little weekend we had.  Gone both days so little accomplished in the house and certainly not on projects.  It occurs to me that I may need to take a vacation day soon, but I hate to yet.  I need to make sure I have accumulated enough for Tybee.  And I'm quite sure I'm probably going to have to take the day off to cook for the rehearsal dinner for Dillon and Amber.  There will be a lot going on and I'm hoping not to have to travel for work that week.  If so I'll have to be back by Thurs and for sure would have to have Fri off.  It'll all work out.  I'm not too worried about it, mainly just want to make sure I've accrued the time already, as I probably didn't have much vacation to roll over this year.  I need to look and see.  I think I already took a vacation or two this week for the surgery, unless they just gave it to me.  Technically for a salaried person a sick day paid already.  But I think I turned in vacation day for at least one of those days b/c I was going to be off already and I wasn't seeking to just get free pay.  Of course salaried doesn't get overtime pay for those hours over 40.  It always works in the wash.  But I do need to check vacation.  If I can squeeze a day out, I will.  I could use a "me" day to get some things done that I want to do that I cannot get done on the weekends.

Well I better go and quit ramblin on.  Gotta get make up on, pack lunch and head out.  Ya'll have a great day!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dobro, Night Out on the Town, and Essential Oils

Here is one of the things that George bought from the Epiphone sale, the dobro.  I actually like it.  It's easier to play than using fingers for chords.  I looked at a beginner You Tube video today and began learning chords.  So...maybe I'll pick up yet a new hobby.  lol  I enjoyed playing with it.  But I fell in love with it's look, long before I ever touched it.  Of course George picks it up and already he sounds like he could join Vince Gill on stage on Monday nights, with the Time Jumpers.  lol  

We had a nice evening out yesterday with my SIL and BIL.  We were going to the Patterson House but they were closed so we went to Tavern and got a beer on Tap, mine was Chicken Scratch brewed by Little Harpeth Brewery.   It's one of my favorites.   Tavern, is a hipster type of place.  Waayy cooler, hipper, and quite the young crowd.  Although there was a couple of folks older than us in there.  More than likely, the Vanderbilt, college age crowd can be found there.   But we came here once on a foodie tour and they do have good food.  We weren't eating though and didn't even get an appetizer so we could save up our appetite for dinner. 

When coming out of the Tavern I noticed BLOOMS!  Appears that stray pops of spring are showing up due to our mild weather.  Normally we only see buttercups in February.  Sorry stray people that walked into the photo just as I was shooting.  

So we went to Chauhan Ale and Masala House for dinner.   I did not take pics of the food this time, but we did get the Naan Bread appetizer and Chutneys.  It was all very good.  I had lamb and spinach.  

You can actually see my dish in front of me though, it's green!  lol  

Here is my BIL, Kevin and SIL, Susan.  You can see the "Indian movies" playing in the background.

After dinner, we headed to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and saw the Temptations.   

Here was looking out from the balcony at the Schermerhorn - a beautiful night.  I am wondering though what those lights were up there at the top of the photo.  Three little lights one on each side of the photo. 

Here is inside the symphony center.  Our seats were balcony seats and at the back.  You can look across the way and see what the single line of balcony seats looks like.  We really prefer these.  You have a more private and easy to get to entrance.  We don't prefer the back as much though, but we could still see fine.  Usually George and I try to get more up front.  Sometimes we get behind the stage, as it's really interesting to see what all goes on from behind.  

This is not a very good shot.  I'm sorry but the iphone camera just doesn't do as good for concert pics.  And I usually don't take any of the other cameras. 

They had silver sparkly jackets on - although it looks white here.  They were very good.  I will have to say that the acoustics was not as good as it usually is here.  And they didn't play but an hour and 15.  Usually you get at least 1.5 to two hours.  I think I can say it was the shortest concert I've ever been to.  George said they were older dudes and needed sleep.  Well, I did too, so I can understand that. 

But sleep was good and up this morning and grinding coffee,  I was thinking we only had one bag of coffee left.  And that I would need to order one.  But we had this show up in the cabinet.  Neither of us remember buying it.  Neither of us remember giving it to each other for Christmas.  lol  But I ground it up and it's ready to go for the next week.  It might have been a weak moment I had in Publix and it might have been on sale.  But as a rule I only buy coffee on line unless it's a gift.  But if it was a really good price, I could have absent mindedly tossed it in the buggy. 

Either that, somebody gave it to one of us and we don't remember, or we have a ghost doing our shopping now.  Which is fine with me.  Hopefully I can go to the cabinet and see some more things show up.   lol

Well, somehow I've managed to get a few things done.  Mainly just the normal - lots of washing, ironing for next week, on line ordering, listening to the book through Alexa, and grinding up coffee beans for the next couple of weeks, cleaning the bathroom, changing the sheets.  Still need to vacuum, do a devo, and always hoping to touch either a desk project or special household project but either of those are hard to get to do if we have any sort of activity on the weekend.  So it rides on until whenever.

Today I must go out and get a wedding gift, and I plan to hit a few other stores in search for sandals, purses, and sale items - then I'll hit the grocery on the way back.

George is already trying to fill up my day as he's wanting me to get the car washed too.  I think that will have to be on another day b/c it's on the opposite side of the road and a bad place to try to turn into from the other side.  I'll have groceries in the car on the way back on that side of the road.  But maybe tomorrow after work.  If they are still open when I get off.  I think they close at dark and it's usually dark by the time I get home.  Anyway, I've enough to do today.

We are going to have salmon tonight or something from the store.  If not salmon looking good or too expensive, I'll get something else.

Well, I need to get off of here and get started on my day.  George is going to bottle wine and order iTunes and such.

Oh, I did not get flowers for the table - I got flowers for the diffuser.  lol I ordered premium grade floral scents. I mainly wanted the Rose oil.  It reminds me of Mam-ma.  She used some kind of rose milk lotion and I remember the smell lingering about her house.  But the pure essential rose oil is about $30 or $40 bucks.  So I'm not going to be able to do that.  But I did get a kit that came with really good reviews.  Hopefully they will be good to use.  With my luck we'll end up having sinus infections.  lol

I did decide that over time I want to try more of the essential oils.  I want to get the "herbal line" which has basil, thyme, rosemary and such.  I have rosemary and it's almost out.  And I want to try what I call the "wood line".  Cedarwood, Bamboo, pine needle, sandalwood, etc.  I already have "fir".
I really enjoy the essential oils.  They do help with whatever ails you.  If nothing else it is a distraction and makes you feel like  you are doing "something".  Yesterday I had a breathing formula going so it was refreshing throughout the house.  It was eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and lemon I think.  I can't remember exactly but I looked it up and the blend was very nice.

These oils also help with stress.  So I use them at work for calmness, happiness, and so forth. I can truly say that they all make me happy and I enjoy having them.  My original set is about to dwindle.  My favorites are rosemary, lavender.

After a few weeks have passed I'll order the herbal one.  Then perhaps in the fall I'll order the "woodsy" ones.  I don't want to do overkill here with the budget.  But spreading them out will be nice.  I want to also get more cinnamon around the holidays.  I'm not sure if there is a pure one for cinnamon, but I had some kind of cinnamon oil that we used.  It was a tiny bottle and almost gone.

Mmmm cinnamon.  I want something to eat with cinnamon in it.  Oh my.  mmmmm.

I better go and get showered and dressed and out the door.  Not sure what is for lunch but I think I'm treating myself to something.

I'm excited about my day!  Oh it appears that Alexa has Outlook capabilities, but I don't plan on using it.  I'd have to know the company password and that is none of my business.  I'm used to looking at phone for work calendar stuff or my PC at work, so I'm totally fine with Alexa not knowing the work calendar.  It's none of her business anyway right?  lol  We'll keep home at home and work at work.  Suits me fine. But if any of you out there have outlook, it's now available if you want it.

Ya'll have a great day too.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Morning Mumbles

Good morning!  I'm so in love with Saturday mornings!  Have been for years!  So I have to share this one - even though it's raunchy. 

Sorry...But..it is pretty funny and probably accurate for most on Saturday mornings.  I saw that while looking for a Saturday morning graphic and almost laughed out loud.  It's funny with the Minion people in it too.

Well yesterday was much better as is today.  No sign of breaking out from shingles - so I guess I pulled muscles somehow all on the right side of my body.  My back is still hurting some even after a really good long sleep but sometimes being in a bed for a long time DOES make my back hurt, lol. 
Anyway I'm good.  I've gone to bed at 8:30 the last couple of nights.  Or at least headed that way by 8:30.  George got up at 5:30 and took Tugie out.  I got up about 7:00 I think.  

Not a lot of stuff to tell.  

Epiphone had their big "yard sale" yesterday as George calls it.  He bought a guitar and a couple of other things.  He is really loving the guitar.  He said it plays well, easy to play and it does sound good.  He has saved his blow money for a while along with Christmas money over the last couple of years for things he wanted.  And he was going to buy a gun but since he only goes to shoot a couple of times a year, he said he would enjoy the guitar more.  So he stayed up playing some last night.

He cooked a good meal with some Omaha steaks we had in the freezer.  Stir fry with broccoli. And water chestnuts (love 'em). 

We had egg rolls with them and that was the big splurge I guess.  The sauce was a bit salty for my taste but it was probably just right for George's.  Anyway it was good.  

I had to laugh.  He asked if I wanted curry in it and I said "no curry" b/c we will probably be having a curry dish tonight.  Alas, the rice...guess what...he put curry in it anyway.  So I'm not sure why he asked.  lol 

Well, I'm just so glad it's Saturday.  Wait didn't I already say that? 

I have a lot to do always and never get it done so I suppose I should start off on my Saturday "tear" (rhymes with "there").  

The house could use some "love".  

The laundry is piled up as I've ignored it all week long. 

Gotta check the weather to see what all to iron for next week.  I think it's going to be 60's and 70's.  

Crazy TN weather. 

Well, ya'll have a wonderful weekend!  Rain and 70 today and sunny and 70 tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll be out and about shopping.  So it'll be a day out for me. 

Today we'll be going out with BIL and SIL, Kevin and Susan for dinner and a concert! 
More tomorrow!

Oh one more thing.  I made my first purchase with Alexa.  Ordered dog food.  Told her to do it.  She confirmed what she was ordering (type of dog food) and said it was the same thing I had last ordered and gave me the price and asked if it was ok to order.  I said yes.  She ordered it after asking me the code. 

I do need to check and make sure she used the right credit card though.  Once I ordered something for work with my work credit card so work could get the calendar with free shipping through my amazon prime.  So I have to make sure it didn't pull that up.  Boy that would be bad.  lol Nothing that couldn't be remedied as I'd pay for it but still who wants to go through that.  But I do need to check and make sure.  I don't remember her asking me what credit card to use.  There are several credit cards attached.  Our Amazon card, my debit card, and probably any others that have been used.  Katy's might still be on there.  Definitely will go check that now. 

Update:  It did use the correct (mostly used) card that we order from. Whew!

Ya'll have a great day!