Friday, February 3, 2017

A Better Day

An old graphic of mine from the early days of PSP'ing.  

The day got better yesterday.  

1)  We got closer to the weekend

2)  I realized a few things for what they were, or were not

3)  I realized the world is an open place and we simply only have to pick the next song and play it, if we so choose, the mp3 player is in our hands. ;-)

4) People sent the love, making my day special

5)  Six weeks is not that long to wait for spring, it's pretty much sprung if you ask me (I say that on a day it's supposed to dip to a low of 19). 

6) My sum of the day was productive, which helped me feel less ________.  (Fill in the blank, I'm too tired to find the right word that fits.)

7) George made steaks for dinner and we had good conversation over my recent discouragement

8)  I met the helicopter order on Farmville (Tropical) and leveled up, got a new guide for the island.

9)  I finished Pirate Lattitudes by Michael Crichton and the Rod Stewart autobiography ready to go. Michael Jackson "The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story" has been added to the reading "awaiting" lineup shelf. (A lineup of books in a certain order to be read next - it's about a year's worth of reading.  I have about 4 years of reading total - lol.  But I like to come look at this specific line up of the next year's books b/c it inspires me to read on).  

10)  Sleep was somewhat good.  George has taken to getting up in the night now it seems.  Tugie wants to get up early.  I am waking up several times in the night now.

11)  George promises that his wellness weigh ins and diets will still bring good dinners at night.  Just lighter fare.  lol  I gain weight during his diets b/c I don't want to eat just a scrambled egg for dinner.  So I stop and get fast food.  lol  I think he is trying to compromise.  

12)  Weekend plans are about to firm up and we get to do "Christmas" with some great friends that are like family. 

13)  The coffee is good.  

Yes I'm writing in bullet points.  Not always the best sign.  I do have the beginnings of a headache, my eyes are tired, but I am up and dressed and ready to tackle the day.   

Ya'll have a great day, and a great weekend! 


  1. Thankfully it is Friday and I know the end of this work week can't come too soon. Hope your have a fantastic day and a great weekend too !

  2. TGIF! Yes!!
    I'm glad you are feeling a bit more up from yesterday.
    I have those days but I chalk mine up to hormones. lol
    Whatever the reason they are not pleasant times.
    Enjoy your weekend with friends and some down time for yourself.

  3. It's going to be in the 20's here in the morning! I think I shall be staying in bed a little later. I too love a good book. I have two new ones on my Nook. And ordered a new cookbook. I can enjoy sitting and looking a new recipes for a long while. My husband teases me about how many recipes I have made out of my cookbooks. I'm thankful for weekends. Have a good one🌺

  4. It's freezing here this morning. Hope it's nice and toasty warm there. Have a great weekend.


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