Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Fun Day Out..."Doggies get to Go!"

We had a big day yesterday.  Here is a pic of George's Mom "Granny Jan" with Roger, after his trim.

The dogs had to be at the groomer's at 9.  We were almost late.  George and I both slept late.  We rallied around and when it was time to leave, neither dog wanted to come down the stairs.  Roger wouldn't go b/c Tugie wouldn't go.  I had to carry Tugie down and then Roger came down.  Finally we got us all into the car and down to the next town over for their grooming.  

We stopped at the Vets next to get a flea/tick pill and then onto another Vet to get Roger's.  We had to go where each was "registered".  Only the 2nd vet said said they had a new rule, that they would only issue it if Roger came in for another exam.  This is of course, to get you to come spend more money so you can get what you need b/c they know the over the counter stuff doesn't work anymore so "they've got ya".  Only George told them, "nope sorry, we'll go to another vet".  This particular vet is scrambling.  They used to be the #1 vet in town and they got stingy and instead of regrouping, revamping, and competing - they were simply left to "react" and now they have lost business and are having to do things like this to get money in.  I was amazed that it was 10 a.m. in the morning and it once was so packed there was no seating room, but yesterday there was NOT A SOUL of a customer to be found, only staff- with frowns on their faces in stiff looking med unforms and the lobby smelled like pet stink from years past.  The other vets in the area have created friendly pet centers, refreshing their lobby areas, hiring "happy" staff, and creating a sense of community for you in that they long to be a part of your pet's life, their lobby established such that by default you find yourselves chatting with other pet owners and it's just a happy friendly place, open and chatty, and it smells good!

So we will have to go to our other vet and get Roger established there.  We like them better anyway as you can tell.  I was thinking, as I went through all this, how my MBA could help some of the local businesses to market themselves.  lol  Oh I could take this vet and soooooo turn him around.  But...he'd have to let loose of $ and reinvest a bit to remodel the front of the building and the lobby.  The rest could be done with paint and decor.  Would need to get set up on Facebook, Twitter, and a cool website.  Once all set up, would need to come up with a plan to capture the "market share" of pet owners across the region.  Opening up the excitement by having a pet fair, rabies shots, and do ventures with other businesses in the area allowing for, "adoption days", "doggie birthday parties", and later, after the trust has been gained, plan to expand to allowing "dog training" (which would require some room - which means expansion) and then b/c the place has now developed trust - it could expand to "doggie day care and boarding - only we won't call it boarding b/c of it's negative connotation - we'll call it "hotel and spa".  Oh yeah.  We got this!  

Now I'm almost excited and want to do this myself.  I'm only short a bunch of thousands.  lol  Now that I've reconstructed a marketing plan and strategic plan for the unsuccessful vet in town, perhaps I should focus on my blog entry.  

We picked the dogs up at 2, after a quick jaunt home to do a few things like laundry (for me) and I listened as Alexa read my book.  I think I'm about half way through the book now. 

Then on to see Granny Jan and then on to Katy's.  Katy and I hung out at the house and drank Sangria  and chatted while the guys went to fix the van as it had a flat tire and George was to drive it back last night.  

They went and got fix a flat stuff, and Cody called the person that manages the farm they live on as he had an air compressor.  

I asked Katy if I could take a few pics b/c I love the way she has decorated.  

Here is our grand dog Findlay's bed (only the bed itself was being washed).  But she sleep's in her crate.  

I told Katy that her house seemed to be decorated in "Shaker style".  I would have to look that up to see if I was right, but it's simple, clean lines, and incorporates wood and simpleness but yet elegance and cleanliness.

Above is my Sangria.  What a special treat. 

While the guys are outside, I sit in Cody's recliner and enjoyed the massager.  All three dogs wanted in my lap.  Tugie was confused as to the buzzing.  She can not hear but she could feel the vibrations and she kept looking all around her, bless her heart.

Me and Roger.  

Tugie ends up taking over Findlay's kitchen pet bed out of desperation for a soft place to be.  

This little gal has calmed down some, but still has a lot of energy.  She WILL sit in your lap for a little while though.  She is a mess, will make you laugh and smile and is such a joy.  

George holding her.  
Later, right before we headed home, Katy is surfing the internet, dreaming of their next home and looking at the prices and showing Cody.  Of course they will be in the current "free rent" house for a while.  

George never liked for me to dream like that.  lol  He would say "are you never happy?"  Everybody has to dream.  You take away your dreams, you take away your hopes.  It has nothing to do with being happy.  Dreaming makes me happy.  The possibilities of what can be.  I've dreamed up a bunch of stuff that came true!  Life not over yet, so it's fun to see the next generation dreaming at the possibilities.  

George playing with dogs.  Findlay was really taken by Roger.  Wants to be next to Roger and win him over.  She has learned to leave Tugie be.  Tugie snapped at her last time, leaving Findlay to dramatically cry as if her head had been bitten off.  Her first encounter with a crusty old dog that don't want to be fooled with.  Her first encounter with fear.  Tell me dogs don't have a memory.  Findlay approached Tugie with care this time.  It's been about six weeks since that first encounter.  lol 

After we left, I let George go in front of me in case he had issues with the tire.   As I pulled out, I took a pic trying to capture the pretty lights from the houses atop the hill, I think it bounced back and took the lights from the car.  I'm sharing it anyway.  lol

Arriving home, it was an eerie sky.  Clouds crossing across the moon, as seen between the tall tree branches in our back yard.

We came inside and sat on the sofa a while to read and/or play tropical ocean games (lol).  Tugie began scratching her ear insanely.  I put her on a towel and put more ear drops in.  She began rubbing her ear against the couch and shaking her head.  And then she settled some but began barking and looking at me.  George took both dogs on to bed.  I finished playing my game as Tugie barked from the bedroom.  She wants me, I thought.  So I turned off the lights, headed for bed.  Tugie snuggled against me and all four of us dogs/humans headed off into deep slumber.  None of us woke til 7 this morning.

Have slept about 9-10 hours the last couple of nights.  I guess our bodies needed it somehow.  Even the dogs did not wake us in the early morning hours like they sometimes do.  It was nice for God to provide such slumber.  Amazing how good it makes you feel.

George's weigh in is Tuesday on Valentine's day.  So we are having chicken salad wraps for dinner.  I think we plan a store run a little later.   I don't need much.  A few things for work.

I need to get on with my Sunday - it's going fast since I slept late.  That is the down side.  I want to get some things off my list.  Nothing urgent but I just have so many things on there that I never have time to do.  Alexa is playing Jack Johnson for me this morning at my request.  The speakers are so good and I can hear things in the music I don't remember hearing on the PC or even on the radio (car speakers).  I noticed the Echo went up another $10.  I think it was $169 when I bought it and it's $179 now.  I guess there is something to say about good speakers.

Well, ya'll take care.

Have a great Sunday.


  1. IT always makes me happy to read that you are relaxed and happy to. I love the way you had great ideas about what you could do for your vets publicity, I could just see that all working...I am pleased that you are changing Roger to,the other vet he sounds much better. Sorry that Tuggie was having trouble with her ear again..perhaps it's after she has been groomed the groomer might pluck hairs from inside her ears ? That might be what she feels irritating her......once again I say that's a good photo of George and his mum. It is lovely to see Kate's home, she has done it so nicely. It must be hard when she is at work at school all day.....take care and have a good week ahead....try to get as much rest as and when you can...night night nGod Bless you and all those you love xx

  2. Looks like a lovely visit with all. Katy's decor is charming. All the pups are sweet.

  3. I love the way Kate has her home decorated it's so neat. We have some vets around here that's the same way. I changed vets because of it. She wouldn't give the meds unless I had them take blood work. I'm using Sam’s vet to get there meds, but still take them to the other one for their rabies vac. Glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend.

  4. What sweet pups you have. Your daughter has a pretty place. I would like a massaging chair. Might help my back ache

  5. It's great you got to spend some time at your daughters. I like the way she has decorated and love the pictures of all the doggies.


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