Friday, February 17, 2017

Aches, Pains, Sighs, Moans, and Groans :-O

Well, I really had a hard time yesterday.  My right knee was not too kind to me yesterday.  It's like the muscle in it is trying to give out.  Pain mainly.  And then I began to have pain and tenderness around a lot of joints only on the right side of my body.  It made me wonder if I was getting shingles.  By afternoon I felt bad enough that it was a struggle to sit there and work.  I sighed and moaned a lot b/c I really wanted to lay down.  But I was determined to finish the day.  I was going to leave at 4 or 4:30 but was able to make it almost til 5.

When I got home, I crashed on the sofa and hugged a quilt.  My temp was only 99.  And it felt so good to lay down.  I went to bed at 8:30.  And George massaged my back, leg area that was hurting and brought some Icy Hot for me to put on it.  My back/hip/thigh area around my joints hurt the worst as the day progressed.  But my elbow, sometimes my wrist, and sometimes my knee and couple of times my ankle.  All on the right side.   I could have strained a muscle in my leg/hip/back area when doing leg lifts the night before.  Maybe it's sending nerve issues to the rest of my joints.  I have NO idea.

It is some better this morning b/c I have slept,  but all is still sore and still sensitive.  I'll be watching for clusters of shingles to pop in the next day or so.  It DOES feel similar to what shingles felt like when I had them before but it was mainly the back hip area and down my leg.  I'm so glad it is Friday.  I have a lot to do today at work and feel good enough to go in for sure.  So hopefully will continue to be able to push through as the day wears on.

A lot on the to do list for the weekend.  I'll need to get out some and shop, so this MUST get better.  I have a lot to do around here as well.  I think the temps are rising to almost 70 this weekend.  So that is good.  Perhaps I will begin to wear sandals soon.

Ya'll have a great day!


  1. I surely do hope you feel better and that it is not the shingles. Like you I have lots to do and no time for being sick either. We are to warm up in the 50's here this weekend. It's a nice break in the winter weather.

  2. Shingles are no fun. I hope you feel better this weekend and that no shingles appear.
    Take care, Monica

  3. I have a family member who had to go to Dr with a rash on his leg. He is only in his 30's and has shingles. He was shocked when Dr. told him. I hope it is not what you have. Try to just sleep and rest as much as you can. Sometimes it helps the body fight off sickness. There is so much stuff going around. People with the flu and strep. I hope you feel better this weekend.

  4. I threw my back out so I'm feeling miserable too. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. So sorry about your aches and pains. Praying you get better and it doesn't turn out to be shingles!


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