Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Beans Beans! And When is White History Month?

Well we had some VERY large beans last night.  They are Rancho Gordo beans.  And they were really good.   They were very creamy.  These make excellent gifts by the way!  These were part of George's Christmas from last year I think.  I was craving the taste of these and saw them in the cabinet and suggested we have those.  They were great.

We also had bacon wrapped shrimp, a frozen thing that was on sale at Publix last week and I decided it was ours!  And we had a stuffed chicken breast.  Also frozen.  This was some kind of brie flavored though and it was heavenly! 

George has his weigh in today at work for their February contest.  I guess I'll be eating eggs for dinner again soon or fast food, lol.  Oh my it's Feb 1st right?  Oh my.  Yes this year gonna fly by like the rest of them. 

Not really a lot to tell about yesterday.  I did meet my Tropical Farmville helicopter order.  I'm still trying to earn enough compasses to get to that hideout.  And my game has been asking me to make things at that hideout for about a month now.  The game used to throw compasses at me everywhere and now I can't get them.  I used to get them in the treasures found in the ocean and while they are there, I can't seem to get them anymore as the boxes I open are the wrong ones.  So I guess it'll be a while before I can get to this hideout.  lol

I read more in the Pirate Latitudes book.  They are in a hurricane right now.'s nearing the end.  So soon I'll be reading about Rod Stewart.  And I'll rush through that other last book I've had forever and what will replace it will be airplane book!  So I'm excited about those.  Sorry I think I've already said that in a previous entry. 

Tugie woke us up at 1:30 needing to go out and/or needing water.  I'm not sure which but after I took her out, she came in and drank LOTS of water.  LOTS!  And George was up and down about 3 times last night himself.  So it was not a night of good sleep after 1:30 anyway.  Was sleeping good when alarm went off - as always.

I need to go and get ready and get on the road.  Much on the to do list today.  It's Wednesday, Feb 1.  It's Black History Month according to Alexa.  I'm curious, do we have a White History Month?  Just wondering.  

So flip your calendars!  And at noon today we'll be sliding downward into the weekend! 

Well, Ya'll have a great day.


  1. Those beans do look good as does the rest of your dinner. mmmm good. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Does Tugie usually drink lots of water? Could be a sign of diabetes (hope not).


  3. White History month is the same month the Miss White America takes place. Oh,and White lives DO matter!

  4. That is unusual for the dog to drink that much water, right? If it continues I'd call the vet. The shrimp looks good.


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