Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dobro, Night Out on the Town, and Essential Oils

Here is one of the things that George bought from the Epiphone sale, the dobro.  I actually like it.  It's easier to play than using fingers for chords.  I looked at a beginner You Tube video today and began learning chords.  So...maybe I'll pick up yet a new hobby.  lol  I enjoyed playing with it.  But I fell in love with it's look, long before I ever touched it.  Of course George picks it up and already he sounds like he could join Vince Gill on stage on Monday nights, with the Time Jumpers.  lol  

We had a nice evening out yesterday with my SIL and BIL.  We were going to the Patterson House but they were closed so we went to Tavern and got a beer on Tap, mine was Chicken Scratch brewed by Little Harpeth Brewery.   It's one of my favorites.   Tavern, is a hipster type of place.  Waayy cooler, hipper, and quite the young crowd.  Although there was a couple of folks older than us in there.  More than likely, the Vanderbilt, college age crowd can be found there.   But we came here once on a foodie tour and they do have good food.  We weren't eating though and didn't even get an appetizer so we could save up our appetite for dinner. 

When coming out of the Tavern I noticed BLOOMS!  Appears that stray pops of spring are showing up due to our mild weather.  Normally we only see buttercups in February.  Sorry stray people that walked into the photo just as I was shooting.  

So we went to Chauhan Ale and Masala House for dinner.   I did not take pics of the food this time, but we did get the Naan Bread appetizer and Chutneys.  It was all very good.  I had lamb and spinach.  

You can actually see my dish in front of me though, it's green!  lol  

Here is my BIL, Kevin and SIL, Susan.  You can see the "Indian movies" playing in the background.

After dinner, we headed to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and saw the Temptations.   

Here was looking out from the balcony at the Schermerhorn - a beautiful night.  I am wondering though what those lights were up there at the top of the photo.  Three little lights one on each side of the photo. 

Here is inside the symphony center.  Our seats were balcony seats and at the back.  You can look across the way and see what the single line of balcony seats looks like.  We really prefer these.  You have a more private and easy to get to entrance.  We don't prefer the back as much though, but we could still see fine.  Usually George and I try to get more up front.  Sometimes we get behind the stage, as it's really interesting to see what all goes on from behind.  

This is not a very good shot.  I'm sorry but the iphone camera just doesn't do as good for concert pics.  And I usually don't take any of the other cameras. 

They had silver sparkly jackets on - although it looks white here.  They were very good.  I will have to say that the acoustics was not as good as it usually is here.  And they didn't play but an hour and 15.  Usually you get at least 1.5 to two hours.  I think I can say it was the shortest concert I've ever been to.  George said they were older dudes and needed sleep.  Well, I did too, so I can understand that. 

But sleep was good and up this morning and grinding coffee,  I was thinking we only had one bag of coffee left.  And that I would need to order one.  But we had this show up in the cabinet.  Neither of us remember buying it.  Neither of us remember giving it to each other for Christmas.  lol  But I ground it up and it's ready to go for the next week.  It might have been a weak moment I had in Publix and it might have been on sale.  But as a rule I only buy coffee on line unless it's a gift.  But if it was a really good price, I could have absent mindedly tossed it in the buggy. 

Either that, somebody gave it to one of us and we don't remember, or we have a ghost doing our shopping now.  Which is fine with me.  Hopefully I can go to the cabinet and see some more things show up.   lol

Well, somehow I've managed to get a few things done.  Mainly just the normal - lots of washing, ironing for next week, on line ordering, listening to the book through Alexa, and grinding up coffee beans for the next couple of weeks, cleaning the bathroom, changing the sheets.  Still need to vacuum, do a devo, and always hoping to touch either a desk project or special household project but either of those are hard to get to do if we have any sort of activity on the weekend.  So it rides on until whenever.

Today I must go out and get a wedding gift, and I plan to hit a few other stores in search for sandals, purses, and sale items - then I'll hit the grocery on the way back.

George is already trying to fill up my day as he's wanting me to get the car washed too.  I think that will have to be on another day b/c it's on the opposite side of the road and a bad place to try to turn into from the other side.  I'll have groceries in the car on the way back on that side of the road.  But maybe tomorrow after work.  If they are still open when I get off.  I think they close at dark and it's usually dark by the time I get home.  Anyway, I've enough to do today.

We are going to have salmon tonight or something from the store.  If not salmon looking good or too expensive, I'll get something else.

Well, I need to get off of here and get started on my day.  George is going to bottle wine and order iTunes and such.

Oh, I did not get flowers for the table - I got flowers for the diffuser.  lol I ordered premium grade floral scents. I mainly wanted the Rose oil.  It reminds me of Mam-ma.  She used some kind of rose milk lotion and I remember the smell lingering about her house.  But the pure essential rose oil is about $30 or $40 bucks.  So I'm not going to be able to do that.  But I did get a kit that came with really good reviews.  Hopefully they will be good to use.  With my luck we'll end up having sinus infections.  lol

I did decide that over time I want to try more of the essential oils.  I want to get the "herbal line" which has basil, thyme, rosemary and such.  I have rosemary and it's almost out.  And I want to try what I call the "wood line".  Cedarwood, Bamboo, pine needle, sandalwood, etc.  I already have "fir".
I really enjoy the essential oils.  They do help with whatever ails you.  If nothing else it is a distraction and makes you feel like  you are doing "something".  Yesterday I had a breathing formula going so it was refreshing throughout the house.  It was eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and lemon I think.  I can't remember exactly but I looked it up and the blend was very nice.

These oils also help with stress.  So I use them at work for calmness, happiness, and so forth. I can truly say that they all make me happy and I enjoy having them.  My original set is about to dwindle.  My favorites are rosemary, lavender.

After a few weeks have passed I'll order the herbal one.  Then perhaps in the fall I'll order the "woodsy" ones.  I don't want to do overkill here with the budget.  But spreading them out will be nice.  I want to also get more cinnamon around the holidays.  I'm not sure if there is a pure one for cinnamon, but I had some kind of cinnamon oil that we used.  It was a tiny bottle and almost gone.

Mmmm cinnamon.  I want something to eat with cinnamon in it.  Oh my.  mmmmm.

I better go and get showered and dressed and out the door.  Not sure what is for lunch but I think I'm treating myself to something.

I'm excited about my day!  Oh it appears that Alexa has Outlook capabilities, but I don't plan on using it.  I'd have to know the company password and that is none of my business.  I'm used to looking at phone for work calendar stuff or my PC at work, so I'm totally fine with Alexa not knowing the work calendar.  It's none of her business anyway right?  lol  We'll keep home at home and work at work.  Suits me fine. But if any of you out there have outlook, it's now available if you want it.

Ya'll have a great day too.


  1. Been good tonight as I have had three days to catch up on...I'm glad that the pains you had have subsided and that it wasn't shingles...I'm glad you had such a lovely time out with your SIL's really great that the concert was good but shorter as that let you have longer in bed !!!....hope this week will be a good one for you..take care...night night. God Bless xx

  2. Dinner sounded good. I love lamb. I like shorter concerts myself. Chuckled about them being older guys and needing their sleep.

  3. Looks like you and your husband are very musical. I love a good concert. Take care.


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