Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Findlay and Walmart Shopping

Just have to show you Findlay, my daughter's Yorki Poo!  lol  Isn't she cute?  Katy says she loves laundry day.  

And these are in....Yes I've had a few already.  

Not really much to say today.  Hold on, let me go get more coffee. 


Ok I'm back.  lol 

Gonna rain and storm for the next couple of days.  You can see the weather in my side bar here.  

Went to Walmart yesterday b/c I had to order a cake for an upcoming event.  They had some clearance on clothing.  Sometimes I can find things I like there.  For $3 and $5 you like things better than when they are $20.  lol  So I bought two sweatshirt pullovers with the zipper at the top - pink and grey $5 each.  And I bought two shirts at $3 each and then I bought some business type blouses - one for $13 and the other $14.  And another at $5.  So I feel like I got a good deal.  I bought a bunch of bandanas for the dogs at $1 each.  I want them to wear them when they go to Assisted Living.  The older folks love the dogs.  Roger is the one that gets to go the most.  They both need baths something terrible.  And they are scheduled for their grooming this weekend.  We are also going to have to get the flea pills this weekend.  With a mild winter, the fleas are already starting up and I saw one on each of them.  So it's time to go ahead and buy the flea meds from the vet.  The over counter ones do not work anymore.  

I had to put drops in Tugie's ears yesterday.  She scratched her ears so much the last couple of days.  So much that she has scratched the hair off of her ears in spots.  Bless her heart.  And her ears stink again.  So I put meds in.  She lays on the towel and rolls over on command and lets me do this.  No fight.  I think it must feel very soothing to her.  I'm almost out of those meds.  This should last a while as each time I do it, it seems to last a good while til she has another bout.  But next time I'll have to get more meds.

We had left over corned beef and cabbage last night.  This meal was so good.  George is already prepping for cooking the pork loin in the crock pot and shredding that into BBQ.  We'll be eating off of that for a couple of nights.  

I found that Sister Wives had a show I hadn't seen.  Since George watched the super bowl Sunday, I claimed TV last night.  lol  I have to see if Nashville has a show.  I need to watch it.  

Hmmm...if I had the day off today, I'd catch up on laundry and ironing, while listening to my audio book.  And then mid day or so I'd watch Nashville while eating lunch.  I'd work on some projects today.  But, I don't have the day off today so it'll be another 11-12 hours away from home (by the time you do traffic) and we'll rest on the other end of the day.  Ironing and show watching probably going to have to wait til the weekend.  

Well, going to get off of here, pack lunch, and head out.  Into the rain, storms.  

At least my audio book is good.  lol 

Have a great day!


  1. We have storms here too. Drive safe. Findlay is a real cutie-pie. And those Girl Scout cookies sure look good. I need some Carmel DeLites.

  2. It's pouring rain here too this morning and there's only one small pile of snow left now out back where I'd made a pile shoveling. Going through things and sorting out I found a few bandannas that I used to put on the beagles when I had them. I'll be giving those away. I always dressed them up for holidays. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  3. That little dog is adorable. It sounds like your Tugie has a bad ear infection. They can't tell is when they hurt so I guess that is why she scratched her ears. I hope the drops help her pain. Nothing hurts worse than an earache. My dog got a cavity and had to have a tooth pulled. It cost more than a dentist! She had been sneaking the butter mints out of the candy dish when we were not home. I had no clue til we caught her. Funny creatures our pets.


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