Friday, February 10, 2017

George's Asian Meal and Looking Forward to the Weekend

What an excellent "Japanese" type meal we had last night.  He made a broth from some ingredients bought at the Thai Market last weekend.  Ingredients he said he's not been able to find before.  
It felt like we were eating at an Asian restaurant.  It was all soooo good.  He had saved up some of the pork loin to stir fry for this meal.  It was good.  I loved the snow peas and I think my body said "thank you".  I don't get enough green foods.  And we had a spinach salad with brocolli in it.  And with all that, I do feel better and have more energy today - and the sun was out yesterday and that lifted my mood, and gave me energy as well.  George bought Ginger dressing b/c he knows I love the stuff.  I always love those ginger salads at the Asian restaurants.

Well, it's Friday.  And I'm so glad.  I am ready for a change of scenery and agenda.  Thursday nights bring a welcome cheer it seems knowing that Friday is tomorrow.  And Friday is sort of a "Freedom" day, when you realize that time becomes your own for the next two days.  It's not that work is so bad or anything, it's just can you not like working on your own agenda, being in your home that you have worked hard and paid out the wing wangy for, being with your pets that you adore, being with those that love and accept you for who you are (most of the time, lol), lingering over coffee, pc, books, games, slumber.  Cooking good meals and then gearing up for the next big "run" (work week).  

We are also getting a meal cooked by daughter Katy this weekend! We'll get to see our grand dog!

Next week will really go fast.  We DO have quite the bit of our OWN agenda going on during the week.  There's Valentine's and a concert on back to back nights. And then next weekend a grand dinner out at a favored Indian restaurant and another concert attended with my SIL and BIL.  

Then after that, will be working on bridal shower for the 26th and have offered to bring punch bowl and do the punch.  And I'll go shop and get a bridal gift.  

So February will fly by and we'll be into March, yard cleaning time, house deep cleaning time, and who knows what else.  

Well, ya'll be good!  Better go!  


  1. The sunshine and good food does help for sure ! I love egg rolls and have them for a treat now and then but don't eat much Asian food otherwise. Weekends are the reward for working! Yours sounds like it will be a wonderful one! Happy Friday!

  2. Your husband is a serious cook. Has he ever worked in a restaurant? He obviously has skills.
    Yes, the weekend is here. Enjoy!

  3. Oh my I wish my husband knew how to cook. Your meal looks so good.

  4. I love the sound of your latest meal...George sure is a great cook, especially when he comes home from what I have no doubt is a busy day at's a wonder you both don't want to just crash out when you get home.!!..looks like a good eating weekend ahead as well...wonder whatnKate will make for you!...whatever I'm sure you will enjoy it. Remember to take a bit of relaxation between all that visiting and eating xxxx

  5. Have fun visiting the granddog and your daughter. Dinner looked great. LIke that Makota ginger dressing too.


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