Monday, February 6, 2017

Gifts, Thai Groceries, Banana Bread, and Corned Beef

Had to snap a shot of what Lisa gave me for Christmas.  The tin above is for corks.  So we can save corks from the wine we drink.  We don't reuse them, but I think we can sell them as people use them for crafts.  

Here is the scarf, a "lady" bottle opener, and a pretty bracelet with the colors of the sea!

And a Simmer Sauce.  

I took a pic of our treasures we bought to cook with at the The Bangkok Market (here in Nashville). Of course George being the one to do much of the cooking b/c he likes cooking more than me.  But I will be making "cold noodle' from time to time.  I believe I have "cold noodle" on my recipe blog which is in the tabs above.  I could be wrong, but I believe it's there.  LOOOOOVE the cold noodle.  

I bought these teas.  I have no idea if it will work.  It may taste horrible.  

And I bought Prickly heat to use in the summer.  The first time you use it, you feel the coolness all day long.  Each subsequent day is less dramatic than the previous.  But the first day you feel as though you are floating in the heavens with a coolness sensation.  Your "most tender" parts are also quite surprised - I'm just saying.  You can imagine if this line of soap did commercials what that would be like.  

And more to cook with...

And noodles of various types.  And those chili bits.

And corned beef which we ate last night around half time.  George said it would be ready about the time the superbowl started so I didn't eat lunch.  But the meal was behind and not ready til half time.  So we snacked on a bit of hummus and crackers.  

It sure was GOOD!  It had cabbage, turnips, potatoes and carrots with it.  I could eat this every day I think.

Yesterday I made a couple of loaves of banana bread from scratch.  Like I put the banana in, then any liquids in (egg and milk) and then added my spices (cinnamon, coconut palm sugar,  a little bit of regular sugar), and then added enough whole grain flour to get the consistency of a bread dough.  That seemed to work.  I didn't add enough salt and baking powder though.  But it turned out to be pretty good.  I say "pretty good" b/c it was not as sweet as normal banana bread.  However, THAT, is probably what we need.  lol  It was very good out of the oven with the European Style Butter slathered over it.

We bought this at Christmas time, and I love it.  It's hard to go back to the regular Land of Lakes.  I really would like to have the regular butter for recipes to go "in" things to cook with and this butter in the fridge to just eat on the bread.

Well, yesterday flew by as well.  We went to see George's Mom and then to the store about 12:30.  And then back home again.  I was able to get *some* laundry done, and get the ironing done.  I listened to a few chapters of  "Someday Soon", read by Alexa, while in the laundry room.

Got the vacuuming done.  I also contacted Walmart about the decaf k cups that never showed.  I was hesitant to do so b/c I thought maybe it came in and we stuck it somewhere, as it was during a busy time when we received that order it would have been on, as we were getting ready for company -  but I've looked everywhere and I do feel confident that it was just never received.  I thought I may have taken it to work or something.  I honestly never remember pulling it out of the box.  But I do things absent mindedly sometimes when I've got something on my mind or while I'm on the way to doing another mission- just like a robot.  But I could not find it anywhere.  So they said they would send another one.  If I find the other, I'll offer to pay for it.  However, I'm sure we have probably been overcharged a few times and didn't know it due to pricing errors.  So I probably should not worry about it, but I don't believe we ever received it.  It's awful to turn 50 and then not be able to remember things.  But there is NO sign of it.  It was making me mad to have to buy it again.  And I thought, no reason to be mad - just tell them you didn't get it.  I hate returning things and complaining.  I guess I'm afraid that so many people are dishonest now, that they will think I'm one of them.  And I'm not.  The customer service guy said "I'll take your word for it."  I guess if I claimed that issue often enough, they'd not refund you.  I have spent a lot with them, and have only had one other problem, where we didn't get a box at all.  We were notified that we did not get the box b/c the box was injured.  I'm not sure if that load was in a wreck or what.  But they were supposed to give credit or a reissue and didn't.  So I had to report that.  Anyway, they can see I'm a good customer if they look.

So hopefully the new order is on its way.  I see the order in my email and it has the price on there making it look like they have charged me for it.  They better not have.  I told George that he should check our account.  It just has the price on the email, but I can't tell for sure if they have actually charged my account.  Like I said, they better not have.

Well, the super bowl was last night.  And George asked me who I was for.  That is like asking someone that doesn't like liver- if they want theirs grilled or fried.  lol  I could care less.  I'm sat there and played my game.

I didn't watch any shows this week end.  I think I need to catch up on Nashville.  I think all my other shows have not had any new episodes.

Well, I'm going to get off of here but you all have a fabulous Monday.  Supposed to rain here.  But temps are warmer.


  1. I just had a Walmart issue too. I ordered a Garbage Pail bowl from the Rachael Ray line and it was two weeks and it never showed. The tracking number I had been given was false. So they told me they would attempt to send the bowl again and FINALLY I got it. So these things happen. LOVE all your Thai food. I was routing for the Falcons last night but New England squeaked through instead.

  2. Lots of good eating going on there for you all. I love the beef and cabbage dinner. Makes me think of St. Patricks Day. Hope your there is a wonderful week ahead ahead for you !

  3. I had a teacher who went to Morocco. When she came back she fixed us a dish with corned beef and other foods from there. The corned beef was mixed with diced onions and catsup. So good. You break it up to where it kind of looks like a sloppy Joe. I told my Mom and we bought it at home. Your dish reminded me of that. I need to make again.


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