Saturday, February 4, 2017

Little Bit, Gift Wrap Center, Fruit of the Month, and iPhones

It turned rather chilly and was expected to be about 19 last night.  When it gets cold, Little Bit runs in the house and doesn't want to go back out.  We have a tendency to let him hang out longer and longer as long as he is good.  He has been.  Used to, he would go back to the guest bedroom and sleep.  Now he tends to want to be a part of our family.  Which is incredible.  I have missed having a cat lounging around.  But I do not want the litter box.  Well we do have one down in the basement.  He goes down there in his "cat condo" and has food and water and the litter box.  It stays pretty warm down there and we have blankets on his condo so he sleeps good down there on the cold nights.  But we enjoyed him hanging out with us in the evening. 

He even followed me and the dogs back to the bedroom and wanted to sleep with us for a while.  Neither dog minded.  It's like they know he's part of the pack.  Little Bit and Roger nosed each other several times.  Earlier in the evening, Roger growled once and lifted a paw and Little Bit shot off the couch and Roger's tail wagged and you could see his proudness at the fact that he'd scared the cat for once instead of him being scared of the cat like he usually is.  lol  I praised him for taking up for himself.  But on the bed last night Little Bit nosed him again and Roger let him.  The Little Bit took up his corner of the bed until his Daddy George came and put him in the basement.  

One of the things about the new King Size bed, is the fact that we can have room for Tugie and Roger and have enormous amounts of pillows.  I sleep on one, hug one, and put the sham pillow under my knees.  I don't know why that is such a great comfort having that under my knees.  I guess it eases my back some.  I have begun sleeping on top of the bed quilt for the most part.  If I'm cold I do without the sham pillow on my knees.  But I usually have warm jammies on and the bed has some memory foam (also has some cooling gel too I think) but the dogs are warm and the room seems warm even with the temp cut down at night - as George brings it down before he comes to bed I think.  

George fixed pork chops last night.  I felt bad but I could not eat my pork chop.  I ate some of it but it was really a tough piece of meat and not very tender and kind of dry.  Not his fault.  I think that it probably just needed to be cooked for a longer period of time.  My system can't handle really dense food.  I was very full still from lunch yesterday. I got the Cod at Cracker Barrel.  Oh my gosh it was good but you get a lot.  I could not even eat  half of it.  I took half of it back to work in the fridge and then forgot to take it home, despite setting my alarm.  I was just interrupted by a rash of calls at time to go home and got distracted trying to turn the alarm off while I was on the phone.  And instead of snoozing, it got turned off, and then my distractions took my attention away and I thought of it while driving home.  We could have added that to our dinner last night.  I enjoyed the broccoli and the beans.  

I got up this morning and wrapped the girl's gifts - George is taking care of the guys.  ;-)  
We are meeting our friends today to do Christmas and just catch up. 

I think today was the first day since I rearranged everything, to use the "gift wrap center" that I set up.  I had enough room to use this chest of drawers to house ribbon and bows, tissue paper, folded wrapping paper, gift bags, and the bottom drawer has rolls.  I was very pleased not to have to get on the floor and uncomfortably search under the bed for all the gift wrapping supplies.  There was a day that was no big deal.  But I'm tired of standing on my head to get a gift wrapped.  I was tending to just go buy new supplies not to have to deal with it.  But that's not right b/c we have all the supplies.  I also recycle gift bags.  Usually not tissue paper though b/c it is hard to store old tissue paper and it doesn't look nice anyway.  I've opened a couple of drawers up to show you below.  I didn't take a pic of each drawer, just enough so you get the idea.  That is my Mam-ma in the picture frame on the dresser.  I talk about her a lot.  She was special to me. 

And here is the finished product: 

 Gifts for Lisa, and her daughter, Juliana, and for Amber which is engaged to Dillon (Lisa's son).  We are only going to get to see Lisa and Don today.  Katy will join us.  But it is a busy time for them and some of them are getting over sickness.  So we'll take what we can get and enjoy being with Don and Lisa.  They are really busy and just got back from Cozumel.  I'm anxious to hear all about it.  I'd have been afraid to be in Mexico as an American with the word of the wall being built.  

That said, with all going on in our country, someone mentioned to me recently that perhaps we should have our Passports ready to go in case we need to flee the country.  Hmmm.  George and Katy have theirs.  I don't have one.  I suppose that is something I should do.  I really suppose everyone should have one.  It's an extra ID to prove who you are and one never knows when one may have to urgently go somewhere and you might need it.  I've also thought about a gun.  But at this point, I would get myself in trouble with a gun.  No point of going through all that if I can't ever carry it and have it with me.  I can't have it at work.  And when we go out at night we usually get a drink with our meal and you can't have it when you are drinking alcohol.  You can't take it when you travel (by plane). So it's pointless it seems.  At night, I'm usually with George, and protected as he has guns, and is certified to have them and prepared to use them if necessary.  But I do think I will put Passport on the list of things to do.  It just seems like a good idea.  At some point, I'd like to do a Caribbean Cruise, and see some things in Canada and Alaska up that way and even Canada on East coast side.  So may as well do this.  I would most likely use it for travel.  But you never know when you may have to need it.  Especially if other family members are traveling.  I felt uncomfortable an irresponsible when Katy left for Italy, knowing it takes a while to get a passport.  I didn't realize until the day she left, that if something happened, I'd not be able to get to her quickly.  George would have been so that was consolation.  I guess I'm just not used to having to think about global travel.  I think it's easy to get the Passport.  I think you can go to Walgreen's and/or the Post office to get the pic done.  I'll have to see.  

Here is the fruit of the month box (from a vendor).  For years in Dec, Jan, and Feb we have had fruit come in.  We have plums!  I bet they are plum good. 

 George just finished off the oranges from last month by making us an after dinner orange drink with sherry in it last night.  It was very sweet sending my sugar over the zone - I'm sure.  I drank like two glasses of water over night.  And was still thirsty.  This morning, I am making George stop at McD's on the way out so I can get some protein in me.  I'm thinking those little sausage burrito things would be good.  I need meat and eggs if I am going to go have a beer with friends.  Hope they have water there. We are going to a release party of several new craft brews at a favored place ;-)  They will have food trucks.  If it is too crowded, we may or may not stay long.   

Well, I need to get going and get my shower and figure out what I'm going to wear today.  Gonna be 49 for the high.  But sunshine.  Sounds like layers in case we have to be outside some.

Oh...I figured out that I could download tropical island Farmville on my phone.  I am thrilled.  I forgot to look to see if it was possible.  I remember considering it when I first started playing it but had resigned that even if it did have a version for iphone, it would be so tiny.  It is tiny.  But it's easily worked.  I can do the rearranging of things on my ipad when I decorate and move things, but it's easy to work on the iphone.  Much like a picture or article, you can stretch out the screen as big as needed.
Speaking of iphones.  I read a tech article yesterday about the iphone 8.  There are several articles out there on this.  I have a 6 now.  And am trying to hold on to this one as long as I can.  It was very expensive.  The price of a major laptop or computer.  So I can't do this every two years.  They have some kind of upgrade plan but I don't understand it really.  I think it boils down to having to spend that kind of money every time right?  This was was paid off over a period of time on the billing with no interest charges.  I am thru AT&T and get a company discount, and also work pays $100 toward my cell bill each month as we spend a lot of time on company calls, texts and such.  But still if I'm buying the phone, I will keep as long as I can.  Also my Merge goggles are based on my current phone.  I'm not sure a new phone would fit.  So the goggles will end up being a mere accessory of the phone.  And will be no good if I get an updated phone that doesn't fit.  Only out about $69.  I haven't used The Merge lately.  But I will soon.  It relaxes me and I enjoy seeing other places.

Well, ya'll have a great weekend.  I need to get in gear and get out the door to see our friends.
It's good to see sunshine out there today. Even though it'll be cool.  The temps start warming up a bit into the 60's for next week and then plunge again.  I think we actually have a chance for storms.

Ahhhh I'm so glad that the weekend is upon us.  Today we play, tomorrow we both rest and work and spiritually revive ourselves.  I need to be finding a Bible study that I want to do in my home once a week.  I promised our neighborhood ladies but I'm going to open it up anyone of my FB friends or family members too.  It'll be a ladies class.  I want a good study, probably on Tuesday nights.  And I'm thinking we will have light food, sometimes a dessert.  Not a full meal unless everyone wants to pitch in and bring something.  I just don't want it to be burdensome for everyone or for me.  I want it to be simple.  We have something to munch on and something to drink, coffee or tea.  And just study and share and pray and support one another in our Walk.

Well, I'm going to get off of here as I said and go get ready.  I'm about to be running behind.  :-O


  1. It's a beautiful day here in Maryland. Sunny but super cold. It's only around 30 degrees and won't be much warmer today but then by Tuesday it's 60+ and rainy. ugh
    I have to check my passport for the expiration date. I never think about it unless I need it. You can get a picture at Walmart, Walgreens and several other similar places. I think they are good for 10 years initially. It could take a month or more to be processed, so you might want to check with the post office for a form to apply.
    Your day sounds like fun. Friends & fun. Good times!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. Have a wonderful time... its freezing here in Ma. Small town of six banks / 5 bars and no movies... 15 for the high!

    happy weekend!

  3. What a beautiful cat. How sweet he wanted to be close to you and your dogs. I imagine he was lonely. That is wonderful the dogs are good to him. With the way things are in our country it has crossed my mind to get a passport too. I have never had one. I have thought of if I did have to leave the states where would I go. For some reason Bali comes to mind. Or a place close to a rain forest. I hope it never comes to that. Every day it seems like there is more and more Violence and unrest. I have not felt at ease since before the election. I am having a hot chocolate by the fireplace kind of day. I hope you enjoy your weekend..stay warm.

  4. What pretty packages. They looked nice. Hope you enjoyed your visit with friends.

  5. We haven't had a kitty in a long time. We have dogs though. We love our critters.
    Jilda prepared a pork roast with butter peas and candied yams. I don't eat a love of dense foods either but the meal she prepared was scrumptious.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful Saturday for you ! I do love your gift wrap station. I have most of mine stored in a plastic bin right now somewhere in the basement. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday full of that rest work and revival that you need.


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