Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mutterings on a Wednesday Morning.

Isn't this beautiful?  Being me though, I can't help but think that walking through this beautiful garden, I would be chased by bees all the way through it.  lol I always manage to see the "realist" side.  But it is pretty!  At least I saw that side first.   lol

So yesterday was fine once it got going.  I had such a feeling of dread leaving the house as if something were going to happen.  I really just wanted and needed to be home to do things yesterday but of course all was well.  I think those feelings were stemming from some other things I've been thinking through lately about getting older, (see yesterday's post).  But when you boil down to it, I think I really just needed down time but of course I did not take it b/c I'm responsible.  I feel the need to plan such days.  Only if I'm physically too miserable to sit at my desk would I call in.  Well, I take that back.  At the envelope plant, about three times over the 15 years I was there (especially the last 3 to 5 years I was there), I felt the need to call in and I would work from home just to get caught up.  There was just way too much I had to keep up with and do.  And when it got to be too much and would not let up I'd just work from home and call in sick so I could have uninterrupted time to do my work.   I would turn on music, line it up across the floor in piles, all the projects and then knock them out over about 10 hours, and do laundry in between.  And go to work the next day feeling much better and more productive.  Now that was dedication.  lol  It was really only to find some peace b/c of all the interruptions so I could focus.  I guess it truly was a mental health day so as not to be a lie.   But to say I was working from home would have caused all kinds of issues with everyone around me who didn't have the opportunity to do that so I just called in sick and saved everybody the effort. There are always those sensitive types (everywhere) that have to cause issue and I just handled it without all the drama.  lol  If I were to work from home, one thing about me is that I'm disciplined.  I could do it.  I would love it actually but it would probably not be good in some ways as I think I need that outside stimuli even if I said I didn't.  I think I'd need to be able to have interaction with others. 

Well, anyway the day got on and got better.  And went fast. And today I have a seminar to go to which is a half day.  And after that I'll go back to work OR I may have to take Mom home to Columbia if she has to leave her car at the shop today which will be near where I am.  She is supposed to text me.  I've let everyone know this is a possibility.  My sister has been taking care of doc appointments lately so I offered to do this since she will be close to where I am.  

Anyway, I need to go so I can get on the road.  The traffic is horendous going that way. 
And it appears that Waze gives more bluetooth support now so I've changed a setting in my phone and I hope I can "hear" the instructions.  If not I'll have to disconnect blue tooth I guess b/c I need for the woman to talk! 

Well, ya'll have a great day! 


  1. Nice to have something a little different going on today with the seminar. Hopefully it's a good one. Hope too all goes well with your Mom's car. Happy Hump Day!

  2. Good post!
    I have always been too paranoid to call in sick just to play hooky. I always wished I had the nerve to do it. Most people have no problem.
    But I will schedule time off & under most circumstances, will not change that. That's what we get for caring & being responsible. lol I have to stop now because I feel a rant coming on. lol
    Take a few minutes & plan your escape if only for a day.
    2 days to go...

    1. I have never called in sick to play hookie, just to work from home under the notion of being sick to save the bosses from having to explain why I was working from home and no one else could. I have called in b/c of pure exhaustion to the point of nausea - if that counts. Not often and that was before I discovered I had a severe D deficiency. But mostly I don't miss for anything except going to doc appointments and vacation.

  3. A well placed Mental Health Day is a good thing for all of us to take now and again.


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