Thursday, February 16, 2017

Night Out in Nashville

Well after work I met George and friend Paul at Gibson to ride back into Nashville downtown for our event last night at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  It was a Louise Scruggs forum to honor Traci Thomas.  There was reception before hand with waiters serving drinks, shrimp boats, and smoked salmon and cheese on cracker hor d'oeuvres.  There was an open bar (no charge/private event) with fruit, cheeses, vegetables, and crackers.  All was very good.  The reception part was at 5:30 and the actually forum was at 6:30.  I think it lasted about an hour - maybe a little over.  

Then George and I went to MacNamara's an Irish place we are fond of in the Donelson area.   I had a hamburger and home fries.  Their hamburger is really good.  It was between that and shepherd pie.  But I'd been craving a burger anyway. George got fish and chips.  We'll be eating light tonight.  lol He did ok on his weigh in and had lost a little over a 1 lb.  Not good for two weeks but I told him, we had been eating really well still.  

Here is a shot I took coming out of the museum last night as we waited for our car to arrive.  I was glad we didn't have to park and walk b/c of all days, I forgot my coat.  Normally I just go from garage to front door at work with minimal access to any cold temps. I do keep a blanket in the car, but yesterday I was thinking we'd have a warm up and we did for a while but after dark it was much colder.

Asking for prayers for my SIL and BIL as it appears the place my BIL works is closing their doors.  So a little bit of a frightening time as they figure all this out.  There is power in prayer and God has this.  But asking you to say a prayer if you don't mind for Kevin and Susan.

Also there is a couple I know that have lost their grandchildren due to divorce situation and they are heartbroken and afraid they will not see their grandchildren again.  While these things often have a way of working out over time, sometimes they do not.  I feel so bad for them.  They have been weighing on my mind.  So please pray for David and Kathy.

A lot of sadness and turmoil.  But hoping that you all have a happy day.  I'm going to do the tiniest bit of islanding this morning on my tropical farmville before real life sets in.  I can tell you that as I got up and stirred around this morning, that the house needs me and I am ready for a change in agenda.  Friday is tomorrow and soon my precious weekend will be here.  We've been gone for the past two nights so we are welcoming a night at home tonight and tomorrow night.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Lifting up Kevin, Susan, David, and Kathy in prayer today.
    Happy Friday eve!

  2. Nice to have a break like that in the middle of the week! Your friends are in my prayers. I have been in similar situations and they are not easy ones for sure. Prayer does help.

  3. Sending prayers for you family members and friends.

  4. Prayers being said for your friends and family. There are difficult times ahead for many.

  5. This has been crazy weather. I got out of my car and the winds whipped my hair all over my head. I did not have a comb in my pocketbook. I guess I looked like wild woman going into the office. Great pics. Sounds like you and your hubby had a good meal. I love fish and chips. It's hard to find good ones here.


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