Thursday, February 2, 2017

Not Feeling the Love, Need some Rest and Rejuvie

Oh it's hard to believe it's February.  This week has gone by fast and quite honestly I'm ready for a change of tune.  It's Thursday and the weekend soon approaches.  We have plans for Saturday.

I also am tired of this blog decor and so I may just change it to something generic and blogger like until I can re-create something in graphic form.

I am also a bit discouraged and disheartened right now.  Just have some things in life to "figure out".

Sometimes you have to take a step back and figure out what makes you happy, what doesn't, and how to fix it.  I think I'm there.

Regarding yesterday's posts and your comments.  Tugie did not continue to drink a lot of water.  It was just that one morning.  I know what she had for dinner that night.  I'm not giving her any more of that.  I think it was "Moist and meaty".  She has turned her nose at it the last few times she has had it.  I'm not giving it to her any more.  I need to tell George as well.  It's almost gone.  Maybe it's salty or just has something that is not supposed to be in there or has gone bad.  Mostly she likes her Science Diet.

She slept pretty good last night and so did George.  I did wake up at 3 and laid awake til the alarm went off, but oh well.

I guess I need some sunshine and some pick me up.  I'm just not feeling the love today.  For the month of Valentine's, life's gonna have to step up the game I think.  I'm just not in love with life right now.

:-(  I'm ok.  I just need to do a little assessment.  A little "review" if you will, of life, and see how everything is pairing up to my expectations.  I might raise the bar a bit too in those expectations.  Life's too short.  I still have some pretty good goals to meet and need to figure out how to get there.  I'm not getting any younger.

And rest.  I need rest and rejuvie. Hope, I need hope, and something different.  Yep, I just need some changes I think.


  1. I know I definitely need some sunshine. These gloomy days can get anyone down. Hope you have a great day. The ground hog saw his shadow here, so 6 more weeks of winter.

  2. We only feed our dog Science Diet and real chicken breast. We cook it once a week and freeze little baggies of it. She has had that since the day we got her. We felt she was bored one day and decided on giving her a wet food. Disaster! Never again. Our vet told us keep it what she knows for her digestive. And our dog drinks water one day like she's a camel and the next nothing. I don't worry about her because we all know our own dogs pattern! :)

    Hope your day goes better.

  3. I know what you mean. I just have not felt like myself for some while. I think it is the weather. Maybe Spring will arrive early this year. I've got bulbs coming up in my flowerbeds.

  4. On the same wavelength here. Must be going around. hope you find that love. Sending some blogger love your way.


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