Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Not Much to Tell...Feeling Ughhh Today

Good morning!  I'm not feeling my best this morning.  I'm extremely tired, glands are swollen, and just feel ughhh.  I'm trying to revive with coffee.  Sometimes that works.  I just need more sleep.  I was sleeping good when the alarm went off.  I feel a little bit shaky and just want to go back to bed.  But I'll keep pushing and see what happens.  

I wish there was more to tell.  Nothing I can tell going on.  Full moon is coming.  I can tell.  Everyone and everything going crazy around me, unrest, the to do list mounts, and it's as if the snow globe was turned upside down and righted again. 

Supposed to have storms today. And it's going to be a 30 something degree span of temps.  High in the 60's and the low in 30's.  

We had storm warnings yesterday but where I was the storm broke apart and split off - one part north and the other south.  So no lightning or wind displays to look at out the window. I love it when tumbleweeds go running across the parking lot.  I've seen that twice.  Just in that area that I work in.  I have no idea why that area has tumbleweeds.  lol  I've never seen it anywhere else I've been.  

Here is a clip of the Waterfall in Tropical Farmville.  Yesterday I earned 3 compasses but lost them due to playing on two different devices.  Winning them was overwritten.  And the next time I played the treasure chests, I won something different.  That made me mad.  I only had a few left to get. Now I think I'm back to 5.  I did finally win ONE last night.  Once I get enough I will be able to buy Luis Lookout, which the game has been prompting me to buy for about a month now and already giving me like six tasks to do before I have even bought it.  

Oh gosh it's going to be a long day.  I didn't stay up late.  I'm not sure why I feel this way.  Just exhausted and extremely sleepy and lethargic - not much energy.   Maybe I had too much sugar yesterday.  I had girl scout cookies AND the Ginger Coke which has 35 g of sugar.  And then the cornbread last night and a glass of wine.  That is probably what did it.  So much for trying to be good and have salad for lunch right?  You just kill it later. 

George's BBQ, beans, and corn bread was good last night.  He doesn't have weigh in til next week, so we are eating good this week.  

Don't know nothing new, that's worth posting.  So I'll get off and go get ready for my long day.  lol  


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Terrible you just can not take the day off to reboot the system.

  2. Certainly do hope you feel better. That is not the greatest way to start the day. A good bowl of chicken soup for lunch maybe just what you need. I know it always hits the spot here. This roller coaster weather we are having doesn't help. We started the morning in the 50's and will drop to upper 20's by tonight. That tends to send my sinus crazy. Hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday ! My but those beans and cornbread do sound good.

  3. Well, it's Wednesday. That's a good thing.
    I hope your shakiness subsides and maybe you could take a brief nap when you get home. Maybe?
    I hope your day goes fast.
    Feel better,

  4. I hope you are feeling much better by now. I always worked in the evenings if I had to get up early for work I might not have made it. lol. Take care. Jean

  5. You need more rest. I would take off a couple hours early and sleep. So many are sick with the flu. the way you are feeling is how I feel when I am trying to get sick. I have to go to bed and just rest. Drink lots of hot tea with honey an lemon.

  6. Morning Sonia, I wonder if you have missed me these last few days ?...sorry but I am having trouble getting in to your blog...especially the other one Google keeps blocking me..don't know what to do. To get this one thankfully I kept the letter you sent me with the title etc I can just click on that and here I am, but the other blog seems to block me somehow. Anyway I am sorry that you were so tired yesterday and hope by now you you are feeling looks like you had a busy weekend might just be catching up on you....loved reading about your bargain buys the other day, and like the idea of the bandanas for the Masy has never worn one, she is a strange wee dog, she dosnt like things round her neck or even round her body, we have bought and made quite a few body covers but she just refused to walk.....I'm away now take care and have a better rest of the week xxxx


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