Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Morning Mumbles

Good morning!  I'm so in love with Saturday mornings!  Have been for years!  So I have to share this one - even though it's raunchy. is pretty funny and probably accurate for most on Saturday mornings.  I saw that while looking for a Saturday morning graphic and almost laughed out loud.  It's funny with the Minion people in it too.

Well yesterday was much better as is today.  No sign of breaking out from shingles - so I guess I pulled muscles somehow all on the right side of my body.  My back is still hurting some even after a really good long sleep but sometimes being in a bed for a long time DOES make my back hurt, lol. 
Anyway I'm good.  I've gone to bed at 8:30 the last couple of nights.  Or at least headed that way by 8:30.  George got up at 5:30 and took Tugie out.  I got up about 7:00 I think.  

Not a lot of stuff to tell.  

Epiphone had their big "yard sale" yesterday as George calls it.  He bought a guitar and a couple of other things.  He is really loving the guitar.  He said it plays well, easy to play and it does sound good.  He has saved his blow money for a while along with Christmas money over the last couple of years for things he wanted.  And he was going to buy a gun but since he only goes to shoot a couple of times a year, he said he would enjoy the guitar more.  So he stayed up playing some last night.

He cooked a good meal with some Omaha steaks we had in the freezer.  Stir fry with broccoli. And water chestnuts (love 'em). 

We had egg rolls with them and that was the big splurge I guess.  The sauce was a bit salty for my taste but it was probably just right for George's.  Anyway it was good.  

I had to laugh.  He asked if I wanted curry in it and I said "no curry" b/c we will probably be having a curry dish tonight.  Alas, the rice...guess what...he put curry in it anyway.  So I'm not sure why he asked.  lol 

Well, I'm just so glad it's Saturday.  Wait didn't I already say that? 

I have a lot to do always and never get it done so I suppose I should start off on my Saturday "tear" (rhymes with "there").  

The house could use some "love".  

The laundry is piled up as I've ignored it all week long. 

Gotta check the weather to see what all to iron for next week.  I think it's going to be 60's and 70's.  

Crazy TN weather. 

Well, ya'll have a wonderful weekend!  Rain and 70 today and sunny and 70 tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll be out and about shopping.  So it'll be a day out for me. 

Today we'll be going out with BIL and SIL, Kevin and Susan for dinner and a concert! 
More tomorrow!

Oh one more thing.  I made my first purchase with Alexa.  Ordered dog food.  Told her to do it.  She confirmed what she was ordering (type of dog food) and said it was the same thing I had last ordered and gave me the price and asked if it was ok to order.  I said yes.  She ordered it after asking me the code. 

I do need to check and make sure she used the right credit card though.  Once I ordered something for work with my work credit card so work could get the calendar with free shipping through my amazon prime.  So I have to make sure it didn't pull that up.  Boy that would be bad.  lol Nothing that couldn't be remedied as I'd pay for it but still who wants to go through that.  But I do need to check and make sure.  I don't remember her asking me what credit card to use.  There are several credit cards attached.  Our Amazon card, my debit card, and probably any others that have been used.  Katy's might still be on there.  Definitely will go check that now. 

Update:  It did use the correct (mostly used) card that we order from. Whew!

Ya'll have a great day!


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