Monday, February 20, 2017

Shopping Day

Had a nice little day of shopping, kicked off by a burger at Culver's.   I haven't even dabbled at all the other food they have, but go ahead click on the link and look at their custard ice cream.  Oh my.  I will have to try their cheese curds as well.  I just don't want the thighs/hips/butt to get any bigger so there has to be a few months b/w each trip!  lol But oh my that Burgah was good.  And the funny part was getting a number through the drive through.  lol lol lol 

One thing I missed yesterday was having Katy by my side.  So many trips shopping in Providence, meals with my daughter, and shopping.  It is true though that mostly those shopping trips were for her.  Usually I DID have to go back later for my own shopping needs where I could take my time.  But I missed her yesterday.  It was a little lonely.  But I was not going to drag George out for the long haul.  

I left out at Noon, went through Culver's drive through and sat in parking lot and ate it, as did a lot of folks I saw. lol  Oh my it was gooooood.  And then on to Target to get wedding gift.  I was impressed with Target's repositioning of items.  They have things displayed more like a boutique shop, kinda like Charming Charlies in a way.  Their bridal registry was broken and I had to use my phone but at least that worked.  Then when I got home I had to go in and tell the computer those items were purchased.  You have to enter the receipt number.

Then I went down the row of shops - TJ Maxx, Ross, and Penny's.  I bought a few things at TJ Maxx and Ross, but Penny's was a mess.  I do not like their lay out nor their clothes anymore.  They have cheapened it and messed it all up.  You can't get through the racks.  They don't seem to be moving the clothes so their sale racks stay up and junked up and no wonder b/c the clothes are things no one wants.  Let me do the buying - I'm move you some clothes!  Now I'm talking for my size group.  The young ones may be happy with it but my department, once provided some good work clothes and some quality "out for the day" items to knock around in.  Now it's just all cheap and flashy clothes like you'd see on a downtown subway with a backdrop of graffiti in the distance.  No thank you. 

But I did buy a couple of short sleeve, well made Tees and a sweater at Ross and I bought another top and a pair of long gym pants at TJ Maxx.  Then I went to Belk to look at their flip flops.  But I decided that I would wait on those.  I want a pair with blue in them but just not sure which pair I want.  I think I can order those on the internet as well.  I figured I'd done enough damage.  The past week was expensive as it was.  Valentine's, out on the town this weekend, my online shopping with Walmart (which now you get free shipping over $35 and get in two days so I'll have more frequent orders), and my "flowers" essential oils, and then the wedding gifts and my purchases yesterday.  

However, I did sale shopping and the tops were along the lines of $5.99 each.  The sweater was around $24.99 I think but was a really nice brand and the gym pants $16.99 not so much of a sale for gym pants but I needed long ones and these are perfect to run around the house in and - I would venture out to the store in them with a long top!  So not too bad but I did not want to push it.  George had said earlier in the month, that the month would be tight.  

I offset it by not buying much at the store.  I didn't even look at the meat with the exception of buying salmon filets for dinner.   We have a freezer full of food, and a full pantry so I just bought some fresh items, mainly salad kits (which I buy to eat at work for lunch b/c I don't have to build a salad at home).  And I bought some green and red peppers to cook with and/or eat salads with.  I really like cooking eggs up with green pepper in them and adding tomato on top but...I didn't get any tomatoes this time.  Maybe next week.  There is a brand I like to get in the winter that are not too bad.  Only spent $45 at the store.  But I totally forgot to get the punch.  I realized I didn't know how many would be there anyway so I'll stop and get it all one night this week.  

I came home around 4.  Yes I was gone 4 hours.  But I had eating, shopping in 5 stores, two of which included dressing room time and standing in line to buy items.  Yes it was busy with a lot of folks out.  Seemed like Christmas.  I also noticed the last few times out that there was more of a melting pot around here than I remember.  There used to just be all of us "red necks" out here in MJ Town but there were women with the head dresses on, Indian men, Mexicans.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time, going for whatever items they needed.  I thought to myself, how much it had changed in just a few years.  I rarely get out and shop much anymore, doing much of it on line, so it's interesting to see who all our "neighbors" are now.  Since our borders are open and people are working without having to become citizens and becoming part of society illegally but allowed to, I guess more and more have poured in.  It is quite obvious to me that this has happened in the last 8 years.  And hear me now, when we go to retire (if we ever get to) when we apply for our social security (if we still have it then) they'll tell us, "I'm sorry you can't draw it, b/c you are still working".  "What?"  "Yes, it shows you working in several states".  Our identities will be stolen and it's going to be a mess.  The government getting employment taxes of course on all of these folks.  I've said all along, no wonder there is no fixing of this issue - it brings in too much income.   Sorry, off my high horse but...I am fearful of our country's sake and any retirement income from the government, and I'll leave it at that.  

Once home at 4, as I was saying, George left to go to his Mom's.  He likes for someone to be there for the doggies, so he tries to wait til I get home to leave.  I don't really like to be rushed so I always tell him, just go on if I'm not home when you want to leave.  He always takes Roger.  

So Tugie and I stayed and hung out.  Bless her, she cannot hear me at all now so I'm having to try to teach her some sign language.  She has "come on" down, when I wave my palm up in the air toward me, she knows to come.  She looks at my face a lot to try to read me and she wants to be in my lap more now.  A few months ago she didn't want to be a lap dog anymore but just own her own, so this is all new in the last few weeks.

I had ordered some K-cups from Walmart and got those in this last week or so.  They did not come as ordered, nor as packaged.  I didn't order one with a lot of flavors in it but this one came with both reg coffee and flavors.  I am not complaining to return them but I will go in and comment "not as advertised".  I want to try a few first and see if I like it b/c if it is good coffee I want to put that in there.  It came in a big white box with no advertising on it.  That was one thing that was different.  It had 98 k cups in it and I think they were about 38 cents a piece.  So this weekend I found a basket to put some of them in so we can use them.  I'll be moving this to a different part of the shelve though as more of a "feed in" bin to the rack below.  But anyway, I have them out as an option for now.  

While at Walmart last week for something, I bought a basket I liked for the kitchen.  I'll put garlic, potatoes, and onions in it.  I have a wooden bowl I've been using but this takes up less room.  George's sauces and vinegars are taking up so much room on the counter that this skinnier basket gives us more room.

He is also making some plum brandy and it's fermenting on the counter.  lol 

Here is our kitchen counter.  lol   What to do???  

Well, what a busy little weekend we had.  Gone both days so little accomplished in the house and certainly not on projects.  It occurs to me that I may need to take a vacation day soon, but I hate to yet.  I need to make sure I have accumulated enough for Tybee.  And I'm quite sure I'm probably going to have to take the day off to cook for the rehearsal dinner for Dillon and Amber.  There will be a lot going on and I'm hoping not to have to travel for work that week.  If so I'll have to be back by Thurs and for sure would have to have Fri off.  It'll all work out.  I'm not too worried about it, mainly just want to make sure I've accrued the time already, as I probably didn't have much vacation to roll over this year.  I need to look and see.  I think I already took a vacation or two this week for the surgery, unless they just gave it to me.  Technically for a salaried person a sick day paid already.  But I think I turned in vacation day for at least one of those days b/c I was going to be off already and I wasn't seeking to just get free pay.  Of course salaried doesn't get overtime pay for those hours over 40.  It always works in the wash.  But I do need to check vacation.  If I can squeeze a day out, I will.  I could use a "me" day to get some things done that I want to do that I cannot get done on the weekends.

Well I better go and quit ramblin on.  Gotta get make up on, pack lunch and head out.  Ya'll have a great day!


  1. I used to take this day as a vacation day to go President's Day Sales with my daughter. We still do it but Saturday this past weekend worked best for her. The sales were not as good as they used to be and I came home with mostly Bath and Body Works stuff where they did have good sales. Looks like you had a great weekend ! Happy Monday !

  2. Awww Tugie is such a pretty little baby love. So sweet. 😊
    Walmart does not have the 2 day shipping down yet. But it's easier to spend $35 than $50. So I guess they win!
    I have a bad case of spring fever. Today I did not wear a coat or jacket & it felt so good.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. interesting about the coffee in a nondescript box. let us know if it tastes as good as the others.

  4. Your little Tugie is precious. Those eyes just speak volumes. I am so sorry to hear about her hearing. looks like you got good sales.


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