Monday, February 27, 2017

Southern Bridal Shower, the Way They Should Be!

Here is our bridal shower girl, opening one of the gifts that I gave her from her bridal registry.  
We really had a nice time and as you will see below, there was NO shortage of food.  And THIS is how a Southern Bridal Shower, should be.  My friend Lisa, knows how to throw a party.  And she knows all her "foodie" friends won't mind helping.  ;-)  All came together and you can see the success below. Here's how it went.  I told them I'd take pics of all the decor and food and the pets, and I left the people pics to everyone else. 

Always a beautiful table setting!

Flowers just brighten the soul.  You all KNOW how I LOVE flowers, and missed not getting them at Valentine's, lol. 

So appropriately fitting that St. Patrick's day approaches, but our bride to be is about to marry into a family with a very Irish name, so the decor played well!

This was a cake made with spinach and garbanzo beans - it did NOT have eggs in it.  This was for the vegan crowd.

Lemon pound cake, which had strawberries along side it eventually. 

Elegant plates and napkins.

And those truffles - oh my and the cookies were apple, cinnamon, spice or something like that.  None of these seemed to have much sugar in them and tasted wonderful.

And the Almond pound cake.  Oh my it was wonderful and juicy and had a glaze over it.

The pasta salad was excellent.  Italian dressing based with pepperoni (might have been salami), and lots of veggies.

One of my personal favorite's....Lisa's Mom made banana pudding!

Don, Lisa's husband, makes an awesome salsa.  We always depend on it being at any event at their house and we love it so!  We would be disappointed if not there.  This is the dish we hit long before getting plates and hitting the rest.

Two people made dressed eggs.  And I believe all of them were devoured.

Here's my punch.  For an elegant punch with bubbles, make 1 part White Grape Juice and 1 part Ginger Ale.  It's a great way for churches to have a champagne non-alcholic "look alike" for a festive event like a bridal shower or reception.  I learned that from a friend at church in Gallatin.  lol  Here is my Nanny's (my Mom's Mom) antique punch bowl and cups.

Friend Cheryl, brought some wicked sliders.  Oh my gosh they were good!  

Lots of gifts!

And Standard Poodle, GiGi, who soaked up attention from the little girls and anyone who would give it. 

And sweet Lisa, who is the mother in law to be, who hosted the event at her house.  Lisa inspires me so much.  Her ideas, her creativity, but most of all, she is a good friend to all.  And so good to Amber, who is joining the family.  We are so excited.  The wedding is in a month.  And my task is to make a Pasta Salad for the Rehearsal event and we get to go and eat with them and then we have promised to be available the day of the wedding as well for whatever needed.  I have asked off for that Friday as that will give me time to prep the pasta salad and can get it out there before hand and can help where needed.  They are catering much of it.  So there won't be a lot to do I don't think as far as food prep and serving.  But we are offering ourselves where needed.  I'll never forget Lisa helping us at our house at the "after party" of Katy's wedding.  Lisa bagged food for the freezer that we had left over from the wedding - insisting I go be with friends and family.  That's who she is.  And I want to return the favor.

Fun Day had by all!

We stayed after and hung out with the crew.  Lisa fixed a pot of coffee and we watched the Hollywood types come down the red carpet and gave our opinion on the dresses.  lol

The guys had gone out for a brewski while the girls showered for the bride and they had come back to join us.

We left about 7:30 or so and took Katy home and said hi to Cody who also had just gotten home from spending a day with his parents.

We got home after 8 and the doggies were crossing their legs and hungry.

I played the game and headed to bed.  Although it was 10:30 for me.  I didn't go til I got sleepy.  We've slept in the last two days.  I think if I were to be home all the time, I'd probably sleep from 10 or 10:30 til about 7:00 or 7:30, lol.  That would be my natural rythem, up and at 'em at 4:10 when the alarm goes off - maybe a snooze or two but by 4:30 for sure I need to be up ad going if I'm doing a blog entry, packing lunch, and making the hour long drive in.

Yee ha, another start to the week.

George is off his diet Tuesday and our plan is to have pizza that night, as we've both missed it.

Ya'll have a great day!


  1. I find it refreshing to look at your pics of the shower's you attend. In the North East we have bridal/ baby shower's but it looks quite different. I love how you all decorate the tables. Here it is big to have it in a hall , nothing seems personal. Food yes, but nothing like what you show! lol Those sliders btw look relish!

    Have a good week!

  2. Looks like a wonderful shower for sure. Glad you have such a great friend to celebrate with. Even though I've been retired now for almost 7 years, I still go to bed early and get up around 5. There have been some exceptions, but it's such a habit I can't seem to break it. Hope your week ahead is a good one. I know you are looking forward to that pizza !

  3. It is interesting how people fix tables and foods for showers. That one sure had a lot of cakes. I love pasta salad and cheese. And make ham roll ups or poppyseed rolls to take when I give a shower. So many nice gifts. I hope she has a beautiful wedding.

  4. What a wonderful shower that was. The food looked heavenly I am sure Lisa was happy that everything went so's great that you were there to help. These photos will be a wonderful reminder in years to come for everyone to remind them of the happy shower party......
    I am feeling much better today, no dizzy turns other than first thing when I woke but I can put up with that !!.....I was at guild this afternoon and one of our members made a delightful afternoon tea party for us all....she is 70 tomorrow
    We had such fun, she read out of an old book all about making an afternoon tea...such as everything had to be bite size crusts of sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches and tiny ham ones, lots and lots of small cakes...wish I had thought to take a photograph. One member did, if it's any good I will send it to you !.....hope you and George enjoy your Pittza night in ! Xxx

  5. What a charming shower. All the food looks delish, made with lots of love. You did a great job taking photos for a permanent memory for the bride.


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