Thursday, February 23, 2017

Storms, DNA, DQ, and Thor for Thursdays

This graphic has always kinda reminded me of spring and the thunderstorms that often accompany the season.  Have been really surprised that we have not had any so far with the weather changing back and forth.  I know when I was growing up, there just wasn't much talk of tornadoes or hurricanes.  I mainly heard about them from school.  But one day while I was in elementary school, there was a tornado that came through and flipped a trailer over into a ditch in my town and also did some damage across town.  That really got my attention.  I wanted to understand about something so powerful and dangerous.  And that sparked my first interest in weather.

It seemed about that time that my Mom also was showing signs of being afraid of "certain" storms with big wind speeds.  I began checking out books in our school library on hurricanes and tornadoes.  I was overwhelmed at the imagination of what a tornado a mile wide would be like.  Just horrified that something like that could exist.  It was like I had realized there could be a real live monster come through and no one knew where it would tear through.  I felt like you could not hide from it.

As the news and radios became more prevalent with the transistors and such.  I'd hear weather warnings and would pace from window to window watching the skies.  My father saw that I was worried every time it stormed.  He tried to tell me not to worry but just to pray.  Still I was terrified even though back then, we rarely heard of one in our area.

About the time I went to college, it seemed that the storms that came through started to get more fierce.  Some people say it was because the forecasters got better and we heard about them more, others say that tornado alley has shifted east.  Whatever the reason, I can say with certainty that over the period of my own life, I see more severe storms WHERE I AM way more often at this point in my life than I ever did as a kid.  Most of the storms for the first 20 years of my life were thunder and lightening and rains and not a lot of wind, and most of the time gently rolled off, leaving gentle rains behind for a while.  As time passed they seemed to be more intense.

I will say that since we've been in MJ Town it seems like there are fewer of them than in G Town.  It seems that the last 5-8 years or so have been almost as calm as when I was a child.  And for this I'm grateful.

My fear of storms have been probably my biggest real fear.  I'm usually ok if I'm inside now and in a fairly protected area.  I am NOT ok if I'm in a car.  I will freak out to find shelter.  Matter of fact, I usually won't drive through a storm and I will alter my drive to and from work if it means driving through a bad storm.

The above graphic, is what it looks like when one of these storms is in the distance.  I really think it looks more like the back side of a storm after it's passed.  And seeing this pic just reminds me of my fear.  That lonely house that was in harms way.  And typically it has been thought that flatter land was more conducive to tornado development, so as I have passed houses all my life, I have thought "ewww I'd hate to live there, it's too flat".  My looking at a house has a different element to it than most folks.  My first thought is "is it conducive to tornadoes and would I feel safe?".

This house has a basement.  I call it my "hidey hole".  I've only used it a couple of times.  We've been here since 2008.  I hope that I continue NOT to need it.  I've just asked Alexa our weather for today and tomorrow and we DO have storms in the forecast for tomorrow.

Funny how just one graphic can spawn a blog entry.  lol  As long as no tornadoes are spawn, we are good.

The seminar was really good yesterday.  But I left the house at 7 and didn't get there til 8:20.  Apparently now there is a swab that you can swab of your check to get DNA and then you get a report that you keep in your phone.  I guess there is app for that, and it tells you what meds your body is able to break down/absorb and which ones are dangerous for your chemical make up.  This is amazing.  Illuminates emergency room visits and issues and extra $ and reduces the costs of trial and error.  Good for everyone I would think.  One can take control of their own medical issues by showing the doc, here is my DNA and the meds I can have.  That is just cool!  

The seminar also talked about the changes in the OSHA Drug Testing rules.  Employers are going to have to remove the "blanket" testing to only test if the injury could have been likely the cause of the injury. So if someone reaches into a box at a work site and is bitten by a spider, that is not going to be because of any drug.  So in that case you would not be able to test.  If someone lifted something heavy and caused a strain injury, or had done repetitive motion - those types of things are considered by OSHA not to have been caused by a drug or alcohol issue.  Companies will have to reset their protocols with their drug testing providers to remove any blanket testing.

While there I got the text from Mom that the car was in the shop (nearby a few miles away) and that she and Barbara (her friend) were at the dealership waiting to come by and get them and she'd buy our lunch.  I hated that they had to wait for me but they knew I had my seminar.  I had told Mom when I realized she was taking the car in, that if they kept it overnight, since I was already in that area, I could take her home if needed. But thank goodness they didn't need to keep it overnight.  I know when we leave our cars it is sometimes two or three days before we get it back - b/c the ones we use are "reasonable" in price and they are very good and very popular.  So I picked them up and we went to Red Lobster and had a nice meal and Mom bought lunch and it was sooo good.  Then I took them back to the Hyundai place and I headed back to work.

After work, came home and folded two nights of laundry (two loads of towels) and then washed more clothes.  And then washed all the cups that goes with Nanny Voss' antique punch bowl set.  I checked and got out the paper and bags to wrap bridal gifts with.  I needed to make sure I had what I needed.  I do, so I'll wrap tonight.  Just getting ready for the shower this weekend - on Sunday.

George laid a DQ coupon mailer in my desk chair yesterday.  They are knew and are now open.  They are on the way to work on my right which is NOT a good thing.  There is a sausage biscuit two pack for $1.99, a 99 cent blizzard (oh dear) and a few other coupons.  I will not of course, get a blizzard for breakfast, lol.  But - I fear this place will be seen way too often.  I used to get Heath Bar blizzards back in the day!  I think they have a pretty good burgah too!

I guess I should just rename them Bad News Bessie, b/c I've lost all hope of losing weight b/w the temptations of DQ and Culvers.  George's weight loss program ends Tuesday.  I told him of my craving for pizza and we will have pizza on Tuesday.  lol  He came home and said "Darn You, I thought about pizza all day".  It was the way I described the pineapple and ham melted into the cheese, and the pepperoni baked into the tomato sauce and mozzarella. lol   Sorrrrrrry!  So now we get pizza on Tuesday though.

Well, I'm off of here so I can get into work.  Only one blog today as I snoozed about 3 times this morning.  I went to bed about 30 min late last night.

I was excited yesterday was Wednesday and not Tuesday but I'm a little bummed that today is Thursday and not Friday.  I guess I thought a little too much about the weekend coming up and that made things slow down a bit.  All in all the week is going by fast.  I need to get a few things done today and I'll be in good shape going into March which will be a VERY busy month for me all the way around.  It's just amazing that two months of this year are already almost gone.  We'll be doing Christmas again before you know it.

Well, gotta go!  Still in the 70's today and a lunch plan to eat out today.  Probably eat in tomorrow since I've been eating out the last couple of days.  Eww storms tomorrow too.  Yep - eat in.

Have a great Thursday - and oh, Alexa says Thursday means "Thor" which means "Thunder".  Thursday is named after the God of Thor, she says.  I suppose that was a Greek Myth Character of some sort.  Haven't had time to research.

Have a great day!


  1. It looks like rain here today but they say not till later tonight when we'll have Thunder. Interesting about the DNA test, I'd heard about the ancestry one but never about the medical side of it. Glad your mom got here car back in one day and that you had a chance to have lunch with her too. Hope your Thursday is a good one.

  2. Both of my daughters wanted to be meterologists (before the Weather Channel was there). They love storm tracking so much, but were terrified of storms when they were little. Interesting how terrifying Mother Nature can be to us as adults too. You are lucky you have a place to hideout in bad weather, most don't.

  3. Hi there. When you mention OSHA and related information it takes me back to working as an Industrial Nurse (archaic term) for a Fortune Company in the 80's. During that time Americans With Disability Act became a law. I recall going to Sacramento, CA to various hearings. Gosh, I'm old! And, oh my goodness when I read Culvers it took me back to trips to Michigan a few years ago with "My Special Man". That custard ice cream is "to die for." I miss it and My Man. I continue to enjoy your blogs and wish you a great weekend when it gets here.-Mary


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