Saturday, February 25, 2017

Stuffed Chicken and Home Time

George is cooking up something good for dinner!  Came through the kitchen and thought it was picture worthy!  

He's ground up some herbs too it looks like.

Today my Rodan and Fields regimen showed up.  I promised my sister I'd try it.  

Today has been special.  A much needed day.  Just a day to do whatever.  No list.  No rush.

Got to sleep in today - to 7:30!  Do you realize how special that is?  And how healthy that is?  Of course I was up past 10 but normally I have to get up at 4 ish.  I did wake up around 1 and was like "how much time til 4?"  And I smiled realizing that it was Saturday and the alarm would not be sounding.

I think I awoke again around 5 as George got up for a small wee business call.  (lol) And I again thought about the fact that it felt so good to sleep.  I was dreaming again.  Can't remember all of it.  But always in my dreams these days I've traveled somewhere, and in service to others around me, helping the situation, trying to make things better.  I don't know what these dreams are all about.  But whatever the prophecy, I'm always brave, pulling through in times of adversity.  Me the one afraid of everything.  lol These dreams make me feel like the world is my home - anywhere out there.  I suppose my spirit is like that.  But the irony is, that I love being shut up in my home - being here, in a calm world, just George, the dogs, and just us - doing our thing.

There is so much that one can do here and I can only just touch the tip of the ice berg entertaining myself.  It brings such glee to have a day spread before me.  I can clean, do laundry, prep for the next week, eat, plan, play, watch missed shows, download graphics, cook, blog.

And if I were here all the time and not working, I could:

*Download graphics and make graphics
*Download some photos I need to save
*Write that book or two or three or eleven
*Spend more time hugging the doggies
*Cook more and experiment
*Do more craft projects
*Learn to knit
*Learn to sew
*Do some woodwork crafting
*Redo furniture
*Take up glass etching
*Listen to more music
*Make art designs with broken pottery
*Make homemade bread
*Host an in home bible study
*Volunteer somewhere
*Shop for deals
*Prep for a huge yard sale
*Make things to sell - like soap, jewelry, etc.
*Watch more shows on TV
*Play more games
*Work puzzles
*Clean my windows

Oh so many things!  I would make use of my time.  But Saturdays at home are wonderful b/c the day is open and free and while there is no time for all of the above, I do get to at least have a few minutes to dream and play.

Today I did very little laundry as I'd done a little bit during the week.  But I folded several loads and did the ironing, while listening to Alexa read my book "Someday soon".  I unplugged her and took her to the kitchen and cleaned up, and washed some dishes.  I unplugged her and took her to the bathroom and colored my hair and she did the timer for me for 30 minutes and continued to read my book for me.  I've often had to start her for the first time by using my Alexa app on my phone, finding "Books and reading" and selecting "Kindle" and then selecting "Someday Soon" (my book).  But she always resumes, unless too much time has passed and she has forgotten that mode.  However, today I tried "Alexa, open books and reading - which is how she is programmed.  It's one of the sections of her phone app.  And she said "resuming reading of Someday Soon, the last book accessed on your kindle app".  Yeahhhhhhh!  Good job Alexa.

George doesn't know it yet but I ordered a purse, some Yellow Box flip flops, and a pair of seat belt softies (covers).  It was all for Thirty Dollars and something.  I didn't think that was too bad.  lol
I hope the purse is big enough.  It may be too small.  If it is I'll return it.  But I'm hoping it will work.  With it being so cheap, I'm skeptical. It's a canvas bag.  I suppose I could carry less, but I'm accustomed to having billfold, sunglasses, a little bag with a mini eye glasses cleaner, and cloth, a mini bottle of hand sanitizer, lipstick, my little black/white plaid pill box, Dentyne gum, an ink pen, a pretty big set of keys, and I'm sure I'm missing something important.   But I have to carry all that without it looking like a huge duffel bag poking out at the sides.  lol

Well, I think George is waiting on me to watch a show.  We just had dinner. And yes it was delish.
Tomorrow a shower at Lisa's, for their son and his fiance.  So happy for them.  Wedding a month away.  The punch is ready to go and the gifts were wrapped today.  And looking forward to seeing such good almost life long friends.  We will stop and get Katy on the way.  All the guys are going to hang elsewhere in the neighborhood.  Probably will hit up some craft beer somewhere in the area.  I think the girls will do a drop off and a pick up so they won't be driving.  lol

Ya'll have a good evening and a good Sunday.  Might be Monday before I post again.


  1. dinner looks good. too bad we don't have smellavison. your canvas purse sounds intriguing. let us know if it works out. i am carrying a winter one and have to switch it out soon too. must have room to carry the essentials.

  2. I hope your dinner was delicious.
    I have always loved Saturdays & especially when the time is yours. No commitments. It was 78 degrees yesterday & this evening it is snowing. I'm
    in the mountains of western Md. Some freaky stuff here. Bring the spring!
    Ok, my time to chillax.

  3. Looks like a wonderful Saturday. I know you needed it and glad you had the opportunity to have a day at home. Hope you enjoy your Sunday. Showers are always such a happy time !


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