Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Three Reasons I'm in a Weird Mood

The coffee is really good this morning.  We are on to a different brand.  Peet's.  The one that neither of us knew where it came from.  I actually think I DID buy it one day at Publix and had forgotten.
Anyway it is better than some of the other stuff we've had recently.  We have Starbucks after this one.  So by April we will need more.  George said he is going to use his Starbuck's cards to buy more bagged coffee.

I woke up in a weird mood this morning.  I think there are three reasons I'm in a weird mood.  Weird meaning that I just dread getting out today.

1.  My instincts want me to stay home, and get stuff done here.  But with responsibility to work, I can't just do that.  Although I'm itching now for a day off.  Just desperately needing some down time when there is no where to be.  I was gone much of the weekend and now I'm feeling it.  It's sad but family does indeed take a back seat when one works.  You can't just give priority to the home and tell work, sorry gotta do spring cleaning today.  Well unless you plan a vacay day.  lol

I am in one of those "robot phases" where here is what happens and not much else:

Get up, fix coffee, shower, blog, make up & hair, pack lunch, hurry out the door
Drive 45 to an hour to work (listen to audio book to be productive in some sense)
Drive 45 to an hour home (either call Mom or listen to audio)
Run errand if needed
Laundry & Unpack lunch box, phone, etc.
Play Tropical Farmville to relax & transition
Eat & Maybe watch a show if there is that much time
Take Dogs out
Alarm goes off and start all over

There is rarely any time to do anything.  I want to do some things that matter to me.  Don't I matter?  Yes, I matter.  Sonya matters!  lol  But only if I have time to matter.  I can't get anything done around here.

Even the weekends have their routine and it's hard to break getting anything done outside of it.  I suppose I do this every year in spells and I'm having one of my spells for sure.  lol

We had some really good weather yesterday.  It was in the 70's.  I think it's close to 70's today.
It's been nice that our winter has been so mild.  We'll pay for it with the fleas and ticks though. This weather, could be enhancing my weirdness.  lol

2.  Another reason I'm in a weird mood is that my muscles and joints have been weird.  I suppose I also go through this about this time of year too.  Most likely a decrease in Vitamin D due to lack of getting much sun.  And a double issue with not getting much exercise.  When I try to exercise in the house my muscles and joints are so upset with me.  I mean beyond the normal soreness into just down right problems for days with whatever muscle has been tormented.  I also have had consistent lower back pain, but I think it is all getting better.  I need to remember to add in an extra Vitamin D pill perhaps every other day.  Maybe even every day but I don't want to shock my system, especially if that is NOT the problem.

3.  Because of number 2, I've been going through this week just a bit depressed about getting old.  Normally I consider it just a part of my life and go on but this week, for some reason, I'm just really reminded that I'm getting old.  We are all getting old around me too - George and Tugie too.  Life is spinning along too fast and it's painfully obvious that we are headed on the downside of the roller coaster.  The kid is gone and I feel like my body is 20 years older than what it should be and wonder when we have grandkids am I going to be healthy enough to keep up with them, to babysit, or am I going to need to be baby sat by then?  We didn't have Katy til I was 29 (turned 30 just days after her birth) so we were old already when she was born.  Are we going to be active enough for grand kids by the time we have any?  This is not an urge to Katy to hurry up by the way.  lol  I want her and Cody to enjoy time together first.  I think that is important.  And I look at our Tugie and know that her days are numbered too and I could blubber like a big whale.  She can't hear me at all.

It's ok, I'll be happy again, perhaps even today, but for right now, I'm just all wanting to be here, to be home today, to enjoy it, to fluff it up, do projects, cook, be homey.  But NO, my responsibility in me calls and off to work I go.


  1. I think it's Spring Fever! I get this way every year it seems. We have had a mild winter and we are going into Spring mode already . The lack of sunshine is something that really makes a difference to me. Extra D is needed for sure. Our bodies are craving Spring !

  2. Yep. You definitely need a day or 2 off.
    Call in. Call out. Vacay day. Whatever it takes.
    We are all getting OLDer. It beats the alternative.
    Being a female of a certain age, what you are feeling is perfectly normal.
    Tugie still has a lot of love to give & receive. Spoil her a little more. I know you can. 😊

  3. I feel the same way. It is hard not being able to go and do like I use to. Sometimes it feels like a struggle to stay alive. I'm happy though I still feel the same inside. But my knees hurt too. And this year I feel it more than ever. Life is short. Take a couple days off. You deserve it. I think they call it me time or a mental health day.


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