Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday Pizza, to Be or Not to Be?

Not much time to blog two blogs this morning.  This one doesn't get much attention today.  

Not a lot to tell anyway.  My audio book is really good.  Gonna miss "The Longest Ride" when it's over.  I'm about out of audios.  Gonna have to start audible or something.  Or perhaps George and I can go to McKay's this weekend.  Or the library.  

Got my nails done last night.  Need to get toes done but trying to hold out for a bit on that.  We'll see.  
We are doing pizza tonight (I thought we were anyway) although George said last night we never agreed on what night to do pizza but he's been talking about this weigh in being over today and we have talked about for over a week that we can have pizza on Tuesday.  Now he says he didn't say Tuesday.  If not it was implied. If not, I did.   So I'm not sure if that means he's not wanting it tonight.  My guess is he has lunch out today and won't be that hungry for dinner.  I don't care, it was something we planned on for tonight and whether we go or not it doesn't really matter.  It's supposed to be a fun thing to eat pizza so by all means if tonight is no good for a fun time out for pizza then let's sit home on butts and play Tropical Farmville then and watch TV and eat tuna fish.  I can play that game too!  buahahahahaah!  Doesn't matter to me.  It shocks me sometimes to talk about something for two weeks and when it gets here someone declares that is not what we've talked about for two weeks.  Hellllooooo. I was there for the conversation.  In the emails we specifically said Tuesday!  But if it fares well, we can act like we didn't say it - which is what I think is happening to get out of it or not spend the money! I really don't care!  But it IS ok to just say "tonight is not as good as we had discussed, let's change it" as opposed to "we never did say tonight" (when we did).  

Technicalities.  Who cares really.  I guess I do.  I take things for face value.  If you don't mean it don't say it?  Oh well.  People's minds are different.  I guess to one person Tuesday means Tuesday, and to another perhaps Tuesday just marks the beginning of not having weigh ins anymore.   lol

Well, off to work and we'll see if there is to be pizza or no pizza.  


  1. I hope you do get a pizza. One of the pizzerias here has personal pan size and they do a time of day, usually lunch, when they are ready to go and I've often picked one up for myself. I do keep the frozen french bread pizzas in the freezer too for when I get hungry for one. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday pizza or not.

  2. Fingers crossed you straighten out the PIZZA fiasco.

  3. I always have a wee smile when I read at what you and George decide or in this case have not quite decided what your going to eat !....hope you did get your pizza though......don't all men always say the opposite to what we say they said ? ,!!.....


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