Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Cookies for Work and a Lazy Sunday

Cookie in a jar cookies made for Valentine's.  It was a gift, that I believe Ellen, our nephew's wife gave us.  It did not have a tag, so it could have been from Sarah, our niece.  But I made these to take to work.  I have put it off b/c we were trying to lose some weight a bit and eat better.  However, it was hard not to have one or two when they came out of the oven.  They have cranberries in them, and white chocolate and brown sugar.  Yum. 

Yesterday was a nice day off.  I did my devo, laundry, cleaned the kitchen, ground more coffee, did a Walmart order for a big thing of k-cups and George's nose strips (lavender scented, lol).  

I played the tropical Farmville game.  My goal now is to get to $40,000 so I can buy Louis Lookout.  lol  I'm at $32 coming up from $22.  I love that game.  It's so relaxing.  But perhaps I'm spending way too much time in it.  At some point - probably spring - I'll quit and switch to reading and spending some time outdoors.  

George and I went to the store after stopping by to see his Mom, and we bought a few things for the work week.  I sliced up a lemon and put it into 5 baggies so I can pack in my lunch each day.  I am going to put lemon in my water this week.  
I also bought some already boiled eggs to take to work for breakfast and/or to put in tuna salad.  And I bought Cinnamon Flavored Life cereal, lol.  I bought two types of salad kits ($3 range) and I like to take those for lunches at least two days a week.  I bought individually wrapped carrot packages for work.  I'll dip that in ranch dressing in the afternoons about 2 or 3 when the salad wears off.  

George's weigh in is Tuesday morning, so we can eat good for Valentine's that evening.  

Gosh this weekend went by fast.  Tonight I plan to make a quick stop for something Valentiney and then I need to come home and color my hair.  I needed to do that this weekend and just didn't want to take the valuable time away from my weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed what time we were at home yesterday and the sliver of time on Saturday. Most of all I enjoyed sleeping in and not having to think about much, or do much other than what I wanted.  

The downside is that I think my brain turned off completely as I seemed to be forgetful all weekend.  But maybe that was purposely done.  I hope anyway.  I tend to forget and be absent minded when I relax the most and don't have to keep up with anything.  I even tossed my to do lists aside.  I'm so tired of lists right now.  lol  

Here goes to Monday and another work week.   But it is going to be a busy one personally.  Errands and hair coloring tonight, Valentine's tomorrow, a concert Wed night, NOTHING Thursday, and NOTHING Friday, I hope.  Then Saturday is the Temptations and out to eat with BIL and SIL. 

Oh and I watched two episodes of Nashville last night.  I was able to find them on xfinity TV app on my ipad.  Earlier in the week, they did not appear to be on On Demand.  It said something about going to CMT and paying for a service to watch it.  I thought I'd have to give up watching it but thank goodness I found it.  

George watched the Grammy's while I sat with ear plugs watching Nashville. 

Ya'll have a good week!


  1. I like your idea of having hard boiled eggs on hand and have some in the fridge that are close to expiration date so I'm going to boil them us and use them today. Otherwise I'll end up throwing them out. Thanks for the tip! Glad you had a great Sunday and hope you Monday is a great day !

  2. lemon water is refreshing and good. the cookies look scrumptious.


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