Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's ~ The Good, The Bad, But Nothing Ugly!

Well, we had a nice Valentine's Day yesterday.  And we had a lot of fun with the Perfect Man.  

And I got a bottle of champagne.  No flowers this year.  :-(   Which I will admit, I missed very much.  I love flowers!  So I think I will go buy some this week anyway as a gift to myself and put them on the table so I can enjoy them all week.  I always love to look at them for a couple of weeks after Valentine's to take me into March and into spring.   Matter of fact, I may just start buying some throughout the year for the table as well.  ;-)  But all good as I did get my perfect man.  lol

I did get a bottle of champagne though and he bought my favorite brand.  

I gave him a bottle of wine, some heirloom rice, and some dressing and dip mixes. 

We made reservations at Fleming's over a month ago but was still unable to get a reservation til 8.  I have wanted to go here for several years but we always picked somewhere else and it was crossed off the list.  So we went to Blackstone Brewery Tap Room while we waited for the reservation time.  There were people all on the other side of the room and at the bar area.  So since there were no people on this end, I took a pic.  Their beer is very good.   We found that the Blackstone Restaurant, which we thought was out for remodeling but would be reopening soon, will actually not be back in business.  They were unable to resolve the lease situation.  We were sorry to hear that, but the brewery is in place and hopefully not going anywhere.  

Since dinner was so late, we had an appetizer to hold us over.  It was beer cheese dip that you see there and homemade, and served warm and was heavenly.

At the restaurant, Flemings, the atmosphere and ambiance was amazing.  A beautiful restaurant with windows overlooking the area.  Very friendly wait staff.  I checked my coat.  White tablecloths.  
We selected a bottle of red spanish wine.  It was very smoothe, Navardia.  We will look into this wine again.  

We had the Valentine's special which seemed to be a pretty good deal for all of once price considering everything is normally ala carte.  I'll be honest.  Ala carte menus usually make me mad.  But I knew this going in that we were going to be paying for an overpriced menu for "the experience" but I knew in my heart the food would be amazing as well.  I felt uncomfortable taking pics in there.  I got the wine b/c George asked me to so we could find it again.  But it was an elegant place and on an elegant night.  

After we received the wine and ordered, there was a pretty long wait before the salad came and the appetizer came (they came all at once).  The appetizer of shrimp and scallop came on a bed of grits that were seasoned with some type of creamy sauce.  It was really good.  The salad I was a bit disappointed in.  It was fresh and crisp, had nuts, very little else in it, and dressing was minimal.  I could barely taste any dressing at all.  Tasted mostly like a lettuce only salad.  

There was another long wait for the actual entree.  It was Valentine's and probably the busiest night of the year, so you can't fault them for that.  We savored our wine and enjoyed the atmosphere.  

The meal came.  We each had filet mignon and I got the salmon and George got the lobster.  And the deal was we would split the salmon and lobster and we'd have all three.  So it was a deal.  lol  

So here is my overall review.  I've been to a LOT of fancy pricey steak houses and usually the steak is worth it.  This one not so much.  It was not as juicy as I had expected but it did come medium as I had ordered.  The flavor was not anything special.  It was a little dry around the edges.  The lobster also was a little tough and not tender as I remember it being at other places.  But the dipping into butter in little miniature sternums with a flame underneath at the table was a nice though and covered up the toughness.  The salmon was a little mushy in texture instead of breaking off in flake layers like it normally does.  However the taste of the salmon was good, but I have had better for much less $.  

George and I agreed that we'd both had better and that we would not be going back due to the food not what we would have expected for that price.   So a little disappointing.  It was all very edible though.  It certainly wasn't disgusting by any means.  However, we are big foodie types, we love to try new restaurants and give our opinion, and based on other steak houses out there in this range - they don't meet the standard.  The appetizer rocked though!  Had I ordered a whole seafood meal - with shrimp and scallops, my review would have been different.  But you know, it IS a steak house, not a seafood restaurant.  

A shot of the West End.  Yes it was a rainy day (again) in Nashville.  

Well, I better go.  Need to hurry and get ready and scoot on in.

Ya'll have a good "over the hump" day.


  1. It's a little disappointing not to have the food as good as expected, but still it wasn't bad and good that you got to go so now you know, it's nothing special. Still the special part is that you went out together and having each other is a wonderful thing. Hope you have a great over the hump day!

  2. Hey! At least you got to go out and your hubby thought of you on the day! That in itself is wonderful. I'm a bit jealous! lol
    My hubby does not celebrate any holiday on the actual day and it drives me nuts! He said "why are you mad at me today?" I told him.. "I'm a women, I like to be wined and dined on the day of the most romantic holiday there is"... I know its the hype, but I'm not dead ..
    Your date sounds lovely!

  3. Sorry to hear your meal wasn't up to par. But half the fun is in the critique. So I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves otherwise.

  4. Sometimes those prix-fixe dinners are partially or mostly prepared in advance. Some restaurants have to do so to keep up with the demand of the rush during special occasions. Most likely another trip to that restaurant on an average night would be different. However, when a place that has good ratings and their prices are high, really need to take steps to avoid serving dinners like you experienced. You should call them and give them your review. I certainly would never return there. (sorry, but this obviously is a pet peeve of mine)
    Happy Valentine day!

  5. Glad you had a nice night out with your husband, but sorry your meal wasn't as good as you would expect for the money. I have had this happen to me when we ate at the restaurant many times and it was always good. Take care. Jean

  6. Outback has a good filet and the crab legs are the best. I just ordered papa johns for our supper. Due to the crowds we r going out to dinner Saturday

  7. I love reading about all your eating experiences, it's a great pity that I can eat so little these days as the thought of munching my way through some of your amazing meals makes me feel hungry but I know I could never do it glad that you had such a lovely night, pity about the flowers....but buy your might ...just might ! Make George ge feel guilty


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