Sunday, February 5, 2017

Wonderful Day with Friends

Good morning!  Heavy into our weekend here.  It's not going to be long enough for me.  Won't be able to get everything done, but at least I've decided to get done what I want to!  lol 
So that I at least feel like I'm not a robot in this busy world of ours.  

I wanted to share the above.  I love this cleaner.  It's really good on surfaces - especially any surface that needs to shine.  It really helps the bathroom counter tops for example.  And makes the faucets shine and sparkle.  

This morning, I've played around with Amazon Prime, putting songs that I like in "my music" so that Alexa can play it.  And she is doing it right now.  I wasn't sure where to start.  I have a tendency to float to the same artists and I get tired of them. But when listening to the radio or any song anywhere, if I hear a song I like I hit my soundhound app and my phone captures the song playing and it stores it in history.  Then we I need to download a song on itunes (and now with Amazon) I will have it saved.  So I love the new playlist.  It's playing right now as I do this entry. 

We went out yesterday with friends to celebrate our "Christmas" together.  Getting ready I snapped a shot of my socks.  Yes I'm goofy.  But I LOVE these socks that I bought a year ago.  I think I spent like $70 on new socks.  And these are warm, thin enough, but hug my feet just right and seem to just almost massage the feet.  I smile every time I put them on.  I forgot what brand or what they are even made of.  But they feel like they have some kind of wool blend in them.

We were out the door early.  I made George stop and get me a sausage burrito at Mickie D's.  And we went to Black Abbey for their special release day.  Oh my this place is raking in the bucks.  But their craft brew is really good.  They are doing a lot of different things that other breweries have not even thought of yet.  Very unique tastes being created.  So Katy and I, who really like the lighter beers usually were not sure what we needed to order, so we just went with the flow and ordered a flight to split.  

We had a system down.  I started with #1 and she started at the end and we met in the middle.  We each drank 1/2 of the glass.  I drank on the Black Abbey side and she drank off the opposite side.  (lol)

It looks like a lot but it's not really.  Especially if you are splitting.  Some of the beer was crafted in Corsair barrels.  

While having our brew sip tastings, we knew we'd need to eat something.  So we ordered BBQ nachos from the The Steaming Goat food truck.   OH my, I'll want these again.  We'll have to chase this truck down again.  I have discovered that BBQ nachos are the new wave of nachodem! They seem to be good anywhere I've had them.  And these were excellent.

This was what we attended yesterday!  We did not stay too long.  It was very crowded.  We were the 2nd couple there and then our friends got there.  We were lined up half hour ahead waiting so we could get a seat.  So we ate/drank and cleared out so that others could enjoy a seat. 

Our friends, Don and Lisa, love to cook.  They are bigger foodies than we are!  And they did not know about the Bangkok Market that George discovered some time ago.  So we went there as it was VERY close to Black Abbey.  

We each bought our treasures for cooking.  I told Lisa about my "cold noodle" discovery using sesame oil and hot chili oil.  We stocked up on both and I also bought more green tea noodles and several other type of noodles.  

We found a part of the store we had not known was there - the freezer room and fresh food room!  It's weird as you have to walk through their break room to get there.  But there it was!  We did not have a cooler but we'll be going back one day.  Lisa bought some red bean popcycles for us to try.  Katy and I split one.  We were into splitting things I guess!  lol And I really liked it.  

Here is what it was...

So then since we had the bean bar we went on to the next brewery, New Heights Brewing , 
and this one is a newer place and opened in November I think.  It was new to us.  We didn't even know about it.

So we grabbed a lite one and grabbed a game of Nashville-Opoly!  We played this as Lisa and Don ran a quick errand.  

A beer meant snacks so we ate pimiento and cheese and fritos.  

And played...

My first ownership was the Wildhorse Saloon.  This game made me giggle.  Me, the owner of Wildhorse saloon?  Well now I can say that I have owned it, yes!  And the Schermerhorn as well! 

We quit playing when Don and Lisa arrived and we grabbed a new game, easier for all of us to play.  
Oh this one was wickedly funny.  We then ordered hummus and chips.  It was a day of lots of snacking! But this game....oh my gosh....

Let's just say that NONE of it was politically correct.  It's sortof a "finish the sentence" kind of game where the number of folks playing provide an answer card for the one presenting the sentence or the question.  The presenter of the questions answers the one that they like best or is the funniest or most horrid, lol.  The presenter decides based on which one he/she likes best.  If your card is picked, you get to keep the question card and at the end the one with the most question cards wins.  So I won and that must mean that I am a horrible person.  lol  But I sure made people laugh and/or shake their heads and pick my card!  That was the goal.  I loved the game.  Don laughed so hard he cried at one.  I love it when people laugh.  We don't see enough laughter in our lives ever and this was awesome.  

After that the sun was going down and we decided on an early dinner at a Greek restaurant, Athens Family Restaurant.  

Here was my dinner.  I have meat left over and gonna have an omelet this morning.  Oh it was really good.  I guess that makes twice I've had Greek this week.

After this we followed Katy to a gas station so she could get gas.  And then we all headed home.

It was fun being with our friends.  We swapped Christmas and enjoyed ourselves.  They are such family.

We came home and I played Tropical Farmville and finally was able to buy the shipwreck!  weeee.  So making some progress and have earned some compasses this morning too.  I've got to be able to get to Louis Hideout.  (lol) But I need about 8 more compasses or something like that.

Sleep was good last night but I was ready to get up at 4:30.  So I have a lot I want to do and need to do.  I need to get going.  Just wanted to record our day yesterday and how much fun it was.

Plans are in the making for next Saturday.  It involves dog trims and eating dinner at Katy and Cody's.  ;-)  Looking forward to it already!

What will I be doing today?  Well, laundry, ironing, planning for next week, a little blessing of the house (cleaning), and anything on my to do list that I can get done will make me feel good.  It's the Super Bowl day and we are having Corned Beef tonight.  One of our favorite winter meals!  No snacking today.  We also have to go to the store and to see George's Mom.  And I want to have a spiritual rejuvie, so I need to study something.

Hope you all have a good day!


  1. Corned beef here too. Enjoy the SuperBowl.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the cleaner. Sounds like a fun weekend.

  3. A great day like that with friends does wonders for the soul. So glad you all could get together. It's hard to believe that they are bigger foodies than the two of you. That's had to do! Happy Monday !


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