Friday, March 31, 2017

"So Hungry, I'm Gonna Eat My Left Arm"

Gorgeous house by the sea.  Look, our Little Bit is on the front porch.  I think I'll be taking that stone step side walk back to the beach and I'll see ya'll later. ;-)

Yesterday went to my dental appointment.  Teeth all clean.  I do think it was a newer one so it was a gentle cleaning (probably means not as thorough, but my teeth feel good anyway) and so it went really quick.  

All the talk yesterday was about the storms that were supposed to be bad.  Schools were out most everywhere.  So traffic had been light.  We didn't get our snow storms this year so my guess is that schools took a Thunderstorm Day.  lol  

I prayed that God would weaken the system.  I prayed it aloud as I drove to the dentist.  I prayed for Him to calm my nerves.  I didn't want to have to worry about this all day.  He calmed my nerves and He calmed the storms.  We did not have the morning storms and it seemed that the cloud cover He gave us, kept the heating of the day from firing all the super cells that could have happened.  We barely had anything but a rain event when all was said and done.   Some folks south of us had more of a storm come through but for us not much of anything to worry about.  Thank you, Lord for that. 

I went through Chic Fil A on the way to work before hitting the interstate just to get something in my belly for a few hours.  Crazy busy day trying to get ready for next weeks meetings, get everything done and pulled together.  Before I could even hardly look at my schedule for the day to set alarms for any meetings I had, I realized I had a conf call and was already missing it.  So did that.  I had soup in a can in my cabinet at work.  But I was not in a soup mood.  I didn't really have any certain craving, but I ordered from a website called "Order Up" and ordered something to be brought in.  There are several restaurants that participate.  

I ordered a burgah (lol).  It was pretty good.  You have to spend at least $10 though when you order and it's $2 delivery.  So it's going to be b/w $15 and $18 usually by the time it's said and done.  It saves a few bucks if you order "with" someone.   I didn't want to leave yesterday though so I could get work done.  But I probably should have just gone through a drive through b/c since I didn't get time to order it til 12:30, it was during their busy time - so it didn't get to me until 2:42.  I posted on Facebook, "I'm so hungry I'm about to eat my left arm".  (I needed the right one.)

That phrase came from my sister, Kerrie.  Back last year.  We were waiting for them to take Mom back for one of her tests.  Mom could not eat that morning.  So we didn't eat either.  We were going to go grab lunch when they took her back for the test though.  

So as we waited in the room with Momma, we were each thinking about food but neither wanted to say anything in front of Momma.  My sister texted me "I'm so hungry that I could eat my left arm."  If you know my sister, you would know exactly how she would sound and look as she would say such a thing.  The visual image of this, and seeing this text made me snort with giggles.  Which in turn made my sister do the same.  Our mother raised her head from the bed looking back and forth at each of us, all hooked up to tubes, and said, "What????"  She thought we were laughing at her so naturally we had to fess up that we were texting about food and that Kerrie, had said she was about to eat her left arm.  Mom wanted us to wait and eat with her.  We told her we would all go to lunch together but we HAD to go get food.  Mom wanted us to be there when the doc came in and didn't want us to go.  But we went.  And we missed the doc.  It's probably the only time a procedure happened early and quick.  But it all worked out.  He came back and popped his head in to tell us what was going on.  Mom was foggy at that point due to the meds. But I'll never forget that day when our hunger took over and we went to the hospital's dairy queen to get lunch so that my sister wouldn't eat her left arm. 

George and I have been watching the Soprano's.  During the work week - a TV show is about the length of attention span I can give without falling asleep - and sometimes even that is hard.  So we are on Disc 2 of Season 1.  I don't like the dark stuff of the Mafia - but you do get into all the characters.  It's similar to Breaking Bad in a way.  My favorite part I think is when Tony Soprano is in his psychiatric sessions.  lol 

We have a movie (mail in option from Netflix as we cancelled the streaming since it didn't work half the time - at least with our set up).  The movie is Deep Water Horizon.  I ordered it.  We almost went to see it in the theaters.  I think the darkness of it is what kept us from going.  But it looks like it would be interesting.  

I want to go see The Boss Baby.  It's finally out.  We would go see it Tuesday but I'll be in Oklahoma City.  So perhaps the week after that.  

Well, today I have my doc appointment for my RX refills and then I have my eye appointment after that.  I'm anxious to see how my eyes have changed.  I will probably have to get new glasses.  I find myself blinking a lot trying to focus both in distance and up close.  Then I'll have to set an appointment to be fitted.  I will probably use Walmart again.  You can't just walk in and be helped and be fitted unless you luck out.  The trained help is only there certain hours.  That bugs the schnarpie out of me.  If you are open for business in an Optical Center, you need to be truly open for business.  But they are having trouble finding help too apparently.  

No one wants to work.  And especially for peanuts. When peanuts is already provided.  

Nuff said.  I'm getting on with my day.  I guess my day will go fast being that there is so much going on. You all have a good one. 

Oh I finally earned $80,000 on Tropical Farmville so I could buy the Avacado Tree.   Now I need $100,000 to buy the Glassworks Center.  This island is moving right along.  lol  This game really helps me relax.  All the worries of the day, just rolls right off!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Possible Super Cell Storm Activity Today

Supposed to storm today.  The news is scaring us to death.  I guess that is a good thing though so that we steer clear of these super cells that could develop this afternoon. I will have to keep my eyes on the radar today.  It's supposed to last from about 5 to 11.  I don't want to get stuck at work.  It's supposed to all start around 4 or so.  I may leave just ahead of it to get away from it.  The good news is that area schools have cancelled for today so that should help get from point A and B.  
This stuff makes me nervous.  

I have a dental appointment this morning.  I have a RX renewal doc appointment tomorrow and then an eye appointment after since last week the eye appointment was cancelled when I got there (they had my old cell phone #.)  

It's getting really busy, but I guess that makes life fun - to a point.

Saturday, Katy and I are doing the Southern Women's Show.  

Sunday I'll be packing and getting ready for next week's trip.  

Once the trip is over... a whirlwind trip across the US, to Phoenix and Oklahoma city,  George and me and Katy (maybe Cody) - we have plans to do a Lobster Truck that is going to be in our area that is getting quite the rave from food critics.  We will be shopping at the Basement (new wonderful "booth" type of store with local crafts and such).  

Then next Saturday we are going to Mom's for a visit and I get to see my sister and her family.  A big day.  Mom wants to cook and although I've tried to talk her out of it, she really wants to so I'm happy she feels so much better.  And looking forward to this.  

Then next Sunday I have to work - a driver's meeting smack in the middle of the day.  So that will give ownership to that day.  But that is ok. 

Roger hurt my feelings last night.  George put him next to me in bed and he got up and went as far as he could on the bed and slept on George's side.  He wouldn't snuggle.  :-(  He is such a Daddy's dog that it's almost annoying, lol.  It must have been a woman that was mean to him in his former life.  He often becomes a Momma dog after we have bonded all day in an off day.   However, by morning  - guess where he was?  Snuggling with me, lol.  It was really hot as it was hot outside and so I turned on the a/c.  

The air was really heavy and still when I got up in the middle of the night and turned the a/c on.  The sun room windows were still open (screens) and the air was coming in and just stiff and heavy.  So I closed the windows as I turned the a/c on.

As the cool air filtered through, I could feel it and was lulled back into sleep.  Did not want to get up this morning either.  

Well, I guess I better get off and get ready and get to my dental appointment.  

I think this pollen is starting to get to me.  I'm struggling with a stuffy nose - overnight and continuing even with hot coffee this morning.  I have nasal saline solution.  The docs recommend a rinse several times a day to help combat some of the allergies.  I end up using it a lot in the fall when the heat is turned back on, and again in spring.  

I've got to find time to do a Walmart order!  :-O  Need more coffee, laundry detergent, hair color, cat food, etc.  lol 

Well, hopefully we will all be safe after these storms roll through.  I have prayed that God will weaken the system.  And I'm so glad we do not have plans for tonight.  

If you are reading and are in the area, be safe! 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I Don't DO Downtown Driving!

George fixed the most wonderful salad last night.  I just could not eat all of the lettuce.  It was too big.  We had 1/2 of a huge stuffed pepper.  And we had a baked potato.  All so good.  And we watched the 2nd show of the Soprano's.  I thought we were watching On Demand, but last night I realized that friend Paul had given us a 6 season set of his to watch.  Wow.  I stayed awake last night til it was over.  lol 

I also bought my ticket to the Southern Womens show.  And I had to fight with our printer to get my ticket printed.  After fighting with technology all day- the last thing you want to do is fight it at home.  lol The cord had fallen back behind the printer and was not connected to George's PC.  So the first time was ennnnnnhhhhhh, not working.  George fixed that for me.  (It's his set up and I had no clue as I don't ever set up these things.)  And then I printed and it came out with nothing on the page.  The color ink and black ink was out.  However, I had bought both inks on line months earlier and it was never installed.  Since it's in his office/desk area - I glanced around and did not see it.  His side of the bedroom/desk is junky and so I figured he would know where it was.  Again I had to bother him to find the ink cartridges.  He went ahead and installed it.  I could have done that part but I guess he was sending me a message he didn't want to be bothered again! lol  So finally after the battle was won with the printer, I had my ticket! 

Katy and I have decided where to meet.  I'm comfortable driving to Green Hills.  We have a place (new to us) we think we want to eat breakfast and then we'll head on downtown for the show.   I don't like to drive in downtown Nashville.  It is a fear I've developed through the years.  It's the tight places, the parking, not knowing where to park, and having to find where you are going with little time to think before having to turn, missing your turnoff and having to go all the way back around again.  The one way streets that surprise you and confuse you making you have to go another way around the block.  I just don't like the pressure of being at the wheel.  So I don't "be at the wheel" downtown.  

This fact drives George bananas.  Often he wants me to meet him downtown for an event.  I just tell him "no, I won't be there, sorry".  I DO NOT drive downtown. PERIOD.  I don't care how much the ticket costs, lol.  I will cancel on you if you expect me to meet you.  

I had asked George to help us decide where to meet.  His answer.  DOWNTOWN.  He knows better.  But when I told him that wouldn't work he through his hands up in the air and was done helping decide.  So I just picked that we would meet in Green Hills.  It's not really close for me but it's a straight shot for Katy and keeps her from having to drive past Nashville and closer to me.  I will leave my car in the Green Hills parking lot before the shops open.  That way there will be a lot of people around the vehicle.  So maybe no one will bother it.  George wanted me to park it in a certain parking lot off of Lafayette and I told him "um no I want to have hubcabs when I go back to the car".  lol 

Anyway, yeah - I don't Do downtown areas.  It's a mental block for me now.  And it's set in concrete.  I've already drawn the line.  I am a stubborn one.  Mind is made up.  Just NO!

Coffee sure is good this morning.  Well gotta go over to the Sun Room stories.  So I will see ya'll later.  Have a lovely day!  

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Storms, Schedule, Sopranos, and Sleep

Monday...  Stormy day starting around 3 or so.  Since I got in early, I was able to come home early enough to get home and take dogs out before round 2 came through.

Leaving at 4 really works for us b/c then George could go straight to see his Mom w/o having to come home and take care of dogs first.  Sadly it is hard to get off at 4 since I don't get in earlier every day.  The schedule, the work load, traffic, needing more sleep, and blogging, taking care of Tugie in the early morning, and packing of lunch...all those things take time keep me from getting there earlier and/or make me work later.  But on rare days when the stars are aligned just right and I can get out of there at 4 it makes a world of difference.  And you have more of the night and can do some chores and actually have a moment to yourself.

I enjoyed walking the dogs in the breeze, and they enjoyed it too.

I really don't have much time to blog this morning.  I kept hitting snooze.  lol

George and I watched the Sopranos last night.  I fell asleep during the last half.  Someone recommended that we watch this show if we liked Breaking Bad.  So show ONE was ok, but I was just so sleepy.  It's starting to get annoying that I fall asleep every time I sit down to watch a show, or read, or play the game.  I just get relaxed and nod off.  I guess I don't get enough sleep at night.  But I slept so much on Sunday you'd have thought I'd be somewhat caught up.

I still didn't get my tickets bought for Southern Womens Show.  I guess I will try to do that today on a break or lunch.  I have the link on my phone.  Katy and I are going to meet somewhere and we are trying to figure out where is a safe place to leave my car.  Still thinking on that one.  We have to meet so she can drive us in.  So far Green Hills seems easy for her and not too awfully bad for me.  But today's purpose needs to be buying my ticket.  I told Katy we could each buy our own ticket but I'd buy her breakfast and lunch that day!  I don't even know how much the tickets are but that sounded like a good deal.  I know I'll drop some bucks while there on handbags, flip flops, and jewelry - ha.

Anyway, I better get going.  LOTS going on and much to accomplish.  Trip is next week to OKC and PHX so I'll be behind after missing 3 days.  Hoping to get ahead but I think that would be asking too much, lol .

Anyway ya'll have a great Tuesday!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Notes on a Quiet Monday Morning!

Yesterday was a relaxing, much needed day.  Laundry somewhat done - at least we have clothes to wear this week, lol.  Vacuumed and changed the sheets.  Oh those sheets felt good and smelled good crawling into them last night.

I read quite a bit - trying to pick up where I've left off in my books.  Seems I end up falling asleep though when I finally get still.  But several chapters were finished.

The Life at Sea Level book, is turning out to be a history book on some of the islands.  Some of it is interesting, some of it not.  I was hoping for more of a "here is what life is like" kinda book.  It started out that way.  But maybe this is just a long chapter on history or something.  I'm ready to fast forward.  lol

I suppose the next month or so is going to go by really fast.  I will have to focus on a few things to get anything done here at the house.  Traveling, a trip to Mom's, Southern Womens Show, planting flowers, a fundraiser event - a lot of shopping to do (gotta find a 2nd  bathing suit), and need to get out the spring/summer clothes.  It'll be June before we know it. And then it'll be time to plan another trip ;-), she says slyly.   Time to hit some farmer's markets too!

I need to get off and get ready as I see some storms to our west.  I'd really rather NOT be a part of that.  :-O

So here we go on a Monday.  Lord, please let this week be a good one!  I didn't really focus too much on the planning for this week (mostly made lists for vacation b/c I wanted to think about THAT).  So this week is "up in the air".  I'll take it as it goes.  But I do need to get the tickets for the Southern Womens show bought as they are cheaper on line - if it's not too late.  I've not taken time to look yet.  That is my plan for Saturday so long as Katy can still go.  I DO NOT drive downtown.  But if she will drive me, I'll go.  ;-)  Ya'll have a good one!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Wedding Day, Beautiful Despite Late Caterer!

Good morning!  Wow.  Went to be about 10:30 or 11:00 (not sure) and then Roger woke me up at 1:30 wanting to drink water. He's always a big water drinker.  So I followed him to see whether he needed to go out or go to the water bowl.  Water it was.  However, he drank a lot so I thought I better take him out before going back to bed.  I'm not fond of going out at that time of the night.  But I usually just stand on the porch ready to go back in if I see or hear anything unwanted.  lol

So stumbling back to bed we go.  Then at 5:30 Tugie began pushing her feet into my legs - persistently so.  So I ended up having to get up again as she would not let me sleep.  She needed to go out.  I was so tired and sleepy, but up we got.  And out the door again for potty time.  Where was George all this time?  Sawing off some big logs.

This time, an animal was moaning and crying - I think it was a cat.  You know how they can just make all kinds of noises when another animal is around.  We came back in and I opened the screened window in the sun room.  The gentle rain sounded so pretty, but I wanted to hear the noises again outside.  I thought I heard footsteps but determined it was the rain falling off of trees.  I did hear movement rustling around in the woods by the direction of the cemetery - and at that I closed the screen window shut and went back into the den.  lol  I wanted none of that, trying to figure out what was coming!  My imagination would go wild.  So back to the sofa to play my game.  Tugie went wild barking at a reflection (or could she see a ghost I couldn't? lol).  And so turned some lights on so she would not bark and that helped.  After a while of playing the game (Tropical Farmville) I once again felt sleep come up on me and we headed back for bed.

Much to my surprise, I awoke at 9:30, both dogs asleep by my side.  We'd had a rough nite.  lol
 I can't believe I slept in that long.  But so glad I did.

And so this morning, I've been transferring pictures, eating leftover BBQ and pasta salad from the wedding.  And I will share some of our day yesterday with you.

The wedding started at 2:00 and so we headed out around 12 ish to go to the library and I returned my Dorothea Benton Frank "All Summer Long" book which was wonderful!  So good in fact, that I got another one called "Porch Lights".  So I'm ready to go for another two weeks.  (I'll have to renew this one also as I'm traveling week after next and won't finish in time I don't think. )

Then we got out to the Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Lebanon, TN a bit early.  So we rode around the park.  The park was not really very pretty this time of year - trees have not come out, and it looked so dry.  The day was cloudy.  We drove back in and took a peek at the cabin area.  Nice little cabins with big front porches.

Then as 1:20 approached we headed back to the venue site.  And slowly everyone poured in and then we had a wonderful wedding happening right before our eyes.  One of the things  I like to do is take pics of decor.  It's my thing.  I don't do it massively at every wedding, as that would be quite annoying to others.  But for people I am close to I try to get as much of the decor as possible just to give a feel for the setting for the couple to remember later - even though they have hired a photographer.  Often the concentrate on the people and I concentrate on the views and the details.
So I did that yesterday.

Loved the splashes of color on each of the tables.

A cake made of towels.

We had to laugh....I noticed the fridge was left open.  The cake was in the fridge.  And the door wouldn't close.

Marriage Advice for the couple.
Dillon and Amber, the Couple.

Parents of the Groom, our friends, Don and Lisa

Introducing the Mr. and Mrs.

Mother and Son - Precious
Through the bubbles, away they gooooo....

A beautiful day and a beautiful wedding, despite the rain.

The food, by Martin's Barbeque was an hour late (a real big no no for a caterer to be late for any event, especially a wedding), and when they got there not all the staff was there and things sat undone.  Even the BBQ had to be "pulled" still.  Aghast, us gals (and a few guys) got things done.  We started taking over (lol).  We sat up, unwrapped the bbq, got the ice in the containers, set things out.  A girl leaned in to me and said "honey we have people on the way to do all this".  I said "we have a hungry crew that needed to be fed an hour ago, the crew may be coming but they aren't here yet, so we'll keep cranking this up and moving til they arrive".  (lol)  

As George and me and another gentleman in a nice white shirt - tried to get the saran wrap off of the big slap of barbecue - I said "I feel like we just went out and killed the hog" (it was a messy greasy thang).   The guy in the white shirt squealed like a pig (and sounded JUST like a pig).  Made me laugh so hard.  We may have been in a hurry to feed all the hungries, but I will admit it was pretty fun.  lol

Finally their crew arrived and it began to be obvious they knew more of what needed to be done with their equipment.  They pretty much rearranged everything we already did.  lol  But about another 45 min it was all ready to go.  I could see the ones that were late getting there.  And I was thinking "yeah that's about right".  That is all I will say.  There are just some folks in life that DO NOT PLAN to be on time and therefore do not.  They had already warned the clients that they were worried that they wouldn't have enough staffing.  If you knew this ahead of time, would you not try to solve the issue by hiring more help?  And not inform the client/customer that there was even a problem? No one giving a wedding wants to hear those words in advance "we are worried about having enough to staff the event".  There is already enough to worry about.  I felt bad that they even had to worry about this.  And for them to be an hour late and for the customer to have to call?  unh uh.    

Anyway people were fed, life was good again and it was only a minor inconvenience after all, although I think the customers need to get a discount for the failures of the caterer to deliver as promised.  And seriously think the caterer needs to rethink their catering business as a whole. If they can't be successful, let's not ruin the good name.  The food is excellent.  (However, they also forgot the sauce for the slaw and that got there after everyone was through eating.  So the slaw was plain, but we needed to save those calories anyway right? lol) But aside my honest reviews of food and service.  I think everyone got to visit and Katy and I had a good talk.  So even though we had the wait, we visited and were certainly appreciative of the food we so take for granted once it finally arrived, lol.

After it was over, and the cake cut and all - we stayed and help tear down and pack up.  And oh by the way the cake was heavenly.

Off to leave to go to Don and Lisa's cabin, Don's truck, pulling the Uhaul trailer of "stuff", wouldn't start.  His battery was dead.  Katy had jumper cables.  We tried to use our car to jump off but they couldn't figure out where the negative was - the Chevy was all weird as to how things were configured under the hood.  So I had texted Lisa and she came back and they were able to use her car.  We got them back to the cabin. And stayed and visited a while. And I asked Katy to leave her jumper cables with Don and Lisa in case they had problems the next day.  But we sure did enjoy our visit with them at the cabin.

(I need to text and see if they got off this morning).

And so we left to come home in moderate rainfall.  Katy was behind us but had to go all the way to Franklin.

We got home and the bottom fell out with some pretty hefty rain.  I was a little nervous for Katy but texted an hour or so later and found she had made it home fine.

Played the game and sleep was good - til the doggies had to get up!

And now it's almost Noon.  Much of my day is gone to sleeping, blogging, transferring pics - but now the work needs to happen.  Just a little.  I'll do the laundry, the ironing, some planning, drink some ice tea (after I make it), order up some tickets for the Southern Women's show in Nashville as a lot of us girls are going.  Might need to scare up some cooking for things to eat this week at work.

George is gone right now to his Mom's.  He was going to get there early to try to rustle her up from bed in time to go to lunch.  He was not looking forward to the wrangle.  She is very independent and very much like him.  She doesn't like to be told what to do.  And she does not care to go to the dining room to be with the others.  She wants to stay in her room, work puzzles, and snack for meals.  The problem with that is that the assisted living folks require they come to the two meals a day and she has not been going any, so they called yesterday.

I hope he had some luck.  He didn't take Roger today so maybe he was going somewhere else also.  He didn't say.

Anyway, I'm anxious to hear how it went but I bet I know how it went.  She may not be able to stay there long if this continues.  I have no idea really how all that works - only George and his sister know as they talked with the folks when they set her up.

Well, anyway, I need to get on with my day.  Hope you all have a good Sunday.  Our clouds are breaking and the sunshine is coming through.  Love it!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Pasta Salad, Wedding Decor, Cedars of Lebanon

Good morning!  I had to go all nautical today with the vibe!  And probably will be til we get back from vacation!  Had a very nice day off yesterday.  I love being in charge of my day more than just about anything else in the world.  It's so free-ing!

And the day went fast also.  I knew it would.  So I pretty much stuck with making the pasta salad for the rehearsal dinner we were attending and did that first in the day.  I was a little unsure of how much pasta 32 people could eat.  I figured if we were having 8 people over for dinner, I'd be making a box of bowtie pasta. So I fixed 4 boxes for 32.  I knew it would be too much but I sure did not want it to be too little.  I think what really doubles it in size is when you add all the veggies in.  And I added A LOT.

Making the dressing:  red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, oregano, minced garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper

And the flow went really well.  It was a lot of chopping.  But I enjoyed having some rare time in the kitchen.  It's so peaceful and enjoyable to be one with your kitchen.  ;-)  Just you, Alexa playing Marty Roe & Diamond Rio, woods in the backdrop out the window, dogs sleeping in the next room over, watching to see if you drop anything.

I spent some time playing the game, just so I could actually "feel" that I was off and having free time.  I did one load of laundry.  Just a reboot.

I fixed a really good smoothie for brunch about 11:00.  I didn't even eat breakfast.  But the smoothie consisted of:  a frozen GoGert, half a banana, some strawberries, and a little carton of 2% milk.  Not bad.

I began to worry about 3 that since I had been a meal short overall, I would be too hungry to wait for dinner so I fixed two little fish filet thingies and an egg roll - and baked that in the oven.  And ate that.  I'm glad too as it would have been a while.

 I got ready in layers so that I would not be all rushed in the last hour.  I was pretty rushed anyway.  Had to eat, get car loaded with pasta salad in coolers and take the dogs out and finish getting make up and hair done, feed the dogs and so on.  Numerous trips up and down the stairs. Then of course traffic was horrendous even at 4 p.m.  George and I really probably could have ridden together, had I waited a few minutes.

We got out there to Cedars of Lebanon State Park and there was some confusion as to where we needed to be as we were the first ones there, but we finally figured it out.  George had arrived a little before me.  Since we were the first ones there, we didn't recognize cars.  But soon after others began pouring in.

Cedars of Lebanon State Park - Cedar Lodge

I loved the decor for the rehearsal dinner.  It was all just beautiful.  
The weather was pretty - a little gusty at times, but warm and in the 70's.  

I loved those little thin lights.  I am going to have to find some of those for dinner parties!  Maybe even the bathroom.  Heck, maybe even my office, buahahaha!  (No I won't put them in my office, don't worry. ) They are so thin, cute, and festive.

Fireplace Mantle

These candles were lit, and as the breeze blew, I was afraid the ribbon would catch on fire.  We fiddled with it several times to try and keep the ribbon away.  Luckily no fires.  I have been to three parties in my life where candles caught something on fire.  All three were caught in time.

We had seating arrangements which worked out really well as it made it very easy.  You simply found your spot.  Dillon and Amber were in the middle.  How cute to put the names on the napkin.  Love the little bags of snack mix.  I just LOVE weddings and all the decor and cute little things.  It's all so different now than it used to be.  And it's more casual too.  I love that.  Festive and casual.  And rustic with ribbons and lace.  Shabby chic decor is what all the girls like now.

Brides Maid's Gift Boxes

The mother of the bride made the cookies.  I ate the ones with the blue icing on them.  I actually had 3 or 4 b/c they were so incredibly good!  These cookies were so beautiful too and colorful and so pretty against the backdrop of that arrangement.

Was this building not beautiful?  Look at the beams, the ceiling, and the light fixture. 

                                                             More decor on the mantle.

What a cute idea!  A boot for decoration! Love the sunflowers!
And lookie what we have here.....

Pasta salad served up in Nanny's punch bowl.  She would be so proud to know how much use I'm getting out of it.  It was George's idea to use the punch bowl and it worked really well.  We had extra pasta salad in coolers for fill in if needed.  We only used two of the bowls that I brought - only there was leftoevers of it.  We gave one to Don and Lisa and took the rest home.

Guess what's for breakfast?  lol 

A scrumptious meal provided by Houston's Catering of Mount Juliet.  They also did my daughter's wedding.  They are really good.  

We did the iced tea.  And set all that up with sweet and unsweet.  

We are taking the pans back to the Houston's Market (catering/butcher shop) later today on our way out.  Also need to stop at the library and pick another audio book and turn mine in.  (I highly recommend Dorothea Benton Frank.  I loved "All Summer Long".)

I loved this plant and it's container!  And I loved the scattered leaves across the burlap!  We thought Lisa gathered these from the yard, but they were bought, lol.  All so pretty. 

We ate, and then we had champagne and did the toasting and then we did cookies.  Several got up to comment.  And above is when Lisa stood behind her son Dillon, and made her lovely comments for the couple.  It was all very lovely.  A few happy tears.  We were so honored to have been there among them.  Even though we are not family, we are.  

Afterwards, we all pitched in and cleaned up and helped Lisa pack.  

We drove back home and I tried to play the game (Tropical Farmville) but was too sleepy to concentrate.   So I went to bed and snoozed.  

Tugie woke me up at 5:30 and was acting like a squirrel that had lost it's nut.  lol lol lol She was rolling around, kicking me with her feet trying to get me awake.  I lay there still, acting like I wasn't paying attention just to see what all she would do.  I was amused.  It was too early to laugh and I was a little annoyed she wasn't letting me sleep.  But I was rested enough so I got up and took her out and began working in the kitchen a little bit. 

Then began blogging.  

The wedding today is at 2:00.  I have about 4 hours this morning to do things in the house.  

This morning I was thinking how fast the weekend was going.  I was really bummed that tomorrow was Monday again, then I began to put my Vit D, my blood pressure pill, my sugar pill and my Vit B in my pill box for the week.  I said to myself hmmm...did I forget to take my Saturday pills yesterday?  But no, I remember stopping to take my meds yesterday when my alarm went off.  And that is when I remembered that today was ONLY SATURDAY!  lol lol lol 

And that really brightened up my cherios this morning!  (No really I had eggs and pasta salad, lol). 

Oh Assisted Living just called and Granny only at crackers and a sprite yesterday, refusing to go out of the room to eat.  :-(  She does not like to leave the room.  She detests leaving the room.  She wants them to bring plates to her but they will not do it unless she is legitimately sick.   George did not go yesterday and wasn't planning on going today b/c of the wedding weekend.  Usually the absent days are when you get a call.  I remember my parents going through that.  Any time they went out of town for the weekend, they would get a call.  

Ya'll have a great day.  Tomorrow I'll give a wedding report.  Right now I'm going to play the game because I can.  Then I'll take a shower and slowly get ready and clean house too all at the same time.  I'll do makeup hair and clothes in the last hour!  

Again, Have a great day! (Supposed to storm today - :-O  )