Friday, March 3, 2017

A Blob of Matter With No Purpose

Good morning!  The week has caught up with me.  I'm extremely tired.  I'm not even in the mood to blog.  But I did want to come in and say hi.  I just need more sleep and of course during the week there is no where to pull the time from.  I need my "me" hour in the mornings and sleeping in, I lose that.  I guess that would be sleeping in til 5, lol.  That is NOT sleeping in! ha.

Anyway, I'm going to drink coffee and play the game.  I'm just not in a writing mood.  A rare thing for me.  I won't talk about work on this blog and even if I did talk about work I wouldn't be in the mood to, b/c I need some time off from it too as it just seems like I'm always there and never here.  And so....well.... there is not anything going on around here. Since I'm never here.  I mean what?  I showered, commuted, went to work, commuted, fixed spaghetti for dinner, and ate, watched the rest of a Jazz musical series that George bought (history of jazz), played the Tropical Farmville game and then headed to bed.  I will say that the spaghetti was good.  My quickly made spaghetti is now down to an art so much that it tastes like it's cooked all day.  It was so good we both had seconds.  Sorry for braggin, lol - but it's been a while since I've fixed it homemade.  And we enjoyed it.

I'm so glad it's Friday.  So perhaps tomorrow I can sleep in and catch up some.  I am just too tired to move, to think.  I just need rest. And right now I'm feeling like just a blob of matter with no purpose.  lol More tomorrow.  Have a good Friday!


  1. Thank goodness it is Friday. You need your weekend!

  2. You always have a purpose. You just need time to "refresh" yourself.
    TGIF Enjoy & take it easy!

  3. Well love, that's another week over and done with and another week nearer to your big move.....might seem a long time coming but it's still a week nearer than it was last week !!!......tonight I hope you will just be lying relaxing perhaps even getting to bed early and I will be praying that you are able to turn over in the morning and have another hour God Bless. Xxx

  4. hope the weekend will afford you some rest. sounds like you need it.


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