Monday, March 20, 2017

Chicken and Waffles and Other Coffee Talk

George wanted waffles and sausage.  I wanted chicken.  So we had chicken tenders and sausage and waffles.  Was pretty good.  George's chicken was excellent.  This was for dinner.  Not a big fan of waffles anymore really.  Pancakes every now and then but waffles don't seem to have the flavor/texture I'm looking for.  I don't need the bread or sugar.  This was whole grain and pure maple syrup.  But still - this gal doesn't need too much sugar of ANY kind and I am already bad about cutting out things I should.  Of course I poured on the syrup, to give it flavor. lol  And I'm looking forward to my left over chicken for lunch.  The sausage by the way was "country sausage".  There IS a difference.  This had more of a smoked country sausage taste.

For the most part I have ditched cokes and the Ginger coke.  Every now and then - I will have a little one.  We are eating better for the most part but I need to tweak it some more.  I'm not eliminating bread as a whole though.  I'm allowing whole grain.  Not eliminating white rice and potatoes - but need to curb it some.  Have eliminated most of the enriched pasta - and have switched to whole grain, or veggie pasta.  Not sure what to do for the wedding.  If I can find a whole grain bow tie pasta - that is what I will go with. But I am a little unsure as I don't want the pasta to look so dark.  So I may have to do enriched - we'll see.  I plan to go to the store on Wed afternoon after my eye appointment.   There is a store there that has a lot more choices next to my eye doc.  I found a recipe yesterday to use for a veggie pasta.  I'm cooking for 40.  I think I'm going to have to look for a container as well.  Or containerS, plural.  I'll get the chopping and cooking done Friday morning.  I'm taking a vacation day to have time to cook it. 

That said, I'm excited about the eye doc.  I have not been seeing as good, up close or distance.  I think I'll be having to change them this year.  I'm ready for new glasses anyway.  I am having to take my glasses off too much.  Things are blurry, double visioned at times, and some head aches around my eyes at time, and even some eye pains and strains and watering at times, and some eye twitching - that is different.  So I'm glad for them to check my eyes out.  I really needed to have gone in January probably.  But my appointment not til March.  

Yesterday was a God send of a day.  First of all, sleep w/o having to get up at a certain time to be anywhere.  Was able to blog w/o hurrying, play the game, then leisurely start laundry and check weather.  Alexa the assistant, giving me the good morning update, playing some nature sounds and then some relaxing jazz, and give me the weather for the next week so I could plan my work outfits, and then she read the "Life at Sea Level" book or whatever it's called while I rebooted the laundry and folded and ironed.  I spend quite a bit of time in the laundry room and I like having Alexa in there to keep me company.  It used to be the weather radio, lol.  Which was boring after about 3 rounds of it.  Takes 3 rounds of weather recording for me to get it all b/c my wheels are always turning and I forget to listen.  But now, the weather radio is simply there for emergencies (if George hasn't unplugged it).  

Oh, that reminds me.  We did get a weather radio from Granda's and it is portable, like a radio - takes batteries but also has a power cord.  I'd like to get a power cord for it - was thinking that there might be one around here somewhere with something we are not using.  Would be nice to have for trips, work, or at home in the bedroom if it's going to be a stormy night - or just to take with us in the car.  Or to have if we are hunkered down in the basement.  

Anyway back to the day.  It was a little slice of heaven.  I love being able to focus and get involved in my house in a detailed way.  Cleaning, planning meals (which I only really got to plan out the pasta recipe yesterday).  Perhaps tonight we can finish planning out the week.  We have a freezer full of food and frozen veggies, a pantry full of all kinds of canned goods to supplement - potatoes and onions - so there is no reason for us to buy much of anything but fresh goods at the store until we go to Tybee.  We have eaten out so much this last week.  Like Kings and Queens.  Wait - Kings and Queens don't eat out do they?  lol  

Much of our entertainment and socialization is done over meals - even spending time comforting friends or "just being with" those we care about - it's all over a meal usually.  And so we've had a big week of being with good friends and I loved every minute.  But we did drop a lot of dough in the last week eating out.   So we are going to be cheapo's for the next few weeks. 

Only I need to go buy a bathing suit.  I had two to take to Tybee three years ago.  One of them is extremely out of style and probably a bit too tight.  The black one I bought for Tybee 3 years ago still fits fine although it's a little tighter on me.  I had lost a few lbs from having diverticulitis attacks and couldn't eat - but I gained that back once I could eat.  lol  But anyway, I need to have one more bathing suit so I can alter b/w the two.  

Lisa also tells me their pool will be open a lot this summer and I told her she could call me any time and I would just "happen to be in the neighborhood" - and that made her laugh a lot.  We love their pool.  And love hanging out with them mostly.  But this year our beach home has a pool!  I also need to go buy some more capris for summer.  I hope they are in still b/c I don't do shorts.  

Well, I need some shopping time and will have to carve some out.  I guess I'll have to do some after work.  

You know what else I did yesterday?  I cut my hair.  I try so hard to let it grow out but it was getting on my nerves.  I want to at least let it grow to a longer layered bob, but I think to do that I am going to have to get a new person to cut/style it.  I love my hair the way the current person does it if I'm wearing it short continually, but she cuts it back too short with too many layers.  I know at times I have to grow it out and let it lose some layers b/c getting it cut over and over puts way too many layers in it and I don't like that.  I want simple loose and few layers - enough to thin it out and few enough that it looks like a single layer.  So I'm going to have to do something different.  But I may wait until after Tybee to do this.  Because now that I've chopped on it, it's going to need some attention soon, lol.  

So I've got three appointments I need to get set before we go to Tybee:  

1.  My doc appointment to renew my BP meds for several months. 
2.  My hair appointment - probably around mid May.  Can I possibly hold out that long?
3.  The dogs trim - mid May as well. So they look Good for Tybee.  

I need to get my sugar meds put on hold by the pharmacy b/c somehow I'm several weeks ahead on that.  I've not skipped too many of the nights taking them but I'm two bottles ahead somehow and that is off sync.  

Well, anyway, I need to get off as it's a work day and I need to finish getting ready and scoot on in.  

Much to do in only a 4 day week.  I hope the world doesn't go awry as last week and the week before was just putting out fires.  I need some productive time.  But I will not get my hopes up.  It will be what it will be.  

Fighting to try to control something one has very little control of in life is only frustrating I suppose.  One can only do the best they can do and simply accept it.  Or not.  You choose.  To some degree one has control over what is acceptable or not in life but a lot of factors are involved. 

And I'm off of here!  Ya'll have a good Monday!


  1. Hope you have a good Monday too. After such a great weekend and knowing it's only a four day work week, should make things a whole lot better.

  2. Sounds like you need some food storage boxes if you're cooking for 40. WOW. That's alot of pasta you're making. Good for you.

  3. Chicken looks so good. I love waffles anytime of day. I usually buy Kraft pasta salad in a box. You just boil pasta drain and add mayo and a seasoning veggie pack. Sometimes I add ham and more veggies. It is really good. Well enjoy your week.


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