Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dinner, Appointments, and Thinking Tybee

A bit of an odd dinner, but we had a lot of veggies we needed to eat up.  So George stir fried some cabbage with a recipe he had.  Quite the yummy dish.  He put veggies in the oven and baked them too - that was carrots, turnips, and mini potatoes.  And for the asparagus, I suggested that he pull out the Welsh Rarebit (Stauffers) to go across it for flavor.  He also made chicken salad b/c we've been craving it.  So dinner was wonderful.  

It wasn't until 8:30 when we ate.  George went to see Granny first.  And my "time for bed" alarm went off during dinner.  It's just a little quick lullaby noise - something that you set up with your iphone with the latest update.  It cracks me up.  You don't have to turn it off - but it just makes a little sound of the first three notes of a lullaby.  I was shocked as it seemed the evening was so short.  I worked late though and I'm sure that is what did it.  

It was really stormy last night and I enjoyed it.  It's because I knew it was not a severe storm.  We only had an advisory.  Very little wind but there was a lot of lightning.   I made it home just before the big downpour.  Had I known this was coming I'd have left work earlier but I thought it was supposed to storm today not yesterday so I'd not been watching the radar.  So I watched the dark clouds grow closer as I inched home in the heavy traffic.  Glad once I was inside.  

So I had very little free time last night.  Was hoping to get to read some.  Fell asleep trying to play my game.  Just pushing the day as hard as I can not to feel left out that I didn't get any fun in.  lol  But oh well, I was just a few tapiocas short of a helicopter order!  I'm about half way there to earning enough to buy the avacado tree for the island.  Maybe by the weekend?  

I notice that blogger has some new themes.  I may have to experiment.  This is best done on a Saturday morning though as I'm not sure it will allow all the extra adds on the sidebar and it would really tear (prounounced tare as in bare- gotta love the English language) if I messed up my side bar and couldn't get it like it needed to be and then had to leave for work before I could get it finished. lol I've learned to leave things alone like that til the weekend.  

Well nothing else really to write about.  Just gearing up for a busy couple of months - lots of things happening everywhere.  Lots to do and getting some things on the calendar and need to do some shopping.  I did get my doc appt booked and they can work me in next week.  I was shocked.  But I was able to get an early morning appointment.  I go to the dentist one day next week (cleaning) and the doc the next.  I go to the eye doc tomorrow.  

I'm listening to the birds from the sunroom.  The sound is so pretty.  I always enjoy their return in spring.  I don't really miss it in the winter, but when they return, I realize that the sound is so nice to hear.  That is when I realize how silent it has been in the winter.  

Let's see the only appointments I think I have left to make before Tybee is my hair cut appt and the dogs trim.  Still two months away for Tybee but never too early to start thinking about it.  

I'm getting closer also to getting some of my projects done at home.  I've managed to clear my desk at home of accumulation of mail and notes of to do's.  And projects.  I have more ideas and goals and to do's and never enough time.  Just too many hobbies and we end up going out and doing so much also.  
George sent me a link to something he was interested in going to and it was the day we leave for Tybee.  He forgot that we travel the Saturday before vacation.  lol  I quickly neh neh'd that one.  

I'm a little worried about Tugie traveling.  She is so unsettled in the car.  I'm taking a pillow and quilt for my lap.  George suggested riding in the back with her and giving her more room.  Umm noooo.  I'm not riding in the back seat all the way to Tybee with a dog.  lol  Plus the back of the SUV sways too much back and forth.  I noticed it was not a fun ride back there not long ago when we had guests in the car and the women rode in the back.  We'll figure it out but we may be stopping a lot.  

I'll probably drive a good bit of the way.  I enjoy driving actually.  Oh I need to work on my itunes some.  So my ipod can be used on the way.  George and I will swap up.  Can't wait for this trip.  

Better wrap this up and finish getting ready and get to work.  Ya'll have a great Tuesday!


  1. You certainly had a lovely meal, eating up all the bits and pieces is a success for sure. I love it when you share your home days with us...I hope everything goes to plan getting to Tybee and that you get your new swim suit....when is it you go ? Is it middle of May ?...I am going away at the weekend to a Christian retreat hotel called Lea Abbey, it is in the county of Devon about a two and a half hour drive. We leave Friday about mid day and leave Sunday after lunch. I think there are 10 of us going Mary is coming with me of course and Val our neighbour is coming with me to do the navigating !!! I know you would love it. It is set in many acres of woodlands and open spaces and leads down to a beautiful small beach, doubt if it will be beach weather this weekend !! More like winter thermals if the wind keeps in the same direction, but I did hear the forecaster say that it would get brighter and a bit warmer come the end of the week so fingers crossed.....if you ever had the time you could google it...Lea Abbey, Linton, Devon, there are some nice photos of the abbey etc..must go now night night God Bless xxx

  2. It is never too early to think about vacation time and get organized for it. Dinner looked good. Our asparagus spoiled because we didn't cook it soon enough. Yours looks tasty, indeed.

  3. I love chicken salad like that. Really everything on your plate looks so healthy and good. Glad we didn't get storms today. I heard thunder. But it never rained. Your trip sounds wonderful. Have a good four day week.

  4. That looks like a great dinner. Here I'm not eating much at all as the flu bug came visiting Ugh! So nice you have that vacation to look forward to. Here I'm looking forward to enjoying my own little sunroom. Right now it's quite a mess, but will soon sort it out so when the nice weather comes I can enjoy this enclosed patio at my new house. Meanwhile I just have to rest and get well.


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