Thursday, March 16, 2017

Don't Poke the Bear!

On the way home, for a brief time, I was behind this.  I was thinking humorously, "Well, lawwww don't that just paint a picture of my day today", lol.  I had to laugh.  If one can't laugh then it makes everything just more impossible.  

My thoughts this morning is how life needs foundations and cornerstones. Without it all else will be unstable and eventually crumble.  All aspects of life.  You can't build a top floor without first having the foundations.  You can plan for the top floor but if you start building without the foundation, it's not going to stay in place.  Simple concept.  So it seems. 

I am very tired.  Spent.  It's Thursday.  I'm usually winding down a bit at this point and today is no exception.  A busy week both at work and at home.  I need down time and it's showing bad.  Today I will need to not speak much, b/c when I do it's going to be VERY honest.  lol  I want to be positive, not negative and that is hard in certain conditions. 

And I can tell you right now that I'm probably not going to be quiet b/c it's only 5:57 and I'm already having conflict and being challenged and I'm speaking my mind very fluently.  Example: 

George:  Hmm, you haven't opened the new Starbuck's coffee yet have you? 
Me:  No, we only needed another scoop as the old ran out so I opened a k-cup and poured that in (to the regular coffee maker) to avoid having to grind beans this morning.  And I know, it doesn't taste as good as if it was all Starbuck's. Sorry.
George:  Oh I haven't tasted it yet. 
Me:  Oh, well, you can probably tell that it doesn't look as strong.  It's NOT gonna taste like yesterday's coffee but it's good enough to endure for now.
Goerge:  I was just asking if you opened the new coffee yet.  I'm not criticizing you or the coffee.
Me:  Oh, ok, I am so sorry for providing extra information then I should have just said "no" to your question like you asked.  

I need to just keep conversation simple today.  

Yeah, somebody go get the duct tape.   It's gonna be an honest kind of day.  I'm tired, true, and raw with honesty.   It's going to take a lot of strength to curb my mouth and my feelings today.  Because I am at "bear level" on the tiredness scale.  I'm praying for a calmer day today.  Very behind and need for things to be calmer. It must!  That is all I will say.  Can't get anything accomplished anywhere in life just running around the world with a fire extinguisher all day long everywhere. Walls closing in.  It feels helpless.  And now I'm tired of it all and gripey from several days with no sleep!   

And I absolutely hate driving to Sodom and Gomorrah every day.  By the end of the week I've been in the car 10 hours just for work - not including any errand time around town or any other places we've gone.  This is why I love home on the weekends!  And I believe most of our weekends right now are booked through mid April.  

Last night I went to Publix and enjoyed myself shopping as I'd not been there in a while.  Sad when one says they finds pleasure at a grocery store and it's the highlight of the day.  lol.  But truly it was.  Bought $95 dollars worth of stuff just going for lettuce.  I went ahead and bought stuff for tomorrow night's shepherd pie. And lettuce for our taco's.  I passed over getting more tortilla wraps thinking "eh we have enough in the taco kit at home".   

I get home and unload and start cooking.  I open the taco kit and pull out the wee taco shells and the tortillas and ----I notice that it says "use by x date in 2014"...oh my.  I begin to be concerned.  The taco shells smelled like cleaning liquid of some kind and the tortillas were like leather.  Ummm, no we are not putting that in our bodies.

So....I'm thankful that we had tortilla chips.  I heated up the blue nacho chips and then we just each had a plate of nacos and it really was good.  Even better than tacos.  George commented twice how good it was.  He rarely compliments my cooking so that was nice to hear. lol  Here it is before I added cheese.  I also added a bit of ranch dressing to it - George added hot sauce to his.  And then we watched a surfing documentary of some guys searching for the big surf in Indonesia.  It was ok.  Then it was time for bed.

After tomorrow's shepherd's pie, we'll be cutting the red meat a little more.  We've had a lot red meat lately and I'm trying to stay in the chicken/fish realm as much as possible.  

Gotta go and I'm really hoping I can just be quiet today and not speak.  I'm just so tired.  

The duct tape is being applied now.   lol  But don't be poking the bear! 


  1. One more day. The week is not long enough and at the same time it's too long. I hate it when my home time consists of going to bed and getting up.
    Your taco salad looks really good. I think I will have that for our dinner tonight.
    Ok, you have one more day of work, so be cool.
    Have a nice day!

  2. This cold weather puts me in a bad mood. I know I would hate driving that far each day. The older I get the more I like staying home. Especially in cold weather. A good cup of coffee does help start the day. Sometimes I like a cup at night too. Decaf. We are big on coffee and tea hereπŸ˜—πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸ¦‹. One more day. And we have the weekend.

  3. Chuckled about the outhouses and you following them home. Dinner looks good. Compliments are always nice it's true. I did the same thing tonight you did, going into pick up one thing and ending up with a cartful. Such is life.


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