Monday, March 6, 2017

Farmville Tropic Escape and Other Fun Weekend Stuff

It sure doesn't take long for a weekend to go by.  And we really enjoyed ours.  All too soon the Sunday night blues hit, knowing that "free time" is over and commutes and someone elses agenda is on the plan.  At least I like what I do, so I'm ok with that.  But if you had a preference to work or be off?  Wouldn't anyone prefer their own agenda?  

Yesterday, George fixed a wonderful pancake for us each - blueberries galore!  In Maine, the pancakes were mostly blueberry and very little pancake and it was great!  This was very very close!

After much deliberation at Kroger, we ended up getting the real thing.  

I saw this chart on facebook -  and decided to save it so I can use whatever.  I see I am missing a few oils.  lol  

Yesterday we had a mini outing.  We went to see Granny and take her the wreath, but before that we went to get the oil changed.  I'm so glad George will do this.  They ask too many questions and I never know what they are talking about.  lol  I put the bandanas on the dogs for St. Patrick's day.  And they endured them for the trip.  I thought it would thrill the older folks.  (And it did, as love to see the dogs come through.)

Granny's Wreath turned out pretty.  She seemed to like it. 

I think the fern makes it.  I normally do not like grapevine wreaths was fast, easy, and the price was right.  Just needed something to give cheer now that she finally agreed we could take some of the Christmas stuff down.  She still wants her mini tree, so this weeks project will be to find something for her tree and perhaps something for her outside shelf which she can decorate.  I will pop into Dollar Tree one night and see what we can come up with.

George fixed some wild caught salmon last night and it was really good.  That is dill sauce on top.  Mainly sour cream and dill with some horse radish. 

He fixed a clay pot lentils dish also last night which I loved.  It had spinach in it and an egg.  

Oh I meant to tell you all that I sliced a banana, and set it with pieces separated, on a tupperware lid in the fridge until frozen and then put them in a baggie. (So they wouldn't stick together).  And I tried one yesterday and they are soooo good.  They really do taste like banana ice cream.  And you can eat one or two as a snack or after dinner.  A reduction in calories but the taste you desire to fill a craving.  I'm so happy I discovered this.  I'll be buying an extra banana each week now.  lol

I have been in such an odd mood lately.  I have just been rolling from one thing to another without any desire to do anything, no desire to plan, or think.  It has been much better this weekend with sleep and some sunshine and some brain food - fish - which is really why I wanted fish.  I used to get such satisfaction of doing some planning, thinking ahead, looking forward to blogging.  All I have really wanted to do is just the basics, and to play that silly Tropical Farmville game.  I look at my books and want to read them but the game has taken over.  I look at my blog and want to blog but the game wins sometimes.  I do like the game - ok I love the game.  But it's normally not like me to just want to drop everything and ONLY do the game.  It's very relaxing.  And I do actually get a mental workout from it.  So I'm guessing that because life is a little dull lately, less energy in the household since Katy is gone, and there is a little more time to do things - so instead of doing those things - all those projects in my side bar and a few more - I just play the game.  Why?  It's more fun.  lol

I guess I should be more focused, but my excuse is that I have been focused all week long on either work, or traffic.  My mind wants to be free to do something fun.  Here's what I do when I get on the tropical farmville.  And this is why your brain keeps active - although on it and not other things in life, lol.  (I always call it Tropical Farmville, but it's really FarmVille Tropic Escape and that is a perfect title.  You can hear the ocean waves, and tropical birds.  You can also listen to music if you want but the same song gets old so I turned that feature off.)

1.  I go around and collect all the food manufactured overnight from the little beach hut shops,

2.  And collect from the farms and the trees. 

3.  And collect my $ from things sold off the market boat.  

4.  I go around and pick up the guides and things they collected from the 3 diving sites (an old sunken ship, hot springs, and coral reef, and cave site.) 

5.  I collect items collected through the island photography program on the wild life reserves.  (You get prizes for certain animals photographs. You use sand dollars (or island money) to buy food to put in a bowl and it attracts certain species.  lol )

6.  I collect prizes from the treasure chest (available twice daily). 

7.  I collect any "sunshines" sent from friends via facebook (I only have one, lol) and the sunshine will make fruit or veggies instantly grown.

8.  If there are numbers in the chat room (you see the number 8 above) I respond to that.  No one really chats, but you can request a guest (a guide) to come help dive on your site (the more that go the more you get).  You have to pick and choose what you need as it's hard to have enough guides to go dive everywhere at once.  Each place provides something a little different.  I usually send them either where the games tasks tells me to or wherever I'm running out of something.   In the chat room you can send other's guides too.  So when I see a number pop up I respond quickly to it as they do mine.  I said I only have one facebook friend.  She is also in the same Beach Club that I am in.  It's the beach club friends that send you the guides.  They can also help you out with helicopter orders for the guests and also can come visit your farm and fertilize your plants and trees.

9.  I also make sure that I set myself up for success, by having the food shacks and shops be making all the things the guides need to do their dives.  For example the divers won't dive at the coral reef until you give them two smoothies from the drink shack, the hot springs takes 2 ceviches, the cave takes fritters and fried rice, and the ship wreck requires 3 captains hats and 2 seared fishes from the grill.  So I make sure that those things are being made for the days adventures.  There are also certain levels that I've learned I need to have of sugar, tapioca, rice and such that are used to make other things, so I get those going.  And then I make sure my fields have up to 30 of each type of crop.  I always stop periodically to work on this and try to keep the fields full with something always growing.  Some crops take longer than others so I try to leave at least a 3rd of the space for quick things to grow that are used a lot so I don't have to wait for those items.

10.  After I have made my rounds collecting, I then look to see what the helicopter order is.  If the helicopter is not there yet, it will tell you in the helicopter landing pad, what the next items are that the celebrities on the island are wanting filled.  It's always three things.  It might be Tapioca drinks, fish rolls (sushi), and pineapples or any number of things.  I usually try to go ahead and be making those items first.  You don't have the number needed yet until the helicopter is there and you have the exact order.  You get prizes for EACH order placed.  After the helicopter order is filled you get a sand dollar and you always hope it is the rare one!

11. After that I look at what the game tasks are.  These are focus areas that the game tries to send you on missions to do or collect things that might be needed for upcoming orders and such so it is best to try and do those things.  It also keeps you doing what you should be doing, prompting you to buy the next hut, shop, sending divers on missions, growing things, making things, buying things, etc.  When you do these tasks you also get critical prizes that help in the game.

12.  Then I look to the order board where the guests are requesting orders and try to fill those.  So I go and make whatever is requested.  once the order has everything a check mark shows up and when I click "send" the boat makes the delivery to the hut that requested it.

13.  Then after I've done everything I can do, I go around to each hut and maximize my production and make whatever I have the resources to make, and then those items I will be selling.  So I go to the market boat and sell off some things to make island $ to buy more restaurants and shops, or to buy island decor, etc.  Right now I'm going to buy a sea lion if I can ever get 60,000 island dollars.  I'm at 30,000 so a few days to go.  But the more I produce and sell, the faster that goes.  I also can buy things at the market boat, so I stop in there quite often while I'm playing but I've made it a rule not to buy anything that I can easily make myself, I only buy the rare items needed to progress in the game, or sometimes I will buy items that take a long time to make, if it is for a helicopter order.   I will tell you this....the buying/selling (trade) part of this game is probably without a doubt my favorite feature.  I love the thrill of getting into the market and trying to find things - it refreshes every 3 minutes.  And I love seeing what will sell of mine.  I've learned if pineapples won't sell b/c everyone else is selling them - I've learned if I make something with the pineapples and THEN sell THAT it goes like hotcakes.  If you have too much in your inventory you HAVE to sell something.  So the game trains you early to buy and sell, but not many have figured out they can make things and sell them better than just the raw material itself.

Oh you can see the guests enjoying themselves at the island, by the way and when the guides are not busy they goof off playing frisbee or getting in the island hot tub.  lol lol lol

So as you can see it gets quite involved.  And I'm learning as I go - treating it as a real business.  I'm usually always finding myself in the top 5 players on the board.  lol  I won it one weekend to win a dolphin and stayed up til midnight playing/snoozing with one eye open.  Never again.  I didn't even get to keep the dolphin - it was like a rotating trophy.  Good thing though, b/c if I'd kept it I'd probably be trying to stay up and play and I don't need that.  When I get my mind set on's set!  lol So I'm glad to get my sleep.

But yeah, this is where all my energy has been going lately.  It's been what I have needed to keep my mind active but I think now that spring is emerging, I may need to put it down and focus on other things.  Like our vacation!  ;-)  And these projects.  Perhaps I'll make a plan to play every time I get a project completed, or a window cleaned.  Buahahaha.  It's just like me to make a game for myself in order to give myself permission to play a game. lol But I think I'm going to have to do that.  I need to exercise also.  I'm missing our gym subscription.  I need to make myself walk.  I just need to sit down and replan out my day and figure out when to do what.  The problem is there is not enough time to do what I need to do so I just do what I want to do.

But I can't do that right now b/c I have to go to work.

Ya'll have a superb Monday.


  1. I never have time to play games as there are so many other things I like to do. I dive into reading when I need to take my mind off other things. You do get a lot done, so I'm thinking you don't take too much time off playing your game. If it makes you happy do it, if not don't. Those pancakes look absolutely wonderful ! Once I get this week over and my move is done, I'm going to have to make myself some !

  2. Sonya, Your dogs look adorable. I bet they are still talking about them today at the assisted Living center. The wreath is so pretty. I know she will enjoy and the other people who walk by as well. It is wonderful how you visit and check on your mil. Sad to say there are many who have no family or friends to visit. I wondered if the oils really work. I am going to try some. Have a good day.

  3. If you think the banana slices are great, I cannot wait to see what happens when you freeze the bananas cut in half and then use them in your nutri ninja or blender for smoothies and milkshakes. They do not even taste of bananas at all, just cold awesomeness. I have a daily protein shake with cacao powder, cinnamon, frozen banana, almond milk, and protein. :)

  4. it is nice that george's mom has you. the wreath is just so pretty. and i think keeping the tree but changing seasons will keep lifting her spirits.


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