Friday, March 10, 2017

Fun Night Out With the Daughter

Katy and I got our pedicures last night. Notice the title of my polish. lol We went to the one close to my house that has wine.  And it was PACKED!  A 30 minute wait.  Usually this one is just walk in and sit.  This one has the best leg massage and lotions and creams for the money, considering there is wine.  People must have heard.  We left to go to Providence area then to the other one that serves wine.  And we walked right in.  For the same $ the leg massage is not that good - no scrubs just lotion, but the wine was good and the guy poured it nearly up to the rim, lol.  

Then we went to a new restaurant, The Goat.  It is a restaurant within an apartment complex but it is open to the public.  It's all part of that Live, Shop, Play concept - where everything you need is real close in the neighborhood.  It is a restaurant, but the bar takes up much of the space.  The atmosphere is lively, happy, chatty, and very much alive and buzzing. Two guys in the front of the room playing music - 80's style, low key - just acoustic.  There is a pool table over in the corner and you hear the occasional clacking.  Parking was difficult, the food took forever. It's a new restaurant and everyone has lit there from all around by word of mouth - even on a Thursday night. We were in there for about 2 hours.  But we had a great time catching up.  We didn't know what we wanted.  So I suggested we order a few things and split.   We split burger, red snapper tacos, and some fancied up tater tots.  This came split up for us already which was a nice touch.  

After we ate and as the check came, an alert came over the phone that we were under a severe thunderstorm warning.  The day had been beautiful and clear.  I had not known.  Alexa had not mentioned it. A quick glance at the radar showed lit up pockets of red and yellow heading our way.  Katy still had to take me to my car.  So we headed out into it.  I prayed heading home for Katy's safety and mine.  Luckily not much traffic out.  I had to talk myself into going the speed limit, lol.  My tendency was to go faster to beat it. I only had a few sprinkles, no bad winds, and when I pulled in the garage - and walked upstairs, the downpour came.  Forty five minutes later, I checked and Katy was home too.  She had to drive into a downpour but she said it didn't last long.  

We had a great night out though.  Good times.  A little exciting at the end.  lol  I went to bed shortly after getting home.  Tugie and Roger and I curled up.  When George came to bed it was thundering and lightning again and was pretty loud.  Not realizing that some areas had tornado warnings, I thought it mainly to be just a severe storm and I was not driving in it, and half asleep - so I didn't bother to get up.  Roger seemed very concerned about the flashing lights and the loudness. His eyes were big and he snuggled against me and I put my arm around him and told him it was ok.  We all slept good.

It was a good sleep too.  The alarm came way too early.   
It's just been a busy week.  A very fast one.  A full moon week - as the full moon is Sunday and this week has been like someone turning a snow globe upside down and shaking it.  It's a week that makes you want to re-assess nearly everything, raise your eyebrows, question everyone including yourself, and look at everybody and go "really?".  lol  All you can do is try to have some humor and go on.  Otherwise sadness and desperation loom. 

When I woke up this morning, I was dreaming that George and I inherited this big huge house that was very old and it had antiques, lots of it and we were having to move in, despite our being ready to do so.  Furniture was everywhere and blocking entryways.  We were excited about  what it would become, but it was very confusing.  I remember being overwhelmed at the enormity of it all.  We were trying to figure out where all the furniture would go but there was so much furniture that it was even hard to move anything around.  I was suggesting to all that we move stuff out of the house, at least for the room we were working on, so that we could build the room from scratch.  Both the house and the furniture needed cleaning from ceiling to floor, the kitchen and bathrooms were not usable yet and I remember thinking - I'm to old for this, and why are we doing this?

As I was dreaming and trying to wake up, I was realizing that there was a house out back not being used and a log cabin on the property.  How we got so lucky for all this, I have no idea.  It's certainly a different type of dream for me.  But we decided to move the furniture - the pieces to store - in the back house until we needed it.  Then the alarm went off.  I didn't get to decorate the house.  But we had a job ahead of us.  I am glad to wake up though, to a house where all is organized and ready for use.

Well, I need to go and do a few things and head on in for the day.  I hope today goes quickly.  Tomorrow I'll be doing a good clean up of the house, as we have company coming for a cocktail and then the clan will move on to downtown Nashville where we have reservations at a downtown restaurant. Going with Paul and Judy and Joe and Cheryl.  Looking forward to it! And I have a reason to clean now.  lol  You always clean more deeply when company is coming.

Ya'll have a good weekend!


  1. I have that same colored polish. I need to get pedi too. It's so windy today. The Windows rattle

  2. LOVE the nail polish name. Glad you had a fun evening with your daughter and that the storms didn't ruin it. poor Roger sounds like my kitty Mira. She's frightened of the storms too.

  3. roger does have pretty big eyes. I know he was glad to have you to snuggle with. Dogs are so much like children. I am looking for one that will not bother my allergies.


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