Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Funeral Home and Dinner After

Good morning!  Just a little post here. Doesn't that make your mouth water?  For a Monday, yesterday sure went fast.  Was quiet too for most of the day and productive, now that full moon has passed, lol.  Those brisket nachos at Logan's were delish.  Nachos have come back in popularity - in Nashville anyway - atopped with meat and BBQ sauce and my favorite, is BBQ on kettle chips though.  Didn't take long for a party of four to whittle those down!  They were really good. 

Had to scoot home and meet George and head out to Gallatin to go to the funeral home.  Friend Richard's mother passed away.  We stayed til visitation was over, in hopes that we could buy their dinner before heading home.  They had not eaten much and were hungry so it worked out and we were able to spend some time with them. It was close to 9:00 when we got to Logan's.  We left a little after 10.  And had a 35 min drive home.  Bed felt good, snuggled with Roger and Tugie, sleep came quick despite loads of ice tea and a late dinner.  

Morning came quick, sadly.  I did toss and turn a couple of times in the night, thinking about Richard and Kathy and the rough day they would have today as they bury NaDean, his Mom.  I was happy I got to meet her and visit her home a few years ago.  Her house was very pretty and the flower garden was lovely that surrounded her house.  She had a little bitty house out back that was "her spot" and she would go out and have quiet time there, as she described the day I visited.  As I was thinking about her, it was as if her spirit floated by and said "I'll be watching over my family and I'm so glad that you all are good friends with Richard and Kathy, and I'll be watching over you and yours as well as I will now be a pearl in the sky".  Perhaps a dream, or my own thoughts, but it was there.  I really liked her the day I met her and had heard so much about her from so many.  You see George's Mom and NaDean were good friends for many years.  Richard and George and his sister Susan all grew up around the same time in Gallatin and knew the family well. I didn't meet Richard and Kathy til years later through church. And what a blessing to have them as friends through the years.   And my thoughts are with the family today as they lay NaDean to rest.  

I also met a family at the funeral home who owned most of the land that sold to build up the Providence area here in our town.  Their ancestors go back 200 years in the area here.  And their family member was a preacher that I really liked at one of the churches I visited some but then he moved away to a further church that I didn't want to drive to.  So I realized what a small world it really is and how closely connected we are in this area.   They knew George's parents after all, too. 

I also met the gentleman that sold us our bed and the bookshelf in Lebanon at the furniture store there.  Come to find out he's Richard's cousin.  lol  So we talked to him and his wife for a bit.  We told them how much we loved the bed.  They told us some stories on Richard.  lol 

So while it was difficult circumstances, it was good to go out and be with the friends and family of Kathy and Richard and their family.  My thoughts will be with them today.  I'm not going to be able to take off work for the funeral.  I pondered it, but I have a training webinar to do with another plant and way too much going on.  But I'll be thinking about them all. 

Tonight we have an outing planned.  More on that tomorrow!


  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friends as they lay their loved one to rest today. Here it is cold windy and snowy so I'm hoping your weather is a bit better. I love nachos and always have. They didn't go out of style for me. Yum! It is a small world and everyone is related to someone else. We really are brothers and sisters it seems.Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. It is so very hard to lose your Mother. I know it meant a lot you and George were there for them in their time of sorrow. good friends are hard to find. Nachos are such a fun snack. I like mine with hot melted cheese. We have when we go to eat Mexican. I hope you have a good day.

  3. Sorry to hear about your friends loss. Losing a mother is difficult indeed.


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