Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I Don't DO Downtown Driving!

George fixed the most wonderful salad last night.  I just could not eat all of the lettuce.  It was too big.  We had 1/2 of a huge stuffed pepper.  And we had a baked potato.  All so good.  And we watched the 2nd show of the Soprano's.  I thought we were watching On Demand, but last night I realized that friend Paul had given us a 6 season set of his to watch.  Wow.  I stayed awake last night til it was over.  lol 

I also bought my ticket to the Southern Womens show.  And I had to fight with our printer to get my ticket printed.  After fighting with technology all day- the last thing you want to do is fight it at home.  lol The cord had fallen back behind the printer and was not connected to George's PC.  So the first time was ennnnnnhhhhhh, not working.  George fixed that for me.  (It's his set up and I had no clue as I don't ever set up these things.)  And then I printed and it came out with nothing on the page.  The color ink and black ink was out.  However, I had bought both inks on line months earlier and it was never installed.  Since it's in his office/desk area - I glanced around and did not see it.  His side of the bedroom/desk is junky and so I figured he would know where it was.  Again I had to bother him to find the ink cartridges.  He went ahead and installed it.  I could have done that part but I guess he was sending me a message he didn't want to be bothered again! lol  So finally after the battle was won with the printer, I had my ticket! 

Katy and I have decided where to meet.  I'm comfortable driving to Green Hills.  We have a place (new to us) we think we want to eat breakfast and then we'll head on downtown for the show.   I don't like to drive in downtown Nashville.  It is a fear I've developed through the years.  It's the tight places, the parking, not knowing where to park, and having to find where you are going with little time to think before having to turn, missing your turnoff and having to go all the way back around again.  The one way streets that surprise you and confuse you making you have to go another way around the block.  I just don't like the pressure of being at the wheel.  So I don't "be at the wheel" downtown.  

This fact drives George bananas.  Often he wants me to meet him downtown for an event.  I just tell him "no, I won't be there, sorry".  I DO NOT drive downtown. PERIOD.  I don't care how much the ticket costs, lol.  I will cancel on you if you expect me to meet you.  

I had asked George to help us decide where to meet.  His answer.  DOWNTOWN.  He knows better.  But when I told him that wouldn't work he through his hands up in the air and was done helping decide.  So I just picked that we would meet in Green Hills.  It's not really close for me but it's a straight shot for Katy and keeps her from having to drive past Nashville and closer to me.  I will leave my car in the Green Hills parking lot before the shops open.  That way there will be a lot of people around the vehicle.  So maybe no one will bother it.  George wanted me to park it in a certain parking lot off of Lafayette and I told him "um no I want to have hubcabs when I go back to the car".  lol 

Anyway, yeah - I don't Do downtown areas.  It's a mental block for me now.  And it's set in concrete.  I've already drawn the line.  I am a stubborn one.  Mind is made up.  Just NO!

Coffee sure is good this morning.  Well gotta go over to the Sun Room stories.  So I will see ya'll later.  Have a lovely day!  


  1. I'm with you I don't do downtown driving either. The big downtown here is Cleveland and I've never driven there, but thankfully always had someone else do the driving. Here where I live is a small town and that's where I'm comfortable. See you on the back porch!

  2. I don't blame you. I don't like driving downtown either. I'm glad you found somewhere safe to park the car. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun. The salad looks yummy indeed.


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